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Magdalene Carver

Professor Trotter

Composition two

17 March 2019

Online Casebook

NDTV Food Desk. “5 Harmful Effects of Junk Food.” NDTV Food, NDTV
Food, 14 Aug. 2017,
In this article by NDTV, they are using this article to inform the reader how junk food can

hurt the brain, mood,speed and attention span. They go on to show us the studies that

have been produced to show the results from someone eating junk food for even only 5

days, and how short period of time of eating junk food can impact your health.

The writer's purpose was to show what junk food can do to our brain and body as well

as our overall health. The intended audience would be people who would like to

consider there health and what food to eat.

This article was written by NDTV Food Desk that was then published on their website This is a credible article because it is backed up by lots of researchers

and doctors to verify information.

The article is relevant to my topic because it shows the damage junk food and fast food

can do to our well being all together.


Grant-Stoddard. “20 Negative Effects of Fast Food on Your Body.” Eat This Not
That, Eat This Not That, 8 Jan. 2019,
This article was written by Grant Stoddard trying to show you the risk you increase by

eating junk food and fast food everyday or often. As well as the what kind of risks you

are taking and how they can affect your heart, body, inside body, starvation, memory

loss and so much more in detail by research experiments doctors have been doing.

The writer’s purpose was to inform us on all the negative effects fast food can do to our

brain and body in very type of way. Including every risk we are taking by eating fast food

everyday and what it is doing to our bodies.

The article was written by Grant Stoddard published on Eat this, Not that which is a

scholarly article. This article is credible by all the research backing it up as well as

MBS’s,RDN’s LD’s and much more.

This article is relevant to my topic because it supports the idea that fast food can

damage your well being, and as well as the research behind it that is very detailed by


Educate Inspire Change. “13 Effects Of Fast Food On The Body.” Educate Inspire
Change, 9 Nov. 2014,

This article was written by Educate Inspire change this article was showing the reader

the different parts of the body that fast food effects. This article goes into depth about

the different organs inside our body and how it affects them one by one. This article

also had a diagram to show you exactly what happens and straight to the point.

The writer’s purpose of this article is to show the reader about every organ and the

awful affect that eating fast food does to each organ as well as a good description. This

article is trying to inform people with heart issues or any health issue that fast food may

make worse.

The article was published by Educate Inspire Change which was made to inform people

about the harmful effects of fast food. This article is credible by being published only 3

years ago so it is pretty recent. As well as the Mayo Clinic backs up a lot of the

information and research behind this.

This article was relevant to my topic because it talks about the brain and what fast food

can do to your mind. I also like the fact it goes into depth about other parts of the body

can also affect your brain from eating fast food.

“13 Effects of Fast Food on the Body.” Healthline, Healthline Media,

This article was written by Ann Pietrangelo and Elea Carey as well as Kimberly Holland. These

three ladies had explained a diagram of the body and the most important parts that affect the

mind and body. They really explained the effect on the reproductive system and how the

processes food processes in your stomach and what it can hurt. As well as what it does to the

cognitive part of your brain and how that can really affect you.

The writer’s purpose was to show the reader that fast food that is really processed can really

damage some of your systems in your body. The article was written to have a bigger impact on

people who are visual learners and need to know a certain body system that can be affected by

processed food.

The article was written by Anna pietrangle, Elea Carey and Kimberly Holland as it was also

medically reviewed by Natalie Butler RD, LD. This makes this a credible source by being

medically reviewed over.

This article is relevant to my topic because it really goes into depth about the body systems and

how it affects them one by one. As well as it goes into how it affects your head mentally as your


Food for thought. Professor Felice Jacka explains the impact of a high fat diet on the human brain.

Catalyst Season 18 Episode 11 - "Gut Revolution (Part 2)" (24/10/2017)

This video was produced by ABC science and showing the brain and what fast food did to Gary’s

brain just by eating fast food.They go into explain certain parts in the brain as well as the lobes

inside the brain. The natural prebiotics are from the mother when we are born that give balance to

our diet. Furthermore goes into what gary is making for his mother to eat and what we eat can affect

our brain. The size of certain things in our brain can decrease from the processed foods.

The writer’s purpose of was to show the actual effects from eating fast food even just twice a week.

This video was taken to talk about what the brain and the parts we get from our mom and dad as the

effect of what happens when it is decreased.

This video was taken by ABC Science and published on youtube. This is credible source because it

was verify from science and tech. This video was produced and question by a scientist and it shows

the experiment being done about fast food being eat vs healthy food being made.

This youtube video is relevant to my topic because it actually shows what happens to the brain and

you can see the pictures they use to show the watcher. This was produced not to long ago that

actually makes this even more reliable.

Hare, Holly Van. “Fast Food Really Can Cause Mental Distress, Study Says.” The Daily Meal,

18 Dec. 2017,

This article was written by Holly Van Hare explaining to the reader that if you eat fast food more

than 3 times a week it can make you feel depressed. What is in processed food releases a

certain toxin in your body that can make you upset.

The writer purpose is to explain the toxins that can be realized from your brain from fast food.

As well as the damage the fast food can do to your mood and make you feel not motivated.

The article was written by Holly Van Hare who is a editor. This is credible by the research

published by journal Nutritional Neuroscience that backed the research up.

This was related to my topic by showing that fast food can mentally mess with you. This shows

the brain over working from fast food and it does not know how to process these toxins.

Wolpert, Stuart. “Scientists Learn How What You Eat Affects Your Brain - and Those of Your

Kids.” UCLA Newsroom, 9 July 2008,


This article was written by Stuart Wolpert and is trying to get across the studies that were made

from fast food and what it does to your body and brain. It goes into detail about the brain and

everything that is produced out by eating fast food.

The writer’s purpose is to inform the reader the true scientific harm fast food can do to your

brain and what synapses in the brain are doing at the time of eating fast food. This article was

written to keep informing us of the danger of to much fast food being eaten.

The article was written by Stuart Wolpert he is a scientist and can back up his work by research

and the testing of the brain he did. Which makes this source credible because he is himself.

This article is related to my topic by using an actual scientist that knows what he is doing and is

credible and has lots of research to back up his thoughts and ideas.