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Assalamualaikum wr.

To IDSS Committee,
My name is Tsabita Angger Pangestuti. I am from dentistry 2017. Before i write
this letter, I have heard IDSS from my friend. My friend tells me that IDSS is
event that held by our faculty organization and this event recruit the participant
from overseas not only Asia but also worldwide. I think this event is suitable for
us who want to improve ourselves in many aspects.
I am writing this motivation letter because I keenly interested to apply for
education or administration division of IDSS committee 2019. My experience
from participate as a committee for my junior and senior high school event are
well matched to the qualification in this event.
The reason why I want to participate this event because I want to explore my
experience in new aspect because I haven’t participated in international event
and I find this event is interested. so, I want to challenge myself to do the new
thing. Through this event I can make newer friend even from another country.
This event also let me to work with many kinds of people.
In this event I enroll for education and administration division. The reason I
choose these division because I interested to improve my ability for organize
event along with learning about dentistry. I also want to try the committee that I
haven’t try before.
I have enclosed my motivation letter and thank you for your time and


Tsabita Angger p.