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A Semi Detailed Lesson Plan

Introduction to Philosophy
I. Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, the learners will have been able to:
a. Discuss and explain the etymological, technical definition of philosophy and
the methods/process of philosophizing.
b. Identify and explain the division of philosophy.
c. Give and Explain the importance of philosophy.
d. Apply the learning from the lesson through a group activity.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Introduction to Philosophy its method, process and importance

B. Reference. Philosophy of Human Person.
By. Dariel A. Palmiano
(pg. 5,20-31)
“Philosophy in General, its method’s, divisions and its Importance”
C. Instructional Materials: Projector, Laptop, Visual Aids
D. Skills: Critical Thinking and Self Awareness
E. Values: Self Appreciation and respect to others

III. Learning Process:

A. Activities/Motivation
1. Prayer and Checking Attendance
2. Initial Activity: Introducing self and short description about the self.
3. Motivation: Asking the student to say something about the picture
B. Lecture.
1. Meaning of Philosophy
2. Method/ process of philosophizing
3. Division of Philosophy
3. Importance of Philosophy to our life

IV. Evaluation

1. Students are group into four small groups and will be assigned with words that
correspond to the given definition to the terms.

V. Assignment:

1. Think of question/s which you are most curious about then classify the
questions into philosophical inquiry or scientific inquiry. Then explain why you are
curious about it.


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