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In this period, the first thing we did was our instructor gave us the
lessons that has been discussed or the course outline. The topics that been
covered were Fluids flow in pipes, Reynolds Number and Head losses in pipe
flow. This period is very exciting especially if you know how to determine if
the flow of fluids is laminar or turbulent flow. I obtained skills during our
laboratory experiment that lead me to acquire skills that can be used in my
future, because you can spot the actual behavior of fluids, get an actual data
that can be used in computations.

In this period, the topic that has been covered were Pipe Discharging
from Reservoir, Pipe Connecting two Reservoir, and Pipes in Series and
Parallel. The lesson that I never forgot is when Engr. Pamaylaon told us that
if the reservoir is an open air, the velocity head and the pressure head in the
liquid surface of the reservoir are zero. The advantage thing if you memorize
formulas that used in prelim it would be much easier for you to solve
reservoir problems because head loss is one of the factor in solving reservoir.

During Pre-finals, the topic that has been covered were Pipe
Network and Open Channel. Pipe network(water distribution) problem is a
long process solution, because you just stop solving the correction unless its
approaching 0. And as long as you memorize the formula of K=coefficient,
discharge, and the correction or even if you know the concept of pipe
network you can actually solve what is being asked. Open Channel there are
actually two types of open channel the man made or artificial and natural
open channel. You can classify the open channel if it is Uniform flow or Non-
Uniform flow, if the slope of the energy grade line S is equal to the slope of
the channel bed So it is a Uniform flow. Thus, if its Non-uniform flow the
energy grade line is not equal to the slope of the channel bed.
During Finals, the topic that has been covered were Hydraulic Jump
and Hydrodynamics. Hydraulic jump is an abrupt increase in depth of rapidly
flowing water. While, hydrodynamics deals with the study of the motion of a
fluid and of the interactions of fluids with its boundaries. And I am very
thankful to our instructor Engr. Pamaylaon because she did not gave us
example for us to study the lesson in our own way. I was very happy because
during our last quiz I able to answered the problem even if the time to study
is not enough for me.