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Date Summary

9/10/2018 introduction to new family and compliment on her skills strength

catches mistakes, potential to move up to algebra
mom wants answer keys to everything and wants to purchase a
9/11/2018 book, advice for note-taking strategies for student
9/12/2018 conferences invitation
conferences invitation
conferences invitation
conferences invitation
9/13/2018 response to parent: missing assignment, negative self-talk,
response to parent: did not agree moving up as student makes
several mistakesm content seems challenging enough yet not
9/14/2018 overwhelming

positive week, decreased work ethic since, inquiring about what

9/17/2018 has worked to motivate him in previous years
response to parent: grading policy with assignments, areas of
9/18/2018 improvement, invitation to conferecnes
response to parent: missing assignment policy, student's effort
with homework, strong mathematician otherwise
potential for moving up to algebra, disadvantage coming in late,
seems willing to work hard, please push for homework club if
9/20/2018 student struggles with algebra content
conference invitation
potential for moving up to algebra, but did not do well, LA teacher
wants to move him up to AID, one move will be a difficult
9/21/2018 adjustment, love his work ethic and attention to detail

positive quote from student, picks up content quickly, not afraid to

participate and advocate, cnew chapter is geometry based, if she
9/24/2018 struggles, let me know
strong skills and hard worker, shares ideas in small groups but not
whole class, at least she is sharing ideas!, new chapter is geometry
9/25/2018 based, if she struggles, let me know
concerns: no homework club, no homework completion, no class
work, assignments to complete to raise grade, similar struggles in
the support math class, how can I help?

response to parent: mile marker policies, student using theater as
an excuse for not retaking, support extracurriculars but school
10/2/2018 should be a priority
10/3/2018 response to parent: when would you like to meet after school?
response to parent: student claimed I do not allow questions,
explained questioning method in class, why I will never provide an
answer but rather guide students thinking, mistakes student made
on homework by not reading directions completely, mile marker
10/4/2018 student attended HW club but did not complete any work
student attended HW club but did not complete any work
student attended HW club, asked why he's failing math, discussed
number of missing assignments/has yet to pass a test/quiz, trying
to create a plan with his case manager to support him best, what
has worked for him in the past?
response to parent: student claims grade is terrible because I
haven’t graded, anything turned in today are the only things not in
10/5/2018 the gradebook, grade will be updated Sunday

copies of hw and MM for parents to see student's mistakes,

availability for hw club the following week before the end of the
10/8/2018 quarter to retake MM

10/10/2018 response to parent: how to take algebra final given student's illness
stayed at hw club, passed MM and retook a few quizzes, drastic
grade improvement, updated student's progress on Pacman
10/11/2018 project (doing great)


rough day, called another student dumb, I didn't appreciate it and
made him apologize to student even though student didn’t hear,
want to chat with him at lunch because of his rough relationship
with other teachers and I don't want to damage the relationship I
10/25/2018 have with him
strong week, asked questions, skill he was struggling with,
suggestion to help, keep up the hard work!
great week, asked questions, using classmates as help when
needed, upcoming quiz, which notes to study from, keep it up!
great week, miss seeing her twice a day, strong with advocating for
good week, student told me he's feeling confident, hope to see his
confidence reflect in his upcoming quiz

10/30/2018 enjoy having student in class, hard work, participates, love it!

know she didn't do as well as she'd hoped on her quiz, but she's
really improving, her efforts are strong, confidence leaving hw club,
celebrate her being proactive, want her to ask questions in class
love the effort, changed sicne August with a better work ethic,
really proud!
invitation to hw club to study for test, practice and work on
10/31/2018 corrections together

distracting in class, has not completed any parts of the project,
11/6/2018 ideas for motivating, due dates for project
response to parent: project with partner over two days in class,
project can be done again, there have been 4 hw clubs since
returning it, so there have been several opportunties provided, but
11/7/2018 he can still make it up, other assignments to fix/complete
conference clarification
11/8/2018 response to parent: make up work after injury
schedule change for algebra only should happen Monday

response to parent: pulled from ASPIRE testing and wants to

11/12/2018 retake, will be given the opportunity to finish
response to parent: wants to schedule a conference because they
11/14/2018 didn't come to the three days last week
checking back with her seizure Friday, confirm coming to hw clubs,
note-taking in class, her work ethic is strong, I know she's
11/19/2018 struggling but I know her work ethic will keep her going
came to hw club, list of completed assignments
11/20/2018 response to parent: when he can come finish his algebra test

response to parent: appreciative that I am involved in student's

11/26/2018 education, just saying thank you for the recognition
response to parent: when hw clubs are
response to parent: why student shouldn't fear hw club, different
environment, bring a friend, study tips at home, description of new
schedule after dropping math 8
student currently has a D or F, encourage going to hw club, halfway
11/27/2018 through the quarter
student currently has a D or F, encourage going to hw club, halfway
through the quarter
student currently has a D or F, encourage going to hw club, halfway
through the quarter
student currently has a D or F, encourage going to hw club, halfway
through the quarter
student currently has a D or F, encourage going to hw club, halfway
through the quarter
student currently has a D or F, encourage going to hw club, halfway
through the quarter
came to AM hw club late, corrected MM, started next MM, stayed
at PM hw club, worked on ch 4 test (never finished), but distracted
11/28/2018 with two girls at hw club
came to PM hw club, finished ch 4 test, struggled with class
content today, didn't want to practice it because she was with two
distracting friends

positive person, strong work ethic lately, student said she feels like
she is learning for the first time in a long time, khan resource at
12/3/2018 home
response to parent: what work can I provide given extensive
12/11/2018 absences due to illness?
response to parent: describe grading codes of incomplete, hw club
invitiation, study for the final with the packet I provided, tried to
reassure parent that student is a strong mathematician and should
12/13/2018 not be concerned




response to parent: list of skills student struggled with on final, set
1/8/2019 up meeting to discuss
three days into the quarter and has not done any work, been on
phone entire class period all three days, notice positive relationship
with another teacher, leaned on teacher for suggestions, what can
1/10/2019 I do to help?

1/18/2019 tardy policy

response to parent: student getting help before leaving for
1/23/2019 vacation

1/29/2019 tardy policy
tardy policy
tardy policy

recommend attending hw club, hw club schedule, new seats

coming to get him to focus again, when distracting partner is
2/4/2019 absent student works extremely hard
descreased work ethic from frst semester, new seats coming, she is
stronger than she is demonstrating
during illness, missed quiz and homework assignment, end of the
2/5/2019 chapter is nearing, how can I help her get caught up
concerned, stayed after to finish two quizzes from a month ago,
worked for 10 minutes, turned them in pretty blank, left, what can
I do to help?, his behavior is never a concern in class, student is
respectful and I have a great relationship with him, just want him
to feel more successful
understanding, but decreased work ethic, missing opportunities to
learn and improve his grade with corrections, how can I help
2/6/2019 motivate him?
decreased work ethic, stduent admitted to not paying attention in
the last chapter, couldn't provide reason, made up missed quiz,
rushed and didn’t care to read directions, how can I motivate?
new hw club schedule started at semester, one-on-one tutoring
opportunity, memory of concepts does not exist, welcome to
2/7/2019 retake assignments
2/8/2019 completed missing quiz and grade improved drastically
mid-quarter grade sheet going home and student has an F, has not
taken advantage of retaking quizzes, opportunity to attend one-on-
one tutoring to get caught up, was upset about it only being him
and refused to go, don't panic, there's a lot of time to retake
everything, please help motivate him to retake those quizzes/MM
potnential cheating, busted by another teaching with copying
work, heads up will be meeting with student to discuss, simply
want student to understand what it says about him as a person,
not going to write a referral

new family, new seats every chapter, struggles adjusting to a

school environment, grading policies for algebra, strengths noticed
2/11/2019 in class, invitation to meet
response to parent: why the grade is not miscalculated, attemted
to describe weighted grades and separate categories
2/13/2019 incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
incomplete algebra test
2/14/2019 response to parent: schedule time to make up test due to illness
finished the test, but want her to review a few things and try a few
problems again, listed specific skills
2/15/2019 response to parent: set up meeting

response to parent: student still has not made up the quizzes,
2/21/2019 opportunity still on table
2/22/2019 tardy policy
tardy policy
left note in my room (had heated parent meeting with principal)
saying thank you for being patient with her, thank you to your

end of quarter plan due to two week early vacation for spring
2/25/2019 break
conference invitation
conference invitation
conference invitation
conference invitation, tardy policy
2/26/2019 tardy policy
2/27/2019 response to parent: how to call in tardies
concern, seems anti-social, upset, frustrated, change in behavior,
3/1/2019 worried, poor performance on quiz
tardy policy

saw you were at conferences, I didn't get to meet you, can we still
3/5/2019 meet?

response to parent: illness has him absent for several classes and
missing final, what can we do to take his final before leaving for
3/11/2019 vacation?
response to parent: set up an accomodation for taking final early
3/13/2019 before break

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