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Due to the instantaneous changing nature of the wind, it is desirable to determine the one optimal
generator speed that ensures maximum energy yield. Therefore, it is essential to include a
controller that can track the maximum peak regardless of wind speed. This thesis reviews state of
the art maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms for wind energy systems. Even
though renewable energy is a good substitute for conventional sources, there is some skepticism
associated with their performance and cost. Engineers have been working to address these
concerns. A unique limitation of energy conversion systems such as wind and solar is their
inability to track peak power production efficiently at varying wind speeds and solar insulation
respectively. This has led to control algorithms referred to as MPPT algorithms. In this thesis we
have modeled Wind Turbine using MATLAB/SIMULINK tool and analyzed its various results
like AC Voltage ,Current, Turbine Speed, Rectifier DC Voltage etc. Our designed System is
giving satisfactory results under various testing conditions.