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Maranding, Lala, Lanao del Norte

110 items
2 points per item


1. A social smile that infants acquire by ages 2 to 3 months is
a. grasping at objects
b. smiling
c. vocalizing “mama”
d. stranger anxiety
2. Which finger food is appropriate for an 8-month old infant?
A. grapes
B. uncooked carrot sliced ½ thick
C. cheerios
D. mixed nuts
3. an infant is receiving enough formula or breast milk
a. doesn’t cry after feeding
b. sleeps all night
c. burps well
d. has six to eight wet diapers or more per day.
4. which of these interventions decreases the risk of SIDS?
a. putting an infant on his back to sleep
b. raising the head of the crib
c. feeding the infant in an upright position
d. not giving a bottle in bed at night
5. what Erikson psychosocial stage do toddlers try to master?
a. trust versus mistrust
b. autonomy versus doubt & shame
c. initiative versus guilt
d. industry versus inferiority
6. at mealtime, a toddler:
a. generally tries a variety of different foods willingly.
b. Should only eat commercially prepared, pureed baby food.
c. Can sit in his high chair for long periods of time.
d. Should be served approximately 1 T of food per year of life.
7. when a toddler is playing , he’ll most likely:
a. play with similar objects near, rather than with, another child.
b. Become more interactive with children around him.
c. Willingly share his toys with other children.
d. Play with one toy for a while because of his long attention span.
8. to help prevent aspiration of foods, toddlers & preschoolers should avoid which types
of food?
a. small pieces of cooked, lean meat
b. round chunks of meat such as hot dogs.
c. Cooked, vegetables, such as lima beans & corn
d. Frozen desserts such as ice cream
9. When assessing an 18-month old, the nurse notes a characteristic protruding abdomen.
Which of the following would explain the rationale for this finding?
a. increased food intake owing to age
b. underdeveloped abdominal muscles
c. bowlegged posture
d. linear growth curve
10. if parents keep a toddler dependent in areas where he is capable of using his skills, the
toddler will develop a sense of which of the following?
a. mistrust
b. shame
c. guilt
d. inferiority
11. Which of the following fears would the caregiver typically associate with toddlerhood?
a. mutilation
b. the dark
c. ghosts
d. going to sleep
12. a 2 year old’s mother has just left the hospital to check on her other children. Which of
the following would best help the 2-year-old who is now crying inconsolably?
a. taking a nap
b. peer play group
c. large cuddly dog
d. favorite blanket
13. which of the following is an appropriate toy for an 18 month old?
a. multiple –piece puzzle
b. miniature cars
c. finger paints
d. \comic book
14. when responding to a mother who is concerned that her 1-year old is not yet walking,
the nurse’s best response would be based on the knowledge that the age when most
children should be able to walk is which of the following?
a. 12 months
b. 15 months
c. 18 months
d. 24 months
15. when teaching parents about the child’s readiness for toilet training, which of the
following signs should the nurse instruct them to watch for in the toddler?
a. demonstrates dryness for 4 hours
b. demonstrates ability to sit & walk
c. has a new sibling for stimulation
d. verbalizes desire to go to the bathroom
16. the mother of a 20-month old boy asks the nurse why her son has temper tantrums.
Which of the following would be the caregiver’s best response?
a. “It is the only way he can get attention from his mother.”
b. “He is probably spoiled & needs discipline.”
c. “he cannot express his feelings or frustrations verbally.”
d. “ He is expressing his need for identity.”
17. a 30 month old girl always puts her teddy bear on the left side of her bed immediately
after her mother reads a bedtime story. Which of the following describes the purpose of
this repeated behavior?
a. manipulation of the adults in the child’s environment
b. establishment of learning behaviors
c. provision of a sense of security
d. establishment of a sense of identity.
18. when teaching parents about typical toddler eating patterns , which of the following
should be included?
a. food “jags”
b. preference to eat alone
c. consistent table manners
d. increase in appetite
19. wellness promotion for toddlers should include which of the following?(Select all that
a. discussing negativity & temper tantrums
b. discussing nightmares & nigh terrors
c. encouraging gross motor skills
d. reinforcing supine sleeping position
e. talking about bedtime rituals
f. helping child differentiate junk from healthy foods
20. when providing health teaching for a 4-year-old, the nurse knows that the child is
capable of which of the following?
a. understanding another’s point of view
b. making simple classifications
c. exhibiting intuitive thought
d. seeing relationships in rverse.
21. a preschooler who is made to feel that his imagination & activities are unacceptable is
likely to develop a sense of which of the following?
a. mistrust
b. shame
c. guilt
d. inferiority
22. which of the following suggetstions should the nurse offer the parents of a 4-year old
bot who resist going to bed at night?
a. “allow him to fall asleep in your room then move him to his own bed.”
b. “tell him that you will lock him in his room if he gets out of bed one more time.”
c. “Encourage active play at bedtime to tire him out so he will fall asleep faster.”
d. “Read him a story & allow him to play quietly in his bed until he falls asleep.”
23. when providing therapeutic play, which of the following toys would best promote
imaginative play in a 4-year old?
a. large blocks
b. dress up clothes
c. wooden puzzle
d. big wheels
24. when assessing gross motor development in a 3-year old , which of the following
activities would the nurse expect to find?
A. riding a tricycle
B. hopping on one foot
C. catching a ball
D. skipping on alternate feet
25. which of the following best describes preschool sexual identification?
a. identification with same sex parent; attachment to opposite sex parent
b. identification with opposite sex parent; attachment to same sex parent
c. identification & attachment to same sex parent
d. identification & attachment to opposite sex parent
26. which of the following would the nurse identify as the underlying rationale for a 4-
year-old who tells the nurse that her doll is in the hospital because it was bad?
a. egocentrism
b. past experience
c. magical thinking
d. oedipal conflict
27. wellness promotion for toddlers should include (select all that apply)
a. discussing negativity & temper tantrums
b. discussing nightmares & night terrors
c. encouraging gross motor skills
d. reinforcing supine sleeping position
e. talking about bedtime rituals.
f. Helping child differentiate junk foods from healthy foods.
28. the preschooler typically views parents as which of the following?
a. necessary evil
b. persons who keep order
c. omnipotent persons
d. very rigid individuals.
29. after administering an IM injection to a preschooler , which of the following is the
primary reason for the caregiver to apply an adhesive bandage to the site?
a. children will use them to get attention from their parents
b. children are afraid that they will leak from the “hole”.
c. Bandages help to alleviate fear of strangers
d. Children collect bandages to show their peers.
30. The school nurse notices a child who is wearing old, dirty, poor fitting clothes; is always hungry;
has no lunch money; and is always tired. When the nurse asks the boy his tiredness, he talks of
playing outside until midnight. The nurse will suspect that this child is;
a. being raised by a parent of level intelligence quotient (IQ)
b. an orphan
c. a victim of child neglect
d. the victim of poverty

31. The mother of a 9-month-old infant is concerned that the head circumference of her baby is
greater than the chest circumference. The BEST response by the caregiver is:
a. “These circumferences normally are the same, but in some babies this just differs.”
b. "Perhaps your baby was small for gestational ago or premature."
c. “This is normal until the age of 1 year, when the chest will be greater."
d. "Let me ask you a few questions, and perhaps we can figure out the cause of this

32. Which of the following approaches would work best when the nursing aid is communicating with
an infant?
a. Use an adult voice just as you would for anyone
b. Communicate through the caregivers
c. Allow the child lime to warm up to the nurse
d. Respond only after the child cries for a little while

33. The nurse notices that the infant is wearing a plastic-coated diaper. If a topical medication were
to be prescribed and it were to go on the stomach or buttocks, the nurse would teach the
caregivers to:
a. avoid covering the area of the topical medication with the diaper
b. avoid the use of clothing on top of the diaper
c. put the diaper on as usual
d. apply an icepack for 5 minutes to the outside of the diaper

34. The nurse assessing a child of adolescent with a diagnosis of dysrhythmic disorder would find
which of the following symptoms?
a. Labile mood and hyperactive thyroid with an increase in circulating thyroid hormones
and associated symptoms
b. Severe shaking of the hands when trying to hold a glass of water or other object
c. A depression that is deeper, more acute, and more likely to lead to suicide than major
depressive disorder
d. A depressed or irritable mood for most of the day, on most days, for 2 or more
years and low energy or fatigue

35. One of four factors describing the experience of sexually abused children and the effect it has
on their growth and development is somatization that occurs when:
a. a child blames him-or herself for the sexual abuse and begins to withdraw and
b. newspapers and the media don't keep sexual abuse private and accidentally or on
purpose reveal the name of the victim
c. the child has been blamed by the abuser for his or her sexual behaviors, saying that
the child asked to be touched or did not make the abuser stop
d. the child is shared by other members of the family or friends when the sexual abuse
becomes public knowledge
36. Preschoolers are able to see things from which of the following perspectives?
a. Their peers
b. Their own and their caregivers
c. Their own and their mother's
d. Only their own

37. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that caregivers do which of the following things
in regard to physical activities for preschoolers?
a. Push the child lo practice sports activities while they are more flexible
b. Encourage a variety of physical activities in a noncompetitive environment
c. Have the child engage in competitive sports to see where they excel
d. Keep physical activities to a minimum until the child is in grade school

38. Which of the following arrangements is generally considered to be best for the parents of a
hospitalized infant or young child?
a. Rooming-in
b. Separate caregiver sleeping room on the unit
c. Day visits and sleeping at home
d. Staying at a nearby hotel or motel
39. Which of the following best describes a difference in communicating with school-age children
versus toddlers?
a. Toddlers require more empathy and more touching and holding
b. For toddlers, preparation for procedures is just before the procedure and much
earlier for school-aged children
c. Caregivers need less information when care involves a school-aged child
d. The number of words is more when communicating with a toddler than it is with a
school-aged children
40. What is the standard tool to record vital information about the child and kept in the home?
A. Growth Development Record
B. Growth Monitoring Promotion
C. Growth Monitoring Chart
D. Growth Monitoring Record
41. When is the immunization of a child completed?
A. 0-12 months
B. 3-4 years
C. 5-6 months
D. 12-24 months


42. WHAT IS the ideal toddler shoe?
43. what will you do if the toddler cannot fall asleep at night?
44. why do toddlers begin to resist naps as well as nighttime sleep? (3 points)
45. how to make the bath time enjoyable for toddlers? (3 points)
46. it is an element that is important to the development of strong teeth.
47. when is the 1st schedule of dental visit for toddlers?
48. the primary goal of the child during the toddler period?

49. the amount of sleep toddler need gradually increases as they grow older