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Unit 1

1. Shiv Nadar was covered in the Cover story of Forbes Asia in – Jan 2006

2. Shiv Nadar has been conferred – Padma Bhushan

3. HCL started its global brand building project called Heartbeat on – 2004

4. HCL EcoSafe is a drive by HCL – To be aware of environmental issues

faced by today’s world and to incorporate these in HCL’s operations

5. HCL started its global brand building Process in 2004 – Heartbeat

6. Areas where HCL group has a business presence – (IT H/W, IT S/W, BPO)
All of the Above

7. Various tenets of HCL Differentiation Strategy –Trust, Transparency,


8. A case stdy on HCL’s Blue Ocean Strategy was tought at – Harvard

Business School

9. Shiv Nadar was listed by “india Today” in the power list of India’s leaders
from all works of life – Feb 2005

10.HCl is known as a Pioneer of Modern Computing in India since 1978. In 1988

HCL developed – Unix

11.Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer for HCL technologies – Shiv Nadar

12.In 1978 HCL developed the first indigenous micro-computer. At the same
time who has already developed the PC – Apple

13.HCl, an intellectual clean room where its employees could imagine endless
possibilities-referred by the magazine – TIME

14.HCL became 1st company in the country to cross the 100,000 units milestone
in Indian Desktop PC Market in – 2003

15.HCL went public in – 1999

16.Shiv Nadar was conferred CNBC Business Excellence award from PM of India
in – Jan 2005

17.Shiv Nadar achieved Honorary Doctorate Degree in Science for his

contribution to not just the IT Inductry in India, but also for his
“transformation of technological culture globally” in – Nov 2007

18.HCL Technologies Headquarter – Noida

19.In “Numbers do the talking” Campaign of HCL, Brand Ambassador of HCL –
Binary Numbers 0 and 1

20.HCL’s R&D was spun off as HCL Technologies in – 1997

21.Auditor for HCLT – PWC

22.A magazine has articuleted Vineet Nayar’s leadership style as “The World’s
Most Mordern Management” – FORTUNE

23.HCL Career Development Centre (HCL CDC) was established wih an aim – To
Make use of HCL’s Expertise to provide industry ready IT

24.Hindustan Computers Ltd was born on – 1976

25.HCL Technologies was earlier - HCL’s R&D Division

26.HCL Infosystem Headquarter – Noida

27.HCL’s saleas and distribution network comprises of – 83,000 outlets in over

9000 towns

28.Which of the following trust is associated with Shiv Nadar – SSN Trust

29.Which country has not a delivery centre of HCL – Holland

30.As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, HCL has tie ups with –
NGO Udyaan

31.HCL infosystems is ranked ___ in “Best Companies to work for in India” by

Business Today’s latest issue, Jan25 ’09 – 1st

32.Total revenue as of 31st march - $5b

33.Hcl Anthem – Daniel George

34.Trust associated with Shiv Nadar – SSN trust

35.RDBMS – 1983

36.Shiv Nadar founder microcomp to sell /…. Under brand name – Televista

37.First Indigenous Microcomputer in – 1978

38.HCL has its presence in India – 120 CITIES AND 360 SERVICE CENTRES
Unit 2

1. Revenue to IT spend ratio factor is analyzed in which ETS practice

differentiators - Value-driven services

2. Software as a Service (SaaS) is for – Providing flexibility to customers to

change usage commitments as business circumstances change

3. Number of Infrastructure Application Servers currently running in HCL after

consolidation from BPR – 120

4. Enterprise Application Services group’s unique service offerings include – All

of the above

5. Technology transfer method that involves cost saving – Step-Up-IT

6. Customer Application Services, one of the business lines of HCL has its key
strength in – Both of the above

7. HCL provides 100% transparency to clients through – CXO

8. Key features of Telecom LOB in HCL - All of the above

9. EPO – Engineering Portfolio Optimization

10.HCL ISD – HCL Infrastructure Services Division

11.HCl ISD 2nd question – Both of the above

12.Flexibility of engagement is analyzed in which ETS practice differentiators -

Value-driven services

13.Practice that offers package and platform-led services to transform

customer’s business and IT operations - Enterprise Application Services

14.Process Portfolio Optimization is related to - Enterprise Application


15.HCL provides full lifecycle product engineering services comprising –

(Requirements Definition, Prototype Architecture) Both of the above

16.Missing step of Product Development Life Cycle (Product Definition, _____,

Prototype Architecture, Product Development) - Requirements Definition

17.Due to what capability HCL was named by Business Week as one of the
companies in the list of the most influential company to watch –
Management Innovation

18.Rank of HCL BPO on Global Peer Group – 1

19.Dedicated CoEs in Enterprise Content Management etc are the key strength
of - Custom Application Services

20.Number of business processes currently running in HCL after consolidation

from BPR – 88

21.Technology transfer method that involves evaluation of the impact of the key
business processes, people and technology before and after M&A activity …
– MergeIT

22.Technology based Business optimization is achieved by – (Stage-based

offering, Process driven optimization) Both of the above

23.Technology transfer method that involves Process Consulting Models to

determine the current issues and concern faced by an organization – PROBE

24.10x cost deduction is a business benefit of – IT Infrastructure


25.iERP is what type of offering of EAS group – Integrated Offerings

26.HCL BPO certification d not include – BS 7799

27.4 components of Business aligned IT services – Business Processes,

Applications, Infrastructure and ETS

28.Complete ETS Service Map (Basic Transformation services, _______,

Application Transformation Services, Data Transformation Services) –
Technology Transformation Services

29.Update competency Centre and eZ.Migrate are what type of offerings of EAS -
State-based Offerings

30.As a part of ETS practice, BPR methodology is one of the key parameter,
which covers which of the following key aspects – Both of the above

31.What are the key features of Security Services – All of the above

32.SDAM – Service driven Application Modernization methodology

33.DTS – Data Transformation Services

34.HCL’s Infrastructure services Division (ISD), a part…unique sourcing model

known as – Co Sourcing

35.HCL BPO started in 2001

36.HCL BPO Strength – 13000+

37.Gauranteed benefits of Transformation factors is analysed in which ETS –
Commitment to results

38. which method of technology transfer involves proprietary SOA

based legacy modernization methodology-SDAM

39.SAP netweaver n fusion middleware are /is ________ of EAS Group: Platform-
Unit 3

1. Under media and entertainment practice at HCL, IP and methodologies

includes – (UDRMS, Content 2.0, ISBN Framework) All of the above

2. BFSI – Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

3. CPG – Consumer Packaged Goods

4. MALSH (Manufacturing, Auto, Logistics, Life Science, Chemicals and Health

Care) – None of the above

5. HCL partners with A & D companies to overcome these challenges and tap the
emarging oportunities through its - Global Engineering Hub

6. RoHS – Restriction of hazardous substances

7. Media and Entertainment Practice at HCL have Relevant Partnerships with –

(SAP, Oracle, Microsoft) All of the above

8. Under Automative BMW in its quality audit ranked us in the top most
categories amongst more than 130 organizations worldwide and awared HCL
which prestigious rating – SPICE

9. TEMPR – Telecom, Media, Entertainment and Retail

10.HCL’s automative industry offers services in - Automative Electronics

11.HCL high tech industry sector uses one of the engagement models to offer
services across the product development life cycle - Global Risk Reward

12.BIS works for publishing clients working in which of the following domain –
Business to Business

13.Avionics – Practitioners combining over 7000 person years of

experience in avionics specific…in India

14.HCL’ services in the high tech domain include ASIC design, FPGA design and
board design in following industries – (Medical Electronics, Consumer
Electronics, Networking) All of the above

15.HCL is the 1st indian company to have an ISO 13485 certification for design
and development of medical devices – True

16.Enterprise Content Management is a feature of – Enterprise

Transformation Services
17.Risk-Reward sharing based business model is used in – Aerospace &

18.Critical risk that the retail industry is facing today – Highly competitive and
margin sensitive industry

19.Energy and Utilities sector in HCL practices following credentials as their

service offerings – (Electric Utilities, Wtaer Utilities, Waste and
Recycling) All of the above

20.The domain started with a major European tier 1 supplier – Automobile

21.WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipement

22.The industry sector has the first certified power pc design centre outside an
IBM business unit…ATE lab, etc. ? – Semiconductor Sector

23.Critical risk that the retail industry is facing today –All of the above

24.HCL’s Life Science, Health Care and Chemical Practice has emarged…micro
verticals – (Medical Device & Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals & Health
Care) Both of the above

25.AGDEU – Aero, Govt, Defense, Energy and Utilities

26.Financial Services Sector in HCL has which of the following key features –
Both of the above

27.With ___ professionals across engineering and R&D services, custom…midst of

significant change – 20000+

28.Which of the following domain has end to end capabilities in Publishing

segment, Content solutions for Publishing, Gaming and Hardware to Software
capabilities – Telecom

29.Changes that are impacting telecom industry structure donot include –

Improvement in Post office services

30.Media and entertainment was formally verticalised in – 2001

31.Core competency of life science and healthcare – all the above

32.Life sciences practices started in – 2002

33.A&D companies are faced with many opportunities. Which of the …to remain
profitable- Rise in business formats of trans border nature

34.Critical risk of reatal induatry – All the above

35.Financial service sector in HCL provides enterprise solution like : All the
Unit 4

1. “Destroy the office of CEO” focuses on – Need for decentralization of

descision making …(first option)

2. The business school calls Vineet Nayar as the leader of organizational

innovation – Harvard Business School

3. HCL is now a market leader in multi service strategy with clients like –
(Skandia, British Telecom, Teradyne) All of the above

4. HCL Global branding Initiatives…The core values as per this campaign

constituted the following – Cutomer, Quality and Commitment

5. Who runs unstructure – It is supported by HCL

6. The organizational structure of HCLT is broadly categorized into following 4

sections – Horizental, Vertical, Corporate, GEO

7. HCL has its joint venture with – (Perot System, HP, Deutsche Bank) All of
the above

8. To respond to the customer and environmental threats the 1st necessary

condition is – To focus on Employee Empowerment

9. HCL rankto get accessed for CMMI lavel 5in “Investment Banking IT services
provider” group – 1st

10.COE – Centre of Excellence

11.Who has been awared as the “Dataquest IT man of the year 2007” – Ajay

12.As a part of multi service strategy, HCL has delivery centres in – Poland,
China, US and Brazil

13.HCL named its 1st home computer for India as – Beanstalk

14.OMS – Organizational Management System

15.OMS Include – Customer Specific process, Domain Specific Process,

Generic OMS (All the above)

16.Creat action for change…Employee first leadership style – Inverting the


17.What is Unstructure – It is an open discussion platform for business

professional,…evoluion of business
18.Today, governments across the world are utilizing…various key government
functions such as – (Worker welfare, Judiciary, Vocational
Rehabitation) All of the above

19.Which of the two is measured on a scale of 7 – Project CSAT

20.Review discussion with the customer…part of wich phase of CSAT survey –

Post Survey

21.HCL has been recognized as the world’s most modern management by –


22.HCL took services of which consultant to review its existing…going to

approach its customer – Mckinsey

23.HCL has its global presence in how many countries – 23 countries

24.At HCL, a “citizen first” mission is beign followed…typical players namely –

The government agency, the regulatory agency and the citizen of

25.Since a long time it has been observered that our customer needs…
architecture has been identified called – (Business aligned IT services,
Enterprise Application Services) Both of the above

26.What is the total employee strength of HCL enterprise (HCL Technologies &
HCL Info systems) – 60,000

27.What is the name of the blog through which Vineet communicates regularly
with employee – U& I

28.As the customer now need business value…2 in a box alinegd with a focus to
a – (Horizental, Vertical) Both of the above

29.Creating Transparency and accountability is a tenet of - Employee first

culture at HCL

30.Which is the first Indian company to have ISO 13485 – HCL

31.All of these are objectives of Account CSAT expect –

32.CSAT – It is the result of customer satisfaction benchmark done once

a year(First Option)

33.Padma Bhushan – Shiv Nadar

34.HCL CARES Project Level CSAT survey is administrated through – Internal

Independent survey
35.HCL CARES Account Level CSAT survey is administrated through – External
Independent survey

36.Which of the following function is an outcome of drive to unify processes,

methods and tools across HCLT – Quality

37.Driving an inverted organization structure is related to – None of the above

38.As a part of employee first concept HCL has…. Individual enlightment –

Support, Knowledge , recognition, empowerment (First option)

39.Mirror mirror on the wall – First otion

40.Objectives of project CSAT except – Clustering customer (last option)

41.The HCL global branding initiative… core values as per this campaign
constituted which of the following – Guts courage and passion

42.Inverted pyramid is … - employee first

43.HCL Cares CSAT measures all the following except – degree to which
product and services meet rivals expectation

44.GEO Countries cover – APAC, Europe and Continent, Latin America

45.Two inch as per famous video clipping …. This is being used to explain –
value creation

46.Thinking and launching new services which strategy being implemented at

HCL – Blue Ocean

47.Employee first Philosophy being taught at 76 times- Harvard

48.The organization structure ….Which of the following come under horizontal

lines – EAS, ETS, INFRA, ERS

49.HCL Global meet is one of the world’s most … In 2008, where did it happen
and what is it called? – Florida (USA): Unstructure

50.Review discussion with the customer to identify … is key part of which phase
of CSAT survey? – Post Survey

51.EPO – Enterprise portfolio optimization

52.Administering survey and providing feedback from the customer is key part
of which phase - Survey

53.As a part of HCL’s future growth vineet compares new disruptive ides as :
54.Key Reason to create horizontal services in HCL: To create new Market
Unit 5

1. Precident of HCL Axon – Stephen Cardell

2. Which of the following are the members of HCL Axon – Acando

3. HCL has a joint venture with which company…focus of this JV – NEC

4. HCL enterprise has a joint venture with which company – HP

5. HCL forged distribution partnership with ___ for network enterprise and ___ for
cell phones in which year in 1994 – Ericsson, Nokia

6. HCL and Oracle corporation have a multi-pronged…shall jointly focus on – Al

of the above

7. HCL BPO was started in 2001. Today, with…established by the fact that –
Both 1 and 2

8. HCL AXON, the new global SAP Services leader has a strong team of how
many SAP consultants – 4500

9. HCL Comnet Ltd. Is – Infrastructure Services division of HCL Group

10.In US Dollar terms Annual Growth in EBITDA for HCL Technologies over the
period 2006-08 is – 35%

11.IMRB International – India’s Premier research agency…in 2006 and in 2008

was – 3rd in 2006 and 1st in 2008

12.For financial year 2008-09 in quarter 3, year on year growth in EBITDA of HCL
Technologies in US Dollar is – None of the above

13.Which of the following is HCL Partners – (TIBCO, MICROSOFT) Both of the


14.HCL Axon is a wholly owned subsidiary of HCL EAS Ltd., founded on…One of
the key offering of HCL Axon is to offer – Full SAP Lifecycle…and
Integration Services

15.What are the key heightlights of HCL Axon - Al of the above

16.HCL Axon is a wholly owned subsidiary of – HCL EAS Ltd.

17.HCL infosystem ties uo with Apple for distribution of – iPods

18.HCL’s TIBCO practice brings out several elements of…which HCL plans to
deliver cost optimization under HCL’s TIBCO Practice – Both 2 and 3

19.Which of the following is not a HCL partners – Sun

20.Which organization accorded HCL as Leader status for offshore outsourcing –
Meta Group

21.For financial year 2008-09 in quarter 3, year on year growth in total revenues
of HCL Technologies in Indian Rupees is – 49%

22.HCL MINDIA is – A forum where HCL acknowledges the Great Indian


23.HCL Security Ltd. Is a 100% subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Ltd. Its objective is
– To address end to end solution requirements in the security &
surveillance domain

24.In 2001, HCL acquired Apollo Contact Centre from two parties; one was
Deutsche Software Ltd., name the other party – AOL

25.HCL follows a 360 degrees approach with TIBCO…plans to – All of the above

26.HCL Infinet Ltd. is – Networking services arm of HCL group

27.HCL’s Infrastructure services Division (ISD), a part…unique sourcing model

known as – Co Sourcing

28.HCL has a 6+ years relationship with oracle…This certified Advantage

Partnership is for following geography – (North America, Europe, APAC) Al
of the above

29.HCL formed joint venture with Deustche Bank (DB) in – 2002

30.HCL partnered with Nokia for distribution of mobile handsets in year – 1996

31.Total revenue – 1.88 USD bn

32.HCL Technologies revenue quarter 3 2008-09 in US dollars – None of the


33.Which organization accorded HCl as leader status for offshore outsourcing –

Meta Group

34.Not into Product partnership with – HP

35.In 1977 HCL formed distribution alliance for copiers and notebooks with –

36.Which of the following are the members of HCl AXON – All the above

37.For financial year 2008-09 in qtr 3, YoY growth in EBITDA at HCL tech in US
dollars – None of the above
38.Annual growth in US dollars 2006 -08 in EBITDA at HCL Tech – 35%

39.Delivery areas where … HCl and Microsoft are key partners – Collaborative

40.For the financial year 2008-09 in qtr 3, YoY growth in total revenues of HCLT
in Indian rupees – 49%

41.For the financial year 2008-09 in qtr 3, YoY growth in EBITDA of HCLT in
Indian rupees – 51%

42.Xerox Corporation recently announced……………help enterprise in:First


43.HCL Axon international…. : HCL AXON