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Appendix G Building a Medical Vocabulary Ch. 6, 7, & 14
Complete activities A, B, & C, and post to the Individual forum. A. Use the word bank below to build the medical word that corresponds to each definition in problems 117. Word parts may be used more than once. Click the grey box to begin typing. -um -ic -blast kerat/ohome/o-poiesis sebace/oadip/ocalc/i theli/ocoll/aleuk/o-ose norm/oNormoblast hematopiesis erythropoietin hemat/omelan/oepiton/o-osis -ous system/ophag/o-stasis -poetin -gen hem/oglyc/oerythr/omyel/o-in lip/o- cyte insul/octy/o-

1. Normal immature cell 2. Process of forming blood

3. A substance that forms red blood cells 4. White blood cells leukocyte

5. Immature cell in the bone marrow 6. Process of cells eating microorganisms 7. Cessation of bleeding hemostasis

myeloblast phagocytosis

8. A structure above the cellular level 9. A fibrous protein substance 10. A cell that produces black pigment 11. Produces fibers that hold together 12. Full of fat 13. Fat cell adipose lipocyte sebaceous keratin


melanocyte collagen

14. Pertaining to sebum

15. Pertaining to the body as a whole 16. Condition of staying the same (balance) 17. Substance that regulates calcium

systemic homeostasis calcitonin

HCA 220

B. Define the following words or word parts. -phil -gen pro-ose perparaAttraction to, fondness for That which produces before Full of Through, throughout Beside, apart from, two parts of a pair, abnormal -ity poly-cle exoeusynState; condition Many much Small thing Away from, external. outward Normal; good together

C. In this activity, break the medical word into its word parts. Using the word parts, create a definition of the word. Write a sentence using the word in a medical context. Use the table to record your answers. Additional Combining Combining Medical Word Prefix form form or suffix Suffix Definition Polymorphonucleated PolyMorph/o Nucle/o -ated Sentence: Polymorphonucleated is the nucleus in segments or lobes. Agranulocyte: aGranul/o Sentence: Agranulocytes include lymphocytes and monocytes. -cyte Composed of many shapes of nucleus.

Without granule cell

A substance shaped like a globe Immunoglobulin Immun/o Globul/o -in immune response Sentence: the coating of the pathogen with antibodies is also knoen as immunoglobulin. Epithelial EpiTheli/o -al Pertaining to above the cellular layer Sentence: Surgical removal of the dystrophic area may temporarily decrease the opacity in cases of epithelial dystrophy. Sudoriferous Sudor/i Fer/o Sentence: sweat glands are also known as the sudoriferous. Piloerection -ous Pertaining to bear sweat

Pil/o Erect/o -ion A condition of hair standing up Sentence: when the skin is cold, tiny erector muscles at the base of the hair follicle contract and cause piloerection. Additional Combining combining Medical Word Prefix form form or suffix Suffix Definition Anaphylaxis AnaPhlaxis Apart from protecting Sentence: Anaphylaxis is a severe systemic allergic reaction that can be life threatening. Prolactin ProLact/o -in A substance before milk. Sentence: Of all the pituitary endocrine cell types that cells which produce the hormone prolactin are the most highly plastic cell population.

HCA 220





A substance of the body standing still

Sentence: Somatostatin is secreted by delta cells in the islets of Langerhans.

HCA 220

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