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Fakhreddine Zahi.

Mob: (+974) 66 72 08 22
Marital status: Single.
Nationality: Tunisian.
Date and place of birth: 06/19/1983 at Bizerte.
Location : Doha. Qatar
Senior Firefighting and fire alarm Maintenance Engineer
UPDA certified
QCDD approved
FF and FA facilities management
FF and FA Inspections
HVAC control systems
Risk Management
HVAC Systems and Components
HVAC Systems & Indoor Air Quality
Pre-Inspection Tasks
Inspection Tasks
Post-Inspection Tasks
PPM: planned preventive maintenance
PM: preventive maintenance
CM: curative maintenance
Firefighting and fire alarm


Air Distribution Systems. Air Handlers. Boilers. Chillers—Absorption Chillers—Air Cooled Chillers—Water Cooled Coils and
Radiators. Condensing Units. Control Systems. Cooling Towers and Evaporative-Cooled Devices. Dehumidification and
Humidification Devices. Economizers—Air Side Engines, Micro turbines Fans (e.g., Exhaust, Supply, Transfer, Return) Fan-
Coils, Hot Water and Steam Unit Heaters Furnaces, Combustion Unit Heaters HVAC Water Distribution Systems Indoor
Section Duct-Free Splits Outdoor Air Heat Exchanging System PTAC/PTHP (Package Terminal Air Conditioners or Heat
Pumps) Pumps Rooftop Units Steam Distribution Systems Terminal and Control Boxes (e.g., VAV, Fan Powered, Bypass)
Water-Source Heat Pumps. PPM. MEP Inspection and maintenance plan. PPM checklist. Method of statement, T&C, ITP, IRE,
MAR, NCR. As built DWG, VO, BOQ, MTO, delivery log. Smoke exhaust ducting system, HVAC, air conditioning, AHU, FCU,
steam generation, condensate loop, strainer, water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller; VRV, calculations, as built plan,3-
way valve, air vent, plumbing, manifold, PPR; cPVC, PEX, PEHD, PVC, copper tubing; PVR, PER, firefighting, water pumping.
Water treatment, reverse osmosis, NPSH, compressed air, price negotiation, delivery planning, deadlines, ducting
systems, engine-driven pumps, jockey pump, galvanized duct; insulation thickness, stainless steel, steel pipe, steam
generator, boiler room. condensate loop, strainer, check valve, deluge cabinet, testing, pre-commissioning,
commissioning. Pressure reducing metering station. Piping installation. Gas pressure regulation. NG filtering and
metering. Fire hose, fire dumper, sprinkler, ATEX environment, F 400,
Used Standards

-ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180-2012
-ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2013

-The NADCA Standard for Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration of HVAC Systems 2013

-NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

Core Qualifications

-Excellent knowledge of plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems troubleshooting.

-Exceptional breadth of experience in HVAC system construction, design and maintenance
-Strong proficiency in architectural and engineering drawing interpretation.
-Outstanding design skills for HVAC control and electrical power systems.
-Superior abilities in HVAC equipment design.
-Sound ability to work on multiple projects independently.
-Steam facilities control, supervision and maintenance
-Good knowledge of firefighting techniques.
-Very good command over fire detecting and protection system.
-Extensive knowledge of chemicals and hazardous products.
-Knowledge of fire alarms.


-Autocad MEP
-MS project
-MS office
-BIM modeling : Revit


May 2017 to present.

Company: NAFFCO
Job title: Senior maintenance engineer.
Location : Qatar.

A)-Project: Qatar rail

B)-JW Marriott Hotel
B)-Project: Kahrama substations.
C)-Project: FBA hotel
D)-Project: AL Mirqab Tower
E)-Project: City center Mall

Job summary

- Responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of buildings to ensure that they meet health and safety
standards and also the legal requirements.
-developing good working relationships with a wide range of people.
-Managing & Co-ordinating all activities of a Project/site(s) such as technical and contractual correspondence, plan,
implementation of method, schedule of work etc, with various parties involved.
- Drawing guidelines and plans for project engineers, site engineers and supervisors for their routine activities and
ensuring that it is attained.
- Manages overall project planning, examines implementation with subordinates and submits weekly progress reports
to the Dept.Manager/Projects & Operation Manager.
- Ensures that all resources like manpower, machineries, materials and equipment are made available for undisturbed
site activities and are allocated wisely.
- Oversee the quality & quantity of work and subordinates’ productivity, attend progress meetings with client and
inform the project status to the management periodically.
- Conducts weekly meetings with Contractors, subcontractors to discuss and resolve project issues & obstacles and
resolves site problems and technical oversight of subordinates.
- Reviews and approves employee’s evaluations and initiates position changes, identifies training needs and instigate
training processes.
- Supervise technical aspects and ensure it’s implemented correctly.
- Check & recommend interim payments submitted by various contractors
- Prepare and make sure timely submission of project wise time sheet as per the prescribed standard of the Company.
- Ensuring that the equipment & instruments used for site and day-to-day temporary activities are of high quality and
complies with company, industry and government authority standards.
- Ensures that the handing over formalities of projects is done after final verification and are in accordance with
company policy.
- Reporting system as per project and company requirement to be followed.
- Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the management with respect to the concerned Department.

November 2013 to April 2017

Company: SOMAIS
Job title: Project Manager (Head of MEP department)
Job summary
A) Construction
-Conducted cost-benefit analyses for the proposed installation of MEP systems at large industrial facilities.
-Developed design and bidding specification for MEP projects.
-Completed acceptance testing and approval of industrial MEP project installations for large industrial facilities in order
to save on insurance costs with a favorable amortization of project funding.
-To ensure that all the MEP systems are installed properly and are in good working conditions.
-Update with the MEP policies of the company.
-To ensure that all the construction and safety policies are being followed.
-Handling the team of 2 sub engineers and 6 supervisors.
-Organizing training program for the staff and the new joiner.
-Responsible for checking that all the hazardous chemicals are disposed out of the company after processing.
-Making the plans in emergency case to make sure for their implementation.
-To ensure that all the staffs are wearing fire protection aids.
-Suggesting higher management in case of any change in the processing of chemicals or equipment from the safety
point of view.
-Excellent and Competent in directions for Electrical/ Mechanical principles and techniques in Construction, installation,
support, documentation and testing activities.
- To ensure compliance with specifications, codes and customer requirements.
-Able to handle team professionally for the success of the project flow.
-Working on fire regarding complaints and for their solutions.
B) Facilities management.
-prepare documents to put out tenders for contractors
-project manage, supervise and coordinate the work of contractors
-investigate the availability and suitability of options for new premises
-calculate and compare costs for required goods or services to achieve maximum value for money
-plan for future development in line with strategic business objectives
-manage and lead change to ensure minimum disruption to core activities
-direct, coordinate and plan essential services such as reception, security, maintenance, mail, archiving, cleaning,
catering, waste disposal and recycling
-ensure buildings meet health and safety requirements and that facilities comply with legislation
-keep staff safe
-plan best allocation and utilization of space and resources for new buildings, or re-organising of current premises
-check that agreed work by staff or contractors has been completed satisfactorily and follow up on any deficiencies
-coordinate and lead one or more teams to cover various areas of responsibility
-use performance management techniques to monitor and demonstrate achievement of agreed service levels and to
lead on improvement
-respond appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise and deal with the consequences.

July 2010 to August 2013

Company: SEVAC
Job title: MEP engineer.
Job summary

-Cost estimation engineer,

-Planning elaboration,
-Project controller and inspector,
-Technical documentation,
-Daily reporting, weekly reporting.
-Pipe schedule selection
-Pipe support detail & standard single pipe line hanger
- Detail of sprinkler zone control unit
- Firefighting control alarm valve set detail.
-Water tank sizing.
-NFPA/ASHRAE/SMACNA standard conformity controller,
-Project budget elaboration,
-Price negotiation with supplier,
-Lowest bidder selection and material technical conformity supervisor.
-Delivery planner.
-FF CAD elaboration (pump room, isometric and schematic diagram, piping system layout,

Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering 2010

Languages skills
French. English. Arabic.