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TAZO’s on a quest to be the world’s most unexpected tea makers. They explore unexpected blends and tell
unexpected stories to go with them.

Witty, entertaining, unconventional stories of TAZO drinkers: People seeking to brew the
unexpected in every aspect of their lives.

What is this campaign about?

TAZO’s first ad campaign to debut since its acquisition by Unilever from Starbucks, Brew the Unexpected is not
your normal tea brand campaign as it derails the vivid cultural assumptions around a category frequently
associated with cozy relaxation or meditation. Brew the unexpected is rooted in the same sense of adventure
as the brand’s founding principles – to infuse a sense of exploration and excitement within each of the blends.

"The campaign will take people on a journey of self-discovery that reignites the curiosity
that lives within each of us — beginning with each cup of TAZO tea."
George Hamilton, Tea Director at Unilever

Why Brew the Unexpected?

In a new survey, TAZO uncovered that three out of four people want to get out of their comfort zones but are
unsure of where to begin, and more than 70 percent regret not trying something new versus trying and failing.
It is this behavioral and perceptual habit shift that let TAZO embrace its identity and present itself to a more
effervescent and outgoing audience.

This assignment entails my take on the Objectives, Target Audience and the Key response desired from the
During my planning and strategy internship at DDB Mudra, we followed a quantifiable and time bound pattern
of outlining our objectives. Since the brand is trying to enhance market share and establish its identity, a desired
objective set for the campaign could be as follows:

Marketing objective:

 To increase sales of TAZO by 7% at the end of the campaign. (Tentative and pragmatic figure)

Advertising objective:

 To achieve 70% comprehension of TAZO’s message and increase conviction by 60%.

 To have an effective reach of 70%, and an effective frequency of 4.
o Effective frequency: the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message
before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful

Time Frame: 6 months

Market share of tea brands in the USA in 2018

Target Audience
Based on the brand positioning and brand stats via InfoScout Numerator (link:, its country of origin and prominence (USA), the following can be
a desired Target Audience for TAZO:

Primary Target: 20 to 40-year-old women

Secondary Target: 20 to 32-year-old Men

The Key Insight: Women and men in this TG market shop for products that have a specific health benefit. They
have an emotional tie to the products they know and trust to work. TAZO offers a wide variety of unique blends;
each tea has its own benefits and taste preferences that resembles to unique and unexpected stories of their
The primary target market for TAZO Tea is 20 to 40-year-old women with a secondary target of 20 to 32-year-
old men. The TG is young and understanding of new technology, and is always reading about the latest styles
and trends on the internet and in magazines. They are hardworking and intelligent; they value their wellbeing,
are willing to take risks. They live healthy and lively lifestyles. Tea is an integral part of their lives and they view
tea as a beverage in their lives that not only tastes great, but also provides them with health benefits, such as
weight loss from green tea, cardiovascular health from black tea, and immune system support from white tea.

They see TAZO as a tea company with an edge and wide variety of high quality and unique blends for any
occasion they are looking for. Whether they want a sweet blend for that late-night sweet tooth without the guilt,
or Savory to sip while reading a book by the fireplace; TAZO Tea has a blend that can satisfy any person’s tea

Consumer Profiling:

Paula (Primary TG)

Meet Paula. She is a 20-year-old college student trying to balance her busy schedule of classes, school clubs, and
active social life. During the weekends she enjoys hiking with her friends to stay in shape, reading People and
Allure magazines, and catching up on her favorite shows online. She also likes reading about the latest trends
on blogs like Refinery29. During her personal time, you can find Paula cuddling up with a good book and a warm
cup of tea.

Rachel (Primary TG)

Meet Rachel. She is a 32-year-old working mother who is constantly running around to take care of her kids and
move up in her career. Every weekend she goes food shopping for her family, making sure to buy healthier foods
so her and her kids will have a nutritious, balanced diet. To unwind on the weekends, she enjoys swimming,
taking yoga classes at her local gym, and relaxing with her family while she sips her favorite tea. She also likes
reading Real Simple, her favorite magazine, and watching the Food Network so she can try some of their new
recipes to try out on her two kids.

Mark (Secondary TG)

Meet Mark. He is a 26-year-old living in New York City who is trying to work his way up in his career. Every
morning during his commute to the office, Mark likes to watch episodes of his favorite shows on Hulu. On the
weekends, he enjoys playing basketball and going out in the city with his friends. On the occasions when he can
catch his favorite shows on primetime, Mark and his girlfriend like to stay in and brew their favorite teas.

Key response wanted from the advertising campaign

Spreading TAZO’s message “Brew the unexpected” through advertising and sales promotion alike intends to
build relationships with consumers, increasing awareness and comprehension of the TAZO brand.

Ultimately, this campaign will make tea-drinkers seek the unique experience in flavor, quality and personality of
TAZO Tea and urges them to:

 Increase top of the mind recall for TAZO and buy TAZO tea more frequently off the shelves
 Associate TAZO with unexpected blends and an unexpected but pleasurable experience

Final Thoughts

The Campaign is my cup of tea

I love my tea, and I love this campaign. The surprise twists in the spots are really unexpected and made
me laugh. TAZO breaks the clutter in the segment with its humorous take on tea advertising. And
while it may be unusual for a tea campaign, that’s a pretty common, and successful, marketing
technique as it reinforces the self-expressive benefit of the brand, i.e. drinking TAZO tea projects a
sophisticated and worldly image as drinkers of TAZO tea express themselves as upper-class individuals
who appreciate a measure of whimsy.