Vauxhall Cross London, United Kingdom Thursday, 3rd August 2007

Attn: Omega Squad
As the situation in the Middle-East continues to develop (Israel and Syria opening deeper diplomatic ties, build-up of Syrian troops near Golan Heights, compromise on Iraq between Iran and the US, and other ongoing issues), foreign affairs experts are becoming more strident in their warnings about Saudi Arabian actions in the region. Essentially, the Saudis don’t have the clout they once did in the region, mainly due to the effects of the long-term presence of US and British forces in Iraq. In the past, sending a wave of dirty-wand wielding fanatics into the areas of concern may have been a solution; but the long-term problems when some of those fanatics return to the homeland, coupled with America’s attitude towards states that promote such methods, means that Mecca is unhappy and perhaps unsure what to do about the issue. So say the official analysts. August 8-9 happens to be a date to further irk the Sauds, given that Damascus is hosting a security meeting regarding the Syrian-Iraqi border. Representatives from Syria, Iran, Iraq, the US, and Turkey will participate in the round-table discussions, with additional attendees from the Arab League and the UN looking on. Mecca did receive an invite as an attendee as a matter of form, but the lack of an actual chair in the process only highlights the dwindling influence of the ur-Arab state (and thus the lack of influence of Hadadian Baalites in opposition to Dagonian Baalite Iran in the power-shift underway across the Middle East). With all eyes (in the Middle East) turned on Damascus on the 8th and 9th, we have some concerns that Mecca may take some action to either demonstrate its own strength (unlikely), or else shake the tenuous foundation between Syria and any number of neighbour nations. To this end, we are porting you into Syria by way of Israel (Tel-Aviv > Qazrin > overland to Damascus). Once in Damascus, we have arranged for you to meet with one Numan al’Sharaf, a known Hizbaalia operative, in Zenobia Park. You will provide him with a package, and he will provide us with information. The meeting is scheduled for August 6th, 2007, 2300 hours. Damascus does enforce a curfew, so you will need to be careful, especially with heightened security presence in the city coming up to the border-security talks.

Recommended Gear: • Arab or French tongues tattoo (1 for each nonArab speaking party member); • Arab and Israeli clothing and disguise elements; • Unmarked holy symbols (divine agents only); • Sending seal; • Poison false-tooth • Package for Mr. al’Sharaf will be provided prior to your departure. As usual, you will largely be on your own. Breaking the sending seal may allow us to send aid, but such aid is unlikely to be on the ground in anything less than thirty minutes to an hour. If you are caught, the British government will deny all knowledge of you as per usual. May Jupiter go with you all, as you embark in the service of Queen and Country!