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Salam Zebian 10/21/05 F Block Social Studies


The Chickasaw is an interesting Native tribe for many reasons. They lived in

the modem day states of northeastern Mississippi they live on the tombigee river.

the population of the tribe before contact with the Europeans was about 7,000 in

eluding the 300 to 500 full blooded Indians. The Chickasaw tribe had had an

interesting culture which included. When a member of the Chickasaw tribe died

they would pante there face red and baried them under a house. With there most

favored possessions suronding them they would face the corps west tord the sun

when it rises and gows down. Many things changed for the Chickasaw after the

colonization of America. Today the tribe is located in Oklahoma.

There are some survivors from the Chickasaw tribe still in this modern day


They are located in Oklahoma; there population is about 7,000 including 300 to 500

full-blooded Indian tribe mates. They have about 95,000 acres of allotted land. 1,261

acres of tribally owned land. The tribe today has about 20,000 tribe mates all

together they are a very interesting tribe the most unique tribe I now of that is still

around today.

The Chickasaw community was a very big tribe they had Cherokees,

Choctaw, creek and even Seminoles. They were ranged far and wide over the over

the whole Mississippi valley region. The Chickasaw tribe had a very interesting

. homes there summer house was rectangular there walls were woven mats and there
Roof was bark or thatched. There winter houses were circle about 25 feet in

diameter It wasn't very big because all the people stuck together and there body

heat and the fire kept them warm. They didn't have much choice of food besides

fish, bear meat ex, corn, meshed corn and vegetables from where gardens and

farms. There family life consisted in working, the men hunted, fished, house

building, boat building, tool making also fighting in wars. Women had to work just

as hard, they agriculture teaching making all the foods breakfast lunch and dinner

and all cleaning and fixing stuff around the house and all house chores. The

Chickasaw were divided into to moieties or divisions which were decided into

numerous clans, if a person was taken into a clan a person was forbidden to marry

in that clan.

After the contact with the Europeans in the winter of 1540- 1541 the

Chickasaw tribe had an unwelcome visit by an expedition of Spanish treasure

seekers led by hernado Desoto. After finally driving them away and out of their

village the Chickasaw managed to avoid European contact for the next hundred of

years or so. The Chickasaws roll in the revolution war was huge, in the early 18th

century the French was, moving north from the gulf of Mexico tried to take over the

Chickasaw land and tribe for the next 60 years the Chickasaw tribe was fighting

and now its taking a toll on the once powerful tribe.

Overall the Chickasaws are a very interesting tribe. They started as a small tribe

with about 5,000 they now have about 20,000 people in there tribe. After the

revolution war. Today the tribe lives in Oklahoma and is recognized by the united

state government as one of the most important native American tribes in history.