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Christopher Hignite

Update: Human trafficking made worse by corrupt police

September 13th, 2010 5:30 am ET

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A colleague of mine on another news site, Alicia Bryner,
found these stats regarding police corruption and prostitution.
From the Alternet article by Melissa Gira Grant titled "
Hypocritical legal crusade against Craigslist will not solve
violence against sex trafficking victims.

Bluegrass rape crisis center helps

victims of human trafficking. Photo
People involved in the sex trade still face discrimination, from their recent fundraiser.
harassment and violence from the people charged with Photo: Christopher A. Hignite

helping them. A 2009 study of Chicago girls in the sex trade,

conducted by the Young Women’s Empowerment Project,
paints a stark picture of what keeps girls isolated and
vulnerable. Even when girls sought out the support they
needed – from drug treatment and foster care programs to
hospitals and the police – they were denied help because of
their involvement in the sex trade. Girls describe hospitals
discriminating against them and not providing full care, being
physically and sexually assaulted by foster parents, and
being accused of lying by the police when they seek help
after being raped. In fact, girls’ reports of abuse by police
outnumbered the stories of other forms of institutional
violence that girls encountered by far.

Chicago is not alone. In a University of California at San

Francisco study published in 2009, 22 percent of San
Francisco adult female sex workers surveyed reported having
police as paying customers. Fourteen percent were
threatened with arrest if they did not have sex with a police officer. Washington cops
fare no better: in a report published on people involved in or perceived to be
involved in the sex trade, Different Avenues reveals that one in five people were
solicited for sex by the police. They also report that police confiscated safer sex
supplies, and strip-searched and assaulted people suspected of prostitution. These
actions constitute human rights violations and are especially unconscionable coming
from the law enforcement professionals who have a duty to protect people in the sex
trade from violent pimps and others who might exploit them.

Lexington, Kentucky is not alone in this common crime against humanity, human
trafficking. Police involvement is considered expected in most communities.
However, that does not make it right and that doesn't mean we shouldn't work to
stop it. How can we trust the lives of our loved ones to police officers involved in
human rights violations? We can't.

Deborah Wardlaw has already been murdered to cover this corruption up. I've
endured over 15 years of police harassment for having this information. What will it
take to wake up a city to the truth?

Mayor Newberry claimed that "some people live lives and nobody notices them,
those people's lives don't matter much". As long as that is the attitude our leaders
take, we will all continue to suffer at the hands of a government out of control.
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