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An Introduction to PPIC3 Programme Leela) Your Safety Our Priority Piao oc castrate toe Minister’s Vision to create a safe CON tS Cat RCTS etic) PASO Cam Rat! Denn ee See SOc ma Caact RRS Re Lamu Neocon Pee acer Lets wa eg RTT ose oer eh aceon Presets raved COVER Coes easter BEGINNING OF A NEW POLICE CULTURE Punjab Safe Cities Authority An Introduction to PPIC3 Programme Vision Safe, peaceful and prosperous cities of the Punjab. Mission ‘The PSCA improves law enforcement capacity of Punjab police to ensure timely response to emergencies and crime prevention by equipping police with state-of-the-art technology. Value: Five core values define our work in the 21st century. Equality: Our mission and programmes are defined by our commitment to equality for all communities. Respect: We believe dignity and respect of every individual is of prime importance. Innovation: Our organizational culture encourages modern and innovative approaches for public safety. Partnership: We value collaboration with visionary leaders and committed teams to improve lives in cities. Integrity and Dedication: Our policies of PSCA and operations at PPIC3 Centers reflect the integrity and dedication of our professional staff. An Introduction to PPIC3 Pr Objective The overall objective of the Punjab Police Integrated Command and Control Centre (PPIC3) Programme is to modernize the infrastructure, systems, processes and capabilities for the police to proactively manage the security situation and to professionalize the police response to incidents by moving towards directed and mission-focused deployment of resources. The Programme will bring together an innovative Concept of Operations (ConOps), quality focused business processes with an integrated technical solution to provide an operational solution that delivers: 1, New technology, process and infrastructure to provide real-time information and intelligence to facilitate field commanders making evidence based decisions in operationally critical situations 2. Ability to have access to and share information within the Punjab Police departments as well as external agencies to ensure seamless service delivery to the public and a more timely and effective response 3. Provision of information and intelligence to ensure priority and allocation of the most appropriate resources in response to calls for assistance. 4. _ Provision of high quality integrated emergency response systems to the residents and visitors to Punjab and specifically Lahore 5. _ Delivery of flexible operational command systems that can evolve and bala] czPamidwith the evolving needs ofthe public. 4 Fa 6. __ Increased capacity that acknowledges foreseeable growth profiles in the future. 7. Thedesign and implementation of an integrated PPIC3 organizational operating model to optimize cross agency coordination, communication, and effectiveness of public safety and emergency services delivery. 8. Provision of Intelligent Police Traffic Management system with centralized signal control Management capability for smooth and safe flow of trafficin the city. 9. Provision of a robust and secure telecommunication system based upon LTE-A technology capable of integrating other sources of communication. 10. Installation of city wide surveillance network to monitor and respond to ‘emergencies, crimes and preventive actions for public safety and security.