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Who is most responsible for the outcome of the play Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?

Why do you think the witches chose Macbeth for their victim? Would Banquo have
served their purpose just as well?

What do you think is Macbeth’s biggest mistake?

Is there any evidence that suggests Macbeth’s moral compass was righting itself in
Act 5?

Does Macbeth qualify as a true tragic hero, according to Aristotle? Why or why not?

Lady Macbeth: Is she entirely evil? Are there any redeeming qualities about her?

Macbeth: Is he entirely evil? Are there any redeeming qualities about him?

Looking at the outcomes of the play, what role does free will have in Macbeth’s
downfall and what role does fate have?

What instances does Macbeth willfully choose evil over good?

A tragic hero should provoke our sympathy. Do you sympathize with Macbeth? Why
or why not?

What are some current day situations that mimic the same type of struggle for power
, leading to a violent outcome?