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The Respiratory System and Asthma Guided Notes

Let’s Review: The Respiratory Sysem Questions: List important and relevant
What parts of the body facts/information from the
makes up the respiratory videos.
system? Part 1:

Distinguish the upper

respiratory tract from the
lower respiratory tract.

What are the primary Part 2:

functions of the respiratory

What parts make up the

lung? How do each part play
a role/function in the Gas
Exchange Process?

What are cilia? How do they

protect the lungs?
What is Asthma? Define key terms in your own What are the symptoms?

Asthma: 


When you study the

Triggers: graphic, is there anything
that surprised you?

What happens during an Asthma


What is happening in the image What does the image above Write down the key ideas
above? show? from the image above?
Class Activity: Record how it felt. After Activity Questions:
Trial 1: Trial 1:
Running with no straw/stirrer
What does each straw
represent in relations to

Trial 2: Trial 2:
Running while breathing through a In our demonstration,
straw what was the specific

When you were running,

Trial 3: how does your breathing
Trial 3:
differ from when you were
Running while breathing through a
running without the
coffee stirrer
straw/stirrer to when you
were running with the
Brief Overview of Treatments Question:

What is key in stopping asthma What are the three different

attacks before they start? types of medications for




Risk Factors:
What puts people at risk for From the list of risk
developing asthma? factors, which group of
people do you predict will
have the highest chance
of having or developing
Looking at data:

What does the data show about the following

Blacks –

Hispanics -

Lower income -
Did the data support or deny your earlier
prediction about the group of people with the
highest risk of asthma?
Renters -

Why do you think Blacks have the highest Why are renters more likely to have or
asthma prevalence in comparison to the other develop asthma? (Hint: think back to
ethnicities? (Hang onto this thought because we possible triggers)
will be exploring more on this in the future!)

What can you infer about the relation between In what ways can Asthma interfere with a
the rate of asthma hospitalization and the person’s daily life? What are possible
median household income? How does this relate reasons for why Asthma may enhance a
to prevention and long-term control that was person’s life?