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Verona is a city in Italy.

Long ago, in that city, there lived two families, the

Montagues and the Capulets. They had been fighting for years.

Lord Capulet had a 14 year old daughter, Juliet

Lord Montague had a son, Romeo

This story is about Romeo and about Juliet and what happened when they fell
in love, because remember their families hated each other.

Lord Capulet (Juliet’s father) gave a party. He didn’t invite the

Montagues. But Romeo came to the party with his friend

Mercutio . . Romeo saw Juliet and fell in love with her.

BUT Lord Capulet’s Nephew (and Juliet’s cousin) Tybalt knew who
Romeo was and wanted to fight him.

Lord Capulet would not let them fight at his party.

Soon Romeo loves Juliet

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When the party ended, Juliet went on to her balcony to tell the stars how she
loved Romeo.

Romeo climbed the wall around

Juliet’s garden to see her.
They planned to marry in secret
the next day, because their
families hated each other.

Juliet’s nurse tucked her into bed as dawn came.

Romeo went to see Friar Laurence to ask the friar to marry Juliet
to him.

That morning Juliet and Romeo were married at Friar Laurence’s chapel. Then
they went home separately until Friar Laurence had told their parents that
they were married. He hoped that the families would stop fighting.

BUT on the way home Romeo met his friend Mercutio


was being bullied by Tybalt

(Juliet’s cousin)
for being Romeo’s friend.

Romeo tried to stop them fighting, because Tybalt was now his cousin-in-law.
It didn’t work.

Tybalt killed Mercutio

Romeo got really angry. Then Romeo killed Tybalt

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The Prince of Verona was tired of the Montagues and the Capulets fighting.
He told Romeo he would have to leave Verona.

Juliet was very unhappy. Her cousin was dead and her husband
(Romeo) had to leave Verona.

Romeo came to say goodbye, and spent the night with Juliet.

They hoped that Friar Laurence would be able to have Romeo

and that he would calm their parents down.

Lord Capulet thought Juliet needed cheering up to get over the

death of her cousin (Tybalt).

He told her she had to marry Paris

She refused. She couldn’t tell them that
she was already married to Romeo. Her father was very angry.

Juliet ran to Friar Laurence for help. They worked out a plot.

Juliet went home and told her father and mother

she would marry Paris.

BUT before the wedding, Juliet took a drug that made her look dead
for 42 hours.

Juliet’s nurse t thought she was really dead.

So Juliet’s wedding to Paris turned into Juliet’s funeral.

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Friar Laurence’s plan was for Romeo to rescue Juliet from where
she was buried in the chapel.

He sent Romeo a letter to tell him what to do.

UNFORTUNATELY the letter went missing. Romeo was told that

Juliet was really dead.

Romeo bought poison and went to the chapel where Juliet was
Paris was there. They fought.

Romeo killed Paris

Then Romeo drank the poison. He died. Friar Laurence got there too late to
stop him.

Juliet woke up. She found Romeo dead. Friar Laurence ran out of the chapel
because he heard people coming.

Juliet killed herself with Romeo’s dagger.

The Montagues and the Capulets came to the chapel and found both Juliet and
Romeo dead.

They were very upset with what had happened because of their fighting, so
they stopped hating each other.

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