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Christopher Hignite

Twenty reasons not to re-elect Fayette Co. Sheriff Kathy

September 19th, 2010 5:59 am ET

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Sheriff Kathy Witt wants the citizens of Lexington to

re-elect her this November. I will give you more than
reasons not to re-elect her as Sheriff. In fact, I am
hoping that after examining the evidence I am about
Twenty Reasons Not To Re-elect to
Sheriff Kathy Witt
Photo: The Office of the Fayette provide you will agree that we should be arresting,
County Sheriff not electing, Sheriff Kathy Witt for abuse of the
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entrusted to her.
 Bob Schulz mischaracterized in
Time magazine article Twenty attempts in roughly three weeks have been
 Why do I agitate? Why do I ask the made to serve me a summons after my original
uncomfortable questions?
summons went
 Bluegrass Conspiracy : Scratch a unserved for ten years. These are
child support case and solve murder
(Part 2)
twenty of the many reasons I will detail that we
should not re-elect Sheriff
 Bluegrass Conspiracy continues:
Scratch a child support case and Kathy Witt. In order for you to understand what I am
solve a murder. talking about we must go back in time for a moment.
 Twenty reasons not to re-elect
Fayette Co. Sheriff Kathy Witt In 1997 I dated a woman for two weeks and then she
decided to return to her boyfriend of several years. I
 Kentucky's Cross to bear
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Presumably, we were never contacted so that her
Wrinkles Forever. and her husband Brent could lead their lives and
raise 'their' daughter without interference from the
Super Hot Stock Alerts biological father. She claimed to my mother that she
Penny Stocks Ready to
Run. Huge Gains! #1 just didn't want to bother me with it. Nonetheless, a
Newsletter. Free Join Now. summons was filed by the County Attorney on
Chitika | Select November 10, 1997 claiming that I needed to file for
child support. Remember later that the mother admits
to avoiding telling the courts my whereabouts and
never informed our family and actually claimed to me
that the child was Brent Hume's. I will go into more
detail on this case in the future.

The County Attorney and Family Court would hold

this summons for 2 1/2 years (06-21-00) before
faxing it to
Sheriff Kathy Witt with instructions not to serve it. I will show that even though the
Sheriff claims to have
attempted to serve it 4 times in a few months before
shelving it for six years, those 'attempts' are falsified
documents and blatant lies.

Fast forward, Brent gets injured, money gets tight,

they get divorced, Michele needs money, the County
Attorney is
more than happy to re-open a case they've been
shelving for future use in the future. On April 26, 2007
I am
finally informed that I might be the father of an 11
year old daughter.

The sheriff arrives at my mother's house and barges

in. He exclaims to my little brother, Brandon, who has
Syndrome that his brother has been running from this
summons for ten years and now I'm going to find him.
He yells
this is a felony and we're going to lock him up forever.
Where is he? Where is he? Frightened, my brother
him I'm at work and gives him the address. I stay with
my brother to help in the care of my elderly mother
him. He called me at work crying and apologizing for
giving them the address. The sheriff showed up but I
was at
the store for the owner. This sheriff barged in and
went about searching the store for me telling
everyone that I
was gonna' get it now. He went into the employee
area to be confronted and escorted out of the store
by the owner
He waited outside for me and when I arrived he
retorted to me how I was in sooo much trouble. I was
fired a few
days later because the owner didn't want the 'trouble'.

I have now been served and I will now deal with 2

years of corrupt attorneys, judges, prosecutors and
county attorneys working with the Sheriff's
department to hide any evidence in my favor and
work to use this to bury me.
Most recently I hired an attorney who agreed that
Brent Hume had taken over as the 'legal' father of the
child by
raising the child for nearly ten years while denying me
the right to even meet her. The mother had been
for selfish purposes in not providing the state with
information on my location or informing myself or my
that she had put my name down as the father. The
County Attorney and Sheriff provided only four
claimed attempts
to serve me in a ten year period of time and each of
those can be proven to be falsified.
During this ten year period of time I was either
arrested, in jail falsely or in court over 52 times and
they failed or REFUSEd to deliver this summons to
me. With this and other evidence, Kentucky law, court
precedents and other case history show that while I
may be the biological father of the child, the legal
responsiblity rests on Brent Hume, her only known
'father' for 13 years now.

They are asking for back pay from birth for child
support, medical, dental, child care and other
Essentially putting my arrears in felony territory on
the day I was first informed that I may have a child.

I will now detail the various contacts for false arrest

that I encountered just before and after their claimed
attempts to serve me in 2000 and 2001.

03-13-00 Criminal complaint filed against Chris

Hignite by Detective Phil Taylor listing my current

03-23-00 Private investigator and former Lexington

Police Detective, Yolanda Davis confirms that several
types of
listening devices are being used on our phone lines
and building

04-19-00 Fayette County issues warrant for me. The

warrant is transferred to Jessamine County and I am
the very same day. Summons is not served

04-20-00 Fayette County issues another warrant for

failure to appear on previous arrest after we were told
not to
appear. The warrant is transferred to Jessamine
County and I am arrested the very same day.
Summons is not served

04-26-00 Chris Hignite and attorney send motion for

discovery and bill of particulars to Margaret
Kannensohn at
Fayette County Attorney’s office. Summons is not

05-24-00 Jessamine County does surveillance on our

property and takes photos

06-07-00 Fayette District Court Supplement to

Discovery Response is entered and copied to Fayette
County Attorney.
Summons is not served

06-21-00 FINALLY...Child support summons is faxed

to Sheriff Kathy Witt’s office

06-21-00 A notation is made at the top of a summons

indicating a transfer to Jessamine County as case #

06-22-00 Chris is detained but not arrested.

Nicholasville Police Chief explains it this way.
“Detainment on
06-22-00 – Chris Hignite was stopped due to fact of
open warrant. Upon searching, original warrant could
not be
located. Subject was not taken into custody by J.
Saunier U/730, J. Bowman U/770 and M. Gill U/744.”
Statement on another form explains it this way. “04-
19-00 This warrant was not executed at time of
Fayette warrant
being executed due to the fact warrant was unable to
be located at time of subjects arrest. As of this date
warrant has still not been located / 722 has been
notified. 06-22-00 Copies of warrant obtained from
District Court, warrant shows active at Jessamine
District as of this date. It's a summons, not a warrant
and it
is not served.

07-10-00 Response to Memorandum of Law is sent

to Judge David Hayes

07-12-00 Commonwealth’s Memorandum of Law is

sent to my attorney from County Attorney’s office
listing my current

07-13-00 Jessamine County arrests Chris Hignite for

unpaid fine and is held overnight for failure to pay
Warrant is said to have been issued 02-22-00 and
couldn’t be found on other occasions of arrest.
Summons not

07-14-00 Chris Hignite appears before Jessamine

County courtroom. Fines had been paid, they claim

07-17-00 A stamp is found on a copy of the summons

indicating that Jessamine County has received it as
case #
1959075 once again

07-17-00 Fayette County child support summons is

stamped “Not found in Fayette County this 17 day of
July 2000
Kathy H. Witt Sheriff Fayette County
It is signed by D. Head 99104 D.S. with a notation
that I can be found at a “new” address:
221 B Industry Pkwy., Nicholasville, KY

07-17-00 Chris Hignite is arrested in Jessamine

County for a warrant “dated” 02-22-00, summons is
not served yet
the summons has a stamp on it claiming they had
tried to find me that day.
07-24-00 Another stamp is added to the summons
presumably as it is put back on the shelf and stored
for the next
six years.

08-18-00 Supplemental Motion for Discovery and Bill

of Particulars is entered into court for Chris Hignite

08-30-00 Request for video evidence from Jim Havey

at the Fayette County Attorney’s office. Summons is
not served.

11-11-00 Fayette County officials suggest that

another county may be tapping my phones for the
both of them during
a hearing with the Fayette County Attorney’s office.
(Recording) Summons is not served.

04-12-01 Fayette County executes warrant for failure

to appear after being told by Judge Horn not to
appear until
Jessamine County brought my bond into town.
Summons is not served.

04-12-01 Jessamine County again serves Fayette

District Warrant for failure to appear the very same
day. Jessamine County also serves summons for
Jessamine County for charges they will later deny
filing. Summons not served.

05-02-01 Chris Hignite writes to the Nicholasville

Police Department demanding; “Additionally all
regarding the detainment of Chris Hignite on June 22,
2000 at approximately 3 pm witnessed by Sheriff Joe
Deputy Bowman, Deputy Gill and a female Sheriff
plus a State Police Officer.

05-29-01 Once again I write to the Nicholasville

Police Department and Sheriff's office requesting
open records,
specifically on the dates that I was held for Fayette
County and then released without being served.

06-04-01 Jessamine County Sheriff responds with

either missing information, denials or amnesia in
most instances.
However, they do remember that two of the times that
I was detained were for Fayette County but the
Fayette County
Sheriff failed to respond with the summons so I was
released after a period of time. Note: In Kentucky a
should not be held in their business parking lot for an
hour and a half, handcuffed and bent forward over
front of their car for a summons.

06-11-01 Sheriff Joe Walker (Jessamine County)

denies having evidence that he had listed when filing
a criminal
complaint that he hoped I would plea bargain rather
than asking for a court date and a viewing of the

This is in now way a complete list of the contact that I

had either with police, the courts or the County
Attorney's office during this time and for years to
come. Either Kathy Witt was involved in the
corruption, false
arrests and harassment I endured or she's the most
incompetent Sheriff in world history. Either way, we
would do
better off arresting Sheriffs like this rather than putting
them into office.

Why would my summons be held for ten years and

then served? In 1997 when this occurred I had just
started calling
Margaret Kannensohn and writing letters to her office
and the Kentucky Attorney General regarding police
ties to
prostitution and escorts. Not long after that my
phones began to be tapped and I received
threatening phone calls
that could only be traced to the city's switchboard.

My singing telegram company had been approached

by detectives and I was told that I should pay
'protection' money
for my strippers or face harassment. They called my
strippers "escorts", a term I had never heard of. I
and realized what they were talking about. They
returned, this time to my residence, and I told them
that we
didn't do that type of entertainment and nicely refused
to pay them money. That is how I got involved in
investigating police ties to human trafficking.

A few years later a woman that owned one of the

escort agencies caught on to me and gave me a call.
She offered to
tell me the inside information on the other agencies
and on the police that extort and help them to
proliferate. I
started a file and she filled me in on everything.
Months later she called and talked to my receptionist.
She told
her she needed to talk to me. All of my calls were
routed through a computer and recorded. A few days
later she
got a hold of me and proceeded to tell me that the
city wanted to pass an escort ordinance. She wasn't
happy and
had hired an attorney. She didn't want to pay the
police for 'protection' if the city was going to join in the
game and legally extort the agencies with this
ordinance. She claimed she told the officers she
wouldn't pay them
and would go to the media if pushed. I asked what
their response was and she claimed they told her
they would kill
her. Days later I turned on the television to find out
she had been murdered, execution style, and the
she named were placed on the case to investigate it.
They haven't been investigated and the case is still

Immediately following her murder I am put under

surveillance and a string of false arrests and false
charges will
keep me in court for the next ten years. Most of the
cases I will not only beat but prove the information to
altered, falsified and corrupted. Officers will lie on the
stand, attempt to plant evidence, illegally tap my
phones and make attempts on my life. Cases in
Nicholasville, Lexington and Georgetown that I win
will suddenly
reappear after ten years, to the day, claiming that I
never showed and have been on the run for ten
years. In each
case they are relying on the hope that I hadn't kept
the files, audio and video of the previous court date
years ago. They thought wrong and the cases are
dropped again. The case in Georgetown was thrown
out the first
time because the officer admitted in court that he had
been asked by Lexington Detectives to find a way to
me even if it might falsifying evidence or planting
evidence. Read my past articles to find out more
about the
murder of Deborah Wardlaw.

I ran for city council this year specifically to bring

attention to the corruption and crime in the ranks of
local police department. On April 29, 2010, a debate
was held at Broadway Baptist Church for the coming
I was asked to speak and Kathy Witt was there for
her campaign. After the Sheriff gave her speech she
asked if
anyone had any questions. I asked her how I could
have a summons dated in 1997 and not served until
2007 when I
had been in contact continually through other false
arrests with the Sheriff and County Attorney's offices?
stated that her office was underfunded, understaffed
and sometimes they have to prioritize serving
summons. To
that I responded that letting a man know he has a
child must be at the very bottom of her priority list or
this is
evidence of incompetence. This is especially true
since they use the KAMES, KASES and TWIST
systems since 1997.
(This system shows every summons or warrant in the
state on the computers of city and county police
dispatchers, sheriffs, state police, probation and
parole officers, fisheries and wildlife officers, the
housing authority and military institutions. This means
that if this summons had really been entered into the
computers to be served it would have showed up
every time I was arrested, went to court or even had
meetings in
the County Attorney's office.

I believe that it was never entered into the system

until 2007 and Sheriff Kathy Witt assisted the County
and the officers who had me falsely arrested by
attempting to hide the summons and falsifying
alledged attempts to
serve it. Margaret Kannensohn, Jim Havey and the
officers that failed to set me up have motive for
burying this
summons and then finding it ten years later. Margaret
Kannensohn was accused of doing just this type of
activity by members of her own staff. Those staff
members were immediately terminated and the
courts refused to
investigate or prosecute Margaret Kannensohn
claiming her sovereign immunity rights.

So I ask you, Kathy Witt, how did you neglect to

serve a summons for ten years when it was entered
into the KASES
system? Was it incompetence or were you asked to
bury it for a criminal element in the police and County
Attorney's office? Either way, why would we vote to
re-elect you for Sheriff? Am I the only case of abuse
incompetence? I would venture to say, no.

Somehow, now that the case has been illegally

settled without my presence, you have found the time
to make twenty
attempts in three weeks to serve me at the residence
of my sick, elderly mother and my mentally disabled

Twenty attempts in three weeks when the county

decides they want money while you made no
provable attempts to
inform me of the child in over ten years. Did the city
increase your funding and your man-power or did you
to "prioritize" my case differently now that I called you
out at the Broadway Baptist debate? I venture to
it's the latter.

We cannot sit idly by while our elected official use

their positions for power, money and abuse of power.
Kathy Witt cannot claim that I could not be found and
no other explanation can be made as to why it took
ten years
to serve me a summons. Evidence shows that I was
being followed, arrested, tried in court and proven
dozens of times while this summons was being held.

We should be arresting elected officials such as this,

not electing them. This November I ask that you
the arrest of Sheriff Kathy Witt for abuse of power
after taking into consideration this and future
information I
will be providing.

Twenty summons attempts in 21 days? Zero

summons attempts in 10 years? You be the judge. Is
this the person you
want wearing a shield of protection against her
crimes while abusing the citizens of Lexington? I
certainly hope not.
Please contact me if you have additional information
on my story or one of your own. This is your chance
to make a difference and help make Lexington a
better place. Let's hold our elected officials
accountable for their actions. My court date is on
September 23d. I am asking for you to join me there
and let our city officials know that a badge should be
worn with honor and not used as a 'shield' against
one's own crimes.

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