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A Second Chance

Narrator: Miguel a young man who was the son of the late, well known and one of the wealthiest
businessman, falls inlove with the famous and prettiest woman in their place who named Alitah. Miguel
is very determined to capture heart, so he did everything he can in order to do this.


Miguel: (while on a jewelry shop looking at the necklaces displayed.)

Saleslady: Hi sir Good morning! What can I do for you?

Miguel: Good morning! Can you show me your most expensive necklace item here. I want to buy it.

Saleslady: Okey sir, just wait for a while. ( the saleslady get their most expensive necklace and give to

Saleslady: Sir, here it is, but sir this diamond necklace cost half a million.

Miguel: Wow! Its so beautiful. No problem I will buy it.

Scene# 2

( after buying the necklace Miguel called Belle on the phone and invited her for dinner.)

Miguel: (Dialed Alitah’s number on his phone.) hi Belle are you free tonight? I’m wondering if we can
have dinner.

Belle: Ahmm, yes sure, what time?

Miguel: At around 7 pm, let’s meet in Escota-The Peninsula. I already reserved a table for two.

Belle: Okey, I’ll see you then, bye.


(Before 7pm Miguel was already in Escolta- The Peninsula an expensive restaurant where he and
Bellewill dine in.)

( he was sitting down when Alitah arrived)

Miguel: Oh! Hi Belle, your just in time, come and sit here.

Belle: ( she sat down on the chair offered by Miguel) Thank you!

Miguel: Waiter! May I have the menu book.

Waiter: okey sir, here it is.

Miguel: Thank you ( looking at the waiter) ( and give the menu book to Belle) Here’s the menu Belle you
can choose and order whatever you like.

Belle: ( surprised with the price of the foods) Miguel are you sure were going to eat here? The foods are
too expensive. I’m afraid we can’t pay for it.

Miguel: Don’t worry Belle, I have plenty of money, I can pay for it. I want you to enjoy this date, money
is not a problem, as long as you are happy.

(Belle with hesitation still ordered a food and after they ate Miguel get the box in his bag and gave it to

Belle: What is this?

Miguel: Just open it, and for sure you will like it.

Belle: (with a surprised face) oh! This is beautiful, but I can’t accept this, this is too expensive.

Miguel: I already told you Belle money is not a problem, for a special girl like you. Just accept it its my
gift for you.

Belle: okey! This is too much, but thank you.

( Miguel put the necklace on Belle’s and he was amazed when he saw how beautiful Belle is wearing the
diamond necklace.)

Miguel: You look so gorgeous Belle.

Belle: thank you.


Narrator: ( after that night Miguel did not stop pursuing Belle, he even gave her a plane ticket trip to
America and other different countries. He also arranged a medical mission and outreach programs for
the poor. He also donated a big amount of money to an orphanage. His kindness was heard all over the
city and Belle knows about it, but still Belle rejected Miguel .)

( in a park setting down)

Miguel: Belle, maybe now is the time to accept my feelings for you.

Belle: Im sorry Miguel, but I can’t, I don’t want to be in a serious relationship right now. I’m still enjoying
my life.

Miguel: But, Belle I already gave you everything, I already let you enjoy your life in riches. What else do
you want.
Belle: Can’t you see? You’re not the only want who gives that. There are a lot of guys who gave me
everything just like what you did.

Miguel: But Belle, I’m different from them, I’m not just giving you materials things, I sincerely love you.

Belle: I’m really sorry Miguel, I don’t want to be stuck in a one sided love kind of relationship. ( she bring
here bag and walked away)

Miguel: (left alone, crying) why is this happening to me, I already risked everything, to the point that I
almost lost everything I have. But still I didn’t get what I want.

Narrator: because of what happened Miguel’s saving are gradually consumed. He can’t pay his bills and
taxes, so he decided to sell his house and car. He used the money he earned to rent a small apartment
to reduce his expenses. In order to survive he work as a cashier in a convenient store. Miguel used to
live in this kind of life where in he earned a little amount of money just enough to support his everyday
needs. While on the other hand Belle married an old American man and migrated to America, they
were blessed with one child but it has a heart disease. After how many years her husband died and
didn’t left anything for them. Belle decided to go back to the Philippines with her son.

( Belle talking to his son sitting down in their salas)(Philippines)

Belle: I’m sorry Paulo if we have to stay here in the Philippines, in this kind of place. We don’t have
enough money to rent a better house.

Paulo: Its ok Mom, as long as were okay, and most importantly we have a place to stay in. But mom,
how can we pay for this every month, how can we buy food? You don’t have work.

Belle: Don’t worry my son, I will find way to get a job. Leave it to me. Tomorrow morning I will be out
early to look for a part time job. Just stay here and wait until I came back. Okay.

Paulo: okay mom, I understand.

( early in the morning Belle left home and walked in different streets to check some establishments with
hiring sign while walking she bumped into a man.)

(the man was texting in his old keypad phone)

Belle: oh no! I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t see you coming.

Miguel: ( still looking at his phone and texting) It’s okay miss, it’s my fault I was texting that’s why I
wasn’t able to avoid you. ( then he raised his head up to look at the person he bumped up, he was
surprised when he saw the person infront of him.)

Belle: (surprised expression) Oh, Miguel its you!

Miguel: Belle? Yes its me, long time no see!

Belle: Yes, its been how many years, are you busy?

Miguel: No not necessary, is it okay if we talk for a while? It’s been a long time.

Belle: Yes, sure, there’s a park over their maybe we can sit first.

(they walked towards the park and sit on the bench)

Miguel: (started the conversation) so how are you? How’s your life in America last time I heard you
marry an American?

Belle: yes that’s true, but now his dead, that’s also the reason why I came back here in the Philippines,
with my son.

Miguel: oh! Sorry to hear that. But where do you live now? Who’s taking care of your son?

Belle: I rent a small apartment, I left my son alone in our apartment. I have to look for a job so that we
can pay for our expenses. My husband didn’t left anything when he died, and my son has an illness so I
have to work for us to live.

Miguel: ( in deap thought) Belle, I have something to tell you, I hope you didn’t get mad.

Belle: Say it Miguel, I will try to understand.

Miguel: what if you stay with me, together with your son. I am willing to provide for your needs even if
I’m not rich.

Belle: But, Miguel Is it really okay? Don’t you remember what I did to you?

Miguel: I still remember it, but that’s not what important to me. I’ve been waiting for this time to come.
I really love you until now Belle I don’t want to lose you again.

Belle: I don’t want you to suffer because of us Miguel, my son is sick he has a monthly maintenance. I
don’t think you can afford it.

Miguel: Don’t worry about that Belle I am willing to sacrifice my life just to proved to you that even if I
am not rich I can still support your needs. I will work harder, just give me a chance Belle, please.

Belle: Give me time to think Miguel, it’s hard to decide immediately. I also need to talk to my son about

Miguel: Okay, I understand, tomorrow at 6 pm I will wait here, I hope you didn’t reject my offer.

Belle: Okay, thank you for understanding, bye. ( and started to walk away)

(When Belle got home )

Paulo: Hi mom, how are you? How is it, were you able to look for a job?
Belle: ( hug her son) hi son, hmm, mom has something to tell you.

Paulo: what is it mom?

Belle: This morning while im looking for a job, I bumped into someone. Surprisingly it was Miguel my
suitor when I was younger.

Paulo: and then, what about him mom?

Belle: when he heard that your dad died, and I was living with you here without nothing, he asked me if
its okay for us to live with him.

Paulo: What? Is he serious? Mom did you tell him about my condition? About our situation?

Belle: yes my son, and he said it’s okay for him, his willing to work in order to support our needs.

Paulo: if that’s the case, for me its okay, but the last say would be coming from you mom. You should
decide about about it.

Belle: I know son, I just want to know your opinion about this.

( Belle can’t sleep the whole night, thinking about miguel’s offer. In the morning she decided to go out
to look for a job again.)

Belle: (while walking) its almost 5 pm, I’ve been walking around, why there is no hiring in all
establishments, I really need to get a job. ( she take a deep breath) maybe I should accept Miguel’s offer,
maybe this is the way of God for us to be united again.

( she went to the park where Miguel is waiting, when she arrived she saw Miguel setting on the same
bench where they sit yesterday.)

Miguel: Hi im glad you’re here,

Belle: yes, I already made my decision, I want to give ourselves a second chance, I know you will do
everything for us, you already proven that long time ago. But now were in a different situation i don’t
want you to carry all the burden of my family, I will help you as long as I can.

Miguel: Thank you so much Belle, you don’t know how happy I am. I promised you will not regret this

Narrator: Miguel and Belle live together in Miguel’s apartment with Paulo, Belle’s son. Even its hard
Miguel proved to Belle that she was right in giving him a chance. He worked hard to earn money so that
he can provide all their needs including Paulo’s medication. He also opened a bank account so that he
can save money little by little. They live a simple life but they are happy and contented for what they