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Volume II, Issue 42 Stephens City • Middletown • Kernstown Oct. 27 – Nov. 2, 2010

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VA ban
on fake
8 weed likely 3

Creekside fall festival

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Big cars, safety and freedom: Romanian and Virginia police compare notes
laie said he found it interest- “proximity policing” which state and had recently obtained a
ing to compare the real United sounds similar to community po- high-tech surveillance system to
States with the impression left by licing in the United States. aide in border security.
watching so much American TV “This kind of police officer Romania has a population of
in Eastern Europe. would go to the public schools, go 21,500,000 according to the Ro-
Romania was part of the Soviet to the streets and market places manian Statistical Yearbook.
Union’s Warsaw Pact and was and talk to people and get close More than 600,000 people live in
ruled by Nicolae Ceauşescu from and closer to the community,” he BiHor.
1965 until he was overthrown in a said.
bloody revolution in 1989.
Tirle said that many of the cur-
Romania also faces challenges
since joining the European Union New Town
rent public safety organizations in 2007 according to Tirle. 2nd Time Treasures
existed in a similar form during “Romania will be the eastern Consignment
their decades of Communist rule border of the European Union,” & Retail Shop
but acknowledged that there were he said. “The 27 EU member
many difficulties to overcome states will help secure Romanian 540-869-3005
when the Iron Curtain fell. and EU borders to make sure ille-
“During Communism, Militzia, gal immigrants don’t go over,” he
Located behind
A group of Romanian officials visited Lynchburg re-
cently to compare and study our public safety insti-
the former police department, said. Walgreens and
tutions as the Eastern European nation continues to
would persecute people, would Tirle said Romania will have the Ace hardware
stress people out, they would longest EU border of any member
reform after decades of Communist rule. At center is
be very tough on people. Today,
Dr. Radu Tirle, President of the Bihor, Romania Coun-
the law enforcement is getting
ty Council.
to the point where the people
By Dan McDermott city’s communications and emer- would see them as–maybe not
The Sherando Times gency response command center. their takes a while–but
Tirle said he studied in the US think about these people that had
Lynchburg played host to a from 1994 to 1998 and had visit- been in conflict with the Militzia.
group of law enforcement and ed more than 50 times since then However, more and more, espe-
public safety officials from BiHor, and was well acquainted with cially the younger folks, would see
Romania Oct. 21. the country but some of his col- the law enforcement people like
The delegation stopped by leagues were visiting the US for their partners. So it is a transition
Lynchburg’s Police Department the first time. from enemy to partner and hope-
after touring Cook County Jail “They are surprised by the free- fully one day they will see them as
in Chicago and meeting with of- dom and everything is large here. their friends, someone they can
ficials from the Department of The buildings, the roads, the su- rely on, someone they can reach
Homeland Security. They also permarkets would be large. The on whenever they have a need. So On the Road Driving School, LLC
visited FBI headquarters during cars would be large. It’s very gen- it takes a while,” he said. Garland T. Williams, Owner
their weeklong stay. erous space,” he said. Tirle said there is an empha- 5336 Water Street, Stephens City, VA 22655
“We want to see how your insti- Border Police Chief Iancu Nico- sis on a European concept called Ph: (540) 869-6105 Cell: (540) 247-3197
tutions, your agencies work and
take the best back home to reform

The Sherando Times

our institutions. Some of these Driver Improvement Clinic Driver Education Class
December 21 - January 3
[group members] have hundreds Sun. November 14 & 28, 2010 Times to be determined.
or thousands of people working 9:30 a.m.-6:15 p.m. Classes at 153 Narrow Ln.
Classes at Holiday Inn Express Mt. View Christian Academy

Angie Buterakos
for them,” said Dr. Radu Tirle, 142 Foxridge Ln. Winchester, VA 22601 Stephens City, VA
Lynchburg Police Chief Colonel
Parks H. Snead, III welcomed the
Advertising Sales Stephens City Gorgeous & spacious townhome.
group at an 11am reception say-
ing they would tour the police
Cell: (540) 683-9197 Great commuter location. 3 bed, 2.5
bath. Family room w/gas fp. Separate
living & dining room. Eat-in kitchen
department, fire station and the w/sunroom off kitchen. Master suite.
Small pets may be acceptable. Credit
$1250/mo. check required.
The Sherando Times Great end unit. New paint and carpet. Stephens City
2 bed, 1.5 bath. Washer and Dryer
will be provided if needed. Spacious
• PC & Mac yard and patio. Small pets might be
• New & Used Sales
• In-Home Repairs
Alison Duvall accepted. Credit check required.
• In-Shop Repairs
510 N. Royal Ave. • Front Royal
Advertising Sales Sheila Pack
Cell: (540) 551-2072 Search like the Realtors do! 540-247-1438 Cell
540-622-8055 RE/MAX Team Realty, 440 W. Jubal Early Drive, #200 Winchester, VA 22601 • 540-667-2400 Office, Each Office Independently Owned And Operated
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The Ban on fake weed likely in next session

to purchase this product.” A three ing, seizures, breathlessness, and

Sherando gram package runs around $30.

But although the disclaimer
helps manufacturers get around
increased heart rate and blood
pressure. Also, it takes a long time
for the chemicals to clear out of

legality issues, there is growing the body, so the long-term effects
concern among lawmakers and are not fully known. It also does
the public that people are smok- not show up on many urine drug
ing “K2” to get high. tests.
The Drug Enforcement Admin- “Kids think you can buy it over
Stephens City istration (DEA) says that the ef- the Internet so it’s not harmful,”
Kernstown fects of smoking it are similar to said Dr. Rutherfoord Rose, direc-
Middletown marijuana because the herbs are tor of the Virginia Poison Center
laced with “synthetic marijuana.” at the Virginia Commonwealth
Press releases should be People who use it report a high University Medical Center. “It’s
lasting from 30 minutes to two definitely causing harm, and you
emailed to:
hours. But more dangerous side- effects are also reported — vomit- See WEED, pg 12
Daniel P. McDermott By Stephen Groves as incense, can be bought at many
(540) 305-3000 Virginia Statehouse News tobacco or herb shops and even over the Internet. They are often
ALEXANDRIA, Va.- It’ll get you sold in three gram packages with
News Editor: high like marijuana, it’s legal, and disclaimers like “K2 Incense is
Laura Biondi can be bought in tobacco shops strictly for incense purposes only and on the Internet. and is not for human consump-
But “K2” or “Spice” incense that tion. You must be 18 years of age
News Reporters: contains “synthetic marijuana” H
Sue Golden won’t be available for long if sev-
Rachel Hamman eral Virginia lawmakers have any-
By Samantha Mazzotta Ano
has be
thing to say about it. A movement
Advertising Sales Representatives: to outlaw man-made substances Comparing Traditional or bright white is a good choice. For
reading, choose natural or daylight.
Angie Buterakos similar to marijuana is gaining Light Bulbs to CFLs CFLs, like other bulbs, do burn out and th
(540) 683-9197 ground for the next session of the What is the difference and can break if dropped or mishan-
General Assembly.
GBDJBMTFSWJDFT between a regular light bulb dled. So be sure to screw the bulb in of tim .FO 8PNFOBOE and one of those new energy-saving by its base, not by holding the bulb. cessed
“I almost guarantee you’ll see
5FFOTXFMDPNF bulbs? If I want to replace a 75- CFLs contain a very small amount of on the
legislation dealing with this,” said while
Alison Duvall "MTPDIFDLPVUPVSHJGU watt regular bulb with a new type, mercury, so if a bulb breaks, be care-
Del. Chris Peace, R- Mechanics- HBMMFSZXJUIPWFS ful not to handle it during cleanup. itself.
(540) 551-2072 is the wattage the same? — Gladys
ville. QJFDFTPGKFXFMSZ in Philadelphia When a CFL bulb burns out, dispose Depar These products, which are sold of it according to your city or town’s respon

Sandy Larrick
A: Compact fluorescent light
bulbs (CFLs) are considered
the new standard for energy-effi-
fluorescent-light disposal instruc-
phrase cient lighting, as they reportedly use es. Th
75 percent less energy than standard Be wary of “class
incandescent bulbs to produce the CFL bulbs indivi
Production Manager: that sell for
same amount of light. They last up claim
Jeff Richmond to 10 times longer as well. It’s esti- significantly Here’s
mated that a CFL bulb can save more less than other long p
Ad Design: than $40 in electricity costs over its CFLs. Look • Th
lifetime. And if you live in a hot cli- for the Ener-
Terri Schuyler gy Star label, which certifies the
mate, CFLs produce about 75 percent obviou
less heat, so they can cut energy costs bulbs as meeting energy efficiency claim
Billing Coordinator: associated with air conditioning. standards. • Th One of the first things you’ll notice averag
on a CFL bulb is that the wattage is The Energy Star website (www. happe
Cartoonist: much lower. So, how do you com- offers a fairly com- • Th

free skateboards
Ryan Koch pare the brightness to your standard plete guide to CFLs and tips on buy- cessin
light bulb? If you’re replacing a 75- ing them. injury
watt incandescent bulb, you’ll want • Th
If you are interested in to select an 18-to-25 watt CFL. Most Send your home repair and main-
tenance questions to ask@thisi- with a
contributing articles to our CFL bulb boxes have the equivalent claims
wattage printed on them. Dimmers,, or write This Is a
paper, please e-mail: Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly works
three-way lights and other specialty days — CFLs also are available. Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando,
FL 32853-6475. Remember, when in Whi
214 east jackson street Another consideration is the color of
light produced by a CFL. If you want doubt as to whether you can safely or way th
This publication is proudly out wi
printed on 100% recycled paper
540 636 4974 the warm glow of your old incandes- effectively complete a project, con-
sult a professional contractor. proces
cent bulbs, choose warm white or
with soy-based ink. soft white. For kitchens, cool white © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
ries, th
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Creekside celebrates fall festival

5th annual festival brings art, gifts, fun and conservation
fun things to do and see.
While young boys like Drew and
Nic threw balloon bat punches in-
side one of the Incredible Inflatable
attractions, others like Chris and
Jared sat quietly at a table outside
the Polka Dot Pot creating their
own pottery painting. Auto - Home - Boat - Motorcycle - Renters
Other children stood in line,
waiting patiently-- or not-- to have ** IMMEDIATE SR 22 & FR 44**
their faces professionally painted EXTENDED HOURS FOR THE COMMUTERS!!
by Kristine Turner of Plan Bee Art
Studio. Kristine doesn’t just paint MONDAY & FRIDAY 9am TIL 8pm
faces, she has a Therapeutic ap- Wednesday & Thursday 9am til 5pm
proach to art and offers programs Saturday 9am til 3pm
for any age and can be located on- CLOSED Tuesday & Sunday
line at Call or email today for a
The crowds were large and in “FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE”
constant motion, but even so, we and ask about our referral program
spotted our own Alfred Everett-
The NoDrama Band playing at Creekside’s 5th Annual
son of the Warren County Report
Fall Festival. 377 Fairfax Pike Ste 3
at the festival, but as has been his
By Lorie Showalter nering with Master Media Group custom he declined to comment, Stephens City, VA 22655
The Sherando Times to let the community know what
the Creekside Station shopping
happy only to be a part of the hap-
py throng.
Chuck Whitacre
Owner/Agent 540-869-4366
Creekside celebrated its annual center has to offer. One of the featured events at
fall festival this past weekend, Sat- The entire shopping area is much the festival was put on at the Wild
urday October 23rd, in Kernstown
with music, wine tasting, balloon
bouncing and face painting. The
like a community in and of itself.
It is a compilation of unique stores
and shops that when accompanied
Birds Unlimited store. Clare Thane
from Virginia Tech brought live
wild birds from the Wildlife Cen-
Master the Skills
sunny fall day brought families
from all over Winchester, Stephens
City and the surrounding areas
with events like this past Satur-
day, cause one to feel as though
they are walking through a quaint
ter of Virginia located in Waynes-
Dolores & Bruce Johnson of Wild
Employers Want!
with around 1,000 or more people
at any given time of the day.
foreign town. With their eclectic
blend of stores and dining options,
Birds Unlimited are wildlife enthu-
siasts and are passionate about
Microsoft Office 2007
This is the fifth year that Creek- Creekside certainly succeeded this birds and nature. They hosted the
side has held its fall festival, part- weekend with their fall festival of event with placement of bales of

“Serving The Valley with High-tech

Dentistry and Old-fashioned Service”
Thomas Family Dentistry, PC
General Dentistry
All Phases of Dentistry Including:
Come See Our • Cleanings And Exams • Invisalign Upcoming Classes in October and November Include:
New Office • Orthodontics • Extractions
Access 2007, Basic & Intermediate
Beside Denny’s • Partials And Dentures • Implants
Rt. 11 North, Strasburg Excel 2007, Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
Patient Friendly Payment Outlook 2007 for the Office
Plans Available Word 2007, Advanced
Dr. Stephen J. Thomas DDS HOURS:
Dr. Kenneth J. Thomas DDS Monday through Thursday See Our Website for
NEW PATIENTS WELCOME! 7am - 5pm Monthly Promotions Register Today!

33820 Old Valley Pike (Rt. 11) • Strasburg, VA 22657
or call 540-868-7021
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Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 Kernstown
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swering questions and explaining

how an owl sees at night and how
they hunt and prey.
The purpose of this particular
event was to bring nature aware-
ness to the community and as
Bruce said earlier in the day, “In the
last few years, growth in this area
has been phenomenal (and while
this is progress) it’s destroyed a lot
of habitat in the process and we’re
trying to help people restore some
of that habitat in their back yards.”
To learn more about Creekside
shopping, you can access them on
the web at www.creeksideproper-
If you missed this past year’s fall
festival, you can still participate
in “Christmas at Creekside” from
Clare Thane from the Wildlife Center showcases a Artist Sarah Callahan converses about her art with
November 26th through Decem-
raptor in front of the Wildlife Unlimited store. interested customer at the festival.
ber 24th, by holding on to any re-
hay for spectators to sit on, but ia. she’d promised to show them. difficulty staying upright on her ceipts and entering for a chance to
even with “hay bails for two” there “We have veterinarians from all No one owns the wild animals, trainer’s hand, Clare explained. win up to a $2,500 refund during
was standing room only at the day’s around the world come to rehabili- not even the Wildlife Center, which She next brought out Buzz, an- that time.
event with an estimated crowd of tate injured animals and get them has taken care of some 55,000 in-
about 200 people. back outside,” she said. jured animals since 1983 through
Bruce invited the growing crowd Clare continued to explain that primarily private donations.
I-66 & Rt 522
to find themselves “a comfortable some animals, like the ones she’d Clare first unveiled the diurnal
hay bale, share a few if necessary” brought that day, were animals raptor, named Keller, in order to North of 540.636.2901
and introduced Clare, who began that couldn’t be released due to an compare its daytime abilities with Front Royal
her presentation explaining that inability to survive if put back into the nocturnal abilities of Buzz, a
the Wildlife Center of Virginia is a the wild. “So, we give them a job rather large captive owl. They ac-
Great Deals at
hospital for “wild animals found in if we can’t send them back outside quired Keller after she fell out of
the state of Virginia, taking in bald and one of their jobs is to come a tree and injured her wing. The
eagles, owls, chipmunks, squirrels, here and meet you,” she said to the center was unable to fix her well
beaver, foxes and pretty much any- excited children waiting for the enough to return her; she is only
thing you might see here in Virgin- unveiling of the live owl and raptor able to hop, she cannot fly and had


#T9003A WAS $25,995 #2024A WAS $19,995

NOW $22,968 NOW $17,936
$99.50 processing fee, tags, taxes & title extra. subject to prior sale

P.O. Box 789

Stephens City, VA 22655

Call us for:
• Lawn cleanups
• Free estimates for
mulching, pruning,
and fertilizer
HVAC Commercial and Residential
• Now’s a great
Commercial Refrigeration time for planting
Kitchen Equipment Repair / Maintenance • We have top quality
nursery stock�
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Trick or treating ting on or off a school bus. This golf, book club, cards, dinners TOPS is an economical weight that supports a topic being taught
is important so that students re- with spouses, and trips to get loss club For more information in U.S. History. Before each film,
Trick or Treating will be on Hal- main in view of the driver and are to know the area,(whatever the call Michelle at 869-9144. Weigh a brief overview of the historical
loween Night, Sunday, October able to follow the driver’s hand women decide they’d like to do) in weekly with us and get the sup- period will be provided. The film
31st. The children may go door to signal to cross. During National and chance to meet and become port you need this fall to lose that “Glory” was shown on Sept. 11.
door from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. School Bus Safety Week, we want involved with other in the com- unwanted weight. Meets every Students and their parents are
within the Town Limits. If you to remind motorists of the need munity.All interested women are Wednesday. Weigh in at 5:30PM. admitted for a discounted rate of
do not wish to participate in the to share the road with school encourage to attend a coffee on 333 W Cork Street Conference $3.
trick or treating, please leave your buses and to stop when buses are Oct. 20 at 10:30For directions or Room 2 Winchester, VA.
outside lights off. There will be loading or unloading students. info call or email:  Susan at 540- Winchester Storm basketball
police patrol and please impress 247-0712 clinic and game
upon your children, if there is no Burn ban issued in or Melanie at 540-722-8043 mel- History Movie Club
light on do not go to the door. Frederick County Nov 13, 2010 Time varies by event
Be sure the children have on Second Saturday of Each Month Admiral Richard E.
light colored clothing and carry Due to continued drought like Network for aging support @ 10 a.m.- On the second Satur- Byrd Middle School
a flashlight or something bright conditions throughout Frederick day of each month (Nov. 13, Dec. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Basketball
that can be seen from vehicles. County, the Fire Marshal’s Office Meets the 3rd Monday of every 11, Jan. 8), sixth grade students Clinic ages 7 & up male/fe-
Let’s make this year another safe has issued a Burn Ban on ALL month at Westminster Canter- and their families are invited to male. Special Guest. $20.00 fee.
and problem free Halloween! outside burning, both Commer- bury in “The Abbey” on the 2nd see a movie at the Alamo Theater Lunch/refreshments included.
cial & Residential/Private. This floor. Social time 11:30am-noon.
FFA fruit and meat sale does not include cooking fires. Share ideas & topics on senior
Any person violating the issues 12-1 pm . All business as-
Fruit and meat sale the month County issued burn ban shall be sociated with seniors are invited.
of October. Proceed to benefit guilty of a Class 3 misdemean- Contact: Lisa Carper 540-722-
various school and community or for each separate offence. 7458.
activities for FFA members. Call The need for the Burn Ban
(540)869-0060. Orders available shall be evaluated daily and lifted Spay today
Monday December 6th. when the conditions improve.
Check Local low-cost, non-profit spay
School Bus Safety Week fire_and_rescue/ and Channel and neuter program for cats and
16 for changes and updates. You dogs in this area. Spay Today
The Frederick County School may also contact the Fire Mar- works with local vets to obtain
Board has proclaimed October shal’s Office for additional infor- lower prices for spaying and neu-
18-22, 2010, National School Bus mation. tering cats and dogs + initial tests
Safety Week. The theme of this and shots at the time of surgery.
year’s event is “Cross In View, It’s Newcomers club To find out more, please call:
the Right Thing to Do”. Freder- 304-728-8330 or go on-line at
ick County Public Schools Trans- A branch of the national orga-
portation Director Chuck Puglisi nization of Newcomers Club is
says, “This year’s theme is intend- forming in Winchester to wel- Tops weight loss meetings
ed to remind students to cross in come women new to the area. 
front of the bus when they are get- There will be many fun activities It is my time to TAKE OFF
including coffees, crafts, hiking, POUNDS SENSIBLY.
Electric Guitar, Bass
Setup and Repair
“THE SETUP” Lookin’ Good Salon
Guitar lessons, Band and & Beauty School Xmas Layaway Available!
Equipment Consultation
Check out our unique
540-539-6142 $12 Haircuts w/ our stylists selection of unusual
“Don’t get fed up, Get Setup!”
Sandy Larrick $7 hairsuts w/ our students gifts for the Holidays! 122-A Agape Way, Stephens City • 540-868-1616

Newtown Antiques
Next to the water tower on Tasker Rd.

Goldizen, Riley & Co. Real Estate & Pawn

5441 Main St. Stephens City
Filigree • Antique/Estate Jewelry • Fine Jewelry
Diamond Jewelry • Watches • Coins
Sterling Silver:
Jewelry • Watches • Coins • Flatware • Enamel
Candle Sticks • Salts • Holloware
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5:00 pm Exhibition Game Win- done with fun and affordability in good for the month of Novem- Marching band competition Free rides to vote
chester Storm vs Lord Fairfax mind.  ber. 
Cannons. $5.00 per person, For an admission price of only Please bring a non-perishable Oct 30, 2010 9:00 am - 4:00 pm On November 2nd the Apple
clinic attendees free. Doors $2.50 per child (12 years old and food item for donation to the at Millbrook High School. Valley Tea Party is providing
open at 4:00pm. “Special Guest” younger), kids can enjoy hours of Lord Fairfax Food Bank. Millbrook High School is proud free transportation for Frederick
Winchester Storm 540-327- games, face painting, crafts, bal- *Nut Free Candy Event to host the Virginia State March- County citizens who need rides
8914 loon-bending, a free 4x6 photo Every attempt is being made to ing Band Festival. Listen to some to their registered voting loca-
from Walgreen’s (come in cos- provide a nut free environment.  of the finest Virginia high school tion. If you are in need of this
Upcoming events for tume!) and of course, candy* However, the safety of individuals marching bands as they com- service or would like to volunteer
Middletown and prizes. New this year, is an with nut allergies is the responsi- pete on Saturday, October 30th as a driver please email Dody at:
Instrument Petting Zoo with se- bility of the parent or guardian. at Millbrook High School. En- dodykins1@applevalleyteaparty.
Bingo is held every Tuesday at lect Clarke County Community joy hours of half-time shows for org or call her at: 540-533-4894.
the station. Doors open at 5 pm Band and Sherando High School Storytime at Bowman Library a nominal admission. It’s a fun
and bingo begins at 7 pm. Pro- Band members from 2:00 to 3:00.  outing for the entire family. Per- Ride the way - A republican
ceeds benefit the Company. The CCC Band will present a Oct 27, 2010 10:30 am formances begin at 9:00 a.m. and revolution
kid-friendly concert from 3:00 to Oct 30, 2010 10:30 am continue until 4:00 p.m. with the
2011 Miss Middletown 4:00, all at no additional cost.  Nov 3, 2010 10:30 am presentation of awards. Cindi Join fellow Republicans from
Honorary Fire Chief Lunch foods will be available Nov 6, 2010 10:30 am Holtzapple, President MHSBB Frederick, Winchester, Clarke,
for purchase and Disney-trained Nov 10, 2010 10:30 am 540-665-6542.
For requirements, more infor- caricature artist, Rafael Medina, Fall is here! Come hear stories of Cont. on pg 10
mation and to print an applica- will be on-site.  Have a drawing apples, leaves, forest animals, and
tion, please visit www.middle- done of your child, without the harvest time that come with the and click on “Miss Disney prices!  There will also autumn season. For more infor- Warren County Fairgrounds
Middletown”. Applications can be an outdoor inflatable bounce, mation, contact Donna Hughes Indoor Flea Market
also be picked up at the station. weather permitting.  at Bowman Library at 540-869- Antiques & Collectables
Application deadline: 6 pm on The first 200 children through 9000 ext. 215 and Jennifer Sutter Don’t pay “Mall” prices! We have something for everyone!
Friday, November 5, 2010. the door will receive a $5 gift cer- at Handley Library at 662-9041 OPEN Saturdays and Sundays
Interviews will be set for Sat- tificate from the Polk-a-Dot Pot, ext. 21 from 9am-5pm
urday, November 13 between 10 Space Available and New Vendors are Welcome
am and noon. Times will be de- Rt 522 North • Front Royal, VA
termined following the applica-
tion deadline. 540-635-5827
Community Employment Fair

Friday Oct 29, 9am - 2pm. Hil-

ton Garden Inn 120 Wingate Dr.
Wincherster, Va. FREE admis-

Rocky Horror Picture show

costume party

Oct 30, 2010 Midnight. The

Alamo Drafthouse. RHPS Fund-
raiser for ARE.. $35pp reserved
seats. $30 general admission.
Includes food at 10:00 in the
lobby/raffles/door prizes/pic-
tures/audience participation
bags...and more!

Fall bazaar

Riverton United Methodist

Church , 55 E. Strasburg Rd ,
Front Royal.
Fall Bazaar - Saturday, Oct.
30th. 10- 4. Crafters and ven-
dors contact Betty Smith 540-

4th Annual Safe Halloween

The Sherando HS Band Boost-

ers will present their 4th Annual
Safe Halloween event on Octo-
ber 31st, from 1 to 5 PM.  Plan-
ning for this community event is
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Community Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197
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“Paws For Reading” is beneficial for kids and dogs

Reading program at Bowman Library gives kids a unique audience
“Paws for Reading” are also ther- quilt nearby. man Library, other dogs were sta-
apy dogs, and they go to visit the Around the outside perimeter tioned to listen to any child who
elderly in nursing homes as well. of the children’s room at Bow- wanted to read to them. Among
According to Teresa, the read-
to-a-dog program had its origina-
tion in Colorado where a woman
h ens City United Methodist Presch
got the idea from watching her
daughter read to their dog. The S te p ool
program has since spread from
there and is growing in popular-
ity. Donna Hughes, who is well-
known to local library lovers, Are you looking for a great preschool?
asked Teresa about bringing dogs
to Bowman Library for children
to read to. Look no further! We have openings for 4 year olds.
“Paws for Reading” seems to Yes, we are preparing them for kindergarten
be a big hit with children. This and they are having fun!
Emma Bridges, Preschool Director
past Saturday, October 23, chil-
5291 Main Street
dren were treated to an audience Stephens City, Virginia 22655
Emma reads to Chelsea.
By Rachel Hamman — unless, of course, they know
of dogs waiting to listen to them
read. 540-869-1368
The Sherando Times about “Paws for Reading”. Near the library check-out desk, For more information call the number above or stop in.
“Paws for Reading” gives chil- an information table was set up
When kids go to Bowman Li- dren the unique opportunity to
brary, most of them probably read to dogs. These listening dogs
with two dogs nearby to help draw
attention to the special event.
think about getting fun books have been trained how to behave CONSIGNMENT & GIFT SHOP
Chelsea, a Labrador Retriever,
to read or a great picture book. properly in a library or similar was one of the dogs near the 45 FEATHERBED LANE, WINCHESTER VA
Some of them may be in search of setting. Teresa Manchey, the co- table. She was very friendly and MONDAY THRU SUNDAY 8:00 AM TO 8:00 PM
a book for a school assignment. ordinator of “Paws for Reading,” was dressed in her autumn best, 540-686-5769
Most children enjoy being read says that in order for dogs to be a pumpkin outfit complete with a
to, either by their parents, teach- eligible for this reading program, hat. She didn’t have to wait long NEW ITEMS EVERYDAY!
ers or older siblings. Younger they must pass a “canine good for a “customer.” Soon, Emma COME BY AND SHOP TODAY!
school-age children are no doubt citizen test”, which is essentially a sat down with an open book NEW AND USED ITEMS • GREAT PRICES!
familiar with reading to their par- good-manners test. According to beside Chelsea on her special MAKE EXTRA MONEY, SELL YOUR ITEMS WITH US!
ents as a requirement for a home- Teresa, these dogs are “also test- quilt. Chelsea politely listened as FURNITURE PICK UP SERVICE AVAILABLE
work grade. But reading to a dog? ed for their ability to be around Emma read to her. Nemo, a mix
Most kids probably do not expect medical equipment and children”. of Greater Swiss and Mountain GIFT WRAPPING IS AVAILABLE EVEN IF GIFT WAS NOT PURCHASED
to find dogs at the local library All of the dogs that participate in AT THE STORE. EACH BOW IS HAND MADE TO FIT THE PERSON.
Dog, lazily listened on another

Lucky Star Front Royal’s Come

MUSIC VENUE check out
Oct. 27 - Chelsea McBee
our awesome
Lounge Oct. 28 - Ralph Fortune

Oct. 29 - TBA
Offering: • Student Classroom Open Sat. Oct. 30
• Behind-the-Wheel Monday Night
• Re-Examinations through 3rd Annual Trivia at 8pm

We Now Offer friday

Halloween Part y
at 11 AM
36- hour Classroom Saturday Starring Eye Soar Join us every
New Students and Re-exams at 1 THURSDAY for
& Costume Contest! CRABCAKES!

Call for more info Lunch and Dinner Specials

and Live Entertainment
214 East Jackson Street • Front Royal, VA 205A East Main Street, Front Royal

540-622-6900 Patio
Dining Visit us online at
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Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 Community
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white Great Dane, looked more who researched this topic at the in this reading program. A team
like a small Holstein cow, but the University of New York in Buf- is made up of one dog and its
children didn’t seem to mind his falo. One of the results suggested owner. All of the owners are vol-
size. A black Standard Poodle, an increase in “positive expec- unteers and there is no charge for
Leo, once lived in South Caro- tations of both self and others”, their services. Once a month, the
lina, and his owner found him among other positive findings. therapy dogs visit Hilltop House,
via the internet. Tiber, a Finnish Teachers who observed children an assisted living center in Win-
Spitz, was an adorable dog who involved with reading to dogs no- chester.
sat obediently and seemed to ticed improved self-confidence “Paws for Reading” will be visit-
smile at the camera. He was the and increased enjoyment from ing Bowman Library again from
most naturally photogenic dog of reading. Another study done at 1:00-2:15 P.M. on the 6th and
the day. There were several dogs Bennion Elementary School in 20th days of November.
for the children to choose from Salt Lake City, Utah, found that

and they all seemed to enjoy each some students’ reading skills im-
other’s company. proved after reading to dogs.
Some studies have shown there All of the dogs who are involved
is a correlation between reading with “Paws for Reading” are also
to a dog and improved reading members of the Blue Ridge Dog
skills in children. One such study Training Club. Altogether, there
Zander sits at attention. He was by far the largest dog - In Warren County -
was done by Karen Allen, PhD, are twelve teams that participate
at Bowman Library this past Saturday afternoon.

those were Alex, a four year-old male Golden Retriever, was also
German Shorthair Pointer, and on hand for reading program and
Abby, a mixed breed of cattle listened while a young girl read
dog and retriever. Kisses, a fe- quietly to her. Zander, a black and

Hobby Hutt
356 Fairfax Pike, Stephens City
325 WEST BOSCAWEN ST. MON - SAT 10AM - 7PM Located in Food Lion Plaza

868 - 0111
WINCHESTER, VA 22601 (540) 723-HUTT (4888)

Fall Stop in and enjoy

one of our specials!
Spe ctacular

night Special $5.00
1- acre lot in Lake
$16.95 Kids eat OFF!
Front Royal, use for recreation or to build
home. Enjoy the lake privileges for only Buy 2 Fajitas - FREE Any 2 Dinner Entrees
($9.95 or more per entree only)

Chicken or Steak w/purchase of adult meal Excludes salads & Texas Tacos
Limit 1 coupon per table. Not to be combined Limit 1 coupon per table. Not to be combined Limit 1 coupon per table. Not to be combined
Virginia Wright with any other offer. Exp. 11/30/10 with any other offer. Exp. 11/30/10 with any other offer. Exp. 11/30/10

Associate Broker, ABR, GRI

Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Weichert Realtors • 67 W Lee Highway
Warrenton, VA 20186 • Open 7 days a week •
• •
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The news Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197
or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-2072

Cont. from pg 7 High School and Skyline High accepted until October 29.   gage; Keith Richards, Closing to Harpers Ferry September 15-
School. Vendors are wanted. Attorney; Tim Varner of People 17. The C & O Canal became a
and other localities on YOUR
Karen Heier 540-635-5278 Learn how to purchase a home Incorporated; and Valerie Taylor living classroom wherein stu-
of People Incorporated. dents and teachers experienced
Veterans Day breakfast Please join the free course for The next class takes place in many history, geology and ecol-
Where:  Wingate Inn, 150 Wing-
homebuyers. Experts explain the Woodstock, Virginia on No- ogy lessons. “We marveled at the
ate Drive, Winchester
The Service Learning Govern- process of purchasing a home vember 16 & 18 from 6:00pm to locks’ engineering” said school
When:  Election Night, 7pm - ???
ment classes from Millbrook, through a 6 hour class. This 9:00pm both evenings. Class con- director Susan Holmes. “We ate
Cost:  FREE!!!
Sherando, and James Wood High provides opportunity to discuss venes at the conference room of paw-paws; laughed as giant toads
The opportunity to celebrate
Schools will hold a Veterans Day questions and the following top- VBS Mortgage at 161 South Main hopped onto our feet in the rain
Breakfast and Celebration Cer- ics: personal finance, credit con- Street. To attend, please register
A main dish and limited
emony on November 10, 2010 at cerns, role of the lender, role of by Friday, revealedOctober
later. 15. Contact
beverages will be provided.

October 25, 2010

Millbrook High School .  A conti- the real estate agent, home in- Valerie LIBRA Taylor, Housing
(September 23 to Coun-
Each guest is welcome to pro-
nental breakfast will be served be- spection, and closing. Certificates selor22)for WhilePeople
you’re toIncorporated
be admired for
vide one of the following: how you handled recent workplace
ginning at 8:30 a.m. in the school of completion satisfy education of Virginia, at 540-459-6432 or
side dish, snack, dessert, bever- problems, be careful not to react the
cafeteria.  A ceremony will follow requirements that may accom-
age or small donation. same way to a new situation until all
in the school auditorium.  The pany a mortgage loan. Findtheadditional
facts are in. classes and re-
For more information and to sign
ceremony will include perfor- People ARIESIncorporated, a non-
(March 21 to April 19) Your sources at the website
SCORPIO (October 23 of to
up, please contact Mike Lindsay at
mances by the Millbrook High profit housing counseling
honesty continues agen-every-
to impress giniaberHousing
21) Rely on Development
your keen instincts Au-as • On Nov. 12, 1799, Andrew Ellicott
662-2990 or mlindsaygop@com-
School band and chorus as well cy, will one who needsThe
facilitate. reassurance
Virginia aboutthority:
a well
as the facts at hand when dealing Douglass, an early American astrono-
as multimedia presentations and Housing project. But be careful
Development you don’t lose with a troubling situation. Be patient.
Authority mer born in Vermont, witnesses the
Paid for and authorized by the patience with those who are still not Take things one step at a time as you
speeches prepared by the Service (VHDA), an advocate for hom- Montessori school bicycle ride Leonids meteor shower from a ship
Frederick County, VA Republi- ready to act. work through it. off the Florida Keys. Douglass’ jour-
Learning Government classes at eowners, sponsors the program.
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to
can Committee nal entry is the first known record of a
Millbrook, Sherando, and James Speakers Pushinginclude:
others too hard Shirley Mountain
to do things December 21) Laurel
Your Montessori
curiosity leads meteor shower in North America.
Wood High Schools . French &your Shelley Duffus
way could causeofresentment
Cold- and FarmyouSchool students
to ask questions. However, complet- the
Flu shots • On Nov. 11, 1885, George Smith
Veterans who are interested in raise more
well Banker, doubts. Instead,
Funkhouser take more
Real- ed aanswers
3-day,might not be what
60-mile bicycleyou hopedand Patton, one of the great American gen-
attending the ceremony should timeReeves
tors®; Julie to explainofwhyVBS yourMort-
methods will to hear.trip
camping Don’t
from rejectGeorgetown
them without erals of World War II, is born in San
There will be an influenza/ work. checking them out.
RSVP by calling Millbrook High Gabriel, Calif. Patton was one of the
Pneumonia Vaccination Clinic on GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Be CAPRICORN (December 22 to
School  at 540-545-2800 or send- most controversial of the U.S. com-

King Features Weekly Service

October 25, 2010
November 4th, from 10am thru more considerate of those close to you January 19) Be careful not to tackle a manders, known to make eccentric
ing an e-mail to Mrs. Rachel before making a decision that could problem without sufficient facts. Even
2pm At Amerisist Assisted Living claims that he was a direct descendant
Deavers at deaversr@frederick. have a serious effect on their lives. sure-footed Goats need to know where
110 Spanish Oak Road Stephens of great military leaders of the past  Reservations will be Explain your intentions and ask for they’ll land before leaping off a moun- through reincarnation.
City, Va 22655. Seasonal Flu and their advice. tain path.
Pneumonia shots will be provid- • On Nov. 8, 1895, physicist Wilhelm
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- Conrad Rontgen becomes the first
ed through MAXIM Health Sys- might have to defend a workplace ary 18) Appearances can be deceiv- person to observe X-rays. Rontgen’s
tem. Medicare Part B accepted decision you plan to make. Colleagues ing. You need to do more investigating discovery occurred accidentally in
with no co-pay if Medicare Part B might back you up on this, but it’s the before investing your time, let alone his Wurzburg, Germany, lab, where
is the primary medical insurance. facts Tintype
that will ultimately win the day collectible. Checkinout
your money,
something that might he was testing whether cathode rays
for you. Good luck. to seehave
if your
somebook is being
hidden flaws. offered by
Aetna, Humana Gold, Advanta
Freedom, SummaCare also ac- Do Home Flea Q: I have a tintype that has been a dealer and, if so, what its price is.
LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big
in my family for many years. This excellent PISCES (February 19 to March 20)
Cat’s co-workers might not be doing Your recentwebsite
I think it is of a family member and helpful in findingstand
is especially
on an issue could
could pass through glass.
• On Nov. 10, 1932, Roy Scheider,
the actor best known for his role as
cepted with no co-pay. Receipts
Remedies Work? enough to help get that project fin- make you the focus of morebooksout-of-print
attention the police chief of a beach community
wonder if you can provide me with and determining their ballpark val-
provided for reimbursement by ished. Your roars might stir things up, than you would
any helpful information. — Phyllis, ues. If you know the title, the author, like. But you’ll regain terrorized by a killer shark in the 1975
other insurers. Influenza $30 DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My but gentle
Tewksbury, Mass. purrr-suasion will provethe to your privacy, as well as more time with movie “Jaws,” is born in Orange, N.J.
little dog “Gellie” gets fleas quite be more effective. publisher and the edition, you
Pneumonia $45. No credit cards loved ones, by week’s end.
A: Most tintypes sell at23regional should be able to find it at this site. “Jaws,” directed by Steven Spielberg,
often. A while ago in your column VIRGO (August to September BORN THIS WEEK: You’re a became the first movie in history to
accepted. a reader suggested washing the antique shows you
22) Someone for care
aboutfor $15
needs help good friend and *** a trusted confidante.
gross more than $100 million.
Recycle the Runway
dog with Dawn dish detergent and
soaking her collar in something. Do
you know what that something is?
or $20 each.
with There
without judging
is one ofever
are exceptions
a problem.
every collectible,
Give it lovingly
and subject
the situation.
to thisknow
you should
to and You
matter What- awater
earlywill mine
I have
would be aKoroyo
be was recently
© 2010 Kinggiven
teacher and
a muse-
• On Nov. 14, 1941, “Suspicion,” a
romantic thriller starring Cary Grant
form of photography. If your tintype um, and it was valued at a very and directed by Alfred Hitchcock,
Nov 6, 2010 1:00 pm. Apple Also, how often should you bathe
shows a man in uniform (police, mili- large amount. — James, Florence, makes its debut. The film marked the
Blossom Mall - Belk Wing. She- a dog? — Frances M., Batavia, N.Y.
tary or fireman, for example), or it is Ariz. first time that Grant and Hitchcock
rando High School DECA mem- DEAR FRANCES: Unfortunately I of an African-American, a child with worked together. The two would later
bers will host a recyclable fash-
ion show in collaboration with
don’t have the original column right
at hand, but I did a little research for
you on home remedies for getting rid
a toy or animal, a man or woman in A: You might contact the museum
you referenced, since there
an unusual costume, or someone who probably is an expert on staff who can
collaborate on “Notorious,” “To Catch
a Thief” and “North by Northwest.”
is prominent, your tintype could be help you. R&D Antiques is a business • On Nov. 13, 1974, 28-year-old Kar-
Frederick County Recycling. This of these pesky biters. The website worth much more. At a recent show in that specializes in Oriental art and en Silkwood, a technician at a plutoni-
event will have outfits made of is the source um plant operated by the Kerr-McGee
Albuquerque, N.M., I saw three tin- antiques. The owners also are certi-
recyclable material with tables of the dish detergent remedy: spe- types of Confederate soldiers sell for fied appraisers. Write to R&D in care Corporation, is killed in a suspicious
promoting the importance of cifically, bathing your pet in lemon- $75 each. If your tintype is of a distant of Antique Land, 800 North Central car accident near Crescent, Okla. She
recycling. Jason Uhry 540-869- scented Dawn liquid soap. It suppos- member of your family, it probably is Expressway, Plano, TX 75974. Also, was on her way to a meeting with a
edly both kills and repels fleas. worth less than $25. Famous photog- check out this excellent website: reporter for The New York Times,
0060 It’s important to note, however, that raphers and elaborate encasements reportedly with a folder full of docu-
using dish detergents or hand soaps also are popular with collectors. ments that proved that Kerr-McGee
Holiday bazaar at Skyline to bathe your pet will dry out their Write to Larry Cox in care of King was acting negligently when it came to
high school skin. This can lead to other problems, *** Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box worker safety at the plant.

Nov 6, 2010 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

including rashes and sores, increased
allergies, and in general, a lot of dis- Q: I have a rare early edition of 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or
Robert Browning’s poems. I send e-mail to questionsforcox@aol.
am curious about its monetary val- com. Due to the large volume of mail
• On Nov. 9, 1989, East German offi-
cials open the Berlin Wall, allowing
comfort for your pet — as well as travel from East to West Berlin. The
Skyline High School, Front Royal making its skin more susceptible to ue. — Lynn, Mobile, Ala. he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to per- following day, celebrating Germans
A Holiday Bazaar full of holi-
day crafts and gifts with pro-
ceeds to benefit a scholarship
future flea infestation. I would rec-
ommend not using this method more
than once a month, or even once
A: It depends on how early and sonally answer all reader questions.
rare your edition is. Just Do not send any materials requiring
because a book is old doesn’t neces- return mail.
began to tear down the wall, reducing
it to rubble that was quickly snatched
up by souvenir hunters.
fund for both Warren County every two or three months. And I’d sary mean it is valuable — or even © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
encourage you to look for pet-friend-
ly, natural flea-repellent soaps, which
are available at pet stores.
Home remedies are probably not
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on October 27 – November 2, 2010 • The Sherando Times • Page 11

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Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 The news
or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-2072

at our campsite and admired integrated teamwork approach to goal is also to help children to the Rite Aid. For questions please ley, Route 11, Stephens City, VA
blue herons and great egrets in solve problems of divorce, prop- have and maintain a relationship give us a call at 540-869-0497. Winter Holiday Art and Craft
the river as the sun rose. The Po- erty, support and children’s issues with both parents and not to be Bazaar. Gifts for all will abound!
tomac River was so low its rocks with grace, honesty, dignity, and in the middle. Bead for life jewelry party Musicians will play for your
were easily seen.” civility--without the cost and un- shopping pleasure. Vendors will
The C & O Canal trip is part of certainty of court litigation.  Col- Stephens City United Meth- sell pottery, jewelry, quilts, purs-
the school’s “odyssey” curriculum. laborative Divorce is a reasonable CHURCH odist Women will be hosting a es, scarves, hand-made shop-
“An odyssey,” defines Holmes, “is approach to divorce based on 3 Bead for Life jewelry party on ping bags, wreaths and swags,
when we experience an outdoor principles: BRIEFS Nov. 1st at 7 pm.  Purchase hand- ornaments, hand-crafted body
adventure and, by working to- 1.  A pledge not to go to court made jewelry made by Ugandan scrubs, and many other items.
gether, accomplish something we 2.  An honest exchange of infor- Awana club women from colorful recycled You will also find “instant soups”
might not have been able to do mation by both spouses paper and help others a world and “instant cakes” in jars to gift
alone.” Holmes concludes, “The 3.  A solution that takes into ac- Shenandoah Valley Baptist away.  The event will be held in or prepare at home, and a variety
C & O trip was a wonderful ad- count the highest priorities of Church, Wednesday nights the Orrick Fellowship Hall at the of fresh home-baked goods. The
venture - mission accomplished.” both adults and their children  6:30pm – 8:00pm, 09/01/2010 Stephens City UMC located on “Ritzy Boutique” will specialize
The Montessori Farm School This process involves the use through 06/01/2011.  5291 Main Street, Stephens City.  in high quality gently-used gifts.
meets the needs of adolescents in of attorneys, mental health pro- Four groups: Puggles (2-3 There is plenty of parking behind There will also be hourly raffles
7th-9th grades from Front Royal fessionals, a financial specialist year olds), Cubbies (preschool), the church.  For more informa- featuring a variety of wonderful
and 8 surrounding counties. Sited and sometimes a child specialist.  Sparks (K5-2nd grade) and Truth tion, see prizes. Your purchases can be
in Flint Hill, its land-based cur- Mutual respect is fundamental to & Training (3rd-5th grade).  For gift-wrapped at the church by
riculum provides teenagers end- the collaborative way.  You may more information, visit http:// Ham and Turkey dinner the gift wrapping elf. Children
less opportunities for intellectual, cease being spouses, but you do or email may request an elf to help them
social, physical, and creative de- not cease being worthy human  SVBC, Saturday, November 6th (4 pm - choose presents for special peo-
velopment. beings.  The collaborative Profes- 4699 Valley Pike, Stephens City. until?) at HITES CHAPEL UNIT- ple, and will have an opportunity
sionals of the Northern Shenan- ED METHODIST CHURCH, to decorate their own wrapping
Collaborative divorce doah Valley is a group of trained Harvest hoedown 150 Chapel Road, Middletown, paper. Childcare will be available
information professionals who work with the VA.  Carryouts available.  Cost is for any little people who don¹t en-
family to help move the process Come to the Camp of Faith $9.00. joy shopping. Delectable home-
Collaborative Divorce, also of divorce forward without the Church ‘Harvest Hoedown’ on made brunch, lunch and bever-
called Collaborative Law used trauma of legal proceedings. The Saturday, October 30th starting Holiday Bazaar ages will be served in our café.
at 4PM with Hay rides and games Laurie Morrison 540-869-6965.
for the kids! Join us for a tailgate Reliance United Methodist
pot luck meal and Chili cook off Church. Sat., Nov. 6   -- 8:00 a.m- Send your news briefs to:
& cornbread at 5pm!  The fun 2:00 p.m. Many crafters/vendors.;
continues with a judging for the Lunch Available.
best decorated tailgate and trunk 1571 Reliance Rd,  Reliance, VA
as well as a costume judging for (Benefit: Church Missions)
the kids topped off by “Trunk &
Treat” where the kids get to go to Holiday Bazaar
each vehicle to receive goodies!
Camp of Faith Church is located Dec 11, 2010 10:00 am - 4:00
at 633 Double Church Road in pm. Unitarian Universalist
Stephens City, just a bit behind Church of the Shenandoah Val-

The Sherando Times

Angie Buterakos 1998 Toyota Camry
Advertising Sales
Cell: (540) 683-9197 SOLD!!! From this
The Sherando Times free skateboards
thinkEr For Sale by owner.
Good condition, runs great, new
inspection, new brakes, great gas
Alison Duvall mileage, interior clean and GC,
214 east jackson street
Advertising Sales 540 636 4974
L, Auto, 4-cyl, 117,500K, full size
spare, Kelly blue book valued @
Cell: (540) 551-2072
$5,700... available now for $4,500! Call 540-551-2072
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Politics Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197
or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-2072

WEED, from pg 3 Board of County Supervisors “I’m very concerned about the products, it often makes them
unanimously voted to press the harmful effects,” Peace said. more popular and used,” said Al-

have no idea what you’re putting General Assembly to outlaw “in- The drug can be a gateway to len St. Pierre, executive director
into your body when you buy cense” products such as “K2” or more drugs, Peace said. After of the National Organization for
these things.” “Spice,” reported the Roanoke using it, people have a desire for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, a
The Virginia Poison Center Times. In Hanover County, con- more and to use marijuana. lobbyist to make marijuana legal.
does not track how many times cern is growing as well. So far, 10 states have passed Because K2 and similar sub-
people are hospitalized from us- Peace said he met with a Ha- laws regulating its use. stances are readily available on
ing the drugs. Rose said they have nover County probation officer Virginia following seems likely. the Internet, they would be diffi-
received a “handful” of cases re- who told him people on proba- In 2008, the House and Senate cult to control.

ported in the Commonwealth. tion are using it because it does unanimously passed a law outlaw- Right now, not much is known
The American Association of not show up in many drug tests. ing the use of salvia, an herb used about these incenses. Where they
Poison Control Centers report- The county is working to get tests as an alternate to marijuana. come from and what is in them
ed 1,500 calls due to use of “K2” that detect these type of drugs, But marijuana legalization ad- is often unclear. Several websites
and similar substances across the and will charge people with a vocates say that outlawing the that sell it are based in China.
nation last year. They call it an non-criminal offense if they are substance could increase the use But one thing is clear to law-
“emerging phenomenon.” caught using it. But many would of the K2 incense. maker and pot-smokers alike — it
Earlier this week, the Roanoke like to make it completely illegal. “When government bans these will get you high.

CALL (540) 327-0093 FOR DETAILS )5(((67,0$7(6/LFHQFHGDQG,QVXUHG
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For Sale? Yard Handyman/repair/remodeling

Sale? Wanted? business assets for sale. 2002
List them here for - 14 foot freightliner/sprinter
FREE! van fully loaded with tools.
Send your ad to:
Ready to run business now.
To much information to list so

FOR SALE if you are interested please

email me. $28,000.
Boxer Puppies, AKC Reg. Call 703-930-3438
Males and Females. $450-
$550 Ready for homes.
Call (540) 869-4856 Vending machine business for
sale.  Asking $38,000.  This
2002 Lincoln Continental, is an established route with
52,000-K, Exc. Cond., 4- excellent clients.  There are 9
New Michellin tires, Loaded!! locations and a total of 16 ma-
$8,000. chines. 
Call 540-465-8846 Call 540-514-9858

2007 Ford Focus SES King size Simmons firm pil-

Black, 50K, PW/PL/PM, Sun- lowtop mattress, low profile
roof, Leather interior, 30 MPG. box springs, & low profile
$12,000 OBO. frame. Excellent, practically
Call (540) 877-1217 new condition. Can e-mail pic-
ture $999/set.
20 ton wood splitter $900, Call 540-723-0285
used once.
Rototiller $700.00, used once. 7 Foot Air Hockey Table - New 
Please call 869-2452 Can E-Mail picture $250.00.
Call 540-723-0285
1902 Price & Teeple Fancy
Mahogany Upright Piano.  1999   Dodge 1500 Ram con-
Works, but needs to be re- version van. 7 passenger 4
stored. $2500. OBO. captains  seats/ rear bench.
Day - 540-868-1138 Auto,  V- 6.  Nice Chrome
wheels.  Green  in color.
Golf Cart, battery operated, 109,000 miles, very sharp &
cherry red, new paint, runs well maintained in good con-
great! $2700.00. dition. New inspection. In  the
Call 540-551-2128 Stephens City area. $3350
OBO. Call 540-327-0811
2004 White Yamaha Golf
Cart. Battery operated, rear WANTED
seat, full lights, runs great, ex-
cellent condition, garage kept Front clip for 89 Ford Ranger
since purchased. Charger and XLT. Reasonably priced.
cover included. $2,800 OBO. Call 540-683-9197
Call 540-667-2735
Need someone to cut a few
2002 BMW 525. Automatic 4 trees from my property, You
door sedan.  Gold exterior/tan keep wood for compensation.
leather seats/interior.  125K Call 540-869-2163
miles. Has many features and

D ! !
runs well. Interior/exterior is
very good condition.  Can
email picture.  $8,700.

2008 Chrysler Town

S O L D !
Call 540-550-5380
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revealed later.
LIBRA (September 23 to October
22) While you’re to be admired for
how you handled recent workplace
problems, be careful not to react the
same way to a new situation until all
the facts are in.
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Your SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem-
honesty continues to impress every- ber 21) Rely on your keen instincts as • On N
one who needs reassurance about a well as the facts at hand when dealing Dougla
project. But be careful you don’t lose with a troubling situation. Be patient. mer bo
patience with those who are still not Take things one step at a time as you Leonid
ready to act. work through it. off the
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to nal entr
Pushing others too hard to do things December 21) Your curiosity leads meteor
your way could cause resentment and you to ask questions. However, the • On
raise more doubts. Instead, take more answers might not be what you hoped Patton,
time to explain why your methods will to hear. Don’t reject them without erals of
work. checking them out. Gabriel
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Be CAPRICORN (December 22 to most c
more considerate of those close to you January 19) Be careful not to tackle a mander
before making a decision that could problem without sufficient facts. Even claims
have a serious effect on their lives. sure-footed Goats need to know where of grea
Explain your intentions and ask for they’ll land before leaping off a moun- through
their advice. tain path. • On N
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- Conrad
might have to defend a workplace ary 18) Appearances can be deceiv- person
decision you plan to make. Colleagues ing. You need to do more investigating discove
might back you up on this, but it’s the before investing your time, let alone his Wu
facts that will ultimately win the day your money, in something that might he was
for you. Good luck. have some hidden flaws. could p
LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big PISCES (February 19 to March 20) • On
Cat’s co-workers might not be doing Your recent stand on an issue could the act
enough to help get that project fin- make you the focus of more attention the poli
ished. Your roars might stir things up, than you would like. But you’ll regain terroriz
but gentle purrr-suasion will prove to your privacy, as well as more time with movie “
be more effective. loved ones, by week’s end. “Jaws,”
VIRGO (August 23 to September BORN THIS WEEK: You’re a became
22) Someone you care for needs help good friend and a trusted confidante. gross m
with a problem. Give it lovingly and You would be a wonderful teacher and • On
without judging the situation. What- a respected member of the clergy. romant
ever you feel you should know will be © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
and di
first tim
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by winning
final four races.the autumn 2009 tory
Speedway.occurred in the same

Posting date August 17, 2009

King Features Weekly Service
“We’re at just
Talladega and todid
going to have it
be bet- race eight
“Really, years
we’re earlier.
working What
as hard as we Some people, it’s said, actually end-
again saidonBiffle. “We knownight
Saturday that. We’re
at can every
he week to bring
has learned in the
thebest race
past ed up with a free house. The bigger
nervous about getting in (the Chase), cars we can to the track,” said Biffle.
and anythingMotor Speedway.
can happen. ... There are two years, in particular,
“It’s important that we have the best is the negative was that some homeowners
In other
some words,concerned
races we’re there is about
life power
possibleof prayer. right now.
equipment were foreclosed on by multiple lend-
leading to theChase. Mainly
cutoff (end it
of the reg- “We’re
“I justracing
wanted it toasbeweun-
as hard can. ers, all claiming to have a right to do
resides in the cockpit of the derstood that, after the sea- so.
No. 1 Bass Pro Shops Chevy. son that I had, or the last four This ploy doesn’t work anymore.
McMurray’s Chevy outran years I had, I found the power Though he’s not in the
Kyle Busch’s Toyota in the late of prayer, and that it’s some- Chase, Jamie McMurray The reason: MERS, or Mortgage Elec-
stages of the Bank of America thing that I really believe in,” (shown with car owner Chip tronic Registration Systems. MERS is
By Monte
Is Racing Ganassi) will be known for
500. he said after winning at CMS. party (as nominal mortgagee) to each
as Hard
Mac Winsas
theHe Can
Cheese “After coming so close “When I got to victory lane
winning the Daytona 500,
Brickyard 400 and Bank of
Foreclosures Halted mortgage transaction, as well as an
This hasn’t been the season Greg (second) in the (Coca-Cola) in Daytona, that’s what I was America 500 this season. online computer registration system
Biffle McMurray’s
expected, though he victory
certainly 600 earlier in the season, I re- thinking about. You know, I (John Clark/NASCAR This At last count, upward of 40 states for documents. If there’s a case of fore-
in time
the toBank
pick up
ofthe pieces. 500
America ally felt like anything less than was crying, obviously because Week photo) have called a temporary halt to fore- closure where the lender needs to pro-
The 39-year-old Biffle didn’t win winning (at Charlotte) would I was happy, but also because closures. Paperwork is a mess, with
during the 2008a charge he leads
regular season, but Monte Dutton has covered duce facts, MERS has them. Your note
after making the Chase, proceeded to have been disappointing,” said you feel like a prayer has been motorsports for The Gaston lenders admitting to having signed
McMurray. “We had such a answered.” (N.C.) Gazette since 1993. He can be sold multiple times, and it will
win didn’tHe
its first two races. make
woundtheup off on thousands of foreclosure docu-
Chase in thefor
standings.Cup. great car in the spring, and it McMurray said he was was named writer of the year be tracked the whole way by MERS
For now, Biffle’s first priority is by the National Motorsports
ments without even having read them. without you needing to sign anything.
What he has done is win three just wasn’t good enough on praying during the final 10
making the Chase, but that doesn’t
the short run. laps. Press Association in 2008. If you’re facing foreclosure, now is Or, as a party to the deal, MERS also
of the
mean season’s
he’s going to backprestigious
events. Earlier not
“We’re certainly in racing
the season,
conserv- Roush
“Man, it was
Fenway justGreg
driver our Biffle
night. “I
says his firstwas like,is you
priority making know, if I
the Chase, His blog NASCAR This Week the time that scammers will come out can file for bankruptcy. According to
atively,” he said.won theracing
“We’re Daytona
to win, Our
but thatcar was
doesn’t mean unbelievable
he’s going to backwin thistrying
off from race, Lord,
to win races.if(Photo:
You ( fea- of the woodwork and approach you the MERS website (www.mersinc.
but Getty Images) tures all of his reporting on about beating the foreclosure com-
andnot going to do400.
Brickyard anything stu- those last 25 or 30 laps. It was don’t throw a caution, is what
racing, roots music and life org), all the biggies use them, includ-
In know
we have toChase driv-
stay in (the top
ular season),toand
we and
had aon IWe’re
said,notand I win
taking bigthis race,
risks, but, I’m
at the on the road. E-mail Monte at:
pletely — and possibly ending up with ing the Federal Housing Administra-
ersin won
12 order toallqualify
10 Chase
for the races.
Chase). lot bubble,
the of speed so in
it’sit. It was just
important a going
to have to explain
same time, to people
we’re racing my
for the win.” a free house.
tight ... and broke thatallstring reallyfinishes
good good right
night for us.”
now.” feelings
Monte Duttonand why I felt motor-
has covered that tion, Department of Veterans Affairs,
It’s we’re doing we can
sports (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Here’s how that has worked in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
do.” Biffle, from Vancouver,
McMurray’s first Cup Wash.,
vic-is way. ” for The Gaston (N.C.) Gazette past: When mortgages were moving
Roush Fenway Racing put Biffle in one of only two drivers to have won since 1993. He was named writer of Unfortunately, MERS is now
what was then still the Winston Cup championships in both the Nation- the year by the National Motorsports fast, it wasn’t uncommon for a lender embroiled in the foreclosure battle as
Series back in 2003. He finished sec- wide and Camping World Truck Press Association in 2008. His
to immediately sell off a collection

October 25, 2010

KFWS • MindGym
ond in the Chase standings two years series. (Johnny Benson is the other.) blog NASCAR This Week some judges have decided that MERS
later. A year ago, three Roush Fenway Biffle also was rookie of the year in ( features all of promissory notes to someone else has no legal standing in foreclosures,
drivers — Biffle, Carl Edwards and both series. He came up through of his reporting on racing, roots music for a profit, take that money, lend it
Matt Kenseth — made the Chase. NASCAR’s developmental system, and life on the road. E-mail Monte at since it doesn’t actually own the loans.
They could do it again, but the posi- winning track championships early in out and start all over again. When the Hence the halt in foreclosures in many
tions of Biffle and Kenseth are hardly his career at Tri-City Raceway in West “savvy” homeowner was faced with states.
secure as the regular season enters its Richland, Wash., and Portland (Ore.) © 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.
foreclosure, all he had to do was say Best bet: If you face foreclosure, find
to his original lender: “Produce the the money to hire an attorney.
note.” With so much paper shuffling David Uffington regrets that he can-
going on, often nobody could locate not personally answer reader ques-
1. MOVIES: In what Disney movie the actual note, the sole document tions, but will incorporate them into
was Earth referred to as “Section 17, with your signature on it. Unscrupu- his column whenever possible. Write
1. Name the event (and the date) 1.lous
In 2008, J.J. Hardy
attorneys wouldbecame
hustle the
Area 51”? where all of these played: Badfinger, to him in care of King Features Weekly
court andintell
the judge,Brew-
“No one Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando,
2. MUSIC: What does the musical Ravi Shankar and Leon Russell. erscan findtothe
history hit note.
one runs
can in
prove FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
direction “subito” mean? 2. What was the single of the year my client actually owes anytwo.
a season twice. Name the other
3. ACRONYMS: What does B.P.O.E. for 1982? Who performed it? 2.andIn would
1933, file a form demanding
Philadelphia’s Chuck to
stand for? 3. What song was the first R&B see the original note. © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
Klein won the Triple Crown in the
4. SCIENCE: What term describes a No. 1 hit for fledgling record label National League, but did not win the
plant’s involuntary tendency to grow Motown? league’s MVP Award. Who did win
toward light? 4. Which now famous rocker once further. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

January 11, 2010

King Features Weekly Service
5. TELEVISION: What popular jumped over the wall at Graceland stuffed a woodcock inside a pigeon, inside
3. From 2000 through 2009, how a partridge, inside a pheasant, inside a
1970s TV show featured a news writer hoping to see Elvis Presley? many times did a quarterback win the chicken, inside a guineafowl, inside a
named Murray Slaughter? 5. What is The—37—
Joshua Tree (other mallard, inside a duck, inside a goose,
Heisman Trophy?
6. COMMUNICATION: What is the than a desert plant)? inside a turkey. No word on how the 10-
4. Name the two Chicago Bulls layer dish was carved for serving.
code word for the letter “V” in interna- 6. Who were Tom and Jerry?
tional radio alphabet?
before DerrickByRose in 2009 toWeaver
Samantha win •••
Answers the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. If you’re not the sort of person who
7. COMICS: Who was The Green makes the bed every day, here’s some
1. The Concert for Bangladesh, on 5. •Who It was was the last Vancouver
American cartoonist,
Hornet’s sidekick? It was American author, producer,
humorist andHenrik
journalist Kin Hubbard good news for you: Researchers in the
Aug. 1, 1971, at Madison Square Gar- Canuck
screenwriter before and Sedin director in 2009- Michael United Kingdom have found that unmade
8. U.S. STATES: Which of the who made themade
following sage obser-
den in New York City. The concert 10 to
Crichton lead the
who NHL in scoring
the followingfor asuc-
sage beds are less likely to harbor dust mites,
United States has the nickname “Old vation: “There’s
observation: “Whenever you hear
no secret about
raised $243 million. season?
cess. Did you ever know a successful
a common cause of asthma and allergic
Dominion State”? the consensus of scientists agrees on symptoms.
2. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. 6.manWhen whowas didn’tthe last
tell youtimeabout before
it?”wallet, •••
9. RELIGION: Who was the founder something or other, reach for your
The song was used in the film “Rocky 2010 • that
because Next Chile’s
you’re men’
you’re ”in Iowa, teamyou Thought for the Day: “If you would be a
of the Methodist Church? •••by the rural town
III.” The group won a Grammy for won a World
might wantCup game?
to stop real seeker after truth, it is necessary that
10. HUMAN ANATOMY: What is a 7.of Riverside, which
their performance. Statistics
How many showTour detouts
that more
France itself
bicy-as the
are at least once in your life you doubt, as far
more common name for the nares? future
born in birthplace
Septemberof than Captain in James
any other T. as possible, all things.” -- Rene Descartes
3. “Shop Around” by the Miracles, cle
Kirk. inthe
a rowthe did
year. Spain’s
future Miguel It
Answers along with Smokey Robinson, in Indurain
seems win? that “Star••• Trek” creator Gene (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
1. “Lilo and Stitch” 1960. Roddenberry
Talk about bad luck: that
Answers In May of 2009,
the charac-
2. Suddenly twoter thieves
of James broke into Kirk
Tiberius a jewelry
was born storeinin
4. None other than The Boss, Bruce 1.Iowa,
Milwaukee, Younthe (1980,
bagged ‘82)
up their
didn’t specifyand Jose
loot and tried
3. Benevolent and Protective Order Springsteen, in April 1976. Hernandez
make their In(2001, ‘02).
1985, theOn the way out
Riverside Cityof
of Elks 5. The name of the fifth studio album the looted store,
Pitcher they
Carl Hubbell
voted were
to declare ofconfronted
the New
their townby
4. Tropism by U2. It won two Grammy Awards two
thieves, who of
birthplace took thethe ill-gotten
5. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” gains.
laterNo one ended
writing to up profiting from
Roddenberry the
(Album of the Year and Best Rock 3.receiving
crime,Eight times.
however; all four were
his approval. In honorarrested.
of its
6. Victor Performance) in 1988. 4.newfound
Michael Jordan claim••• (1985)
to fame, and Elton
the city
7. Kato 6. The first duo name used by Art
began (2000).
hostingto ananestimate
annualbyTrek the United
8. Virginia Garfunkel and Paul Simon in 1957. Nations,
5. No
more than 3 battle
a Spockapalooza
Canuck led
shipwrecks on the ocean floor.
9. The Rev. John Wesley Their big success came in 1966 when of the bands.
NHL in scoring for••• a season before
10. Nostrils the “Sounds of Silence” was released You
• Ifmay you have
of theyou might
© 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. and then used in the film “The Gradu- --have heard stuffed
a chicken of someinto of thea duckfollowing
It awas 1962.-- butIt you
turkey “Kill and Grill
probablyIt,” “The
ate.” 7. Five,
know of
Pickling,” “Full of
a chef in the United Kingdom Beans,”
© 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. “The
took the
© Stinking
2010 Cookbook”
King nested fowlInc.
Synd., and steps
several “I
Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat!” Then
again, maybe not.
• The term “bric-a-brac,” usually
used to refer to a collection of tawdry
Page 16 • The Sherando Times • October 27 – November 2, 2010 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on




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ler Group LLC dealers only. (Up to 5 quarts only. Additional charges may be applied for HEMI® and fluid disposal.)
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2008 Dodge 2010 Jeep

Charger Commander Sport
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2007 Dodge Nitro 2004 Ford F-150
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38,817 Miles 58,241 Miles
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