Campaign 2010 Races to Watch: Senate EditionOct.

27, 2010
As Election Day nears, candidates for elected office across the country are using Facebook to communicate and engage authentically with voters as well as organize supporters in ways unimaginable a decade ago. As you plan your daily political coverage, we hope you'll consider including our campaign watchers' snapshots of House, Senate, and Gubernatorial contenders that are making the most of Facebook. This week, we'll be serving up races to watch and Facebook data for the Senate (Wednesday) and Governorships (Thursday). We encourage others to delve deeper into the data to identify trends and issues. One blog,, has used some of our data to create a visualization of competitive House, Senate and Gubernatorial races across the country.

Race of the Day

Polls, Facebook Show Growing Momentum for Angle in Nevada
With just seven days remaining until Election Day, it appears that many of those candidates who are winning the fan counts against their opponents are also leading in the latest polls. The top five Facebook fan count landslides include Mark Rubio (R) over Kendrick Meek (D) in Florida, Rand Paul (R) over Jack Conway (D) in Kentucky and Sen. David Vitter (R) over Charlie Melancon (D) in Louisiana. All three of the candidates with the most Facebook fans are leading the most recent polls by a significant margin. We'd like to a take deeper dive into one of our other top landslide Facebook races (but one of the closest races according to recent polls): Sen. Harry Reid (D) vs. Sharron Angle (R) in Nevada. Angle has nearly 10 times as many Facebook fans as Reid and has seen her Facebook support continue to grow in lock step with her poll numbers. The most recent poll numbers show that Angle has about a four-point lead on Reid. At the same time, her Facebook fan base has grown by more than 10, 500 or nearly 12 percent in just the past two weeks. Reid's fan base has grown by just 921 or six percent over the same two week period.

Perhaps more importantly, Angle's Facebook fan base appears to be more active and participatory, hinting at the possibility for more enthusiasm on Election Day. Angle's posts are receiving an average of about 300 responses with many Wall posts even exceeding 700 responses. Only three of Sen. Reid's last 20 wall posts have received as many as 100 responses. It boils down to momentum and enthusiasm and tried and true measures for predicting elections. If the online world translates into real world votes, Angle definitely appears to be the favorite coming down the home stretch.

Just the Data
Gaining Momentum (Largest increase of fans since last week) 1. Sharron Angle (Republican/Nevada) +6,767 2. Ron Johnson (Republican/Wisconsin) +6,278 3. Dino Rossi (Republican/Washington) +2,178 4. Rand Paul (Republican/Kentucky) +1,913 5. Carly Fiorina (Republican/California) +1,588 Top Landslides (Biggest fan gap between opponents) 1. Florida: Mark Rubio (R) +106,754 more fans than Kendrick Meek (D) and +100,789 more fans than Gov. Charlie Crist (I) 2. Nevada: Sharron Angle (R) +88,266 more fans than Sen. Harry Reid (D) 3. Kentucky: Rand Paul (R) +73,889 more fans than Jack Conway (D) 4. Washington: Dino Rossi (R) +29,540 more fans than Sen. Patty Murray (D) 5. Louisiana: Sen. David Vitter (R) +29,273 more fans than Charlie Melancon (D) Top Posters (Most campaign wall posts in the past week) 1. Rep. John Boozman (Republican/Arkansas) - 45 2. Sen. Harry Reid (Democrat/Nevada) - 42 3. Christine O'Donnell (Republican/Delaware) - 41 4. Rep. Joe Sestak (Democrat/Pennsylvania) - 34 5. Kendrick Meek (Democrat/Florida) - 31 U.S. Politics on Facebook Don't forget to check out our U.S. Politics on Facebook page for the latest social media insights from the campaign trail. Sincerely, The Facebook Political Team