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Session Start: Tue Oct 26 16:09:34 2010

Session Ident: #asheville

[18:09] <~Rib> LAST TIME ON ASHEVILLEGAME: Something happened for once? Crowfoot
's being framed, you all (save K) went to Asheville High and then got hit by a c
ollapsing gym. Alicia Carpenter, pawn of the scelesti and lightweight, got ambus
hed by a man wearing some fucking mirrorshades. There was a scream.
01[18:15] <Lanval> «Absolutely not!» Lanval shouts out in Atlantean, the words whirli
ng off into High Speech nonsense-syllables. He makes a gesture of denial, raisin
g his hand palm-out. Arcadia's power whirls around him, the light bending around
concentric patterns in his nimbus. The patterns turn clockwise and anticlockwis
e and there's an appreciable boom and crack of magical energy visible in Mage Si
[18:16] <~Rib> K has been a Busy Boy with Spirits recently. He has in fact been
Teaching Them What Fer, in his sometimes-pretends-to-be-a-little-old-asian-man w
[18:18] <~Rib> K is, in fact, at the moment at the Asheville Zoo.
01[18:19] <Lanval> And time, for what it's worth, whips back into shape--Alicia's
not yet reached the door again when Lanval shouts after her, his nimbus still h
ot from the vulgar spell he'd just cast. "It would be best for everyone if you d
idn't go outside. You know that. I know that."
[18:19] <~Rib> It's not that great a zoo. It's no Greenville Zoo. But it's full
of lions and tigers and bears, oh my, and that sort of sad, contained, twisted W
ildlife of the shadow.
[18:20] <~Rib> Spirits of Despair do in fact flit and flicker at the edges of an
imal cages.
03[18:21] * Koda_Pen has joined #asheville
[18:21] <~Rib> K's followed a lead on the scelesti - specifically gossip that th
ey have some interest in the perversion of the animal of the shadow (like that w
eird coyote and his dogs they put in charge of Book Holder's territory) to its n
atural conclusion, the Zoo.
[18:22] <~Rib> K's smart like that.
[18:24] <~Rib> At the gate, K does in fact meet a Spirit Guardian as it were. Th
e 'no entry without payment' sign on the booth grows a maudlin, scowling face an
d screams at him. "GO AWAY"
[18:25] <K_> K is scared of nothing but things that sneak up behind him.
[18:25] <~Rib> At pretty much the same time, Alicia gets to the door, hands on t
he handle, and stops. She's breathing hard and heavy and frantic, but Lanval's w
ords sink in.
[18:26] <~Rib> "I know...I know, but I have to stop it"
[18:26] <K_> "Hey. You don't know me, obviously, so let me just say that you can
let me in right now or you can let me in with half your essence gone. Choice is
[18:27] <Forge> Forge crosses his arms and fixes a burning gaze on Alica. "Stop
what, exactly?"
01[18:27] <Lanval> "Come back. We can help you, Alicia," Lanval says, inching for
ward toward the girl and the door. If nothing else, in the hope of forestalling
whatever's coming around the corner.
[18:28] <~Rib> Principal Reed does, achingly, join Lanval in the effort.
[18:28] <~Rib> "The things...the things that live here now."
[18:29] <~Rib> Alicia says more quietly
[18:29] <~Rib> "FINE!...fine...DON'T SAY I DIDN'T TELL YOU"
[18:29] <~Rib> The spirit barks at K but is cowed.
[18:29] <Forge> Forge motions with his hand to keep talking.
[18:30] <Koda_Pen> Koda wipes at the blood trickling down her forehead and wince
s as she moves behind the girl, trying to get to where she can stop her if she f
01[18:30] <Lanval> "It can wait. Come back here, let us make sure you're alright,
" Lanval says, holding out a hand to Alicia as he comes closer. "Come back from
the door. You need to come back from the door."
[18:30] <Raphael> "What kinds of things? Just relax, you're not in any danger."
[18:31] <K_> K brushes by the spirit without a second glance and heads into the
horrifying depths of the zoo. He gets a vague feeling that he should probably ch
eck in on the cabal, but reasons that they can't be doing anything too dangerous
[18:31] <~Rib> "What the hell are you all talking about?" Principal Reed steps t
o the door and swings it open. Nothing in the hall. "She's obviously delusional,
and you're indulging her! See, Alicia, there's nothing 'living' in the school."
[18:32] <~Rib> Alicia does, in fact, back away.
[18:32] <~Rib> And cling to one of the walls.
[18:32] <Raphael> Raphael glances at Lanval, back at the door, and then begins t
o circle around towards the door as unobtrusively as possible.
01[18:33] <Lanval> "Okay. Good. Thank you," Lanval says, smiling gently at Alicia
. "Forge, can you check 'round the corner? I've got a really strong feeling ther
e's somebody else out there."
[18:34] <~Rib> "F-Forge?" Reed seems twigged.
01[18:34] <Lanval> He's basically ignoring Reed now, but it's probably for the be
tter. It would be too complex to explain to the principal that it's okay, they'r
e Wizards, and this is a Wizard Investigation, and I just looked through time an
d saw that something's going to murder your student.
[18:34] <~Rib> What kind of name is Forge anyway. hm.
[18:34] <Koda_Pen> Koda glances over at Alicia and attempts a smile, though it's
pained. She speaks softly, for Alicia only. "I believe you, about the things.
We can help."
[18:35] <Raphael> "Here, let me just see..." Raphael takes a look out the window
[18:35] <Forge> Forge nods and heads around the corner, his had resting on his c
oncealed gun just in case.
01[18:36] <Lanval> "It's his last name. I just thought I heard someone out in the
hall, Principal," Lanval says, smiling back at Reed. "But I suppose we're in fi
ne shape, in that case. Safe as houses."
01[18:37] <Lanval> "You may want to call in the scaffolding, though. Who knows wh
at else came loose?"
[18:38] <~Rib> K reasons incorrectly, but this happens. He is smart, not omnisci
ent. Over in the hyena section is a spirit, the patron spirit of a line of hyena
s named Strong Jaw Jack. He's the one to see. And K does see him - tearing in wi
th his essenceteeth on some sickly looking zebra-mote
[18:38] <~Rib> He's not exactly paying attention to the spirit mage
[18:40] <~Rib> "Yes, this is...highly unusual..." Reed notes, "I hope it wasn't
a student's idea of a prank. Someone could have gotten killed there."
[18:42] <~Rib> "We have to...we have to get to the music room, it's the only pla
ce that's safe," Alicia whispers conspiratorially. Now, with a chance to actuall
y talk to her face to face, Koda can smell the sweet, sickly smell on her breath
[18:42] <~Rib> It smells like...roses?
01[18:42] <Lanval> "Tell you what--we'll take a second and make sure Alicia's oka
y, and you can go ahead to your office to call that in? It could still be unstab
le, some parts missing. I'd take a look at it but I'm not much of an engineer,"
Lanval replies, his footing returning to normal, not the catching-a-scared-cat p
osture he'd had previously.
[18:43] <K_> K casually walks up to Jack and lays the small medicine bag on the
ground between them. "What's up, Jack. Got a present for you."
[18:43] <Koda_Pen> Koda nods, noting the odd spell but wanting to move from the
open. "I'll go with you. Are you sure it's safe?"
[18:44] <K_> "If you could tell me whatever you know about some weird animal spi
rits and a sclestus, I'd be grateful."
[18:50]<~Rib> Strong Jawed Jack engulfs the zebra mote with a hearty, satiated s
ound and paws over to the medicine bag. "heh...heh...HEH...heee..." he gnashes h
is teeth and licks his lips hungrily at the gift of essence. "Know a way to a hy
ena's heart, huh?" Jack noses the thing up into the air and clenches it in his m
outh, talking around it. "Haven't had too much trouble here. Nobody fucks with J
ack or they get the teeth."
[18:51] <~Rib> "But others...been some trouble. The birds went crazy."
[18:52] <K_> K shrugs, indicating that birds are basically fucking crazy and thi
s happens.
[18:52] <K_> "Super crazy, I take it?"
[18:53] <~Rib> "Had a couple extra heads each. They were all screamin'. Looked l
ike a bad meal, so I left them alone. All gamey." Jack answers.
[18:53] <K_> "When did this happen? And where are they now?"
[18:54] <~Rib> "I think so...I don't know. Yes." Alicia is surprisingly unsure o
f the entire situation.
[18:54] <~Rib> "I...fine. You're right. I should call this in." Reed steps out t
he door you all entered through, casting a look at Alicia as he leaves, and draw
s out his phone.
[18:55] <~Rib> Alicia, when he leaves, lets out a rattling sigh.
[18:55] <~Rib> "I don't trust him I don't trust him at all i don't" she mutters.
[18:56] <Raphael> "Why not?"
01[18:56] <Lanval> "Alright. Let's take a walk to the music room, folks," Lanval
says, smiling beatifically. He pulls out a post-it pad from his pocket and scrib
bles on it with one of his eyeliner pencils: 'Gone to music room, may have somet
hing to do with delusions.'
[18:56] <Koda_Pen> "Is he working with the things that live here?" Koda asks, no
t teasing, as they walk.
[18:57] <~Rib> "Don't really keep track of the time, friend..." Jack thinks abou
t it. "Ah! Ah. Yeah. It was when they got in the new turtles. The birds are in t
he...heh...the aviary, friend. Barricaded themselves in a little, actually. We d
on't hear too much from them...but the screamin' stopped."
01[18:57] <Lanval> Lanval tugs the post-it off and slaps it on the wall next to t
he door, taking a moment to tuck away the pencil and head out into the hall. "Do
show us the way, Alicia."
[18:58] <K_> "Hm. Anyone go in there after them? Or just the birds?"
[18:58] <Raphael> "Forge," Raphael calls out as the group enters the hall, "Alic
ia's taking us to the music room. Coming?"
[18:58] <~Rib> "I don't know...maybe...there's something not -right- about him,"
Alicia insists, and as she turns the corner, a humanoid figure, tall and lanky,
ensconces her in his arms
[18:59] <~Rib> Alicia shouts in surprise
[18:59] <~Rib> They go tumbling to the ground. He awkwardly apologizes when they
hit it. "Fuck i'm sorry ididn'tseeyouthere". It is in fact, a ginger. The ginge
r you met outside the school.
[18:59] <Forge> Forge glances back at Reed as he exits the room, a brief moment
of concentration is all it takes to decay the cellphone's circuts.
[19:00] <Koda_Pen> Koda pushes the ginger off of Alicia with a bit of force, rem
embering the crude teenager from earlier. She helps the girl stand, moving betw
een them.
[19:01] <~Rib> "i'm sorry i'm sorry" he apologizes, rather profusely.
01[19:01] <Lanval> "Jesus Christ, kid," Lanval mumbles, almost caught by surprise
by the Ginger Kid. He does, however, keep an eye on him amid the tumble. Someth
ing weird about that kid. Something suspicious.
[19:01] <~Rib> Alicia just swears under her breath.
[19:01] <~Rib> "Tuna, fuck off." She says spitefully.
[19:02] <Raphael> Raphael takes a close look at the kid via prime sight.
[19:02] <Forge> Forge does the same.
[19:02] <~Rib> "People go on in and come on in visiting them...but we hyenas try
'n avoid it," Jack says.
[19:03] <K_> "Any visitors from this side that you saw?"
[19:04] <Koda_Pen> "You seemed to be headed somewhere fast. We wouldn't want to
delay you." Koda smiles and moves both Alicia and herself out of the ginger's
way. A clear and polite gtfo please.
[19:04] <~Rib> "Nah, didn't see anyone." Jack answers.
[19:05] <~Rib> "I...I'm sorry...I just had to pick up a book...I-" Tuna the ging
er apologizes.
[19:05] <K_> "Hm. Well, thanks Jack. And let me just lay something out for you;
anyone makes you an offer, maybe for more power, territory, whatever"
[19:05] <~Rib> "Tuna, f-...go pick up my viola at the music room," Alicia all bu
t orders.
[19:06] <K_> "You come to me first and tell me. Good things will happen. Don't t
ell me, and I will be the least of your worries. You wouldn't look good with two
heads, Jack."
[19:06] <~Rib> "of course! Of course." He looks at her breasts. "of course. I'm
sorry. I'll get it. yeah." He manages to pry his eyes off her breasts. He heads
towards the music room. He may in fact mutter something about 'old bitch' along
the way
[19:06] <Koda_Pen> "Weren't we heading to the music room?" Koda asks.
[19:07] <~Rib> "It''s safe there and he's still here," Alicia shows some c
01[19:07] <Lanval> "I do believe we were. We should probably be on our way there,
" Lanval continues.
[19:07] <Koda_Pen> There's something...jostling in her brain for attention, some
thing she missed. The rose scented breath...there was a rose scented tea that h
ad magic powers but she just couldn't remember what it did.
[19:07] <~Rib> "I don't really know what's going on but...I think Cindy's probab
ly dead and I don't think - fucking Tuna." Alicia trails off some.
[19:08] <Koda_Pen> "You should start with everything you do know. We can piece
it together. Probably."
[19:08] <~Rib> "They were screamin' really fucking loud. Kept me up all night,"
Jack grouses.
[19:09] <K_> K stands up and stretches. "I'll see if I can take care of that."
[19:09] <Raphael> "...Is Cindy a friend of yours?" Raphael asks quietly.
[19:09] <Forge> "My considerable patience is waring thing Alicia, out with it wh
ile there's still something that we can do about it."
[19:10] <~Rib> Tuna gets down the hall and out of sight. "She thought it'd be a
good idea to go smoke up in the boiler room but that's a bad idea. I..." Alicia
starts getting into it: "like...couple months ago this guy came to my house. I'd
been really messed up over stuff and school and - and he said he'd make it bett
er. He was really, really cute. And...I don't know, I just like, trusted him."
[19:11] <~Rib> "He took me out into the woods behind my house and showed me this
rose and how to make tea from it - said it'd mellow me out, help me study, I -
I don't know why I trusted him. He was just a stranger. And then...I don't know.
I started seeing things."
01[19:13] <Lanval> Lanval is probably the first to notice 'Tuna's' dropped ID, an
d he crouches to pick it up, holding it between his thumb and pointer. Something
about it feels too convenient, though, and he examines the shit out of the thin
g with senses both natural and Supernal, adjusting his glasses to get a better l
[19:13] <~Rib> "It was pretty great, I realize it probably wasn't sinc
e I ended up at that bar and failing out of school and. The things that started
coming with me to school...I felt like they were natural, like they were always
there, but they were - they're just wrong. So I took the tea again and I tried t
o figure out what was going on and I ended up here and."
[19:14] <Koda_Pen> "What do they look like?" Koda asks, pulling out her phone.
They could probably use a spirit expert for this.
[19:14] <~Rib> "There are things that live here, and they're just...wrong, okay?
They look like...dust, mostly. And they live here and they took down the scaffo
ld and they keep people away from the boiler room and"
[19:14] <~Rib> "God, I'm fucking crazy."
01[19:15] <Lanval> "No. No, you're really not. Sometimes these experiences mean s
omething--they hint at something semiotic, beneath the surface. Outside of consc
ious awareness," Lanval replies, talking out of the corner of his mouth as he ho
lds the ID up to the light.
[19:16] <~Rib> "I didn't even come here because I thought it was important. I ju
st needed to get away from home. The walls were breaking away. I could feel- I c
ould feel everything around me coming together. And I just wanted to - I don't k
now. I couldn't kill myself."
[19:17] <Koda_Pen> "Have you been able to figure out why the music room is safe?
[19:17] <~Rib> Alicia just shakes her head.
[19:19] <K_> K (who's gotten way more comfortable in the Shadow) strolls over to
the aviary. Sometimes you just have to lock yourself in a cage with a bunch of
mutant birds, he thinks to himself.
01[19:19] <Lanval> Lanval's brow furrows as he pulls away from the ID for a secon
d, blinking his eyes furiously. "I don't mean to alarm anybody, but this thing i
s pretty Goddamn weird, folks," he says, looking back at 'Tuna's' dropped ID--th
e scratched out name, the inkblot face.
[19:20] <Raphael> "Alicia, is Tuna a friend of yours?"
01[19:20] <Lanval> "Either this kid is Rorschach or--I don't know what the fuck,"
Lanval says, gesturing with the ID.
[19:21] <Koda_Pen> "For the love of. Look, we go to the music room, I hit the k
id with the equivalent of truth serum, we get some answers okay?" Koda's pacing
, beginning to feel a little claustrophobic in the halls.
[19:22] <Forge> 'Works for me."
[19:23] <~Rib> In the shadow-aviary, K finds himself part of the herd, the FLOCK
that comprises the totality of the shadow there. He is swimming in feathers. A
splash of green and then blue rolls over him. A long call sounds through his ear
s and reverberates through his body.
[19:23] <~Rib> "Who?" Alicia asks.
[19:25] <Raphael> Raphael glances at the others, and back to her. "The kid you j
ust ran into."
01[19:25] <Lanval> "Yes, let's--let's walk," Lanval says, starting off in what he
thinks is the general direction of the music room. He keeps looking at the ID's
resonance, though, trying to avoid looking at the sucking-squirming-peeling-tea
ring-screaming oblivionfacespotpicturephotoid in his hands-proper.
01[19:26] <Lanval> "This thing is really, really fucking creeping me out. And I s
tudied at St. Dymphna's."
[19:26] <~Rib> "" Alicia seems to have an issue. An Issue. "Yeah, uh..
." she clicks her tongue. "I feel like I've heard that name before...I guess..."
There is a definite unease about her. "What just happened?'
01[19:27] <Lanval> "You told Tuna to go get your violin. In the music room."
[19:27] <~Rib> "Oh, yeah, I guess I did tell to get my violin in the music room.
" Alicia sort of parrots back.
[19:28] <Forge> "Hey Lanval, let me see that ID for a sec."
[19:28] <~Rib> (That's not a typo, Alicia doesn't say Tuna's name. )
01[19:28] <Lanval> "You didn't say his name," Lanval says, handing the ID off to
Forge for a second. "Don't look too closely at that thing."
[19:30] <~Rib> "No, I said " Alicia speaks, again not saying the name, and the h
all drops several degrees. The light above your heads dies.
[19:30] <~Rib> Darkness.
[19:30] <Raphael> "Could you, uh, spell that?"
[19:30] <Koda_Pen> "Oh that's just great," Koda sighs. "Raph, can we get some l
01[19:30] <Lanval> He does, however, now turn his vision on Alicia. He pushes his
glasses forward on his nose a little bit, and then--darkness. "Motherfucker."
[19:31] <Forge> Forge throws up a quick magical shield before examining the obvi
ously enchanted ID.
01[19:31] <Lanval> Reaching into his pocket, Lanval removes his Ronson lighter an
d flicks it, producing a momentary flame while they figure out what the fuck is
going on. "Everybody good?"
[19:32] <~Rib> Alicia is asked to spell Tuna's name. "Umm...yeah, it's - " creak
. creak. creak. Lanval's lighter flickers on as the gaping maw that is the floor
opens beneath your feet. crack.
[19:32] <~Rib> (And now to K!)
[19:34] <~Rib> The herd bird speaks a Word, that sounds like a thousand calls. "
[19:36] <K_> "Me." K answers. "Who?"
[19:38] <~Rib> "Us." The birds answer, and the swath that is their form flits ba
ck ever so-slightly, giving K just enough space to see the floor and the like ar
ound him. Synergy, his mentor, is standing there. She is cloaked in a long robe
and hood, and the fabric seems to drip mottled black-blue feathers.
[19:39] <~Rib> "Me." Synergy smirks. She doesn't seem to be Herself.
[19:39] <K_> K is stunned.
[19:40] <K_> "The...hell? The hell are you doing?" he shakily demands.
[19:42] <~Rib> "Oh. Following my nature, you know. Is what we do. Now and foreve
rmore." Synergy extends Her(?) hand in a greeting. She seems to have a beak for
a hand.
[19:42] <~Rib> "I'm Right-Hand Raven."
[19:42] <~Rib> The left hand is extended, by the way.
[19:43] <K_> "I'm confused K. And you taught me well enough that I'm not touchin
g your weird beak hand until I get more answers."
[19:43] <K_> "probably not even then."
[19:45] <~Rib> "I'm one of Crowfoot's flock. I've borrowed your mentor. Fun body
. People here don't like Crowfoot too much, so I made sure to meet you on my tur
f, and with some leverage. I'm useful." Right-Hand Raven withdraws the beak hand
. "Someone's been besmirching Crowfoot's name, and it's very upsetting to Us."
[19:46] <~Rib> "I'll give you her back in just a jiffy. I've got an offer for yo
u, K. We help you finally find this scelesti, and when you're done, you deliver
him to us. You get to be a hero. We get justice. Your consillium doesn't have to
deal with us."
[19:47] <K_> "That sounds.... suspiciously good."
[19:48] <K_> He's still really flustered and he's trying to figure out whether o
r not this was a willing possession.
[19:48] <K_> He's also smart enough not to attempt an exorcism on something that
would be able to hostilely possess synergy
[19:48] <K_> "What's your leverage?"
[19:49] <~Rib> Right-Hand Raven shows his other hand, a normal hand, Synergy's h
and, and using his fingers makes a gun shape against her head.
[19:50] <~Rib> "So decide," her hand goes down. "We're very busy."
[19:50] <K_> K licks his lips.
[19:51] <K_> "Just grab the sclescti and hand him to you? Bypass the consillium?
How would that clear Crowfoot?"
[19:54] <~Rib> "You don't seem to get it, K. We don't mind Crowfoot having a bad
reputation. We mind that she's seen as a woman that can be used like this. A pa
wn, a piece in a game. We have fates prepared for anyone who would try to manipu
late us. You're a Libertine. So are We. Think on it." Right-Hand Raven disentang
les itself from Synergy, flinging her onto K in the process, and flies away.