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Lesson 2 Word List 5% the definitions of the words below: then do the exercises for the beverage bland brittle fa cluster ther ‘combine SSnsonm ine cultivate Iesson. ‘nA smell or odor, especially a pleasant one. {The aroma of hot buttered popcorn made our mouths water] rn A liquie, other than water, used as a drink [when we ordered our beverages, I chose lemonade.) adj. 1. Lacking a strong flavor [Paients with stomach problems eat bland foods like chicken soup and mashed potatoes.) 2. Nor iettating, exciting, or disturbing, [The doster’ bland manner soon calmed the crying child) eens nor flexible are brittle and should be handled with cate ad. Easily [Candy can 1. A number of similar things grouped together [Clusters of brightly colored flowers grew along the sie ofthe road. 1 To gather or come together in a group. [The children clustered around the storyellen] 1 To join or bring together. [We combine oil and vinegar eo make the salad dressing. combination 1. A joining oF bringing together [Our team’ victory resulted fram a combination of hard work and good hick. | 1 To we up. [Piano practice consumes all of Alex's free time.] To eat or drink [LA horse consumes ity pounds of hay a day.) 3, To do away with or destroy. [The forest fre consimed over twa thousand acres in Oregon. 1 To havea strong dese for [When ie was a teenager, Abraham Lincoln craved knowledge so much thar he would salk miles to borrow a book he had not read] raving». A strong desie [After the Fike, we al had a craving for lots of cool water 1.1. To prepare land for the geowing of crops. Before the spring planting, farmers cultivate the soil 2. To grow or to help t0 grow. {Ana caltivtes tomatocs every year in her garden.) 3, To encourage development by atention or study [Parents can cultivate a love of nature in theie children by taking them om hikes in the country) 10 equivalent Evie a ont export ekspot extract introduce insane purchase pr chos ‘tropical trp ha Lesson 2 a. Epa. {although che decimal 0.5 and he faction + appear to be diferent they are Equant amounts] ‘ks pn) Thae which is cgoal o {One yar ofa do’ life's the equiulent of even human years 4 Tosend goods to another county forsale {Colombia exports coffe to coun all ever the word] 1 ks tc Something exported {Gin san important export of the United States, 1. 1. Toremoe o take ont {. Bogaian wl extract my wisdom tooth next Weck] 2. To cain with an fort [Lextracted a promise from them to leave us alone.| rm Something removed or ken out {Vani extct comes from the seedpodsof vail plans 1. 1, To cause t know; €o make known by name. [Let me mtreduce you to my companion, Jane Willow] 2. To bring to the attention of, especially for the first sie [lt was our friends in Hawai who introduced us to scuba diving 5. To bring into us. {The invention ofthe siplane introduced a new way of traveling.) Introduetion 1. (in tr3 duk'shan| I. Something spoken or written before the main pot [We read the introduction before going on to the rest of The Woman ir White 2. ‘The act af being made known by nan. [After my introduction eo the others in the room, I relaxed and enjoyed the part.) To by. [My parents purchase a new car every five years} 1. Something that is bought [Store detectives may ask you to show sales slips for your purchases as you leave] 2. The act of huying. [Because ofa bieyele’s cost, I looked at and rode several before I made a purchase adi. 1. Of, from, or similar to the regions neat the equator [Bcuader, which les on the equator, 2 tropical count] 2. Hot ind moist {The chill autumn temperatures outside made the air at the indoor pool fel tropical 2A Finding Meanings <2 % phrases © forma sentence that correctly uses a word from Word List 2. Write each sentence in the space provided, 1. (a) An aroma is (c} Aclusteris (0b) a pleasane smell (d) a drink,