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TABLE OF CONTENTS Tazo Tea is a brand of natural and organic teas, selling both
loose leaf and bottled iced teas. Owned by Starbucks, Tazo Tea
is sold in both Starbucks establishments and other retailers
History of Tazo 1 across the country. The company strives to “bring you the most
Competitor Analysis 2 intriguing tea in the world, on the strength of artful blending,
SWOT Analysis 3 distinctive taste and use of only premium quality teas.” Millennial
Environmental Analysis 5 Creative’s goal is to increase the awareness of Tazo Organic
Objectives & Budget 7 Bottled Iced Tea by emphasizing the new portability of
Research 8 consumers favorite brand of tea. Through our innovative creative
Brand Value Proposition 9 execu-tions and brand activation, our agency plans to connect
Target Market 10 the brand with living life with passion, zen, and joy.
Campaign Strategy 11
Big Idea 12
Creative Overview 13
Creative Executions 14
Creative Testing 18
Media Objectives 19 AGENCY IDENTITY: Millennial Creative
Media Choices 20
Media Schedule 24 Millennial Creative is a full service advertising agency that is committed
Media Budget 24 to bringing new and innovative ideas to each of our clients. With our
Brand Activation 25 creative ingenuity, natural talent, and drive to succeed, our team always
Evaluation 28 produces top notch work for every project that comes our way. Our
Creative Brief 30 team, made up of five brilliant and gifted creatives, is dedicated to
Meet Our Team 31
executing different and ingenious advertising campaigns that both our
clients and our audi-ence can get excited about.
199 One year later, Starbucks bought Tazo for $9 million, with 90% of ownership
going to Starbucks and Smith retaining 10% and staying on as the
company’s senior vice president.
Smith approached the Starbucks CEO to be a potential investor in Tazo Tea, but
1998 he wasn’t interested in Smith’s offer. Smith later sued Starbucks for copyright in-fringement
when they create Tiazzi Tea.

1999 Tazo Tea was founded in 1994 by Steven Smith and Stephen Lee, who created Tazo Tea after buying a few farms to
create, market, and sell his own brand of tea.

2007 Smith retired from Tazo while still owning his 10% of the company.

Starbucks opened the first Tazo-branded tea shop in November of 2012,

2012 but it closed a year later after Starbucks purchased the brand Teavana.

Tazo’s packaging and logo were redesigned for readability. The + in

2013 Tazo was changed to a “T”


Lipton is recognized as one of the Snapple has the most brand
Arizona is a cheaper brand, selling
best hot tea brands. They have loyalty for a bottled tea and is
at only 99 cents per 24 ounces. They
high brand loyalty among the the most well known in the
have an unsweetened tea that is
average hot tea drinker, and are market. They have a diet line
sweetened with Splenda instead of
well known for their tea bags. They that is perceived as healthy.
aspartame, which appeals to the
have a variety of iced tea brands, It is in the most locations and
health conscious consumer. They
including the very popular Pure retailers, so people are more
are very prominent with the younger
Leaf bot-tled tea. Pure Leaf on its likely to purchase Snapple
audience, especially in the 18-24
own has a healthy flavored option over other brands.
age group.
with a lot less sugar, as well as an
unsweetened zero-calorie flavor.

They are associated with soda in Their bottled tea isn’t as well Snapple does not sell tea bags, but
the public eye which has a neg- known as their tea bags, which is still recognized as a tea brand.
ative connotation of being un- are very popular. Their main Their diet line is full of unhealthy
healthy. They are not recognized ingredients, and their regular flavors
market is selling in bulk to stores
are full of sugar, making it another
by tea drinkers who brew their and school groups. Therefore,
unhealthy option. It is very similar to
tea because they do not have tea their target is split between the
soda in the eyes of the consumer
bags. Also, because of its im- consumers who buy their tea
because it is sold right next to the
mense amount of sugar they are bags in bulk and their smaller Pepsi and Coke brands.
very unhealthy. market of on-the-go tea drinkers.


• Has strong brand loyalty with the people who

drink it (mainly Starbucks consumers)
• Tazo’s leaf tea flavors match their bottled ones
• The general public is moving away from soda
and likes the idea of bottled tea
• Advertised as an organic tea
• Tazo Tea is part of the Ethical Tea Partnership


• Unknown brand if you aren’t familiar with Starbucks

• Not available at many retailers
• Only available in singular bottles (packaging not
suited to buying more than one at a time)
• Tazo’s website doesn’t enough information for
prospective customers to learn more about the brand
• They do not list any nutritional information on their website
• Not sustainable because they are glass bottles


• Branch out of Starbucks (without alienating the loyal customers)

• Could make Starbucks Tazo drinks to keep the Starbucks audience

• Potential to branch out to K-cups and Starbucks Vue

• Create a better website for Tazo or add more links so
that they could be directed to the Starbucks website
• Could implement more sustainable packaging for CRS
• Tazo could create a more nutritious line so that
people will be more inclined to drink it


• Arizona, Lipton, and Snapple already have an

extremely strong hold on the market for bottled tea
• People who prefer tea are moving away from bottled
tea because leaf tea is a healthier option
• Competitors have much better communication messages than Tazo


Tazo tea is at a disadvantage
economically when compared to
the other bottled teas available in
The primary competitive force that Tazo Tea faces is that a
the market. One problem with Tazo
majority of consumers choose to purchase other name
Tea is that, unlike its competitors,
brand bottled teas before they would consider buying Tazo.
Tazo can only be bought individually
These substitute beverages include those such as Arizona,
and not by the case. This makes
Lipton, Snapple, and Honest Tea, brands which have a
Tazo more expensive per bottle in
dominate hold over the current market. As of 2013, Arizona
comparison with other brands, like
maintained approximately 22 percent of the market share, with
Arizona and Lipton. Another
Lipton coming in second at 12 percent, and Snapple at 7
economic issue that Tazo faces is
percent. This is a major problem for Tazo Tea because it does
that being owned by Starbucks, a
not allow them much space in the consumer’s consideration set. higher end coffee brand, could place
Since Tazo is not distributed in many different stores, this issue
Tazo as a being seen as a more
has not improved in past years. This is a clear disadvantage for expensive brand in the minds of the
Tazo, however it is one that can be remedied through increased consumers. This view of Tazo could
product distribution and brand awareness. drive prospective buyers to choose
another bottled tea brand over Tazo.


Politically, Tazo Tea is at an advantage

because of the recent government Within the United States, the organic food market has been
promotion for citizens to begin leading trending, and it has been forecasted that it will increase at the
healthier lifestyles. The main source of this rate of 14% through the years (2014 to 2018). People are
push comes from First Lady Michelle looking for healthier options and are taking a more active role
Obama through her Let’s Move campaign. on the food they choose to consume. Tazo bottled tea plays
Although her campaign is meant to into this organic food movement. Though they
increase physical fitness in children, are not certified as organic, they are a part of an all
it has become a known movement natural and minimal ingredients tea, which mirrors what the
across the nation. This includes the organic food movement is trying to do. Increasingly, we are
young women and men who make up now eating 14 percent more sugars, and compared to the
both the primary and secondary target 1970s, the average American now eats 15 more pounds of
market of the new Tazo Tea campaign. sugar a year. With only 18 grams of sugar, Tazo tea
Tazo can use this political movement to encourages the idea of a healthier tomorrow.
its advantage since bottled tea is
generally considered to be a healthier
option over other popular bottled drinks,
such as soda or energy drinks.

This campaign will be executed
This campaign will increase the sales of Tazo’ line
using the 12 million dollar budget
of bottled teas by 7%. We will accomplish this by
that has been allocated to our
increasing awareness of the product, as well as
agency. The money being spent
focusing on the healthy aspects of the drink.
on the campaign has been broken
down by medium and can be seen
in the following pie charts.

Within our target market of 18-34 year old women, we will see
70% comprehension and 50% conviction by the end of the
campaign. This means that approximately 70% of our target
audience will be exposed to the message, but only 50% will
find value in the campaign’s message. The effective reach of
the campaign will be 70, with a frequency of 4. Transit, 2,339,084

Magazine, 4,039,014

TIME FRAME Online TV, 1,726,007

This will be a year long campaign, beginning two weeks before

Memorial Day weekend of 2014 and ending in May of 2015. We Online,
will implement a pulsing campaign, meaning that our ads will run
year round with periods of heavier advertising during key times of
the year, such as the summer months.


• Gain insight on the current level of awareness of the Tazo Tea brand
• Increase our background knowledge on both our primary and secondary target markets, and learn more about their views on an
organic, healthy lifestyle
• Gather more information on other bottled tea brands to further understand how we should promote Tazo Tea in the market


Our primary research consisted of a survey done on Qualtrics that was dis- For further insight into Tazo’s market, we used Simmons OneView to
tributed over social media and to individual people via e-mail. This survey consist- look at existing research on psychographics, age, print media, and televi-
ed of 120 people, primarily women 18-25 which is our primary target market. The sion as they relate to the brand. In addition to our primary research, we
questions focused on the areas of lifestyle/demographics information, opinions on deciphered an MRI+ database which involved over 10,000 samples and
the healthy/organic movement, tea products, and the general level of awareness of was done over the course of a year. Using a psychographic vs. brand cross-
Tazo Tea. When asked about organic foods, we found that buying organic is not a tabulation, we discovered that health and wellness are high priorities for our
high priority for our target market. We also learned that healthy activities/ eating for target market. Of the Tazo brand users, 25% make sure they exer-cise
our target market means leading an active lifestyle and eating bal-anced, nutritious regularly and 26% try to eat healthier foods, while Arizona and Snap-ple
meals. Furthermore, our target market typically likes to brew their own tea instead users have much lower responses, under 20%, in the same categories. We
of drinking bottled tea, and when asked what is most important about bottled tea also used secondary research to show which specific media outlets our
they said taste, followed by nutritional information, and finally the price. target uses the most. When researching magazines, we found that People
(13.3% who drink Tazo Tea read People), Better Homes and Gardens
Our most relevant insights came from the question, “do you drink tea and if so (13.2), Shape (6.9% with a 502 index, meaning that Tazo users on average
which brands.” We did not specify hot or iced tea in order to see what was as- are more likely to pick up Shape) and Real Simple (4.3%) were the mag-
sociated when we simply asked about tea. We found the most mentioned brand azines our target read the most. When we performed the cross tabula-tions
was Tazo Tea at 32%, followed by Lipton at 23%. When we specified the type of we had to divide age into three groups and average the scores. We looked
tea by saying “cold ready to drink iced teas” Arizona and Snapple, at 52% and at television as a medium as well. Among our primary target mar-ket of
47%, were the most popular brands, with Tazo at only 22%. When asked what they women 18-34, the most popular TV channels were as follows: TBS at 31%
pur-chase, the number of brands decreased significantly, with Arizona and Snapple with a significance in all age groups; MTV at 41% but only significant in age
at 31% and Tazo at 14%. Most people were aware of the Tazo tea brand, with only groups 18-29; USA at 26% and being significant in all age groups; and
12% of our survey responses not recognizing the Tazo Tea name. Word Comedy Central at 30% also significant in all age groups.
association showed that people think Tazo Tea is healthy, soothing, and organic,
people also associate it with expensive and the word Starbucks. All research
results can be found in the appendix.

The Tazo Tea brand’s line of bottled beverages gives consumers a quick, on the go iced tea
that requires no prior preparation. Its variety of flavors also provides consumers with the
satisfaction of being able to choose from a plethora of options, such as Giant Peach, Mango,
and Tazoberry. What makes this product stand out in the market is its 100% organic formula,
which makes Tazo’s bottled teas a healthier and preferable option for our target market.


Since Tazo Tea is an all natural tea, it is seen in the market as a more nutritious option, making
consumers feel reassured that they are being healthy when buying Tazo’s bottled tea. Healthy living
and awareness of the nutritional value of products is a lifestyle that has been growing in popularity,
especially among our target market. When people are buying Tazo Tea’s line of bottled teas they
can be sure they are drinking a nutritious and natural product that is both delicious and healthy.


When someone is spotted drinking a bottle of Tazo Organic Iced Tea, it says they care about leading a
healthy lifestyle. They understand the benefits of choosing an all natural beverage over the many other
ready-made drink options the market has to offer. Recently, the concept of healthy living has become in-
creasingly popular, particularly among those in our target market. Another perception of the Tazo Bottled
Organic Iced Tea drinker is that they are in a hurry since they chose an on-the-go beverage rather than
making their own tea. Together, these ideas give the impression that drinkers of Tazo’s bottled will find a

9 way to integrated health into their busy lives.

women 18-34 Men ages 18 to 34

18-26 27-34 18-34

Meet Tyler. He is a 26 year old living in

Meet Emma. She is a 20 year old col- Meet Rachel. She is a 32 year old working New York City who is trying to work his
lege student trying to balance her busy mother who is constantly running around to way up in his career. Every morning
schedule of classes, school clubs, and take care of her kids and move up in her during his commute to the office, Tyler
active social life. During the weekends career. Every weekend she goes food likes to watch episodes of his favorite
she enjoys hiking with her friends to stay shopping for her family, making sure to buy shows on Hulu. On the weekends, he
in shape, reading People and Al-lure healthier foods so her and her kids will have a enjoys playing basketball and going out
magazines, and catching up on her nutritious, balanced diet. To unwind on the in the city with his friends. On the
favorite shows online. She also likes weekends, she enjoys swimming, taking yoga occasions when he can catch his
reading about the latest trends on blogs classes at her local gym, and relaxing with favorite shows on primetime, Tyler and
like Refinery29. During her personal time her family while she sips her favorite tea. She his girlfriend like to stay in and brew
you can find Emma cuddling up with a also likes reading Real Simple, her favorite their favorite teas.
good book and a warm cup of tea. magazine, and watching the Food Network so
she can try some of their new recipes to try
out on her two kids.


Tazo’s main problem is that very few people recognize it as an iced tea brand, and instead they only consider it
as a loose leaf tea associated with Starbucks. Arizona and Snapple are much bigger names in the iced tea
market that have a considerable amount of brand loyalty, making it difficult to persuade customers to switch
brands. Tazo’s second problem is the increase in the public’s want for a healthy, low in sugar drink option.


Tazo’s target of women 18-34 associate Tazo with hot brewed tea. People enjoy Tazo tea, both iced and hot, and would
purchase it because they consider it to be a healthy and high quality drink. Our main insight is that tea drinkers are more
likely to buy Tazo Tea, while iced tea drinkers do not consider Tazo when deciding on an iced tea brand.


Tazo’s ready to drink iced tea has all the qualities of brewed tea in a bottle. Our campaign will position Tazo Tea’s
line of bottled iced tea with tea drinkers as a healthy, on-the-go option to love their tea all day wherever they are.

Based on our research, we have come to understand that our target market is looking for both a healthy and easy way to enjoy
their favorite teas. We know that they place a high value on the nutritious aspects of the drink, however their main priority is not to
buy Tazo’s bottled teas simply because they are organic. So, in order to increase both the awareness and sales of Tazo’s bottled
iced teas, our plan is to focus the portability of the drink rather than the healthy value it has. Our target market wants to be able to
enjoy Tazo Tea wherever they are, so our campaign strategy is to show that they can savor their favorite teas wherever life takes


The print ads will be composed of two sections. In order to connect Tazo’s bottled iced teas with its line of loose leaf teas, the top
section of each of the ads will feature one of three flavors that they have in common: passion, zen, or joy. Each of the print
advertisements will feature models portraying the name of the flavor being sold in that particular ad. Whether it is someone doing
yoga, playing guitar, or laughing with friends, each scene will bring our audience back to the idea that their “life awaits.” The bot-
tom half of the ad will look like a burlap material to show the organic aspect of the product. This design element ties in with the
overall look and feel of the Tazo Tea brand. This portion of the ad will also include a large bottle of Tazo bottled iced tea, making
the product one of the dominant elements of the ad.


Our tagline, “Uncap passion, life awaits” will be seen on each print ad, and each tagline will be specified depending on the flavor being
featured in the advertisement, being either passion, zen, or joy. The fonts used for both the tagline and the body copy are sleek and
modern because this style emulates Tazo’s new brand packaging. The body copy that will be placed towards the bottom of the ads will
further describe how you can take your favorite Tazo teas with you on your journey. Like the campaign’s tagline, the additional body
copy changes slightly based on the flavor that can be seen in each ad. The body copy for each of the ads will emphasize the
campaign’s message of taking your favorite teas on the go through both the copy itself and the font selection. By making words
associated with tea larger, our audience will make more of a connection between Tazo’s bottled teas and its loose leaf teas.


PRINT cont.


Cut to a montage of different people following their passions. First clip shows
a girl doing ballet, second clip shows a man playing soccer, third clip shows
Girl picks up full bottle of Passion
young adults playing in a local community band... This montage continues for
Tazo Tea and starts to take a sip. 20 seconds with multiple clips of people following their passion.

Girl from first scene takes

now empty bottle away
from her lips and says
“ahh.” The words “Uncap
passion, your life awaits”
appear on screen.



Joy Tazo Organ- Tea begins to spurt out of the A wave of tea emerges from the bottle, pushing the
ic Bottled Tea cap mouth of the bottle, pushing bottle cap to the far right of the screen. Under the
is secured on the the bottle cap slightly to the wave of tea reads “Uncap passion, life awaits.”
top right of the bottle.

17 bottle.

“They would catch my eye and I would enjoy them visually”

First off the people in the ad are beautiful, so that automatically draws my eye. The care free look they have is very appealing and
the phrasing to go along with it is a big selling point, implying that choosing this tea over others would mean I have more time to
enjoy other things in life is a big plus in my book. And the organic background that the wording on the ad is on is a great way to
capture people looking for a more natural lifestyle, which I currently am. I would definitely buy the drink with how appealing the ad is.


Review of “zen” ad: From a male perspective, the picture seems not geared towards me. The picture of yoga is with a woman. A very
small portion of men do the whole yoga thing. But I do like the play of “journey” in relation to the journey of finding one’s zen. Still
wouldn’t buy it from this ad.
Review of “passion” ad: This one I personally like better. The picture is relatable because I play music. It’s following a pattern so
brand recognition is great. The text is great too.

Review of “joy” ad: This one is the most relatable. It actually seems they are joyful. As a group of people, again I can see myself picking
up a few for friends. So maybe a reference to friends would help.

General Thoughts: The collective ads are great. I can see them in a magazine. The referral of getting home brewed tea out of a
pantry instead of making it seems convenient and preferable

“Joy is in a bad place for legibility but otherwise I think they look good”

Our target audience is men and women between the ages of 18 and 34. Our primary target The women of our target market are
audience is 18 to 34 year old women because they are more likely to lead very busy lives while constantly being exposed to different
still wanting a quick and easy way to maintain their balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Recently media outlets every day. These women
they have been placing an increasing level of importance on health, and Tazo’s line of bottled watch their favorite shows online, read
teas allows them to take the nutritious teas they enjoy with them throughout the day. The magazines, and browse the internet on
secondary audience we will reach with this campaign is men ages 18 to 34. While men are not as a regular basis. Since the women of
likely to purchase this product, we want to expose them to the campaign in order to increase the our target market are constantly
overall brand awareness in the market. viewing these various mediums, the
message weight will remain consis-
tent for each one. For this campaign
GEOGRAPHIC SCOPE OF THE PLACEMENT we will also use transit advertising in
specific locations because our target
market leads an active life and will
The advertising for this campaign will be both regional and national. All online commercials, print, and
likely be further impacted by this out-
internet advertisements will be placed in national media. The transit and point-of-purchase
of-home advertising.
advertisements will be placed regionally in major cities across the country, including New York, Los
Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.


This campaign will implement a pulsing schedule which will run advertisements throughout the year
with periods of heavier exposure during the summer months. Since people are more likely to drink Online Television: 30 second commercial
bottled iced tea during the warmer seasons, increasing the amount of advertising during this key Magazine: 1 full color page with bleed
time will be important to the success of our campaign. This strategy will increase the level of aware- Internet: animated banner ad about 468 x
ness of Tazo’s bottled teas in the market. The effective reach for our campaign is 70 with an effec- 60 pixels/sec
tive frequency of 4. Transit: bus ad about 144” x 30”

Hulu is the most popular website for people to catch up on the TV shows that they have missed. Since our re-
search showed that an online commercial would be more effective than a broadcasted commercial we first
decided to advertise here. Hulu will reach the majority of both our primary and secondary target market, which is
why we plan to run in this medium through our entire campaign.

CBS is a major network for primetime television. We have our commercial running from July through
October on the shows the feature on the website. We felt that this network in particular was important
because very often CBS doesn’t allow other websites, such as Hulu, to show their programming.

NBC, also being a major network, was a crucial media vehicle for our commercial. The commercial will run
from May through the end of August. We hope that having commercials on Hulu, CBS, and NBC during the
months of July and August will boost sales for the end of the summer.

ABC, being owned by the Disney Corporation, has programming that relates to our older demographic who may have
children as well as our secondary target market, as they have clips from sports programming. We plan on run-ning an
ad from September through the end of December. The goal of running the ad so late in the year is to focus on the
people of our target who live in warmer climates that would still be buying the product, as well as to maintain general

Similar to ABC, NBC, and CBS, Fox is a major network that has popular shows such as Glee and the Mindy Project for
our primary audience, and shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons for our secondary market. This will allow us to reach
a wider range of our target market.


Refinery29 is a fashion, beauty, and entertainment website that is es-

Food Network reaches
pecially popular among the young women of our target market. It is
the older demographic
primarily geared towards women living in metropolitan areas, such as
that we are marketing
New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, however many women around
towards. Our secondary
the country frequent the website.
research showed that our
demographic visits this
website frequently and
will be more likely to buy
Women’s Health is a fitness, health, and lifestyle magazine and our product. We also plan
website. This website attracts many women who care about their on partnering with the
health, which will associate our brand with this lifestyle. While we do not Food Network during our
plan on ad-vertising in the magazine, we feel that Women’s Health is a contest and as a sponsor
very popular website for women of any age. later on in our campaign.

Shape is a fitness, health and lifestyle magazine and website. Very

sim-ilar to Women’s Health, we hope that this will show our brand to be
a healthier brand of bottled iced tea. Unlike Women’s Health we plan
on advertising in both the magazine and on the website.


Transit advertisements can reach a large portion of the population of whatever city they are in. We chose four
major cities across the country: New York, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles. With this mix of cities, we will be
able to reach all of the main regions of the US. In New York, Boston, and Chicago the ads will run at different
times during the summer for people to buy a cold bottled iced tea. The ads in Los Angeles will run throughout
the entire campaign since, due to the warm climate, the target market there will be more likely to buy Tazo’s
bottled teas year round.

Total Circulation: 1,168,138
2015: May, August, October
2016: January
Allure is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine. It reaches our target market of 18-26 year olds. It
has a very high circulation with an even larger reach. We plan on putting 4 pages in 4 different issues.

Total Circulation: 3,527,541
2015: May, July-August, October,
2016: March
People is one of the most popular magazines in the country. It is a celebrity and fashion magazine that is in
a majority of doctors’ of-fices and waiting rooms in the country. This being such a popular magazine, we
believe that it will associate our brand with a younger and more fun audience.

Total Circulation: 2,028,998

2015: May-July, November
2016: February, April
Real Simple acts as a lifestyle guide that is targeted towards women who are working mothers. This is crucial for our market
of women 26-34 because they are the ones who drink the most tea and would be most likely to buy Tazo’s bottled teas. We
are will be featuring our ads in this magazine during the summer months to promote cooling off with a Tazo Iced Tea.

Total Circulation: 1,630,741
2015: May, July-August, October
2016: March
Shape is a very popular fitness and lifestyle magazine. As we stated with our online advertisement, we hope this magazine will associate Tazo’s line of bottled teas

with a healthy and active lifestyle. Since this is the most influential of our magazines we have chosen to put 8 pages of ads in Shape throughout our campaign.


Partnership with the Food Network: “Secret Ingredient”


“Secret Ingredient” is the partnership that Tazo is creating with the Food Network, along with the sponsorship of an
episode of its top reality based cooking show, “Chopped.” The show will feature one of Tazo’s bottled tea flavors
as the secret ingredient that will be incorporated in the courses made by the competing chefs. After the episode
has aired, the recipes will be featured in the most recent issue of the Food Network Magazine as well as on the
network’s website.


To promote Tazo’s line of Partnering with the Food Network will help us spread awareness about
bottled teas on television Tazo’s line of bottled iced tea. The fact that chefs are purchasing it reiter-
and encourage our audience ates the quality and taste, while using it as an ingredient in a Food
to buy the product. Network Magazine recipe will motivate people to buy the tea to make the
meal. This strategy also puts the product on television, which is a major
media platform that has not yet been implemented in the campaign.

“My Tazo Journey” Instagram Contest

To promote the portability of the Tazo
bottled tea while gaining followers for the
The “My Tazo Journey” Instagram brand’s Instagram account to increase
contest is a competition to see their social media impact.
who can send in the best picture
of how they enjoy their bottled STRATEGY
Tazo Tea. People can share their
moments with Tazo by tagging the Using this social media platform is a free way
company’s Instagram account and to gain publicity for Tazo’s bottled tea while
including #mytazojourney in the also driving sales. It allows people to inter-act
caption. Those who submit the top with the brand and feel more of a con-nection
three pictures will win a dinner with Tazo. Not only will the contest increase
that has been personally prepared Tazo’s social media presence, it will also
for them by one of the judges of generate positive word-of-mouth for the
the hit Food Network show, brand.

Point-of-purchase display and coupon

The in-store display will be placed at the end of aisles

in supermarkets around the country. The cutout will be
of a bottle of Tazo that has been rounded in a half-cir-
cle shape in order to make it appear more three-di-
mensional. Each display will have coupons attached to
it for people to tear off as they walk by. The coupons
will be a “buy one get one free” discount for people to
use when they purchase their Tazo bottled iced teas.


Objective: Increase sales

of Tazo’s bottled iced teas.


The point-of-purchase display will help drive up Tazo’s sales by

creating top of mind awareness as people are doing their food
shopping. The large display will catch people’s attention, while the
coupons attached to it will persuade customers to actually buy the
product. This is a great way to bump up the sales of Tazo’s bottled
iced teas.

Millennial Creative had three main objectives for this campaign: to increase Tazo’s sales by 7%, increase
convic-tion by 50%, and comprehension by 70%. The graphs and chart below show our predictions of how the
sales, conviction, and comprehension will increase each month.


Tazo’s integrated marketing communications is definitely somewhat lacking. In gener-al,

they need to increase their social media presence, as well as their product dis-tribution.
Tazo’s Twitter mainly consists of retweets, they almost never post anything original.
Creating their own tweets would make them appear to be a much more personable brand,
creating a friendlier and more positive rapport with their con-sumers. They also need to
have their product sold in more stores. As of now, their products, specifically the line of
bottled teas, are not sold at many retailers. When Tazo’s bottled teas are sold in stores
their flavor selection is very sparse. We also firmly believe Tazo would benefit from
capitalizing on bulk packaging. If consumers enjoy a product, they will want to buy it in
larger volumes rather than individually. If Tazo Bottled Tea was sold in four or six packs,
regular Tazo Tea buyers will most likely take advantage of buying in bulk. Finally, we
suggest that Tazo distributes to colleges. While many schools sell Snapple, Arizona and
Pure Leaf iced tea, Tazo is typically not available on university campuses. College
students are always on the go, and would definitely feel like they are benefiting from
buying a bottled version of their favorite

flavors of Tazo Tea.
LIZZY ROSENBERG is a full-time Connecticut resident, but is currently pursuing an Integrated
Marketing Communications degree at Ithaca College, with a minor in writing. Though she is new to
the work scene, Lizzy seeks to make creative and resourceful contributions to Millennial Creative
Aside from planning, buying and creating pretty ads, she is an active member of IC’s chapter of
the American Advertising Federation, Park Advenue, a team player on Ithaca College’s women’s
Ultimate Frisbee team and an avid writer for off-beat on-campus publication, Buzzsaw Magazine.
Lizzy finds her Zen by hitting up the gym and pumping some iron.

JACOB MANN, a sophomore at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, is an integrat-
ed marketing communications major with a minor in politics. This summer, Jacob will be interning in New
York City at Michael Moore’s Casting Agency where he will assist in casting directors, set design-ers,
and casting directors to films, television shows, and plays. His past experience in advertising and public
relations includes interning at Nickelodeon two summers ago, where he helped create adver-
tisements for Paramount and Nickelodeon films. Jacob finds his zen while spending time with friends.
LAURA EPIFANO is an Integrated Marketing Communications major at the Ithaca College Park
School of communications, with a minor in psychology. Her past internships have been at FFT
Model Management in New York City and Stuntman PR. She plans to participate in the Disney
College Internship program during the fall of her senior year. After graduation, she plans on
moving to New York City to pursue a career in advertising. Laura’s passion is traveling, and she
hopes to be able to someday take a trip around the world.
ALORA SHERBERT is an Integrated Marketing Communications major at Ithaca College with a
minor in psychology. Her past internships were with the Hangar Theatre and Cayuga Radio Group
in Ithaca, NY as well as being an on-campus Rent the Runway Rep. On campus she is involved with
Rent the Runway, and the Fitness Center, specifically with the Marketing Team. After graduation
she is not sure where she will end up she would like to work in the field of entertainment marketing
focusing on movie marketing. Alora’s passions are the arts, being a singer and actress for many
years the arts are what she loves.

JULIA KOHN is an Integrated Marketing Communications major at the Ithaca College Park
School of communications, with a minor in communication management & design. Her passion
rests within the creative department of an advertising agency. After graduation, she plans on
moving to Boston to pursue her career. Julia’s passion is hiking, and she hopes to be able to
someday hike around the world.