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Technology has enabled people from all over the world to stay connected with others,
irrespective of the distance. The communication barrier between people has between
removed to a great extent by the introduction of various innovation including
smartphones and social media. The revolution brought about by technology is
phenomenal. It has literally breathe life into the word ‘convenience’ by letting it seep into
our lives through various inventions. This can be seen through the various platforms
that the technology has provided to people so that they are better able to connect and
remain in touch.

One such platform is the social media which in its literal sense means the use of
technology to create and share information, ideas and other forms of expression
through virtual communities and networks. Popular social media platforms include
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc. Not only people are using these platforms to
connect with other people but businesses too are using the opportunity to their benefit.
They are using this platform to reach customers beyond the geographical boundaries
and to connect and sell their products. They are doing this by offering customers the
opportunity to shop online.

Apart from the brick and mortar stores, online shopping has emerged as an important
platform for businesses to connect and engage with their customers by going beyond
the geographical boundaries by creating a virtual market. As the wings of technology
spreads are spread in Pakistan, the country seems to go through a revolution. This
technological advancement has opened the world of social media to the large Pakistani
market, comprising of 210 million people. With more and more people joining social
media platforms each day, the platform has emerged as an important tool that can be
used by businesses to their advantage.

Seeing the potential that the large online market provides, many startup businesses
have already made their launches in Pakistan in various sectors of the economy. In the
travel and tourism sector, many startup ventures including Jovago Pakistan, Uber and
Careem have already launched their successful operations. These startups have
revolutionized the tourism industry in a better way.

By the introduction of these startups traveling has been made very easy. Gone are the
days when people had to spent a large time planning their trip and then spending huge
sums of money to ensure a safe trip is made. People nowadays are able to make
quicker and cheaper travel plans including online hotel booking. Moreover, with the
emergence of social media platform people are more aware of everything that is going
around them. For instance, when it comes to traveling, people are more aware of the
new tourist spots that have been discovered in the country. With blogs, they get hold of
the information about a place, which otherwise would have been difficult for them.
i) To promote tourism in Pakistan.
ii) To Reflect positive image of the country
iii) To convince tourists that their safety is ensured and they can enjoy most
scenic views of Pakistan

Target Market
According to World Tourism Organization's Report, in 2012, on a global basis, there
were 1035 million foreign tourists. Total number of foreign tourists coming to Pakistan in
2012 were 0.966 million; compared to a figure of 0.557 million in the year 2000.
Pakistan's share of the global tourism market in 2012 was only 0.09%; which is below
its potential. In South Asia, Pakistan's share out of a total of 14.37 million foreign
tourists was 6.7%; compared to India's share of 46%.

So, we will be targeting people from Europe mainly, as the most of the people from UK
wants to visit different countries and explore different cultures. We are also targeting
South Asia and India as they have some of their religious spots in Pakistan and they
come here to visit. Other targets include Germany, Spain and Qatar.

Selection of media vehicle:

 Facebook:

Facebook is one of the main long range interpersonal communication stage that enables
individuals to impart their thoughts and encounters to each other. It is a sort of worldwide
town where individuals having a place with various foundation collaborate. Facebook is one
of a successful stage with more than 2 billion month to month clients from all around the
globe. It enables its clients to make custom pages, publicize their item/image or
administration, post photographs, recordings, and remark on different posts.

It Is additionally seen that Pakistan isn't alright for outsiders. Each nation has negative and
positive side. Accordingly, these antagonistic generalizations about Pakistan makes fear in
the psyche of individuals who live abroad. One of the best approach to pull in voyagers is to
demonstrate them through web-based social networking that Pakistan has a ton to offer.
For instance: Ronaldhino went by Pakistan with 7 worldwide football players, this made a
positive picture of Pakistan before nonnatives. Making a Facebook Page and publicizing on
Facebook can help us to delineate a positive side of Pakistan. Besides, it will help us to
make mindfulness about the excellence of Pakistan. Individuals with such negative
misguided judgment about Pakistan need to realize that notwithstanding of defilement,
fanaticism and other related issues in Pakistan, it has been honored with grand excellence
and archeological legacy. By posting photos of the excellent spots and traveler spots in
Pakistan on our Facebook page can help us to upgrade the picture of Pakistan and take
out these misguided judgments among individuals.

 Youtube:

Youtube is a moment biggest internet searcher and a video stage around the world. It
makes recordings, post recordings and offer recordings with individuals all around the
globe. Youtubevlogging has turned out to be extremely basic among individuals. It is
one of the least demanding and most straightforward approach to begin a youtube
channel. Pakistani's living in western and European nations and Pakistani's living inside
Pakistan can utilize live component on Youtube to react to the inquiries of individuals
with such negative generalizations. With a specific end goal to improve the picture of
Pakistan among western culture, vlogging on youtubecan be done to pick up individuals
consideration and urge outsiders to visit Pakistan atleast once. Vlogs can be made
while going by and investigating better places of Pakistan, for example, Swat, Hunza,
Abbottabad, Murree, Naran, Kaghan, Nathiagali, Balakot, Azad Kashmir, and
Muzzafarabad. These spots are loaded with marvelous perspectives and stunning

Also, these are a portion of the perfect vacationers spot for both summer and winter
season. These vlogs will make fervor among individuals to know the splendid side of
Pakistan. While archiving and portraying the spots, watchers will have the capacity to
know whether a place merits looking at. Both in-stream and show promotions can be
utilized. In-Stream video promotions can be played before the posted YouTube video
though; In-Display video advertisements will show up as a supported recommended
video in the upper right sidebar above playlists and YouTube proposed recordings.
These can likewise be utilized to advance Pakistan.
 Instagram:

Instagram has turned out to be one of the noticeable stage for advancing and
publicizing items/brands. There are in excess of 600 million month to month dynamic
Instagram clients around the world. It offers clients with three promoting alternatives i.e.
photograph promoting, merry go round publicizing, and video publicizing. Besides, it has
a few most recent highlights that empower a man to make mindfulness about a brand or
item openly. Occasions composed can comprise of Pakistani sustenance, social moves,
dramas, plays, and addresses with short documentaries about Pakistan. This can
demonstrate the world what Pakistan brings to the table them. The live scope of these
occasions should be possible on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Reason For Selection

We have chosen these media vehicles as we have vast majority of our target market on
these channels and more of people use these search engines to know the places they
want to visit. We cannot use traditional media as there is nearly zero of our target
market there. They can only be used to promote domestic tourism. While social media
is new trending media to convey your message to others. So we will use different social
media platforms to show bright side of Pakistan and welcome others to be our guests.
We have different types of peoples on these platforms including social media celebrities
and explorers who want to visit different new places. So we can easily target them
through these channels.

Creating Content

There are numerous places in Pakistan which has a huge potential, which required
proper publicity and promotion including Gilgit-Baltistan, Lahore and Moenjo Daro
and was more historical places. We will show our culture and our norms that how we
treat our guests and how well we interact with them so that they can enjoy every
moment staying here. Afterwards we will create ad showing hiking and sking spots for
little adventurous people who love to enjoy some thrill.

We will place our ads on the social media platforms that we selected i.e facebook,
youtube and instagram and maybe other blogs or vlogs. They will be placed when we
will have most of our target audience online and also when there is time for vacations
and people are looking for where they should go. We will do a celebrity endorsement
when there is time for some special events helding in Pakistan. So that more of the
people see the bright side of Pakistan.


We will gather feedback on our social media channels and pages. We will allow people
to give reviews about their trip and also give a rating to their trip. This will help to let us
know that which fields can be improved further and needs more attention. It will help us
to improve that problems and further it will increase tourism in our country.