l1nis inuer-estiltllg amcltreN1tS wa.NASA article Oil Sa,LUlkriV. ill M (A~i'tr.:t[rtUD:teJli.

g,ence} Mngmae in Spring of 1985 written by NASA regearoher~ Rkk Briggs.

~n andent IHd.Ji~ the; Inl:e:J1tiionro diSCOV~ftiuthl.\ias 8:0 OOhS!IiII1l]TIg, that in 'l:Jh;e Jlrooe.fiS~ they d~ §CoveTed pe.l"kipiiithe most pe'rkal:rooU 'fh.r 'wm fllli[lg lluch a s;e:rrchtlnat the~""Ol1d. has eve,r known ~~. the Sa:nrskri[ ]anguage,

Of ~lltbe discoveries tll'~!'l: have occurred and d:eveloped in .tJJ-,e course of human hIstory. l!tmg:u~geisthe mort sigi1ific~n~ 3fld probably themest mkein fur g:mt1red. WifhOllt hlll1gUiihg,e" chliHmtiOiO cmdd o:b"~i.o,t~.iy not exist " On the other hand, to tlJe&~e timt km~ beco:l:lf.les, :Hophi~tiC.'Jit~ ·:mdaccmare, in diese<rib]ng the su.bUety·and. oom.p]e:.clty oflnm:mn lire. ~v:e gwnpowru and et'fecth~e'n'e,ss in meeti 11¥ its clu.:neng:es, The aceess to modieE'n t~dum]ogy ,"vilkh hasheeu designed. to gj'\iee.a:se) efHciency ~nd enjoyment in meeHng o:u:JI' di1lllly' needs did. nnt eKW,t at theb.eginning ofthe 'cent~~ty- Itwes madepessible l1y acce1iie<rn:ted adva:[Ican,en~in the 1I1;eld o.fnruathemi1lJtic:s~ a !'[ang~tage~' wfliCl1!. has helped as to. disoo'll«the lfflet:reli.ilionship of ~OOtgy and ma'~ with a high degree of precision. The f!e5'trlwng 1eclm.o]o!"y is evidenee of the treme:n:d~:lUspo ... \".ertlK1it is unleashed giml?~ by being able ta: maker the finer and finer dii:s:tind1an that a. iru1!g.utIge. like mathematics fl'fIf'O:lds.

At fhe'same time' Imma[lldnd h. f!lUel1.m heh~nd the !3.d.v8tlCemel1.rn. inrechtl.oIogy" The preearious sn.1Thte of poHticaI and eoo.~ogic:al imbru0!lu:re that W~ -R~ :n:ow experiencing is. ~:lldbl:'iomsign of the power of ~b:noliOgyfu:r exc.eedin~ the po~oer of hl!JJIlUIiH beiingg to be in Odtl~roI ofi'l jW:: oould eagj]y he mgJled lhilt we have l~nen ~hlf behlnd the ad!v31lcemep,ts in t'ecflllolo$Y,. simply beeanse th:e'IM~ge:s 'we use (''Or daily 'CQ;mm[micat]o·n d'o no,t fu,e;]p' us 1'0' . m~eH1e di:s:dnctillli1$' req-af~dw be in Q~ce ur1thtfue 'I:eC'J:mology '~J!J~t bas taken over OIl! lives,

Rlelevam: to this there· hlJJ~recet1tly been an I3llIDumi'ing discowr}1 I~ at dteNASArese'aroh ~:nli:er. T1te: foHQll!.1i11g qnote is: from .lEIlI1imtiole:, whkl'l 13:p!pea:red in Ail" Ma'!.~n;]ne"( Amficlal Inite:mg~l1oo )~n

Spring of 1985~:vr1~t"{'.n NASA researcher, Rkk Briggs.

ln the~g~ lWQnty )'wts) m[;l;ch time, dfotl, and money has, been exp~l'l!tk~.d on d.esigning !ili1 nlll3Jn.Mgw)us representatien of niil:L'ITf-a~ langRlag~ro make them accessible to compul\e1t processing. These effi:JA'Sha~~ centered f1tlJ:(md croo:Hng $Chem.ail'iil d~siWled to parallel logic~!] reIationswUh relatiens. expressed by the sy[llt~x m'lid sernsntics of lfli9:1trrrn] la:nguag~. which are cl~y cumber.s()m~ and run lbigJL].QilJS inl til:e:ir f~mc1]0ilili as veMdcsmr ibi2; ira:nsmisshllnll or~og.]mli~d:aJta Und{''1'smnJalb~y~ thereis a w]rlft'~rpreadheHd' thlilit. niEliitu:mal 1 iFl!Jl~]~ge'£ ;ffre ~]llSlli"l:M]e fOlr the fmJ1S1n]1\:l\lOIl Orfl~ :udffils' tlml :mf~fidmJ [aHgI1mg,'e.,~ can renderw] til gremtt pred:S:DOIIf.I iilJnd mfltllemail.i.e<l] rig!IJr,.

(Jm thls d~chooont)\ which has served as Oil. premise ~mdil'IT]ying 'lllUCh work in the areas of Hng£JisUc,'s: >.)J1d artlficial ]n~~mg~nc$t is a false one. 'here is m I~Sit ene bJ.!gll~ge-,> SSJtskrltj 'whiCh forthij! duration of ;a.J,:rn{)·~t 1 000 year.sw,;t$ 3. ih'ingsp()~n l"angwage with 0L tlCjm~demb]e l'ite:m!u.e oir its Q'M11. Besidesweeks of Hterar)' "\i';;iJ1!e, there was, a ~Ohg: phU~)isophlrc~!] a.1l~ grm1fl1naticaJl ·tradit~on 1t[mt has COlnlil.:unlued toe:>o..i S1f \:mltltl ~md1min]j;hed ¥igof'l!:]llti] tlhie .rn~sem c~nblify. AllilJQ(r1_gthe a:coomp]]:shmenrn of. the gmlllf11n::mi iIIns CEm 'be; rec:koll1ed. .a "method fur pamp"hrnsing S.iiIIl1Skrit ]Inl illi manner dmt is iderrti~.~ not only fl1 essence but in foollfl with c].]rreIDlt wowk hJIArtifida] [n[.emg_emoe. Th3S article demtll~s:tmte!l lhat 0J.nahl1rl.d };¥Ing.'WIg~ Cm.I serve as an ami'1:c1alb.ng(l>age alse, and that IrW.QJ1 '.vf) rk in AJ has peen rei rJV01u<i n g n "lfh eel m ill en1V~ aId,

The discowry is of in orrurnen rei signiticancc. It t~ Jc]i']ind~bogg.liJ1g to cooslder tJlr.at we have iil"V!.'i~],;lble to ~lIS' 0!. la:[Ignage MiN Cilll]m.~ been !lpilikcu for -4- 7(lOB Y~':1i!lrS: thm appf:iill'3 10 be ill everyresDect Iilipertecl. ]lUIguag:e de..~~gl'lOOr£lr ~ldigh: __ n~d eOlltmn~u~,taliun. Bl!lil: the most Sihllfll1111g aspect OIffh~ di.~o'!.."etry ]$ tfuri.s:

NASA tlIJ.!l~ m:ost ad:V:il1ilct'd. ~!t"an:liI center in. the wfu;ili fur (;.!uW_j;tg, edg:~ wclm.o[ogy has db~u\!el;- __ tb_a'f Sanskrit •. fh.e w·orld'sold.e:it spil'ifu;tl:llqu,ge Is the. ooJy Mi:,ul:lbig~lj)p_ssp~eu, 1~'H'lg,u~g,e un time pbtlt"~.

In ~iy Ar reS<ellrcll.b: Was' ciisocn,'e:red. mat in order [0 elear up the .inhere:ll~ ambiguity of ilIawm] lallgu<'l!geil 'fur 'Computer compreilellEl1on., iv; was Jle~:s<'lll)' to u.tilize semantic I1et6)~tem!5] to encode the aetnal meaning of the sen.te:[]:c:e .. Briggs Wl.ff:3 the exl'lDlp.te of how a simple semenee would be represented. in a 'sem8il.ltic net

Examp.te:. "John gave the: han to Mfl:ry. U gi1!tiil. ~ John.

give. obje~t. 'ball

gl'Ye,. recipient, ~

g["!.'fi. rime. pam

He fmlher OQmIll.e:I1'I:S. "The degree to whim a remamic net (or any tmamo,igm:'l'I.ls l,lOlllSynUi:dt1:c .repre~.ta:tiGli.) i~ cumbersome and Ctdd.~~a.HlJfii]]g It:!. a mL~tmI,]~angllligt: is 'IDe degree to which. il.hat hmguagti i5~n~llH'<lli; and. de:>.<mte$ from, the preeise ur i~artm.cial~ .. & we 5.lmU !re;e,ritere was a .bJ.rlguage (Sm'ikrit) s]fIDlreu .. Mneng <ill run.det;lt ooielltifi.c: oommurntr that has a dm1:ation of'zero."

Co:os:klerfu,g. Sooskrits, stams as .a. spiri.tyaJ. mnll:.Qage. a fiuthtr implicatioo ,of tbis d]s,oovel'}, is tlmt the age old dichmrun.y beiI!:Vi--eeo.re.l:i;gimli and seleuee Js all enfuely unj ustified "fie.

lit is mSG; :td;eva[]Dl; to note that in the .~;a,"i[ decade ph~f~ci~ts have begmllD COIll:rJile(tJJt; on the 5IIriklng .similrnitie5 be:nlite:eudlei]' OWTi cllisOO\'erles and. the disto'ltj;}ries: ImIde iliOll5fl:tftrn. of years ago ·ill 111m a whlc:h \l\'ent on '[0' form.f.he basis ~f moot Eastern religiens,

Ih~(;lliUse of ~·mgfu. level of ooUoomallQu J:eqt]irtd.m l.Irnmi'erin:g the nature· 0'£ ene:rgyand mMre:r. it 1$ mcoooeivable '111M 'it ever could ha'Ye rakw place ,li'iili.rum:tt a OOimJl1fi1:l .I;anguage:" manety liI:I<lJ:rJlenl:ati\:J.§ •• This is a pelf::fuc:t E::!mmple of us'illg a l!mguillge reI][ d~sw:'i,,~ri111g and: de:si.gnln,g Ufe, T~, lml;guage of m3thern:OJ;liCl!l~ bemg iuhen::ot~:f ut:liamhigucm5:. TIl]Dim:i7'..espeTS'Olla.] interpretation; and dn:WOl'e In;m::i.m~ C1inportunil;y wr e'lI~JI[orl;'atkfil and dl[$\Co'l,{e,ry-.l'j}fj result QJf tMs!s <Y wp:ddwlde OQnUl::1.l:Ul!l:ty (lJf ~ie:t;Il(].:;;ts Vt\Otkh:l'gwg;eth~1' wHh e*.tr:aomli1l.my vimi::ii¥ am1 excirem::lllt aoout

Ml ean also be inferred t.bat the dlsoov'el'le& that {IOC~ iril lruliaJ:In 1!ile f~tmill.eliJ'.l.OO B.C, were .allsol me msuJt o!f ooUabomltiQtIrI, .aml. ilruqu~1LY by a, c~lJnmllJrui1ty of :ilpiJ;~m3J l~cllffi.tD sts ll.l!W:iziln!~ a: common sqiemfk. laJrugliage,. SWlsbit. The. m!w ofVhis W Jfull'i.her a,ccelllitoo by[befutit tbat ·llirJ!)r~g.hri-~ .~ JiliJtory oo.d dev-el.opll'le;l'l~ of Indian lllOUgIilPl the "PC::Lence of grarmnm: and .~.h~gUll5riClS\.va& attdbtrt:ed. a, staius equaJ WI W<lt t:r.If' Hl:l'1t:he'Jl%ltdc!:> in the ecntest ef modern oo:teJIti.fic hli'iffiti.ga'tiC)it:l~ In deferenee to iI1!J.>e tho:muglu.la81i and de'pth wh:h which the ancient gmm.mali"cal SCl.erJilim e~tfl:hH.s hed the ~~.::J,euce of .h:mguag,e, medem Hnguj:sdc resesrehers in R1Jm:J~ h~J:'~'1f: eoncluded abo ue Sans krir, "The time has eume tn t1illIItimue the trooil::n:rm of ~tJ1.e aneiem gJ:a:rtl11Ja:d:an:s on jhe basis "fme modern ideas in g~ll1Ltm.ll &£,uisti:ClS. "

Si'li1iJ!Skrl:t is me mostooeient m.e\mbet ofthe Ell~nJ!j)eml. faIDily of langt~ge\S. [1; is mJI eMe:l"' slsw olf I.aJt:iu and ;Qlrt!ek from whiehmost of the modern European .!al1gIlage.s have "been d~Ti:ved. The oldestpreserved fOI1l:l of Sanskrit is referred. to as Vedtc . 11m oldest e~~nt exatupje tlf the literemre of the Vedic period is lheRig~VedLa . !BeIng 1'i~dd;]Y~l1 verse, tl1eRig~ Veda does not give U!l: a record of the (;Gnt~lU]'1Ol'Wl.y spoken

J,aDibJlJ1<lge.. .' .

'fh.e veryname ;tSJ!mktjF;'~ me.amm ~~.hlll.tguage b.rliJugb~ to f~l perrecti,au,r in c{1iJ1llC:m~mome comreon roogJl~ge8, JPlfaJaill'J QJ' 1~m:litUltal. if loogl:nag~. The fUfUl of SMlSkrl~- ,,,,·web. .. hasbeen "(ICed ~!iJ!f the 1M 25U()' ye:ar~ is krmrwnroday as Classical Sam.skrit The u~ of c:~.ica1 Samkrit were esta&illislMld by tbe ancient gfflUIl)lltBlrim.m,. Althrmgh 110 Tej..,{lros ill": a~'ai.~<l:h]e Gfit:belr work" tb.dl' efrnrh, reached a. climax in the 5d:l c;entury H.C in the grem. gI"<lJl.lmaticaJ treatise of jP~llfni" which becametbe stan.d:a:rd fDr correct speech ,,,,iih such ecmprehensive authority tll3!t. it .hmsremaIn.ed. so, \?i,tllth Httle alteration uwclI preSleHl:tirnes.

Based (10. wb.atme·grra,mrumooM,s themselves oove Mated" wel111l(Y condude 'mm the Sanskrit grmn1lLliUJr wasan a!re1ill!p~ ro discipiine aad explam a speken langua:ge.

1"h~ NAS.A :1i:!J,tide coYl'fltwr3Wt;!lIbi,,: In ~~ayh]ig tl!wu ~t:h'lia[]i grammatical ::'.lmtlYl5i~ i'prQ~:fJly hl:l!~ro· -d,g \1{,Hh an ~ge oM[l1(fu"Al)~n preoccupaitlon tn dil5oo\terthllil

nature of .reality beh:ind. rile impressiom WQ hU1:D1m beiI~gs receiJternrou:gh th.e operation of mJif senses, 'I

Until 1100 A.D.. Sil:fmmt was withoot mtwu:pt!.U]l ~. offu;ial ~a:[!,goo~ or me; whole of mmrlia. Th~ do~ of S~krlt .is indiWWid by a we~tb (I~! li~re ot widely dIl\'a.sf: g.enres mchOOing lrellgious and pM®ofJhic~; fieti9.1l (S.hort ~tory~ fable, llo'\,ids~ and pmys); sXiientifk literature me htdh.liEr linguistics. m.m.:m:mwClS, astrl)lJOlTI,)'. and. rnedidne; as well <ill taw and po~itias.

Witl:! the Mu:ilim ll'li'"a£lcn.W' JIi'dm. ] UJ'O .A.D .. onw~" SW.'Isli:ri;t grnduaHy ~liDled:ispr~d by pommOll IqU~gCl;S ~.;ed.. by the MusHl;ll ~ as a -mt:,1ici to supp:r-e.ss JEOOiau cu.[tulrtil Mdr~ligiQll!sb1id.ition and Sl~pphm~ it with their (fWD. bdw'fs . .taut thfjiy could IDlO!t e~imill'!:!'IU:: ·lhe liw:l'a1:")1 mud spWnloM- rlt.~ use of Samkrlt

·E.ven. ·wdayin ~~there is a Sb'Oll@. mO\-'emem: to ltetllrn.Sand::J.':it ta 1!:l:'re staJtUJ5 of ''u:attoml kmgu~:e of Indiia." .S<'I!I.1mlt being 3. Lm,g:W1g~ derived (COIn si1np.le mounsyUa:bicveiba:t l'jJt}tSthrcrL~gb the additlC1H of .a.pprop:riacte~mJ«l[l; aad S'tdlfixes acgO!'diug to precise gt~tic,,'1>t ta'>\'S hW'> an incf:mite capacity to grew, .adapt <m.d expand iilQCorolrl,g to the l'eqrnremelltS of chan.g.e in a rapld.b' elfohcing \wl'M.

E V~ ill me ~OOI:. two OO1l[fMri,e~. due to ~. rapid OO\tanoe.sin.oocllll.orog)1 am ooiooii".:e.a. liWaIL1ltre ahun.dMl witl::l. new and impeovised '\oJOtmouWy hss eome 1:m:o existence. Allliough. Sllcn a4ditions ~~ based onm'\e. ~c;al principles Qf Samkri:t, M.~t mostJ.yoompMed. (l!fSamsmt reots, still oollitributitlllm, m:ml Hlrlid!i. aml.01ther n-m.iClna~ and il1wrlJarionai laugt!~ge.s haw been <'I!';siimibted, lfb.l' e.xmmplec: The word. for te1evisim:l,dJu!.U'ailltr..,banwn. lTlcean:Bllg ·"that which. provL.d~a vision of what is far ~ni~J "I,.,>: d.eri~d! pUJ1'f:ly from SoosAAt

furtb.e.rmor-e. there are at least a dozen ~diQ. published in Sanskrit, all-fndia radio ~wsb.roarlcast .m S;mskrit,tel~vision SD.OIWS and fea:oore movies pllvduiCe-d in S1i~ one "vi.Ila:ge of 30:0"0 i.ilhOOiJUm:~ WOOl oommuaicate.tln:m1;gb :SE!Ill~kri[ .alone~ not to' m~1li:o~' c.oimti~~. .slllaUerlttte.Uecnml CQmmwritie...s 1I1iil'ou,gFI(J!nt lndia, scho~'fu. aswell .a:5fum\tleJs where S~krit is fostEred. CouJte:Jn.po(I'1lt!l]' San~krit I~ :aU Wand well.

The diseussien u..ntil now has been abom; Saillib'i~ the ~lqw.ig.e oof ma:themoo.~I pr-ecisi.Olli!, me wodd ts,

@l'I.ly QD8:l'l.'l.big~u.s S l').ok~n languflge. B~t me: iingUW(;pel1f~tiO!fil of Sa:I1iStdt oK,(;!lml Qinlly ;a, p~Uaa ~Xpllooatlolil [UiI' im sustamed. .pre~li1<:e in: the ~'IJIO([k! [:01' at least 30;(10 yeans .. lHigh. p:recislon ill iit:ld. of itself is o't liJnru[t~G1 sc0'p~' G~n~m]]y it ~xclw8UnjS breln bllit lJ.01t the bem. Sanskrit; ilslr.u:i.el.."tI. it pterfoot language in the S1.l.m;e sense as math£<m~ttki>. but S~n:ikrit is ~ls:o a perfeot blnguage ill the sense tilli:t, like t:rJH~io" it has il'he p0'li'llrW' u:p~Lft The hea1't

It\; oonceivabl~. 1lhat rol]' aJ. 1'e:w rn:re and inspired g~mm.U:fjIi'js, lIDliltlOOmat!ioo c:aJlli reach tJil.!f) pori.Tht of oocoming music or ffiusit.;.bt;:cO!ITl.fu.g m.arili~!I\'l<aticS. T~ ~X:hrfl.O:t4ID<azy .~. abQrm Sam1krl[.is llilat it otflers .direOt accessibility by :myOfll~ to iliait cl~a~d. plktt:i!C where me. two, m~:t.h~n;Jatic-~ and umaie, bralri. 3:nd. h~BtiI{,. an:ll,l.Ytic~ll ;\trlcG :inmitlYei. scientifle ~lld SpU.itLW become: orle. tms u~rerW.e ground ifor re\lre~milln. Great d:ism:Jve1'1.e'8 ·OOOtll'; , v heth.er ~brough mla.IDJ.illliil6cs OT music Of Sans.krit.. not by the e:ak:ui~~itrns.. or m<tl.u'pubtiOlllS .oft:h-e: human mind, bu[ where m~ .Ii viIDig ·bnglla;g~ is expressed a!lld Enmr-d. in f~ sblire of j Ciy and cummuni.oU. with the t1tril:tlIl'a'l. laws of existenee .

Why has Sam.sk:rit WdUll~d? f)l!.I1dam~ny it ge:m:::Jtdlres dari.ty and inspiration. And mat cbrit:y and mspkaUQ1fi is d.:i.rectly it~:S'p:UDSibAt; f~ a~rilli.alllioo of cre;Wtive~P.i~8sio®i such as the wOldd has ra~~ seen,

The ARli:.ient and cj<t.",sic~Jl cmatiol1.", ef the Smllskrit iIDugue both in Qjmility ami. :in·body.and abtmdaii.ce of exeellenee, in their .poreutorigimHty and f{;n"Gt\' illld be~mty. 111 their !';ubsta.lrue and <lilt and strueture, in grandeur ijilld j ustice and chann of speech .. 11m in the heigJlit and width of the r~atih of their sprriit. staud veT)'" evidl1lu:ni)' in tb.~ \I.i{l.ot I(,1!Jlk amOIDjgrhe worW~s ,gr~ Ht:era!~;llres. Tb.t lao.guage ibl,etl, as ~r~s been ·!lulivl.?Jl!~~Jiy r»~ljg)Im:ed bythOiKG cJ.:unpdelll.t loro.r;m liI Jlild~upnt. its lOne ofth.ern.o-s:t m~~g"fii ficc1f!.tl :the. ~nost,cr:ied aw11. wondj;}.lifn!itr Sillm~cl!nt L~tc1ia ry bts:~o.t1! del"elli)lpe:d by tIli.t hutman mmd~ at oiJl~'eID.allestic am sweerand fleJdbk:, strong aald. c.iear]y=fOrtllw, and full and vibrant and. lSublire:, and its qU21JjtJ" ~[Id c.haralCter would be of it'reif *1 "u:.fi6icnent evld.r.m,oo of .the character and cp .. m]ity of the r~ce wl¥",'Se mind. 1t e)),p:reQ~(;':d andthe culture of whlclJ it wa:si;htt::refleot.ing medi um,

Saosm.t after :ill is the lioogtl~e of llIiN'IJilltra - wows of poweJr tM.l.t are 5ubtly OOLmled to the unseen Krramonie8 ofilie matrix. of c.reatiorJru,.the world as yet

untOrmed. The pooslb:iHty of sucl\ 8; finely aHl.Hl!ed hw;g!J!lJ,ge m ~J oo.t1ceivabli.1 by dm.wm:g UJIQiIl

.~, :........ flu •. ~-.I... . ~

'SOlIDyg :s'O WlU~'YJ pUN ill c~"~l!.!om ~(1

M~:o!;.tSJ.y biend:edilifl!t~hil,':f~lI-n]! is ~~. :l"e.fre5h~.n,g wd pure as ~.m~.gy of CliI:l!;i.ltiO®l f~~. moo nU.lwt~n ~tmi mdl iW:<:jlj,\l ru:Ji(lili~ flit:IW1e~B C1')'S:~ sb'u,otures, of n,atlm.d. ~tOO:I;S. whi~eat tli:ewn~\ ti:r:ne lih..J.ieiding too power of nebulae 8:00 gala.'cies: expandin,g into the illtlnitl1de of space.

But ftro:m the perception of lRimm" the souree of ]fm;~e trnO!lloeoo~ s-oolti. oolllC~ptimliS. In. S!ll!IlliJkJ:it~ Vaak"sp,eech, the· '!\~.ord~ iOf (,~~sis. mciQl:POl:aJtlilSI ~dt thesense of "voice" ~d "word'', n has fow fOlJrw· of _~presl!ioo.. The firlll~ p~ • represents oorumc id~mim msm;gfi:om ~ origin.ai wd Qb\Solm.e d!i~prese:lloo. Tbe seeond, lP~h.ym1tli (Jitef'ally~sooWg~) .bi Vm as subj~t Itse~.~ which ~s the obj!11ct .of mfldhyaUJ.trul~a~ c' the third !lind subtle form at gpecdl befere It lImmEe{d:sa~ vruk.hariivaak,. the gJOKcSp:rodllCfion. of le~te:fli; m spoken speech,

Samktit- is. a kt:llglR'lge whose n!ltfillOnlc $iuJJtI~ty. mysterio.ws]y iSOirttC.eS the succe~we phases of ereation all the way to ·o:r~gim.tiw. This implies Ule p ooiSibllity of illI.~W,g spoochorlenred to a dmt livfu:g truth whicb b:aIl1lCmtl!li indivW"ldpr~(rocupation with the limited j;nf~OD: ~\l~il.ab1e iliIough me seases .. Spoken words ,as" Slu:ili are croortiva 6.vhlg tbfugi; of power. They pe:oolTa.te; to th@ 0S$eID."Ce (if wb~t tiley d~:smb0.They giv~ 'Ilm:ili 00 me~g '!l!vhl.ch retlects irhe profOund inten:elr:!Jt:ed~H':;$'" of life.

It is ;0, tOlntaJi2iio;g propo;sinOllW rou~ider ~pookiI~g a: hlitJ:gll~e whose SOitwd!1O me so pure an.d eupho1il.taUy oombined,. The, mere 1i:ste:nn.g or s~1king im,pire~ mld pro<luces joy aM clarity. A.nd )-et it ba:s "been plt'eclsruy tile· ~OO:lllOy of huoo:nity 8$. Oil wh'Ole t{1 mt1l:mlj' bewmaiized by m.P:~8" but not ~tu~ny to .cll.oo$e it. le5agthQ'~tgh we nadbeeliJ. ~lffered the 1.l10irt poocious ;gem am.cl. we ab"S~'i'~ro..~NOk l'drntb.cr be poor," Theoo:l.y possible b~OlWld for m~ a cboi!.ce isthe lI1J;coll$laus baIlef diat. WI. eMit h:a,ye ir, 1 tn:rlt he~at.i'

mtere:.1!l1,gj.y eno,ugfl, idris; is exactiy wba!t is ttrgg,er;ed in people who ~re if:ru::ed\l!rilli t:f.l!eOwof1iI,1w.~ toIeanr Snn:sikrh:. The bi1l!sit ;Jt}t!tYile; oowardlts l~tning SfIlfi.-s.I:d.h in ~ndlidodaJ is. ~Itls too difficult" Ae1.ually Stm~'krt£ i8 ,wJtt diffic~d;. On the cW':ln'mJ~ there a:-t:' litH! W"Iltt!l!r ~J1I~d),iffledtj!. The :first s~ge. experi~~IDgme

incdividual po.wer of eachof th~ It 9. basic sounds .of the Sar.t.filll'it alphabct is pure dlsoover:.r. especiaUy for W esterners who haw neeer paid atteniio n trl the unIque disdnctiens of individual leners such as location of rescnance and tongue position. Tbe co:mpiet:e: alphllbQt .Inu;S~ ha.ve heet;L wo:rk0d out by Ae~ed .g.n!mmari<'l.OO oa plitOO(ltic prID'Cip~eiS by lo~ ~fore it was cQdil:led by PwiW, aroend 500 B.C. ft]$ ftl'milgcd on .a ilivrongbJy ~,df;lnHfic mwhGd. ilia ~impi~ VOi~.I1s (mo[~ ~cllQl1;g) oom.:ing ft]n~~ men ID'e CO(OOfliez. VQ""~ls (dJptfu.oogli1).. lollQw.ed by IDI!:l c01lllSOnruJ.~ mm.l.iJfonn gID(lUp~') ar;:~o(jdi.o,g EQ~hl;r otgmlSi of speec.hcwHh wMtb;th~y are pmflQI(tI'I.ced.

The un.ique· argullizatiofJi of dIe Saoll1lait alphabet serves w focus co::'$: a:,tt~It:lO:tl. 'ori qLtalities l1UJrl pi'l.tterI1II of atil:kUklOOd sound ina way tfllil~ occuss in Ill() other .~.<tng[l1'llge . .iJBy V4y'~rl,g contitmo[1.!;5 -a.tlJeintiou to fi:t.epoi])it of lo(;.tttkm. degree' of resonenee aad ~ffi:tri of breath.. <ln~'s ~WMw:roS~OOOOIllil~ more ~.Ild 111tOatie CO~.D,":rl by the ,d:i:oo:ct .experie1J;C$ of ~:!:'~l~'~Wl.ed "Sol(!!1td. This Wi itself prodnees .1lJ!Wj y~d,elLl!~oo cli~dt)' of mind and re'Velry-" in lli~ joy o:f laID1g~liag'lll; Ev:ezy colWlb:il'VatJio[l.·Qf$o-Wlld ill SO:Ulli.krH fQnQ:W~ "Strict laws which \\l~]zilly fID'lIka possible ~ U1Wl.OOmrpl:oo fi{lw o:f the m.Qs~pwfecjt euphonic b.h1lruing of letiter:$ 11lJto woeds endverse,

The: scdpf used to depl.ct written. S<lnslo1.t ls .k1l0V .. 11 M De\lru:m.:il,gari Or Umt i'S~10.kel1 by the GOdfl;. i, SUltaW_)" fii"lr Sa:tl'skrit. it i'i a perfeet system of pho.n;etic repres:efl)tadolt. Aoco.rding to H.ngtl.i;st:S~ thepho:l.1etic a.oornc); .of me DevMl@~g~u. ~QlI1J1>,ares weli whit thZlJt O.flh-e mQ.deJrnJ. pho(i1~(icr.raMCiiptixYJliS.

B$c..~tnlie of' its. hili~ _[omc. sY:i1t~.!.'!l'!...~t1c·"p:l_':e..'l.'e'"~d.ol!i1l end a"Ure1m"!Jca to oiWy t~ mQBt d~~ aru!I J)lloot pun.'! :smi!J]ds~ the Sanslrnt tl~phfl,het III its spoken itooll,l!.' pe4'hap5 tbe efis-iest it'! tb~woT1d to learn atld~tec~H, Onte: tbe m):,m;[l,oetf:;s le.atJ.1tx~" there ] 5: j list one major step to ta~in garilulig access wHre Sanskdt language; Jtm11.1!l1g .tll,e. cruse and tense eIl:d:ilIg~.. Tbe etldil:\~ are Wh4~ make Sauskrit a l~HlgUfi.ge of mathBk@ prec L~Km. By the wd~gs add~d ()1I:l!W ]lUiOOS (If 'l!i'erbs. ilier~ is an. o~;)'viou:l1 det~~d~,)1l1li Qf lhe .precL~e interreb!~ioliliShlp af w()[ds describing activity olf p;te:l:'SQlIlS Wd. things in time a:orl space; regardless of WON oo"i~1'. ~:sen:tially j, too eooWgs comt:ih.l!te the .sofl.w~ olrbasro progmmofmeSansmt Ilang~.ifl.

The ri,sor of IearmltJ:g the ease endftli£.8 is: preci;sd.y the reason why ~ $top in their Ji.lUliS~tit of Sru~kritc,


Ycetby aJill effi:c~ivt: i~si(ID meilioo" :HlIJ!mtr~dIug, of me Dev9agarlscrlptaocmaue prmulliiatiollj Wld ~, mpuuing (lfthe case am tease endings coo ~jjy be at;(;o:mpHsbed. Such ai metfu:,od must rake ad.vartia,ge {If 1m m,ot ib.a!~ Sahskrit, ~ l S Sinlct1llied by pr-ecisepMret'ru3.aud Q1l£;e 1'1.. patt1en::Jl has

. . .' .

been J]o'fiedit is a sbcruple exerohre: to recognize a~l 'the

m::!.hridtta.!. inS[fil'lcefi that fit th.e patretn;, r<tl:h.er than see tb.epattern after aU the m.m:'\fid~ta.! il!l[l:lanOOlS ba'\'e been learned. Color oodii:ngp:rcrv:id.es a trem.elld.out> !'iuppPirtin th.i[l;regarcl\

Le.arniu,~, the case endings m:ough '!:he chanring of basic, pUre oound combina:r.i,!.)l'IIS mmusicaJ. I.IDcl rbytllmi,c se.que·lilCes isa way to ~rt:t11Jll:1l: l~.g lnhibl'ia:M,. attune to thero:otp~~f of tliJ.t:: Sa:uskrit la!o,guage and access the nan,n'ill, crnnpU'ie,:r efficiency" &p'eoo and cl:aclty of the mimd.,

AJlhGugh lmrmng ~ .. mskrit ill s;Om~ v<·.nys,p~"Ill1!i£nts ,ctiUf"nges·s.bm1;b'" to these ild' k,...ning 'C"Hh:mlus 01' illUme, itsfso induees3 lubdc1!tHoill lirnd 3cCflf".r3tioB of mental [1im.cti.f:m UUlt R.odi'mll)'" makcs:!iueh ap.roeess: cx~itiHl aOO: e.nj'DY,l-lJbie. Pethl:lipstm: g_re:a:tC1!t inunedill:l'e ibcni'fiJ 01 learning SUiIls1irlt by t'hisme'i:hOld is Umt iI .teq:nil"Cs pru1iclpaots, 10 r:elinq_lmb con1lr-oI. .ablmlio.opn!or Itmiiinc; .strucfUfe.s 300, COlU:~ m:bl a, dWI.N.'1. expe!l'iirnw "(lEthe Jang'U3iga

The actual simplicity and. enj:o)'1"llent ,of the t'iCJi[[Il.dis of Srum:lbit p:n:rvid.e5 eve;r:fOllewhh mI oppmm.nrinr In learn '.11, .5ubjieg[ wlhiclJ. hreclmkally p:t.~ist' wOCl:"! fll1idh:f and ease" ·This ten&. to pmduee aooulplere reversal efthe lTtlrlbitfug lli1I1Ipetitive en\' im:ruuent In which mest .Ufe eduestion ttaditmElaUym.ok p!lli}e,. by C[~ an a:1:ill:iiOOphen::in which mutuil sUp:~iI't ge:n~.pe:rn~~aklhrougb. and vice-versa

One d:t:iJlg is (;El:rtain, Sanskrit win rJ:uJybacome 'fue p.lilnetary lafi,g.Uage Vdllefi it 18 tal.'lght in. a wrij \i\lbich b ex~ithlg. aM enj£l)tlbIe. Furt.fu;:tm.(.1I(f: ~t mmt ad.clre!S5inctividum. leal1Iluginh:tbidom. VI.,].dl (:JarltJ)" and!. Qrn:nJiasji:]~ll: ~ ~n <I: set~ whlcl1 :r.l£''{1W'<l~~ e~B!:):atle ill step fu:l'itlhh tili r;~,:m:ake mistakes and learn .. AIrelfl.dy we have O!utSt.~n.lding eXE!JllpIe5T. afilii5 app:rm'tchr rni:b.e w.qrk: of reaoc,h:e.1:iS such as Jah':llie lI3$!~ante~ who&e!rellla~bb~e aJClti~v-t:liIJle'H!S in ffi<tcb:utg an\'Rllced. QMenh18 tn un.d.e:rprivHege;d. hIgb sch~ol st'Ude.nti; in ~East Los Angeies were W.lflU'ed in tll:e. AcadeOl)! Awa:rn' no:llli:Mted liliJJ.m,ie, ~~St.md aad Deliver.~

.Anomer illrpe rur' the. return of S3JJiS.Rrit: He!l, h'l. eemputers .SanMt ';1J]!]a.cmnpuren: are a pe:rfec:t fit. The precisicm play of Siill1Skr:itwirh OOI1lpfrret to:ols wilJ. awaken the capadry in h.lUln~m b~'-ing.s tp utiJiZiB their Inl:lli'te higher mental :fllmil1t.y with, a mCI1:1'ieXlwm that would ll!l:e"ilItabiy transform the \¥orid. JIn foo~ the mere Aeatnmg of Sa~ by large numooli''S olf people :in itselfrepresents a q1!l!al1liWmL leap in CQOSd,(J'USJDieg,~, Jilil1: to ~Qn the ricfut e.I1Mwm.em itwiU]jJ.f"Ov:ide EID. me are.n.a offt.n.l.u:-e c@.mro.ullica!tioo.

:SanlSk::ri~ has· a~w.tys in~pked the: hear.l:E. n'limcl. and l5rn.ds of wise people. ne grf,J<i~ Gennan !Scholar M"aJ!:

MuHcBr, who elid [uo:r'\l than <I11YO:ll.e tn fntroduee Sm:llS.k1:it ID the WffSit in thif: lal:rer patt of thee ] 9th ceul:my, .cCI'l'llel1deQi thar~th(lu:t a .knt:1W1edhf'e t:1f the !angu;age- (S..a:ns'kl'itl. li-rerature,. art, re.Hgkm and p:lill.oooph:y of h1L~fu, 11 Ebe.riilill edu.c;u,th'll1 C(flfli do lbillr-dl'\y 'be comple'~ -- IndibbeilLhgfue in:~:ellle~11:f~amrl. sp:i.linml aru:;est\l![, (]flt.he m~, ~~ori,~"alJ1y and mwugfut SruiSmt.

~1a~ Mune.r ~:ID polnred out m.at SaJmfhit pti'f~ des perfect ~X<:in1p.~.e:\S of the Ul'li~ al1a~bUl1cliirjk')n it OJffe['!l:' w the CehiQ" TetUTIrnIc, SLa.vonic, tJermmllc and. .AlJ.gIo-Sax!J!tJ ]aug;,u:ages;'llGt to men:ri.Gtl Im~nnHeJ.1lQe' em. At...nan lsnguages. The teansmlssion o:fBudd.bir;]11 to Mia can be attributed .b:rg~ly to the appe:fd to Si3J:ll5,kJ:nl:... Even In itr<ll1lSl:Jitio.n the works of SalliSk.rlt eveked the 5LLpre.::m.e atlJnairwtion nfW e~t.etiJ poets ami phllm:ophers Allie ~m;e:rso~l, Whhmau,. l1IDreau~ Meivine. GQeme. Schlegel. tlJi1i!1 Scill!.(J~lllill.auet.

Tlllii! fud is~M[ Sanskrit is more ~1eepiy llti!teJ:'1,iVOVem. im:r]lhefubric .~Ff~he oone~[[ve woehl. conscieusnese .ma.u <:l!IlJQillie petbf.lps knows, After many '!'fu.OillliBilOOs of ye<tm. Sanskrit still lives with a ~iM.Ity ~bat C<liIJ brea"JtJ':ie Iifu, l'f::sil'nl'e uuity and Ir:llspil'e peace CUI our tired ancl.lI'Oubled phnret. It is a. sacred ,gift. titJ ~JlP'O.I.1unity. The nEtme could be VeE)" bright,

-+ + +;1- '" +

"_ ...... ,,_"_ ...... __.


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