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Youngsters in big cities. Bharti Airtel 1. Businessmen Positioning Creating brands (Sharukh khan & Sachin Tendulker) Ads and promotions Promotion for study of poor childrens 4. Bharti Airtel has been ranked among the six best performing technology companies in the world by Business Week.BHARTI AIRTEL & VODAFONE ESSAR Bharti Airtel Limited. Vodafone Essar is the Indian subsidiary of Vodafone Group and commenced operations in 1994 when its predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired the cellular license for Mumbai. The company has over 185 million customers across its operations. Vodafone currently has equity interests in 31 countries across five continents and around 40 partner networks worldwide. y y y y 3. a group company of Bharti Enterprises. y y y 2. The company now has operations across the country with over 100 million customers. Vodafone is the world's leading international mobile communications group with approximately 333 million proportionate customers as on 31 December 2009. Marketing mix y Price: low price strategy y Place: maximum outlets and service centers y Product: verities available for various groups y Promotion: various schemes for pre-paid and post-paid. y y y Market segmentation Geographical segment (metropolitans & cities India) Demographic segment . .middle income groups People age group of 20 to 28 year Target marketing People who living in cities and towns. Poor or middle income group people. is a leading emerging markets telco with operations in 18 countries across Asia and Africa.

Positioning y Creating brands y Ads and promotions 4. By offering cheap and light mobile sets Vodafone attracts most of the customers of small villages and towns. y y y y Target marketing People living in small towns and villages. BRAND POSITIONING BY VODAFONE 1. In every small town the potential customers can easily purchase the Vodafone SIM & Sets. Offering cheap handsets Vodafone offers cheap and free connections to all customers. Businessmen 3. In every district and big towns Vodafone opens its service centers to provide better support and services Strong logistics and supply chain Vodafone has a strong logistic and supply all over India. Youngsters in big cities. The cost for these sets was Rs-799-849-1099 per set and onward. y y y y Marketing mix Price : low price strategy Place : maximum outlets and service centers Product : verities available for various groups Promotion: various schemes for pre-paid and post-paid . Market segmentation y Geographical segment (rural India) y Demographic segment .middle income groups 2. Targeting youngsters in metropolitans Vodafone attracts youngsters by offering colorful handset at very low prices.VodafoneVodafone target the rural India The main targeted customers of Vodafone are from rural India. Poor and middle income groups.

contests and coupons must be given to retailers as well as customers and prospects. Company must undertake extensive promotional activities like advertisements must be released in different Medias to create brand awareness. END .Following are the few suggestions to Airtel and Vodafone for improving the market share and image of the products concerned. Distribution of new connection should be in reach of customer pocket. y y y y y y The brands must be made available easily in. Price should be as competitive as other company maintains. Catalogues should be distributed among customers. Sales promotion tools like gifts. PCO & general stores.

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