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Ennyman's Territory

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012 About Me

Exloring HyperLightness ad absurdum with ENNYMAN
Portuguese Artist Margarida Sardinha
I met the Portuguese geometric/kinetic artist
Margarida Sardinha via Twitter in 2010 and have
found her work ceaselessly interesting. It was
Put Yourself at E's
through Sardinha that I became acquainted
with, and fell in love with the work of, the poet View my complete profile
Fernando Pessoa.
Sardinha's work strives to encompass a universe
of ideas, distilling them into a density
comparable to what Umberto Eco and Jorge Luis
Borges have done by means of literature, except
that her canvas encompasses both visual and
audio symbology in a dynamic manner that
embraces and transcends these literary visionaries. Because of the
length, and the density of this dialogue, I have chosen to break it into
three blog entries. Stay with us and be rewarded.

Ennyman: You say

that you spent six
years working on
this project. How
was the project first
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MS: HyperLightness
ad absurdum was
born from a deep
spiritual need to engage in a process of understanding plurality in
Oneness that is embodied in symbology’s divine strength. All my
previous works had been trying to convey this notion of Coincidentia
Oppositorum in different ways and with different mediums such as the
installation “As Above, so Below...” that reflected the Christian
gnostic multiplicity of Fernando Pessoa’s personality and its
Kabbalistic counterpart. In HLadA the animated optical illusion was
the perfect medium to suggest not only our symbolic subconscious
processing but also its illusionary trickeries for it mirrored one single
true symbol/icon several times using a whirling swift rotation. I
started doing animations back in 2001, and by 2004 I was using them
to do Vjing in London. That was an escape from other overly
conceptual works that I was engaged in – Vjing is all about spontaneity Unrembered Histories
and so I did it to fill the gap of such rigidity with animations that were
purely experimental, thus synaesthesia really gave me the freedom of FAVORITE STORIES
movement and thought I was lacking in some other more precisely
intended work. I then decided to start an animation film project that
would be the matrix of all my future work – a sort of symbolic
mapping guideline for posterior work and I began HyperLightness that
soon proved to be a Herculean task… I did not give up till it was
finalised and all its research, over 60 intricate geometrical hand-
drawn studies plus models, the poems and the animation took me six
years to complete…

E: Did you
anticipate that
it would take
this long? When
you first
ad absurdum,
how long did
you expect it
would take to

MS: In the first few months I kept telling myself that it was almost
finished and then everyday a new twist, concept, symbol, experience,
image, idea sprung and after one year I fully understood it would take
me years to complete it. I also realized in that year of 2005 when the
whole work was drawn out and I was still in London that I needed to
split HyperLightness into three different outputs so things didn’t
become too heavy in one single work and thus I instead decided to
assemble three works that would complement each other – a book of
poems and symbols titled HyperLightness ad infinitum, the animation Follow by Email
called HyperLightness ad absurdum and a website as HyperLightness
ad aeternum. HyperLightness ad absurdum was completed September Email address... Submit
last year and the book and the website will be published later this
Follow @ennyman3

E: Could you tell

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us about the
importance of the Posts
role of Sacred
Geometry in your Comments
work in general
and in Blog Archive
HyperLightness ad ▼ 2012 (114)
absurdum in ► April (22)
▼ March (31)
MS: I believe from spiritual experience that sacred geometry unlocks Uprooted: The Ralph Kand
hidden passages of our consciousness. The religiousness embodied by Story (Introduction)
these forms and proportions emanate millenary energy of faith and The Bodyguard and Richard
mystical worship, which contemporary man now dismisses as Cory
something lost and as a past vain procedure, but I do not agree with Jazz, Sea of Bowls and
that assumption for I believe that faith as well as love is never lost, Samsara
thus quite the contrary, it probably is the only thing in every human
Wordless Wednesday: Buddha-
being that lives on forever. In my view, our mind/soul not only (as A-Day with Footnote
Plato asserted) has innate imprinted archetypal forms prior to our Ten Minutes with Kat Eldred,
awareness, but this being the resultant consequence of a perpetual Part II
emotional state of prayer and deep wishing along with strong belief
Ten Minutes with Kat Eldred,
generating very simple forms and evolving in a semiotic mode without
an Arts-Centered Life...
our conscientious awareness. In other words, what I’m saying is that
our emotions according to our needs propel faith and belief (many In Response to the Scenery
times blind belief) may have formed throughout aeons deep inside our Greg Volk Sums Up History of
consciousness a mesh of symbols that relate to the essence of what Modern Art In Just Ov...
surrounds us and, therefore, it is in a constant collective unconscious Tickets Now Available for
evolution. This unconscious growth of forms would then explain why Desire in Duluth with Sc...
we have the capacity to recognize perceptions such as Time, Space,
A Moose at the Ochre Ghost
Love, Hate, Chaos, Harmony etc. and constantly “remember” them in
and More
a new light.
Dialogue with Margarida
Sardinha on
Thus to evoke
this innate
isomorphism, Dialogue with Margarida
the ancient Sardinha on
Pythagoreans HyperLightness...
used a secret Exloring HyperLightness ad
ritualistic absurdum with Portugue...
practice to pass A Few Notes On Positive
on what they Workaholism
believed to be a
Ten Minutes with Jessica
gift from God -
Liszewski, Artist and Gal...
the Tetractys -
the germ of the Musica Universalis or Harmony of the Spheres based True Grit and My Problem with
The Duke
on geometrical musical ratios; so do Hindus and Buddhists everywhere
till today endlessly draw, contemplate and meditate upon Killing Trees
geometrical based images (mandalas & yantras) as a ritualistic process Wordless Wednesday: Red
that they will not rescind; and the unveiling of the geometry in the Revisited
sacred Jewish, Greek and Arabic alphabets that acknowledges the
One Minute Book Reviews
hermetic geometrical understanding of the Bible’s Old Testament is
the work of the Kabbalist. By doing so all these “believers” somehow A Few Minutes with Karen
Collins, Author of Danny ...
touched the very essence of understanding the absurd, or, as Einstein
so well put it “The eternal mystery of the Universe is its Message to a Young Writer
comprehensibility.” – they hence become acquainted with eternal Hoppin'
structures that are beyond time and change for these constants are
Fermentation in the Twin Ports
irrationally invariable and thus form the very link between nature and
Arts Scene
man’s knowledge or perception of it. Accepting these gnosiological
notions annihilates duality and every polarised conception becomes The Geometry of Innocence
whole. By squaring the circle, finding the Baühutte point in the Wordless Wednesday
drawing of the Vesica Piscis, by interlocking the nine triangles of the Something's Happening Here
Shri Yantra, designing the Cosmic Egg, linking all the ratios and angles
Ox-Bow Incident Shines a Light
of Platonic geometrical solids of cosmic tessitura in a “symphonic”
On Mob Rule
composition ruled by “dynamic symmetry” corresponding in space to
eurhythmy in time, by finding the Golden Mean in the Pentalpha and Whitney and Elvis
Star of David and meditating upon its geometrical Golden Triangles Wooden Teeth & Romantic
contributing for the understanding of Phi with its gnomonic Scandals
progression and going back to Pi, and much, much more… the initiate The Creative Act
encounters the sublime in what it is called an anthropomorphic vision
Mise en place
of creation which is concealed in every temple of every religion as
well as in the forms of galaxies and quantum patterns. Thus, for these ► February (29)
reasons and beyond I define the semiotics of such symbolic
► January (32)
procedures as the fundamental basis of my practice and in
HyperLightness ad absurdum they were combined according to ► 2011 (371)
intricate complementary personal and universal foundations, that in ► 2010 (367)
brief, can be described as manifestations of belief cannons such as ► 2009 (360)
the Tree of Life, the Flower of Life, the Yin and Yang, the Cosmic
► 2008 (344)
Egg, the Wheel, the Sri Yantra, the Lotus Flower and a Celtic
mandala; so that the work evokes the meaning and epitome ► 2007 (168)
proportions carried by these symbols and relates them to the
polarized transcendental archetypal opposites – Space and Time, Love
and Pain, Light and Mirror, Heart and Mind – as the unseen origin of
the further geometrical solids of cosmic tessitura that form an
hermetic unity through symmetry or modular repetition combining the
singular and plural where the law of the excluded middle has no


Posted by ENNYMAN at 6:06 AM

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The views expressed on this
blogspot are mine alone and do not
Labels: art, cosmic ideas, HyperLightness ad absurdum, Margarida reflect the views of my employer.
Sardinha, spiritual art

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ar·a·besque /ˌærə
ˈbɛsk/ [ar-uh-besk] –
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noun 1. Fine Arts . a
sinuous, spiraling,
Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) undulating, or serpentine line or
linear motif. 2. a pose i...

Curses, Foiled Again

The origin of the line
"Curses, foiled again!"
is from the wonderful
and hilariously
popular cartoon show, The
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwin...

Scarlet Rivera,
Violinist from Dylan’s
In preparation for this
year’s Dylan Fest, the Armory Arts &
Music Center is presenting a concert
featuring famed violinist Scarlet
Rivera w...

de Chirico
While looking at a
very cool art blog, I
noticed there some
paintings by Giorgio
de Chirico, a highly influential artist
in the early mode...
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Ennyman's Territory

TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2012 About Me

Dialogue with Margarida Sardinha on ENNYMAN
HyperLightness ad absurdum, Part II
It is not often that we find people in our fast-paced push-button age
who have the patience to remain focused on a single project or
problem for months at a time, and even more unusual when a single
Put Yourself at E's
idea stretches to years in its transition from germination to full
development. Margarida Sardinha's commitment to HyperLightness ad View my complete profile
absurdum is therefore more astonishing in the light of its rarity.
Anyone who experiences the project will be immediately struck by its
singularity. This is part two of my dialogue with the Portuguese artist
regarding her work.

Ennyman: The
combined with
flashing iconic
imagery is indeed
hypnotic. In what
sense are
Kabbalistic and
other religious
and scientific
Click book covers to purchase.
woven into the visual force of this animation? AND ALSO...

MS: The optical illusion produced by the HyperLightness ad absurdum

animation is due to a very fast-paced rotation producing an
afterimage compounding self-reflective, or mirror-images, of the
original unique “sign”. It is a hypnotic procedure leading to "extreme
consciousness - visual telepathy" which links to key philosophical and
religious postulates of "innate vibrational" geometry that foreshadow
future technologies and the evolution, thus, also the predicted
involution of mankind at a microcosmic/subatomic and macrocosmic

The work is hence the result of an extended geometrical and religious

study envisioning a symbolic union between Western and Eastern
paths of spiritual fulfillment. Its symbology is expressed or crystallised
in geometrical solids and energy forms that are innate in all mankind.
The Tantric Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist ideas relate to the Christian Unrembered Histories
and Kabbalistic ones, namely, the concepts of Brahman, Tao and Zen
coupled with the notion of Ein-Sof and Omnipresent God. In both, the FAVORITE STORIES
Kabbalistic Ein-Sof as in the Hindu Brahman, an underlying Reality is
implied as being the substance, energy and consciousness of Life and
mind, thus this Principle or Being is actually considered to be beyond
any form of God that may be contacted, venerated or described. In
the referred paths this supreme level is infinite and transcends any
duality or apparent opposition, thus in its cosmologies this Spiritual
Infinite is identified as “Void” or the “emptiness” in which all the
endless generating Energy of Life and Cosmos is contained. Seemingly,
as every Hindu God and Goddess is considered to be yet another
manifest aspect of the all-unifying Brahman so does the Kabbalist as
manifest forms of the Primordial Ein-Sof contemplate the Sephirot
and the Partzufim. The divine equally reveals itself in these traditions
by being in all of them mirrored in the conceptions of the human soul
through stages of evolving consciousness and in the specific
procedures of ascesis, meditation and ecstasy. Similarly, too, the
Hindu conception of Maya and the Kabbalistic illusion produced by
Tzimtzum are both founded in the understanding of this phenomena
as a derivative of human ignorance and for that matter it constitutes
the root or cause of the assumption of a divided and limited time and

For all these

streams of
spirituality to
illusion is one of
its main purposes.
In animated film
by means of visual
memory our sight produces an optical illusion – afterimage – that is Follow by Email
explored in HyperLightness ad absurdum to convey, unveil and
deconstruct the divine proportions within the twenty-five geometrical Email address... Submit
solids that compose it, reflecting the Kabbalistic steps and paths of
the Tree of Life under a fractal and geometrically rotational spatial
Follow @ennyman3
movement that evokes centripetal and centrifugal force. Jewish and
Christian omnipotent God speaks through Kabbalah’s Tree of Life that
Subscribe To
is a vehicle beyond a lifelong search which is here, as mentioned
above, combined with an alchemical process of unification and with Posts
other structural methods of belief in Coincidentia Oppositorum, such
as, the Tantric Buddhist and Hindu mandalas or yantras, and mantras Comments
giving much emphasis on the nondual Divine Consciousness and the
dispersal of Maya. The ideal of infinitude in Brahma and in Ein-Sof Blog Archive
being the complete Absolute Void and nonetheless being a source of ▼ 2012 (114)
endless energy at a cosmological scientific level corresponds to an ► April (22)
infinitely small dimension of space-time – singularity - containing the
▼ March (31)
“primordial atom” (energy) whose explosion – Big Bang – originated
the four visible dimensions of the universe where space-time Uprooted: The Ralph Kand
continuum is an illusionary phenomena and paradox is latent in every Story (Introduction)
polarised assumption only culminating in Absolute absurdity ad The Bodyguard and Richard
aeternum. So, HyperLightness ad absurdum reveals the optical Cory
characteristics of hyperspace and hypertime in a supersymmetric Jazz, Sea of Bowls and
continuum by means of an optical illusion which is formed by a spatial Samsara
overlapping that seemingly occurs in nature’s manifold illusion where
Wordless Wednesday: Buddha-
the several relative dimensional spaces seem to converge into A-Day with Footnote
successive fractions of one codimension visually evoked by the film’s Ten Minutes with Kat Eldred,
frame rate format and the rotative torsion of the symbols. Part II
Ten Minutes with Kat Eldred,
E: Portuguese is your native tongue. Why have you chosen to produce
an Arts-Centered Life...
this piece in English?
In Response to the Scenery
MS: Following the feeling of Tao’s reassuring unity where every single Greg Volk Sums Up History of
sound involves in itself all other sounds and each succeeding audial Modern Art In Just Ov...
encounter is richer in revelations than the one before, consequently, Tickets Now Available for
the artist and later the hearer are forced to rescind one’s cultural Desire in Duluth with Sc...
language for the sake of losing oneself in the punctuality of a musical
A Moose at the Ochre Ghost
infinite… I thus found that infinite in the English language’s
and More
resonances and using its timbres I conceived the mantric repetition of
HyperLightness ad absurdum poem. Its sound and music were Dialogue with Margarida
Sardinha on
recorded, edited and polished by my good friend, António Vilhena
Dialogue with Margarida
E: Sardinha on
HyperLightness HyperLightness...
ad absurdum is Exloring HyperLightness ad
dramatic, but absurdum with Portugue...
almost difficult A Few Notes On Positive
to engage due to Workaholism
its blazing
Ten Minutes with Jessica
Liszewski, Artist and Gal...
aspect. What has True Grit and My Problem with
The Duke
been the
reaction of Killing Trees
others who have experienced it thus far? Wordless Wednesday: Red
MS: Most people find it extremely relevant how the work reveals a
One Minute Book Reviews
spiritual metaphysical concern besides it being conveyed in a global
consumerist, post-Nietzschean and post-Marxist society. Especially A Few Minutes with Karen
Collins, Author of Danny ...
people who thus re-access the deconstruction of dogmas and the
relationship between immutability and mutability have pondered it Message to a Young Writer
further and constantly challenge it and reviewed it. However, quite Hoppin'
often people fall into asking me the question of whether the
Fermentation in the Twin Ports
animation’s movements are arbitrary or predetermined, forgetting
Arts Scene
that they are once again falling into an illusive dichotomy, for both
randomness and predictability are one and the same substance, The Geometry of Innocence
hence, its apparent duality is a mere illusion which can be only Wordless Wednesday
compared to the very indistinct line between science and religion. Something's Happening Here
Often people who experienced HyperLightness ad absurdum have also
Ox-Bow Incident Shines a Light
personally felt the discrepancy between the acceptance of spirituality
On Mob Rule
in today’s contemporary society as something sound and worthwhile.
Whitney and Elvis
Most people have actually posed yet another dispute to me – they Wooden Teeth & Romantic
prefer the usage of the term spiritual instead of religious when Scandals
referring to enlightening personal experiences and I persistently insist The Creative Act
in using the word religious commonly, for I believe there should be no
Mise en place
fear in using this definition and by further avoiding its use we are
simply in denial and opening up an even bigger gulf between ► February (29)
definitions which in every aspect are uniform. Nevertheless, each
► January (32)
person has a different experience when viewing the work, hence a
different perspective on the spiritual or religious aspect of their ► 2011 (371)
being, and I can only hope that my work will somehow expand that ► 2010 (367)
side which is so often neglected and crushed by an intellectual ► 2009 (360)
polarity of rational versus irrational, for usually people assume one
► 2008 (344)
over the other, frequently forgetting they are also both One. So, if I
can provide with HyperLightness ad absurdum some sort of "channel" ► 2007 (168)
for people into the realm of the hidden never-ending and non-
polarized source of consciousness, I will be pleased to have done so.

Here below is an excerpt from HyperLightness ad absurdum.

The views expressed on this

blogspot are mine alone and do not
reflect the views of my employer.

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TO BE CONTINUED ar·a·besque /ˌærə
ˈbɛsk/ [ar-uh-besk] –
Posted by ENNYMAN at 6:03 AM noun 1. Fine Arts . a
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sinuous, spiraling,
undulating, or serpentine line or
Labels: art, ennyman, HyperLightness ad absurdum, interview, linear motif. 2. a pose i...
Margarida Sardinha
Curses, Foiled Again
0 comments: The origin of the line
"Curses, foiled again!"
Post a Comment is from the wonderful
and hilariously
popular cartoon show, The
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwin...
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Scarlet Rivera,
Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Dream-Weaving
Violinist from Dylan’s
In preparation for this
year’s Dylan Fest, the Armory Arts &
Music Center is presenting a concert
featuring famed violinist Scarlet
Rivera w...

de Chirico
While looking at a
very cool art blog, I
noticed there some
paintings by Giorgio
de Chirico, a highly influential artist
in the early mode...
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Ennyman's Territory

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012 About Me

Dialogue with Margarida Sardinha on ENNYMAN
HyperLightness ad absurdum, Part III
Today would typically be Wordless Wednesday, but it seems
appropriate to instead complete this trilogy of blog entries, which
began Monday, in one piece. At the end of today's segment will be
Put Yourself at E's
another video clip and contact information for Margarida.
View my complete profile
Ennyman: What is
environment for
HyperLightness ad
absurdum? Do you
envision it in
museums, art
theaters, or

MS: HyperLightness
ad absurdum has actually been conceived in the aftermath of a period
of extensive site-specific work (mainly installations). From 1996 to
2004 most of the work that I produced was indeed site-specific and
therefore it was one of the main turning points in my pattern of work
to form an alternative which would be completely self-contained and
Click book covers to purchase.
self-contextualized. I felt that need because the “in site” dependency
of the several works was weighing too much on me and the feeling I AND ALSO...
had towards them was exactly the opposite… as soon as a piece was
(or is) completed I have an enormous sense of detachment from it, as
if it has a life of its own and it is simply no longer mine nor have I
anything else to do with it. For that reason I felt a deep need to
create a form of work that was perdurable and to some extent self-
reflexive without my constant supervision – that would always
preserve its meaning unchanged independently of its conceptual or
physical support or location. Consequently HyperLightness ad
absurdum may be exhibited everywhere in any digital or film
platform, from a computer screen to a cinema projection or a gallery
E: We all have many Unrembered Histories
life influences that
shape our art. Can FAVORITE STORIES
you identify a few
primary influences
that led specifically
to the conception
and development of
HyperLightness ad
absurdum? Did you
have an "Aha!"
moment when you saw in advance where you wanted it to go?

MS: It is very difficult for me to detach influences in such a linear

way, for of course my life’s general influences were the one’s that
shaped HyperLightness ad absurdum unless I would give you here the
work’s bibliography that expands over ten pages… No, relax, I am not
going to do that to you. I will give you a short general one instead:
Art: John Latham, James Turrell, Sol LeWitt, Howard Hodgkin, Anish
Kapoor, Tacita Dean, Michal Rovner, Daniel Buren.
Literature: Fernando Pessoa, Virginia Woolf, Marcel Proust, Goethe,
W. B. Yeats, Italo Calvino, Albert Camus, J. L. Borges, Fyodor
Dostoyevsky, Umberto Eco.
Philosophy: Plato, Kant, Wittgenstein, Theodor Adorno, Carl Jung,
Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze.
Science: Euclid, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Matila Ghyka, Benoit
Mandelbrot, Keith Critchlow, Henri Poincaré, Roger Penrose, Douglas
Film: Terrence Malick, Jean-Luc Godard, Stanley Kubrick, Oskar
Fischinger, Harry Everett Smith, James & John Whitney.
Religion (besides various sacred texts & scriptures): Robert Fludd,
Ananda Coomaraswamy, Sri Aurobindo, J. Krishnamurti, Rudolf
Steiner, Shri Ramakrishna.
Follow by Email
As for the Aha moments, they constitute special personal instants that
are always momentary flashes into another realm of consciousness. Email address... Submit
They shape me as a person and therefore eventually they crystallize
in the work that I create, though it may not be via a conscious route.
Follow @ennyman3

E: Of the full list,

Subscribe To
can you suggest
two or three most Posts
influences? Comments

MS: Yes, of course, Blog Archive

Plato, Plato and ▼ 2012 (114)
Plato for ► April (22)
everything else
▼ March (31)
(apart from ancient texts) is either wrong or nothing but a footnote of
his complete dialogues. Uprooted: The Ralph Kand
Story (Introduction)
E: Does the breadth of your reading and experience ever make you The Bodyguard and Richard
feel a sense of “apartness” from the culture you live in? Not in a Cory
superior way, but in the sense that the number of people you can Jazz, Sea of Bowls and
talk with in depth about some of your thoughts and ideas must be Samsara
Wordless Wednesday: Buddha-
A-Day with Footnote
MS: I have a few friends, with whom I spend hours, days talking, but Ten Minutes with Kat Eldred,
most of my work is a solitary one and I cannot live without that Part II
seclusion. I am fully conscious of the privilege that is in current days
Ten Minutes with Kat Eldred,
to be in a situation where one loves what one does – like myself – and
an Arts-Centered Life...
is able to do it without major restrictions, for I could not imagine
myself doing anything else or in any different way. I don’t necessarily In Response to the Scenery
need to constantly debate ideas as some people do for I don’t believe Greg Volk Sums Up History of
that “Knowledge is power” and rely on my own sense of honesty and Modern Art In Just Ov...
self-criticism to guide me through sometimes difficult conceptual Tickets Now Available for
alleyways. I know this will come as a shock, but for me knowledge is Desire in Duluth with Sc...
exactly the opposite of a power struggle for it can be used to be of
A Moose at the Ochre Ghost
extreme generosity towards the world instead of trying to rule it.
and More

E: Finally, what is the status of HyperLightness ad absurdum? Dialogue with Margarida

Sardinha on
MS: As of today, 17th of March 2012, HyperLightness ad absurdum is
on the line up for: Dialogue with Margarida
Rockland Shorts, Rockland, US Sardinha on
Take Two by Salon Ciel in New York, US HyperLightness...
Magmart Festival in Naples, Italy Exloring HyperLightness ad
Accolade Award of Merit in CA, US absurdum with Portugue...
Winner of the Indie Award of Merit in CA, U.S. A Few Notes On Positive
E: And most recently, as I learned Tuesday evening, HyperLightness
Ten Minutes with Jessica
ad absurdum received the Certificate of Merit from the Rochester
Liszewski, Artist and Gal...
International Film Festival NY, US
True Grit and My Problem with
The Duke
Margarida Sardinha’s official website and contact information can be
found at: Killing Trees
Wordless Wednesday: Red
MS: I thank you Ed for your continuous interest in my work and for all Revisited
your patience in considering publishing these perhaps complex ideas
One Minute Book Reviews
and notions. Although, I would like to yet say this account is still
skimming the surface of an overly intricate multifaceted array of A Few Minutes with Karen
Collins, Author of Danny ...
detailed considerations and analysis that I hope will be of interest to
you and to the readers under the form of the upcoming book Message to a Young Writer
HyperLightness ad infinitum. Hoppin'
Fermentation in the Twin Ports
E: To readers here, a parting video excerpt. Thank you, Margarida.
Arts Scene
The Geometry of Innocence
Wordless Wednesday
Something's Happening Here
Ox-Bow Incident Shines a Light
On Mob Rule
Whitney and Elvis
Wooden Teeth & Romantic
The Creative Act
Mise en place

► February (29)
Posted by ENNYMAN at 6:05 AM ► January (32)

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