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Christopher Hignite

Bluegrass Conspiracy : Scratch a child support case and

solve murder (Part 3)
September 21st, 2010 2:39 am ET

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Ironically I had changed my company name in ads to

American Dream Talent Mangagement when I
crossed criminal elements in the police force. So, you
could say my American Dream was destroyed.

All Eyes on Lexington VI: An American Dream Destroyed

Photo: Christopher Hignite
In 1986 I was twenty-one years old, a college
Video: Detective David
Lyons calls after Deborah student, with a part-time job at Zondervan Family
Wardlaw's murder Bookstore in the Fayette Mall in Lexington,
Kentucky. On 05-22-86 there was an article in the
Lexington Herald-Leader written by Don Edwards
about Musical Messengers and its owner, Lynn
Richardson. Shortly after reading the article I started
to supplement my income at the Family Bookstore by
doing singing telegrams for Musical Messengers. I
was the kissing bandit.

In January 1989 Lynn Richardson offered to sell

David Lyons calls the day after
Deborah Wardlaw is discovered
Musical Messengers to me and my girlfriend, Denise
murdered. He asks a lot of questions Pate. Denise and I started to make payments to
but none seem to be related to Ms.
Wardlaw. Lynn and in l991 she handed over the costumes,
client list and routine descriptions and moved to
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 Bob Schulz mischaracterized in
Time magazine article On 08-14-91 Articles of Incorporation were filed for
Playful Entertainment Network, Inc. and on 02-17-92
 Why do I agitate? Why do I ask the
uncomfortable questions? the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Business Monday
 Bluegrass Conspiracy : Scratch a announced the opening of its office at 3101
child support case and solve murder Richmond Road, Suite 313 and noted that Playful
(Part 2)
Entertainment, like its predecessor, Musical
Messengers, offered a number of services:
 Bluegrass Conspiracy continues:
Scratch a child support case and bartenders, clowns,. dancers, magicians, costume
solve a murder. characters, singing telegrams, dance-o-grams, and
 Twenty reasons not to re-elect strip-o-grams, as well as party planning for birthday
Fayette Co. Sheriff Kathy Witt and bachelor parties, etc. On 02-21-92 Senator
 Kentucky's Cross to bear Mitch McConnell sent a letter congratulating me on
the opening of this business.
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Senate debate
the Lexington Police Vice Squad suggested to
Christopher Hignite that people who offer to provide
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missing from Good Morning strippers for money were perceived or known to be
America? people who provide prostitutes. When Hignite told
6. 'Text neck' cure? Duh. Text less, Doyle that he was not one of those people, that he
ran and would continue to run a legal business, Doyle
with better posture
questioned his wisdom. On the one hand, if he
continued to operate legally, the police would pursue
New Small Cap Stock Alert him as if he were operating illegally. On the other
AEGY - Proven steady
gains. Set as an emerging hand, if he would begin to provide the services of
energy market leader. prostitutes and pay Doyle and his associates
protection money, he and they would flourish
Super Hot Stock Alerts indefinitely. Hignite refused to play Doyle’s game.
Penny Stocks Ready to
Run. Huge Gains! #1 [Today, Doyle and his partners are, as I understand
Newsletter. Free Join Now. it, the owners of Lexington limousine service, Gold
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No More Facial Wrinkles
Learn How I Combined 2
On 04-14-94 the Lexington Herald-Leader reported
Products to Cure My Facial
Wrinkles Forever. that Lexington was suing massage parlours, Some
Chitika | Select of those under investigation are owned by Deborah
Wardlaw. Margaret Kannensohn says this is a
continuation of her efforts to rid Lexington of

By March 1995 I have moved to a nice house on

Boston Rd. Playful Entertainment had expanded its
advertising and we were now in listed in the Paris,
Georgetown, Somerset, Ashland, and Bowling Green,
Kentucky sections of phone books. But I had come
to believe that the police were illegally tapping my
phone: there was interference in the line, sometimes
you could hear people saying your name, and
sometimes you could hear police radios in the

On 03-01-95 I called the Lexington Police

Department. I talked first to G.R. Watkins and said I
wanted Internal Affairs and he asked why. I said that
I had reason to believe that rogue cops were tapping
my phone; furthermore, that they were seeking pay-
off money for services I do not provide and they have
suggested to me that, were I to provide those
services and pay protection money, everybody would
be happy. Watkins switched me to Detective Dan
Gibbons because Gibbons was the supervisor on
duty. Gibbons took my name, still did not give me
Internal Affairs, but instead transferred me to Larry
Walsh, the Chief of Police. The Chief asked me for
the officers’ names, he asked me if I had told anyone
else, and then he told me to talk to Detective Suels.
Detective Suels asked for the officers names; he said
that he had heard rumours about these officers; he
asked for my name and phone number; I did not
heard from him again.
03-14-95 Landlord, Rick Satterwhite writes a letter to
me explaining that he is terminating my lease as of
03-31-95. The reason he gives, on 03-14-95, is a raid
that has not taken place and will not take place for a
week. Though the date on the letter is, ‘03-14-95’, it
is not given to me until three days after the raid.

03-21-95 Lexington S.W.A.T. team stages a raid on

my house after several attempts, one of them
successful, to plant drugs in the house. The officers
again take me into a private room at the police station
and attempt to blackmail me. Upon finding out that
the planted drugs were not enough for a felony I take
a misdemeanor and leave.

03-24-95 Rick Satterwhite delivers the letter written

on 03-14-95 to my house.

03-28-95 Rick Satterwhite, my landlord, returned to

my home and stated to me that he was told by the
police in his kitchen that I ran a prostitution ring and
was a cocaine dealer. However, he had recently
talked to the lead detective on the case and, as it
turns out, the detective did not believe that any of the
charges were correct. The detective had informed
him that a small amount of marijuana had been found
and nothing else. At this point, he asked if he could
offer to let me stay and tear up the letter. I had
already found a new house in Georgetown and

12:00 I called Mayor Pam Miller’s office because
escorts are getting way out of control and costing me
business and making it more dangerous for us. I left a
message. I then called the Lexington Police about
the escort problem. I was told to talk to Detective
Green with the Vice Squad and he would be in the
next day.
I called and asked for Detective Green. No answer,
got answering machine, left a message.
Called for Detective Green a second time. Told to
call Detective Winings.
1:00 I called the ACLU and asked if I could file an
illegal competition lawsuit against the escort agencies
if I could prove they provide illegal services and take
jobs away from our legal company. The
representative claimed that I had a valid complaint
and my idea sounded interesting. However, the
ACLU was very busy and I would have to seek
independent counsel. He then asked if I would keep
them updated on the situation for their files.
1:15 I called Mayor Pam Miller’s office again. I left
another message.
1:30 I called the County Attorney’s office and talked
to Margaret Kannensohn. She told me that all
strippers are doing some kind of crime. She is a
Christian and won’t help me even if I believe I am
doing nothing wrong. She told me to call the Police
Department and I told her that they had told me to
call her. I told her about my idea to file a lawsuit. She
had no interest and did not want to set up a meeting
with me.
2:00 I called Det. Winings He said that the advertisers
who allow the escorts to advertise are the problem,
not the police for not closing them. He told me if I
wanted them shut down, he wasn’t going to help me
get rid of my competition. [Is he implying that I am in
the same business that they are in?] I told him I’ve
done an investigation into them and have enough
evidence to file charges on many. Would he like to
see my file? . He told me to try and shut them down
myself, he won’t help, he doesn’t want to meet with
me, and “good luck.”

Unknown to me at the time and not known to me until

2007, on 11-04-97 a Court Complaint pursuing child
support was issued by Margaret Kannensohn, Byron
L. Ockerman, Christopher E. Hutchison, R. Barry
Minton. and on 11-10-97 a Civil Summons was
issued for me and signed by Robert M. True and Amy
Fowler. The child’s mother, Michelle Brizendine tells
me in 2007 that she had absolutely nothing to do with
making the Complaint or with issuing the summons

On 1-3-99 I sent a letter to Attorney General Ben

Chandler asking for his help. He returns my letter and
contacts me by phone. Mr. Chandler assigns
investigators from his office to help me and the
investigators and I have several meetings, however,
nothing ever comes of this. One of these
investigators, Chris Lilly is later assigned to head the
ABC division in Frankfort. [ In 2007 He receives a
DUI and resigns.]
02-26-99 I received information from social services
about Domestic Abuse from Jennifer. This is from the
Cabinet for Families and Children. Many contacts are
issued and they try to contact by phone. We have all
of the confidential reports that were filed. There can
be no doubt that social services knew where I was at
this time..

On 5-10-99 we performed at a bachelor party for

James Paul. We were hired by Vince Matteini of the
Lexington Police Department. Everyone at the party
was a police officer. There can be no doubt that the
police knew where I was at this time..

06-20-99 I typed and sent a letter to the Cabinet for

Families and Children asking for anything in my file
so that I can give this to my attorney. On 06-25-99 I
receive a letter confirming my request for any
documents filed in my name that they may be in
possession of. Nothing further is ever received from
them. However, there can be no doubt that social
services knew where I was at this time.

On 8-23-99 the Lexington Herald-Leader reported

that the city planned to move against escort
agencies. The article mentioned Deborah Wardlaw
and her attorney David Andrews. Mentioned also was
Assistant Police Chief Fran Root,..
On 08-25-99 Deborah Wardlaw called me and asked
if I had heard of the new ordinance being planned for
escort agencies. She informed me that she and her
attorney, David Andrews, had planned on fighting the
ordinance and asked if I would like to join. I explained
that in my business I would not be required to obtain
this license.

On 09-07-99 Margaret Kannensohn called me.

Clearly, she knew where I was. She asked me if I
had heard anything “on the streets” about the new
ordinance. She said that she knew that I didn’t do
escorts but that she thought I might know some of the
people that run them. She asked specifically if I had
talked to Deborah Wardlaw or her attorney about the
lawsuit they were planning to file, I told her that
Wardlaw had called and asked me if I wanted to join
the lawsuit. I told her exactly what I had told Deborah,
that the escort ordinance did not apply to me.
On 9-20-99 Deborah Wardlaw called again and told
me that she was going to have her attorney David
Andrews file suit against the city to contest the new
fees ordered in the city’s new escort ordinance. She
told me that she and others in her business had
always made protection payments to the police, that
Doyle, Lyons, Sorrell, Winings, Taylor and Henderson
were involved in the business, that they still wanted
their cut, and that she was not going to pay them and
the new fees as well. She told me that she had told
Doyle this in a phone call she had had with him and
that he told her that they would kill her if she
attempted to expose them.

On 9-23-99 the Lexington Herald-Leader reported

that Deborah Wardlaw had been killed in her
apartment. There was no forced entry, a pillow was
put to her head and the bullet was from a 9mm
weapon. The Herald-Leader reported that Wardlaw
ran an escort agency; it did not report that in 1999
Lexington police were carrying 9mm weapons.
[The Herald-Leader report also mentions Margaret
Kannensohn; P.T. Richardson; J.C. Dumas; Peter

On the television, the evening news did back-to-back

stories with no connection whatsoever drawn
between the two: the first story concerned Margaret
Kannensohn’s campaign against the owners of escort
agencies and the second reported the discovery of
Deborah Wardlaw’s body.

On 09-24-99 in a Lexington Herald-Leader article

(“Police ask for help in latest killing”) David Lyons is
given as the officer to call if anyone has any
information that might be useful in the investigation of
the killing of Deborah Wardlaw.

09-27-99 Det. David Lyon’s drove past our building

several times and then approached our front door
and left a card. Jill Mitchell and I were just up the
road on our way back to the office and watched as he
pulled out of the driveway.

09-27-99 Detective David Lyons called and talked to

Jill Mitchell. He asked a lot of questions about Brandy
Tucker. He wanted to know her schedule, what kind
of documents that we keep for our parties, asked for
our address and phone number even though he had
just visited our building and had been the one to
initiate the phone call. He stated that Brandy Tucker
was not under investigation for the murder of
Deborah Wardlaw and neither were we. He said
Brandy knew Deborah and that's why they wanted to
talk to her. However, why would he need to know
answers to the types of questions he was asking? He
appeared to be very nervous during this conversation
and his voice shook.
Later that day, David Lyon’s visited my office and tells
me he knows I talked to Deborah Wardlaw recently.
He asks me if she had given me any clues as to who
might have wanted to kill her. He then starts looking
all around our office and even picking up our calendar
and booking forms. Jill asks if we’re under
investigation for Debbie, he says, should you be? I
then tell him unless he wants to arrest me don’t
contact me in any way except through my attorney.

09-29-99 Margaret Kannensohn called and asked me

if I knew anything about Deborah Wardlaw’s death. I
told Kannensohn that Wardlaw had told me that cops
had threatened her for not wanting to pay them.

11-11-99 I start an organized effort and organization

determined to fix the escort problem. I send letters
out to major Kentucky churches asking them to call
and ask police and County Attorney to fix the
problem. 11-11-99 AEIOU letter to churches all over

11-16-99 Francoi Jackson wanted to interview for a

job. I knew she was a police officer. She came to
the interview wearing a wig and with a video camera
in her purse. She wanted to tour the entire building.
Later that evening, Margaret Kannensohn would ask
me about her.

11-16-99 I sent a letter referring to phone calls and

fighting escorts to Margaret Kannensohn at County
Attorney’s office and tell her I know she sent an
undercover officer to my business. I tell her that I
knew Dee Marlow, aka Francoi Jackson, was a police
officer and I tell her, finally, that Deborah Wardlaw
had told me that police officers had threatened her
life. I then ask her what is being done about escorts
and offer to send my investigative report. I receive no

01-18-00 Criminal Complaint filed against me by

Detective Phil Taylor about Marty case listing my
current address at the time.
01-19-00 Criminal Warrant issued for me for failure to
obtain escort license
03-13-00 Criminal Complaint filed by Detective Phil
Taylor for me after sending Jill to a party listing my
current address
Criminal Summons issued on complaint filed by Phil
Taylor sent to Jessamine County with Criminal
Complaint listing my current address

04-26-00 Fayette County has charged me with

running an escort agency without a license. They
have also charged me with providing prostitution after
setting up a contractor of ours. The very same types
of activities I had worked diligently to eliminate and
was warned I would be set up for if I didn’t “play the
game”. They then alter evidence and lie on the stand
in order to convict him, Marty Nicholas. My attorney
sends motion for discovery and bill of particulars to
Margaret Kannensohn. All files from this case are
sent to her office

06-22-00 Arrest and detainment of Chris Hignite by

Sheriff Joe Saunier and others
07-12-00 Commonwealth's Memorandum of Law is
sent to my attorney listing my current address
07-13-00 Jill pulled over and Chris arrested after
initial mistaken identity by Jessamine County for
Fayette County listing my current address
07-17-00 It is now claimed (11-06-07 that on 07-17-
00 the Sheriff’s Department tried to serve the child
support summons to me at 3433 Clays Mill Rd., my
mother’s house, with a note that I had moved to 221
B Industry Pkwy. in Nicholasville. Clays Mill Rd. had
never been listed on my driver’s license or any other
official document as my official address since
graduating high school. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s
department did not need to go to my mother’s house
to find me because the County Attorney, as the
evidence shows, knew exactly where I was.
08-18-00 Supplemental motion for discovery and bill
of particulars for Chris
08-30-00 Request for video evidence from Jim Havey
at Fayette County Attorney's office
10-26-00 Lexington Herald-Leader reported that a Mr.
Barnett wins a ruling against two policemen in
Lexington for knowingly withholding evidence that
would exonerate him in a murder trial. The officers
are Craig Sorrell and David Lyons.

11-11-00 Fayette County officials hint that another

county may be tapping phones for them both during a
hearing with the Fayette County Attorney’s office
11-13-00 Response to motion to exclude exhibits by
Brent Austin for Chris and Jill is sent to County

02-10-01 Lexington Herald-Leader reports that some

Lexington officers integrity has been questioned
during another lawsuit naming Det. David Lyons, and
Det. Craig Sorrell. [See 10-26-00; I believe,
November 6, 2007, that Det. David Lyons and Det.
Craig Sorrell are still on the force.

04-12-01 Failure to Appear Warrant for Fayette Co.

served by Jessamine County

In order to condense I will summarize that several

more appearances and false arrests occurred until
my trial date. Fayette County allowed us to go
through jury selection and make opening statements.
I was called a number of names and charges were
thrown around about me by the prosecutor. My
attorney informed them that we could now prove that
the city had intentionally set me up, altered evidence
and lied on the stand in order to convict me of crimes
they knew I was not guilty of. After a short recess the
prosecutor returned without any of the County
Attorney’s witnesses. The judged queried a response
and Jim Havey stated that all of the officers were now
refusing to testify so as not to incriminate themselves.
The case was dismissed and I was told to be thankful
by the Judge. Of course, Sovereign Immunity is
immediately thrown in my face and I am left to re-
build my life.

‘07-17-06’ is written by hand in the upper right hand

corner of the original child support summons to me
dated 11-10-97

08-15-06 Margaret Kannensohn announces

retirement 5 months early
08-16-06 Larry Roberts sworn in to succeed

VII: Conclusion

Over the course of the last fifteen years I have

accumulated a mass of hard and electronic copy of
printed papers as well as audio and video records of
my encounters with officers of the court in Fayette,
Scott, and Jessamine counties. After my return to
Kentucky in 2004 I made the acquaintance of and
formed a friendship with Dr. Henry Schankula, a
professor in the department of Philosophy at the
University of Kentucky from 1970 until his early
retirement in 2004. Through Henry I met his son,
David Schankula. David received film credit for the
Research for Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and
he was a contributing producer of Moore’s recent
Sicko. David has a professional interest in my story
and Henry has motivated and encouraged me to
organize the mass of material in my possession into a
counter-offensive which would first, vindicate my own
honest attempt to live the American Dream; second,
expose the guilt of some of the very officers involved
in the repeated attempts to fabricate mine; third, to
establish a claim or set of claims for compensation for
loss of reputation. mental and physical injuries, pain
and anguish, loss of income, loss of future income,
loss of self esteem, the inability to enjoy a normal life,
fear of police and government, loss of freedom,
violation of civil rights, stress and harassment of
family and friends, financial strain on family and
friends, destroyed relationships and a destroyed
business. I need your help.

Excerpts taken from:

Unified Criminal Justice Information System

Strategic Alliance Services Request
For the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Fayette County is within the jurisdiction of the

Kentucky 22nd Judicial Circuit Court. The county and
the City of Lexington have merged their governments
into the Lexington-Fayette Urban County
Government. The Lexington Division of Police is a
combined police force made up of the former
Lexington City Police Department and the Fayette
County Police Department. UK has its own police
force with sworn officers. These two police
departments, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, and
KSP comprise the major law enforcement agencies in
the county.
The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has primary
responsibility for warrants service in the county, and
they handle approximately 50 to 60 per week. The
other law enforcement agencies also serve warrants,
but do so generally in the course of other business,
such as in conjunction with an accident or other
investigation. When it is necessary to serve a warrant
on UK property, the law enforcement agency serving
the warrant contacts the UK police first. This is not
just a courtesy; often the UK police need to escort
other law enforcement officers into dormitories or
classrooms where they would generally not have
unescorted access. The Fayette County District Court
reported a backlog of 18,000 active warrants, both
Bench and Arrest Warrants, but could not readily
determine the breakdown of numbers between the
two types, or between felony and misdemeanor
Law enforcement agencies use a common, standard
Arrest Warrant that is filled out by hand. The courts
use an AOC format for the Bench Warrants that can
be downloaded from the Sustain system. Most of the
information on the Bench Warrant can be filled out on
the computer and then printed, but some of the
descriptive information on the warrant must be filled
out by hand. The Fayette County Attorney’s Office
uses an automated tool, FileMaker Pro, for preparing
warrants and tracking complaints; however, they do
not track the warrants themselves. After the Arrest
Warrant is signed by a judge, it is distributed to the
sheriff’s office for execution.
The courts provide all warrants to the sheriff’s office
for service. The sheriff’s office is the primary warrants
serving agency, but they do get some assistance
from the police departments in this regard. In addition
to using Sustain and LINK to record and share
information on warrants, the Lexington-Fayette Urban
County Government uses a locally developed
application called “CRT” for recording and tracking
the status of all warrants. All law enforcement
agencies have online access to CRT. The Lexington
Division of Police has a local Computer Aided
Dispatch (CAD) system, but it is not shared with
others and is not used for recording or sharing
warrants information.
The courts will upgrade from Sustain to KY Courts II
in summer 2002. The Lexington Division of Police,
the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, and the UK Police
Department all have their own LINK terminals. Office
automation to support information consists of access
to Sustain, LINK, and CRT, plus some individuals
have Internet access.
Circuit court clerks are reluctant to respond to
inquiries about warrants over the phone because of
past abuses by unauthorized individuals. They now
refer all telephone queries to the sheriff’s office for
resolution. There is a problem with double-data entry
because all the Bench Warrants information that the
courts enter into Sustain must be separately entered
by law enforcement into CRT, thus increasing the
workload and the likelihood of error. This is also true
of Arrest Warrants information entered into LINK and
CRT; it must be entered twice because there is no
connectivity between the two.

Rapid Issuance and Distribution of Warrants – The

system is able to generate and issue a warrant in
minutes, rather than days. Warrant data is
electronically submitted from the courts, instead of
being entered manually at the police department, so
the risk of false arrest due to outdated data is greatly
reduced. Business rules coded into the system allow
ADW to automatically generate and electronically
distribute the warrants to the appropriate precinct or
borough. In addition, before issuing the warrant, the
system verifies the last-known address of the
individual named in the warrant

The LINK portal provides a facility for the input and

tracking of Arrest Warrants. LINK can be accessed
for search purposes by all law enforcement officers
across the Commonwealth, including: city and county
police, county sheriffs, state police, probation and
parole officers, fisheries and wildlife officers, the
public housing authority, and military installations.
Dispatch personnel are the only individuals
authorized in these agencies to enter and maintain
warrant data within LINK.

Prepared for:
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Governor’s Office for Technology
100 Fair Oaks Lane
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-1108
Prepared by:
SAIC Project Team
8301 Greensboro Drive
Mail Stop E-6-3
McLean, Virginia 22102-3600

[In light of their own guidelines, there is really no

believable explanation that can be given as to why it
took them almost 11 years to serve a summons when
all of their computers shared the information
concerning my whereabouts.]

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