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Gargoule volume sixty-four, issue eleven ‘march 1th, 2018 2 Masthead ‘managing oditor-in-chiot anitsang content editor in- perboy Lucas love you, Lucas) distributes them to newsstands arts & culture facros the UTSG camps. Somehow this didnot stop an olde lady daniela mahnvoudt fom reading last years Bute Issue on busin Etobicoke, but hey thats a ig saya morgan | That's ight tisisthe meta issue, where we tink all about what i means to bea newspaper, what it means to ereate content, ad ask avant-garg rd itting questions like “Does a newspaper have tobe good Isobe eamegie& ayn parker wa? deal ? politics 1 don't know. Cec sfest pas un newspaper. I's fasimile ofa sofa champion newspaper in which you wil find the folowing thingies “tne top 10 tweets by Avneet Sharma as chosen by Avneet Sharma science a grup poern made in exquisite corpse style by the stat Teas huntsman meekur “Some self-referential memes ‘all the tings that make up». a newspaper, know? alice yang ‘Next issue wil be our last for the year But remember The Gargoyle 2 loves you (es, ou). The Lit has let us back into our office event lastrator ally. We can make t a beautifl home with you, dear reader joa utencier : ‘Metaphysical, copy editor spied emma kelly {An Li Teang & Avnet Sharma BBitrs-in-Chiet front cover, _ jodi eutencier 1D Reece? back cover een avneet sharma 8 Isang | Sat oeritne mr shniesarrunner "i iGargovle] stat iam p. bryant padraic eatin it keaton abby moser matea roach charlie wagner-chazalon contributors ofeoluwa adara joey ble jeshua biensock grace Kovacs About us ‘The Gargoyle is University College's greaiest student newspaper that publishes every two weeks. Weare a paper that believes that sometimes you should be angry, and tha sometimes you should be loud, and if you have not hada voice before, you deserve a voice. We do not give print space 10 bigots and we do not feign neutealt on iss of soil justice. At this moment, eveything in Out ‘office is supplies necessary to make a newspaper submissionseuegargoyleca ay, TD) aaeg MAKES ‘oO META MEMES (orth nfl omits edieh) " someone: i'd die for you then perish AMI py “Jo y’ Balle sory Jay Ba sole youwill Ewma daniela ———— lucas please 7, don't ae Sr avnee} coo Gein SAIN Gig Css Fddiefor ISoREL — Decle YOuFIS Ta yyy T “How dare “bold of you to you Eg i “Please assume!