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Seal Gas

The range of in-line cast aluminium heaters is suitable for heating all process
fluids particularly in high pressure applications, eliminating the pressure ap-
plications, eliminating the pressure vessel.

The design incorporates electric heating elements and an indirect process

heating coil imbedded within marine garde cast aluminium, this ensures a
high thermal exchange.

This solution is not suitable in applications where is required a highly accura-

te temperature control, with variable flow rates.


• Air • Process gas

• Natural gas • Solvent
• Nitrogen • C02 • Steam Generation
• Instrument air

• Working pressure up to 500 Bar

• Working temperature up to 400°C

• Internal control thermostats and

over-temperature thermostats (PT 100 or
thermocouple type K available)

• Alternative materials of construction available

• Designed for horizontal or vertical installation

• Nozzles flange: up to 21/2”

• Flange rating: 150-300-600-900-1500-2500

and high pressure standards
(Techlok®, Graylock®)