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Question Papers for little stars (Class 5th -8th),
Max Marks-250.

1. Which is the smallest particle in a matter?

2. What is known as force per unit areas
3. Who did explain the law of motion?
4. Who did prove that plants are alive?
5. How it is possible for us to walk on the concrete road but quite difficult to walk
on oily road?
6. How many bones adult human bodies have?
7. Who was Darvin?
8. How does a butterfly can see?
9. How many colors are being absorbed by white light?
10. What is the work principal of PRISM?
11. Explain the Importance of Friction in daily life.
12. What is Science, how can we study it?
13. What is the centre of an atom? What are the particles in it? Is radioactive particles
are the same as atom particles?
14. How many planets in this universe. How many are of them LUMINOUS. What is
the meaning by luminous.
15. What is Gravity? Who was the first one to explain it?
16. In the space sheep how do people live, what is the main problem which is faced
by space sheep people?
17. Can you imagine about Earth without Light, Explain in your own word.
18. What is periodic table,
19. What does happen when NaCl is dissolved in water, can it possible to pass
electricity in this solution, why?
20. What is water molecule, how it can exist in three different states?
21. a, b c are three distinct real numbers and there are real numbers x,y such that
a^3+ax+y=0,b^3+bx+y=0,c^3+cx+y=0,show that a+b+c=0
22. A lotus plant is a pool of water is ½ cubit above water. When propelled by air, the
lotus sinks in the pool 2 cubits above from its position. Find the depth of water in
23. What is the parameter and area of a half circle which radius is 7 cm.
24. What will be the answer if( a^) 0+(b)^0 will be multiplied by ax+bx+3pq+6xyz.
25. A bus is going to East to west with the speed of 20 kms per hr, and a train is going
with the speed of 23 mts per second. What will be the relative speed?
26. Subodh does an assignment in 3o days, Mohan does it in 20 days, Deepak does it
in 14 days,. If they will do it collectively, in how many days the assignment will
be completed?
a. ABC HAS TWO ANGLES equal, prove that the two sides opposite to the
angles will be equal.
b. IF this triangle is a right angle triangle then prove that the square of the
biggest side is equal to the sum of the square of the rest sides.
c. In above triangle if we increase the side BC TO CE what will be the
relation between angles BAC, ANGLE ACB AND ANGLE CBA AND
28. What is the relation ship between the arc and the radius of the circle?
29. In a circle if the minor arc is making an angle of 30 degree at the centre, what will
be the value of the angle formed by the major arc at the centre? Prove it.
30. A student must finish his paper in 30 minutes. The examination hour is only 30
minutes. The total questions were 270. Student could solve only 50% of the paper.
To solve the complete paper how much speed need to be increased in percentage.
31. A bus is going with the speed of 20 km/sec on Monday,30 mt per sec on
Tuesday,12 km per hr on Wednesday,30 mt per sec on Thursday,25 km/hr on
Friday,50 mt /hr on Saturday and 60 km/hr on Sunday.
a. What was the average speed?
B.On which day the bus speed was the Maximum and how much?
C.On which day the bus speed was the minimum and how much?
32. Write the full form of GAGAN.
34. What is Florence Nightingale prize?
35. Who was the father of ATM (Automated teller machine)?
36. When was the WTO established?
37. Where is MUkteshwar temple?
38. In Ramcharit Manas. In which chapter the event of GYANDEEPAK is described.
39. Missing number is 2, 20 …110,182
40. Who is the recent president of FICCI?
41. CWG is known as……………………………
42 Who is the Olympiad gold medalist in Shooting in INDIA?
43. Quit India moment was happened in which year.
44. Who was Swami Vivekananda?
45. How many Vedas are there in Hindu Literature?
46. Where did Ravan put Sita Mata in Lanka?
47. Who was Vedvyasa?
49. KAvi KAlidas Wrote poetry, what was the name of that poetry?
50. Where was Krishna Born?

Write in at least 200 words the answer of following question.(Each question is for 5
51. Explain “We should try to stop Global warming”.
52. Explain “We should play outdoor games more than indoor games.”
53. Explain “An apple keeps a doctor away”.
54. Explain “We should not use plastic bags”,
55. Explain “We should get up early in the morning.”

Write the reasons behind(Each question is for 3 marks)

56. Vapor is more dangerous than boiled water.
57. Plants need sunlight to survive.
58. A tree leaf float on the surface of water but stone can not.
59. The birds can fly but we can not fly with artificial wings too.
60. We feel very tired after some heavy work.
The following questions are to explain in 500 words.(Each Question is for 12 Marks)

61. We celebrate DEEPAWALI.

62. Literacy is very important to develop the country.
63. MY Dreams
64. What will I do if I were disappearing?
65. Planet Earth and universe