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In our lives, learning new subject is a key method in instructing our minds and guarding our hearts. Africom is an issue that Ive described to make mention of for a long time. Now, I have the time and opportunity to write about Africom. President Barack Obama visited Africa in 2009. He gave his 2009 speech in
Accra, Ghana. Barack Obama in the speech said that America should support strong nations and not strong men (This refers to dictators). Rwanda is having a different situation. Africa should have freedom, yet Barack Obama has expanded U.S. Africa Command. Africom supports a militarized situation in Africa. Africa has a dictator leader called President Paul Kagame. This prepares a sham Presidential election to retain his brutal grip on power. Some don't want Washington to recognize Rwanda's election results and to stop the militarization of Africa (including supporting repressive regimes). The U.S. policy has been to support strongmen, says Maurice Carney, executive director of Friends of the Congo. And at the head of the class is Paul Kagame, who has received military support, weapons, training and intelligence and as a result has been able to invade its neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and sustain proxy militia fighting there to rob the Congolese people of their natural resources. He has contributed to the death of over 6 million people in Congo and to the destabilization of Africas whole Great Lakes region. Assassinations, arrests, disappearances, imprisonment, and torture of both politicians critical of Kagame came about.

There is the August 9 Presidential polling event in Rwanda. Some don't want violence to prevent much voter turnout. President Barack Obama shouldn't support the brutal Kagame regime. 40 of Kagames top officers and officials have been indicted in both Spanish and French courts for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Kagame himself has not been indicted by these courts but only because he is a sitting head of state and indictment would therefore be a declaration of war. Kagame is doing everything he can think of, including killing journalists, jailing and torturing political opponents and denying political opponents their constitutional right to register their parties to exclude them from the election. Because as soon as he loses the presidency, he is likely to be tried for all the mass killings he ordered, says Rwandan exile, writer and activist Aimable Mugara, who now lives in Toronto. 4 of his Kagame's real opposition are kept out of the election, except 4 Kagame allies (who appear to make Rwanda act like it has a real election). Leading Rwandan opposition candidate Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza was arrested and indicted on trumped up charges. She doesn't want people to vote since the military and police use tyranny against the citizens in Rwanda. She wants people to fight for their rights. Kagame according to Victorie have killed people, deny the constitutional right to register parties, and have done other forms of corruption. The Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs named Johnnie Carson in May said that the U.S. will send a dozen teams of election observers to Rwanda. This will occur before the August 9 polls. Some don't agree with this since it's basically monitoring Kagame and other puppet parties in the election. There

is no real opposition in the election since they were kicked out. The United States government has provided not only election observers but also over $1,034,000,000 in United States taxpayer-funded foreign assistance to Rwanda since 2000. An additional
$240,200,000 is proposed in the presidents fiscal year 2011 budget. There is nothing wrong with aid, but the U.S. can't explicitly dictators like Kagame (although, legitimate aid is fine).

The African Union bows to pressure to back abortions in order to reduce maternal deaths. The AU made its annual summit last week with governments agreeing to make maternal and child mortality a continent-wide priority. The summit ended with Member States doing something. They extended the controversial, non-binding Maputo Plan of Action (PoA) fo ran additional five years. It will expand the new imitative called the Campaign on Accelerated Reduction on Maternal Mortality in Africa (CARMMA). Pressure was place on the AU from UN agencies and foreign non-governmental organization (NGO). UNFPA (or the United Nations Population Fund) executive director Thoraya Obaid called on delegates to focus on non-controversial interventions to reduce maternal deaths (like skilled birth attendants and emergency obstetric care). The next day in a speech at Makerere University in Kampala Obaid focused instead on "unsafe abortion," "reproductive rights," "reproductive health services" and "sexuality education." The proabortion NGO coalition told the AU assembly they were ashamed of Africa's high maternal and child mortality. The NGOs allied on governments for guaranteed access to family planning services, reproductive health commodity security, and to address unsafe abortions. The NGO statement didn't mention skilled birth attendants or emergency obstetric care, what are traditionally understood as the cures for high maternal mortality. Abortion advocates have heralded the Maputo PoA as a victory for their cause since the document calls for "policies and legal frameworks to reduce incidence of unsafe abortion" and to "prepare and implement national plans of action to reduce incidence of unwarranted pregnancies and unsafe abortion." While the focus on maternal health is generally viewed as a positive development, critics warn that the warm feelings about reducing maternal mortality are being used also to promote a right to abortion. Critics point to the sneaky way the Maputo document came into being. Prior to the 2006 passage

of the PoA, several AU delegations objected to the abortion provisions and only agreed to the document on the understanding that the abortion clauses would be removed. The charged were never made and several African nations charged the AU secretariat with "manipulation." Originally intended to be a short term 3 year plan, the AU decision will extend the Maputo PoA through 2015. This is the coincide with the planned conclusion of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). There is a plan of extending the PoA. The AU member states want to expand CARMMA. This is an initiative to promote "intensified action" on MDG-5 maternal health. Since the initial launch in May 2009, CARMMA has since been launched in 20 countries. Last week, AU members committed to ensured that CARMMA would be launched in all 53 African countries before the next AU summit. In additional to renewing the Maputo PoA and expanding CARMMA, AU member states also committed to increasing health funding 15% of national budgets, making health services free for women and children and called on donor nations to fulfill their pledges. Such funding became a major part of the conference negotiations. While participants praised the recent $7.3 billion pledged by the G-8 for maternal health, delegates said much more was needed. Some proposed additional money could be siphoned off from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria though this was not acted upon.

The U.S. military, Western powers, and China are trying to dominate Africa. It's a type of neo-colonialism in the 21st century. America wants to dominate Africa for numerous reasons. American elites want to gain its political and economic resources. This is apart of the promotion of the military industrial complex since America's prosperity is starting to wane because of many reasons. This is nothing new since Western power intervened in various nations in order to control its policies (its market trade, and other reasons). Today, the U.S. is using diplomatic means and military bases in order to try to control Africa and many places in the world (in Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Colombia, and Korea). The U.S. is competing against the powers of China and Russia for natural resources as well. Yet, the U.S. has a bloated military budget. America's access to oil and rare Earth elements have decreased, while China's access to these resources have only increased. China is producing more metals like titanium that is found in military aircraft. Some in the U.S. in 2009 form the creation of the annual Strategic Metals Conference. This conference deals with concerns related to US access to metals with important industrial and military uses. The second annual conference, held in Cleveland, Ohio in January 2010, saw dozens of engineers and military personnel express heightened concern over Chinas near monopoly over rare earth metals. China rules about 95% of the world's rare Earth's output. It has decided to restrict the export of these metals. This has caused international consumers to drop about 20,000 tons in 2010. China is now the 2nd largest economy in the world in terms of its GDP. It's only 2nd to America. China has a growing middle class and export markets around the Earth. China has few strings attached in dealing with Africa nations. So, it has grown its investments in Africa. In Africa, China has loans, debt forgiveness, and job training. In 2000, the forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was formed to develop more trade and aid to Africa. 50 African nations worked in the forum to develop bridges of

economic trading, political plus cultural exchange. This is a South-South alliance since the North-South colonial relationships with Africa have been unpopular. This is why Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade said that: "...Chinas approach to our needs is simply better adapted than the slow and sometimes patronizing post-colonial approach of European investors, donor organizations and nongovernmental organizations. In fact, the Chinese model for stimulating rapid economic development has much to teach Africa. With direct aid, credit lines and reasonable contracts, China has helped African nations build infrastructure projects in record timebridges, roads, schools, hospitals, dams, legislative buildings, stadiums and airports. In many African nations, including Senegal, improvements in infrastructure have played important roles in stimulating economic growth. More and more Africans view the Chinese influence in Africa as more positive than American influence. Even Putin and Medevdev from Russia have seek trade with Africa. The U.S. is losing its influence in Africa. Programs like Africa Contingency
Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA), Africa Partnership Station and the International Military Education and Training Program are all AFRICOM projects that provide African soldiers with military and ideological training. That is why some fear that this plan can evolve into another evil School of the Americas. You cant put a friendly face on imperialism.

The empire of America is costing billions of dollars. 102 billion dollars. There is the new American embassy in Iraq and it has a $600 million price tag. That is why its the largest embassy in the world. It seems that these actions are done to promote a permanent military Empire agenda. Its neocolonialism. Some pan-Africanist scholars like JahIIssa and Salim Faraji are researching Africom. The Presidents critics like some Tea Partiers call him a socialist, which can be so far from the truth. Its truly laughable. President Barack Obama sending record dollars to Wall Street bankers isnt an authentic example of pure socialism in any context. In fact, the super rich are having more power now than 10 years ago. The economic inequality between the rich and the poor is incredibly huge since more than 40 years ago. America has the highest number of poor people in about 51 years. One in 10 senior citizens are poor and one in five children are poor. There are 43.6 million Americans in poverty now. Almost 50 million Americans have to get food stamps, visit food pantries or soup kitchens in order to not starve to death. The US has the greatest inequality between rich and poor among all Western industrialized nations and it has been getting worse for 40 years. I could go on and on. The rich elites obsess about socialism since they want to divert people from the suffering of the poor and maintain at the same time their socio-economic status. This class warfare is really the rich attacking the poor and the middle class. Beck and Limbaugh claim that socialists are ruining Americans when the rich are getting richer for decades in America. Its easy to see that God doesnt deal with ruthless competition, the oppression of the poor, or a cut throat (& social Darwinist) laissez faire capitalism system at all. I do believe in self defense and I know how to take care of myself. On the other hand, there is nothing weak in being non-violent or meek.See, there is nothing wrong with changing our

environment, but you cant make a comprehensive solution in the world without changing yourself (in making yourself better, preserving your manhood if youre a man, preserving your womanhood if youre a woman, take no mess from anybody, and having mutual compassion for any human being). You ought to take the slave mental barriers in our consciousness in order to make up minds liberated. That means is that we should reject materialism, reject unnatural exploitation of people, and reject evil. America have over 700 military bases worldwide. This is costing a lot of money in an operational sense. This is why the West formed Africom to control Africa in imperialism under the guise of promoting "peace, security, democracy, and economic growth to Africans..." Yet, Africom is a military orientated group. Even Africans realize Africom's true intensions. All African nations except Liberia have refused U.S. requests to establish an U.S. Africa Command headquarters on African soil. Fortunately, AFRICOM never accepted Liberias offer to establish
headquarters there, and the military command has by default made its home in Stuttgart, Germany. So, Africans opposing Africom is some good news.

Africom is allowing U.S. military exercises to occur despite protests from citizens in African nations. So, we have that moral and spiritual right to stand up for ourselves, treat people as you would want to be treated, never look down on a person on what he or she looks like (or their socio-economic background), dont infringe on a persons progress in life, and to battle against

any form of evil or oppression in the world. Im not agreeing with the terrorist actions and monopolizing of Amerikkka (celebrating killing people and stealing lands from indigenous peoples arent my cup of tea. The corporate elite got their house slaves loving the oppression and a wicked culture. God is God and the military isnt God, the Constitution isnt God, and not even religious buildings are God). I respect Americans fighting for truth though. By Timothy

Appendix A: Our Era of time in 2012 and Beyond

The skeptics believe that we don't live in tyranny, but that's false. We have many tyrannical, unjust laws on the books today. People daily suffer stop and frisk procedures in NYC. Folks have been molested by TSA officials nationwide. There are checkpoints in the world. American citizens have been murdered or killed by the U.S. government in our name without recourse of trial or any form of basic due process. These actions are wrong, therefore we have tyranny here. It may not be as bad as other countries, but we experience it nevertheless. We have every God-given right to stand up for freedom, never bow before oppression, and speak strongly against bigotry (including stereotypes, and injustices) plaguing the world. Bad policies usually come out during a time of war or during an unsuspected moment of time. 9/11 was the period of them where tyranny was executed in a slick way. The following shows a small list of evil laws and policies coming out of our government. *The Patriot Act was passed on October 23, 2001. Even William Safire writing for the NY Times said that the first Patriot Act power were like President George W. Bush "seizing dictatorial control." The Patriot Act manipulated warrant searches, it can monitor certain records from

libraries and other places, and its other provisions violated parts of the Bill of Rights (especially in the Fourth Amendment). *The 2006 John Warner Defense Authorization Act expanded the President's power to declare martial law under revisions to the Insurrection Act. The law can take charge of United States National Guard troops without state governor authorization when public order has been lost and the state and its constituted authorities cannot enforce the law. *In October 17, 2006, Bush signed the Military Commissions Act. It set up military commissions for violations of the law of war and for other purposes. It ended large sections of habeas corpus according to the law's critics. *The Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51) from 2007 allows the President to have dictatorial power in case of when the President declares a catastrophic national emergency. It should be noted that neither NSPD-51 nor HSPD-20 has any reference to Congress. This Executive Order ensures a continuity of governmental program can be implemented without any Congressional approval or oversight. Even Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) admitted that the government prevented him from view the classified material that deals with COG (or continuity of government. This is the shadow government plan). I just cant believe theyre going to deny a member of Congress the right of reviewing how they plan to conduct the government of the United States after a significant terrorist attack. Were talking about the continuity of the government of the United States of America, DeFazio says. I would think that would be relevant to any member of Congress, let alone a member of the Homeland Security Committee. Maybe the people who think theres a conspiracy out there are right. * In January 11, 2010, President Barack Obama signed an executive order. This order formed the Council of Governor or an unelected group of 10 governors. They are appointed by the President and work to ensure the merging of the state and federal military activities in America. The nonelected governors would ally with the Pentagons Northcom, Homeland Security, and the National Guard as well as DOD officials from the Pentagon. *The Continental Perimeter was passed by President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This perimeter is about the integration of the North American continent involving transportation, the environment, etc. This is part of the North American Union agenda, which is similar to the North American perimeter (or like the North American version of the EU). *On March 19, 2011, U.S. launched tomahawk crew missiles in Libya in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the constitution. This action escaped real Congressional approval. *On May 26, 2011, President Barack Obama signed for a four year extension of 3 key provisions of the Patriot Act. They are roving wiretaps, searches of business records and conducting surveillance of lone wolves individuals suspected of terrorist-related activities not linked to terrorist groups. *On September 30, 2011: an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki and his teenage son were assassinated under orders of President Obama without regard for a previous executive order that forbids assassinations. A U.S. Federal judge considering a case brought on by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the ACLU raised some serious questions asking: Can the executive order the assassination of a US citizen without first affording him any form of judicial process whatsoever, based on the mere assertion that he is a dangerous member of a terrorist organization? These events existed in just 2 administrations. The previous administrations before George W. Bush was President have executed similar unconstitutional policies.

The following are jewels of true commentary and advice made by brothers and sisters worldwide about issues and promoting black love and black unity. We should have black unity and especially black love. Enjoy:
wakeupworld100 7 months ago2 ur on point sista. we men and women are a team we cant let them break us up. they still trying to do it to this day in movies diary of a mad black woman flicks showing men how to act on BET MTV music videos. wegon break this cycle. watch.

peasah2005 2 weeks ago Black on Black self-love is so beautiful and it is so inspirational. When our people show their true affections onto each other, then our confidence grow more stronger. It's one-hundred percent accurate that black on black love is so full of wisdom, faith and dedication.

MrsStevens10 wrote: There is nothing wrong with two black people being in love. The norm expects us to hate eachother and is bothered when there are those of us who dont fall into the self hating hype. Get over it. Some of us black folks actually love and respect eachother.

As ever brother Cramm you are on point. When one has love for ones "self", love will always follow!!

Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous black men who have love for black women. All my bros have black women and all testify to the pride of walking down the street with their women; and in fact there seems to be a silent appreciation from other ethnic groups of this unison.there seems to be more respect. When walking down the street with my woman, the only ones who seem to give us the hate looks are the embittered black women and men who have acquiesced to Caucasian social conditioning. We get more bad looks from them than from white crazy is that?!? Enjoying your book btw; i'm about half way through. I love the way it is structured and how it brings forth a different perspective on how to look at things. A very interesting read indeed. -7even

C/S 100% A racist white man on this very site has already admitted to me that the biggest fear whites have is black social mobility!!!...This explains why white people will come on a site such as this and discourage us from supporting each other, however it makes me even more determined to achieve this, the same whites will then turn around and call us useless negroes who cannot achieve anything, and some black fools join in with them. Throughout history they have destroyed all black attempts to become socially mobile and even discredit or kill our leaders who dared suggest we do such a thing, remember what the KKK did to TULSA a shinning example of black Nationalism? They are aware that we excell very fast as a people if they step aside. Do you know we have gone from lynchings in 1981 to the presidency in 2009?....Barely thirty years, we are a potential threat to white supremacy and that is why the Institutionalised racism was set up in the first place if you study the history of it, even the KKK was set up to stop blacks from taking over the South and again after world war one to control the numbers of blacks in the country, but I see there are some boot licking, tap dancing house negroes here who fail to understand these things and side with racists while the racists turn around laughing at them. -The Revolutionist

crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010 at 1:20 pm @ _A_ I want to add one more black bone to the white soup regarding black reparations. If the JEWS can get reparations for 12 years, the descendants of slavery DESERVE reparations for 400 YEARS. And lets not forget that MY TAX DOLLARS, and my parents and grandparents tax dollars went to pay for the reparations of Jews and the Japanese. Hell, my folks didnt have anything to do with putting Jews and Japanese into concentration camps BUT BLACK folks still had to pay, right? So what if some Africans participated in the slave trade? Slavery didnt make Africa one of the richest nations on earth BUT it certainly made Europe AND America super rich. In fact, neither nation would be as powerful right now, had it NOT been for the slave labor of MILLIONS of enslaved AFRICANS AIG, Aetna, Lloyds of London, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, are just a FEW of the huge corporations that STILL exist to this day benefited from slavery.

Now name me ONE African multi-national corporation that benefited from slavery OR one corporation owned by black Africans that began during slavery and is STILL STANDING There were Jews who profited from the Holocaust, but do the Jews bring that up and say, hey, since some Jews did the wrong thing, let the Nazis off the hook? Dont fall for the hype of these black lackeys, like Harvard Professor Gates, who is paid to do his white masters dirty work. Funny thing, for all the loyalty he has shown them over the years, if I remember correctly, the police handcuffed you like a common criminal, didnt they, Professor Gates?

crammasters Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL Posted February 27 @ AfricanSpeech -- Your post is right on point! One of my BM mentors who has traveled all over the world, spoke about the tombs in Mexico that held ancient artifacts but were OFF LIMITS to the public. He spoke of another time when he and some other brothers went to the Daughters of the Revolution building (where many archives about who they are and who WE are are hidden from the public) and they were dressed in robes and head dress that turned out to be IDENTICAL to the roomful of white folks there. As soon as they saw these brothers enter the room, dressed in the same clothing, they ADJOURNED the meeting. Whatever was going to be discussed was not for any black person's ears... Lies and secrets make today's world go round....

@1-LL -- It's NEVER just about money. The white elite control all the money, and if they want to put something out of our reach, they can do it. If we get the means and the will to make a move to get the info, they will simply change (or break) the rules. They can't afford to let their black slaves peep the truth about the white supremacy's vast web of white superiority LIES They know that if you can control the minds (and the self-esteem) of a race of people, their MONEY WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW.

They cannot afford to let black folks find out WHO WE ARE, and what and where we came from, that we were the FIRST people on earth and the ORIGINAL CREATORS of modern civilization. Europeans have DELIBERATELY kept this info/knowledge from the oppressed black masses because OUR IGNORANCE is their greatest weapon against us. Knowledge is dangerous, because knowledge is POWER and just like the Wizard of Oz -- with all the bells and whistles of white supremacy/black inferiority -- once the curtain is pulled back, all you see is a little old white man behind the scenes, pulling the levers. Once we understand what and who we are dealing with, and WHO WE ARE, we will understand EVERYTHING we need to know

tc2ewra Male, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA Posted December 12, 2010 Crammasters said " brother, I think we are measuring our "progress" by how many material comforts we have NOT by how much freedom we really have." Thats so true. We are willing to accept a few meager creature comforts as payment for the millions of Black lives that were lost and Black minds that have been "White washed". Thats not justice! Thats ridiculous and in a twisted way it is selfish. We owe it to those of us who sacrificed their lives fighting for our survival to not accept anything less than a full and complete freedom. That includes education and economics.

Hello to my brothers and sisters of topix, long time no hear, Im sorry to have been absent for this period of time and not been able to view your threads and the many important issues with which is plenty on here. I have been dealing with a lot of issues, including that of independently seeking after and understanding more of the truth behind the oppressive nature and tendencies of this country.

That includes me traveling a lot recently and having direct communication with some important well-educated brothers and sisters, who are of older and younger age, and have the same type of fight for the truth with which I and others in the black community do as well, especially in online communities like this. I also have been deeply entrenched and in reading more into brother Malcolm x, who was an astute, intelligent, and no-holds barred type of brother with which the black community in amerikkka has been lacking for a long time, and his fight during his unfortunate short lived life, was that of political, and social revolution that is needed to bring about an actual change in an oppressive system such as this, which has demeaned, and destroyed physically and mentally the black community for generations. My focus in this thread is to speak upon the snake that is the Democratic and Republican parties which has used the black community as puppets ever since the voting rights for blacks had been established and re-established. The crux of my point can go back to a number of speeches to which the social but more importantly the political truth about this country told by Malcolm x to the black community which outlined ways in which the black man and woman could force an impact for ourselves and the community, and none more better than his April 12th, 1964 speech in Detroit, Michigan, called the " Ballot or Bullet", where amazingly Malcolm basically predicted and told of the deceit and relentless trickery with which these two political giants have used the black community as basically slaves lining up for handouts from the oppressor government with which never will be the answer. The basic fundamental thinking and obvious truth is that if you want something and especially if that something is needed and deserved as human beings, than you must remove yourself from off the life support with which this country has put you and I on, and as a community as a whole analyze, think, then act independently of any structural boundaries which restricts your free-thinking, and free-will. And the democratic and republican party giants which puts out and then purposely endorses these so-called figures and/or agenda/issues for the black community, and primarily aimed at the mindset of the black community, are only in it for their own selfish agendas and power, and thats why we as a black community as a whole have been tricked, and given token crumbs while the powers that be continue on their oppressive capitalist slave system upon black America. And nowhere has that been so obviously seen as in this past election of Barack Obama to the presidency, where as i must say, i respect him as the intelligent, and gifted mixed race man that he is, but, the fact of the matter is that all his presidency is, is an image and damage control ploy and trick by this aggressive, and oppressive amerikkkan system, to where they once again they have put out there a powerful house negro, and anointed him as leader of the black community, and some sort of "Jesus" come to save the type sort, when in fact it is just the neo-cons working their magic once again, using the divisive political party machines as their slave masters, in order to get to power their man, and their OWN agendas, not the black communities interests and severe issues which have been brought on by this government itself. continued.... Black And Proud Forever

Here's the ploy brothers and sisters, this country's personal, military, social, economic, and political image has been going down the drain each and every year, and had hit its low point with the two-term of bush jr, and hit an even more low point, when their greedy corruptive housing scandal which targeted the black and latino communities backfired and has caused their whole economic system to be on the verge of collapse, spurning even more contempt and non-trusting from the world stage. So they need a puppet to dangle out in front of the world to show that "hey look we're a changing nation, and still powerful growing nation", so as to keep their business of oppressive greedy capitalism going forward, while in the same breath continuing the racial, and class oppression of the black community. So what do they do?? They put up a mixed race man of African descent, and parade him around the black community firstly as some savior and changing order to get the multitude of you mentally slaved fools to keep registering with the democratic giant that has done nothing for you, but come around when its election time, and time to push their candidate, and agenda on you, and then have you acting like fools talking about we got the first black president, when in fact he's just a man with brown skin that is mixed and has to play the role of neutral all the way through, never firmly grasping or understanding the severe issues of the black community, because he CAN'T, because he needs to satisfy the party and majority which got him the votes......which is the far left white democratic liberals, and moderates, while all along suckering you right along!! Now that they suckered you into following the democratic giant, and there scheme, they now are suckering the world into the fold as well, look how Obama had to tour Europe so quickly, and South America, and the Middle East.....LMAO!!! Thats because he is Americas image building trick, clown, and puppet, in order to get business flowing Americas way again! But guess what, the black community stays with the same problems, same severe system of race, and class oppression, which continues to help them and hurt you! I want to give some big hello's to a number of brothers and sisters, like WLC, Latasha(how's the little miss), chocolate flav, GB, justdroppedin, and many others, Ill try and speak again with you all, stay up all of you, and keep seeking the truth! Just as Brother Malcolm said...."When you come to yourself, a lot of other things will start coming to you, and the man knows it" I'll come back soon brothers and sisters and put more into this! -216 Elite

I love seeing brothers and sisters together in happiness, and when me and my wife and daughter go out, we make sure to smilke their way, and when we pass, we let our daughter know that thats what black love and unity is about..... Like i always take them to this soul food spot up in the 216, and the atmosphere is

beautiful....nothing but brothers and sisters hugged up, smiling and laughing with their young..... I tell you being around and with your own, is beautiful, the cohesion, and unity is something we always put our daughter around.....;) BAPF: -216 Elite

crammastersJan. 7th, 2010 at 4:03 pm i respect Mr. Smiley but it is time to move on to REAL SOLUTIONS, that require more than holding symposiums, meetings, marches, picket lines, protests, and other media-intense dog and pony shows where people clap and cheer and go home to repeat the same patterns. It is time for the REAL HARD WORK AND SACRIFICES: (1) create more stable families by NOT having children outside of marriage; staying at home and out of nightclubs; being faithful to our spouses; putting our children first, which means going to school events, doing homework with them; stop using TV and material things to keep them busy so WE dont have to spend time with them.(2) stop relying on showcase blacks and politicians and other black role models to solve our problems and be role models for black children and BE OUR CHILDRENS ROLE MODELS. (3)stop building mega-churches and start building MEGABUSINESSES to employ our people (or accept future 50% plus black unemployment rates). We have too much work to do to listen to any more speeches..

What you say is a major concern, as our teenagers come aware in this time. The young ladies are watching shows that lead them to believe that they are not only second class citizens, but are not attractive and found wanting by our young men. What these young ladies don't know is that that is something only a few young uneducated men feel, but that there are millions more, not on television, that find only them beautiful and desirable. We have to find ways to dispel the garbage of television and a few young brothers skewed perception so that they not cripple our beautiful young girls and women into believing that they are cursed and ugly. We were shamed back in the 70s and 80s into shutting up about being, "Black and Proud". Made to be quiet about "Black is Beautiful".And made to be quiet about, "Black Power". Do you know why? It had begun to resonant within our communities and across the world. This is probably when white America went on the offensive and began a campaign to smear Black Americans all across the globe and middle America. We have to find our voice to remind our young women that not only are they beautiful, but that they are also number one. This is why they are under attack and being fed garbage about them being worthless.

If mainstream America can convince them that are not value added, then their own children will not have to compete with a strong presence. Black Americans are some strong competitors, because we are not angry. WE are Americans, We know our value, but most importantly we are the culture. We have to tell our children that though we are over-represented in prison, we are not the largest population of criminals. That is the honor of whites. We are 770,000 in prison and 39 MILLION that are not in prison. There are so few of us, we are a small niche race of people, that we need to huddle together and keep each other warm. We can not afford to lose not even one of us. I love Black people. I absolutely love Black American people. I believe we can all be saved. I believe we have a great present and an absolutely unlimited future. It gets better from here. In reviewing some of the many pages I've missed, I came across this little gem. Not long after my mother separated from my father she began dating this man that worked as a Naval cook. He could tenderize all cuts of meat like nobodies business. To this day I wish that I had asked for his recipe and the manner in which he cooked his meats. That Pat Neeley is a man after my own heart. His love for his wife is obvious and inspiring. THat is Black Love in an open, honest, and respectful way. -WowTheBoogieDown

This is an ode to women of color from a person:

ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can work full time while finishing school, raising respectful and intelligent children, be active in the PTA and a make it all seem effortless ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can make a $100 out of 15 Cents ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can go from the boardroom to the 'hood and 'keep it real' in both places. ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can live below poverty level and still set fashion trends. ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can fight two struggles everyday and make it look easy. ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can be 75 years old and look 45! ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can make other women want to pay plastic surgeons top $$$ for physical features she was already born with. ONLY A WOMAN OF COLOR Can be the mother of civilization. Did Ya Hear me? Pass this along, and let a woman of color know how special and beautiful she is...

@ Cali then spread the WORD, all your folks There is NO greater power on this planet than BLACK LOVE -- the love between the black man, woman, and child... which is why this "system" keeps attacking it! they want us to turn on each other...which means they NEED our cooperation, without it, we WIN, they LOSE.... -crammasters

By Timothy