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mLOAN AGREEMENT Semester after the complete required documents will be submitted to the

STUDENT LOAN DEBTOR OF THE SNPLP CHEDRO and the approved masterlist will be received by the CHEDCO itemized in
PURSUANT TO RA 8545 the schedule of Loan Releases.
Payment of this loan, unless otherwise provided, shall be made within a
period of not exceeding ten (10) years payable effective after two (2) years from
KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: the date of debtor acquired employment or earlier, in equal monthly installments
in such amounts as may be determined by the CHED on the basis of the balance
Date: _______________________________ of the loan. The first month following the two (2) years period from the Debtor’s
employment or earlier until the loan plus interest is paid in full.
Due Date: ___________________________
It is hereby understood that the CHED and/or its regional offices may, at
For value received, we __________________________________________________________ their option increase the amount of monthly amortization should the financial
and condition of the Debtor improve during the Repayment period.
Effective upon employment, the Debtor and the Guarantor shall inform the
____________________________________________________________ of legal age, CHEDRO of the same including the name and place of business of his/her
residents of employer.
__________________________________________________________________________________ Without need of notice or demand, any default due to causes stipulated in
the implementing rules and regulation or failure to pay this loan or any
and ______________________________________________________________________________ installment thereon when due, the obligation shall immediately become due and
respectively, hereby jointly and severally promise to pay the order of the demandable. In case a suit of any kind is filed against me/us by said
Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Office of Student Services, 3F UP CHEDCO/CHEDRO without prior notice of demand, the obligation shall likewise
Campus, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines and Commission on Higher Education- immediately become due and demandable.
CARAGA Administrative Region, CSU Campus, Ampayon, Butuan City, Philippines
Joint collector of the Educational Fund provided by the Commission on Higher In the event that this loan is not paid on the date of maturity or when the
Education the sum of pesos: same becomes due under any of the provisions hereof, I/We hereby authorize the
CHEDCO/CHEDRO at their option ad without notice, to apply to the payment of
__________________________________________________________ PhP this loan, any and all moneys, securities and things of value belongings to us,
(__________________) which maybe in appoint the CHEDCO/CHEDRO to be my/our true Attorney-In-Fact
Together with Interest (simple) thereon at the rate of six (6%) percent per annum with full power and authority to negotiate, sell and transfer any moneys,
until fully paid, which interest the CHED may at anytime without notice, raise securities and thing of value belonging to us/me which may hold, by public or
within the limits allowed by law, and I/We also agree to pay jointly and severally private sale and apply the proceeds thereof to the payment of this loan.
one (1%) percent per annum penalty charge, by way of liquidating damages,
should this loan or any amortization thereof be unpaid on due date. It is likewise understood that any partial payment or performance of the
loan or any extension granted should not alter or vary the terms of the original
I/We hereby acknowledge that the interest shall accrue from the date of conditions of the obligation or discharge the same and such payment or
this loan agreement even if the proceeds of the loan will be released on a performance shall be considered as a written acknowledgement of this obligation
staggered basis in view of the confessional terms of the loan granted. which shall interrupt the period of prescription.

The amount subject to this loan agreement represents Educational Loan I/We expressly consent to be bound to any extension of payment a
under the “Study Now Pay Later Plan” (SNPLP) pursuant to Republic Act No. 8545 renewal of this loan in whole or in part, as to the terms of payment and/or any
amending R.A. No. 6728 to defray the educational expenses of the Debtor/SNPLP partial payment of this loan which may be granted to any one of us, without
Grantee, starting School Year _____________________ to be released once per and/or without need of executing a renewal loan agreement.
Should it become necessary to collect this loan through an attorney-at-law, ______________________________________
I/We hereby expressly agree to pay jointly and severally, 5% percent of the total ____________________________________
amount due on this loan as attorney’s fees which in no case shall be less than Php (Parent/Guardian) (CHEDRO Official)
100.00 exclusive of all costs and fees allowed by law as stipulated in the Loan

Demand and dishonor Waived. CHEDCO/CHEDRO may accept partial

payment and grant renewals or extensions of payment reserving its rights of
recourse against the guarantor and each and all endorsers of this loan. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
In case of judicial execution of the obligation or any part of it, I/We hereby
waive all my/our rights under the provisions of Rule 39, Sec 12 of the Revised REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES
Rules of Court.

This loan agreement shall be further governed by the terms and conditions At the above City/Municipality/Province this day of
set forth in the approved application signed/executed by the DEBTOR and the ___________________________
GUARANTOR on _________________________________. Personally appeared before me:


______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
(Debtor/SNPLP Grantee) (Right-Hand __________________________________________________________________________________
Thumbmark) __________________________________________________________________________________
TIN No. ___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

SSS No./GSIS No. ___________________________ Known to be the same person who executed and signed the foregoing instrument
consisting of _____________ pages in the presence of two instrumental witnesses,
and acknowledged the same to be their voluntary act and deed.
______________________________________ IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and seal on the above
____________________________________ date written.

TIN No. ___________________________

SSS No./GSIS No. ___________________________

Assisted by: Witness:
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