Case Study 2 Business Conduct The Heart of the Matter

Q1: Is economy out there or inside us ? Ans : Economy is actually both out there and inside us. Organizations have a set of values and rules by which they are supposed to manage their daily operations. A company may stand for certain values which it deems to be relevant. Thus , it becomes implicative for the workforce in that company or organization to abide by these values. These values and ethics are taken to be as the face of the organization or what the organization stands for keeping in mind the moral standard in society. Also , economy can be found within us as well. The extent to which an individual conducts himself in upkeeping certain moral values and ethics with respect to the society he dwells in; and at the same time abiding by the values of his organization depicts the presence of economy within us. It also depicts what our stance is on approaching or tackling a particular predicament. Our thought process in such circumstances , that gives a clear indication of our own set of beliefs and ethics , is brought into the picture. Thus , keeping in mind the values that a company stands for and the morals and ethics an individual firmly believes in , it can be concluded that economy is both out there as well as within us.

Q2 : Where does business begin ? Ans : Business is not just about manufacturing products , creating profit , expansive outlays , expansion and modernization or bringing about a paradigm shift in technology. It initiates with the propagation of ideals and ethics the business believes in and which it wants to direct towards the betterment and welfare of the society for their development and to ensure them a better standard of living. A business begins not just by setting up its physical structure. It begins by creating a vision for the advancement in progress of the society it operates in. As stated in the above case study… it is about protecting the integrity of the system , a system that we all subscribe to. It is imperative for the the senior officials in the business firm to lead by example by way of displaying exemplary conduct and conviction. The relationship between the upper and lower levels of management should be cordial so that the journey towards attainment of objectives is smooth. Change is a very important aspect in the business. And at the same time how well a firm adapts to change is even more important. It is the very nature of time to change as it is of water to be wet. Hardly reason to recalibrate values! But some things should not change, the basic edifice on which we build homes should never change. If it does, organizations won’t have a foundation for survival. Thus , business begins at setting up a sound value-ethics system ; a system which will become the stance of the organization or what the organization stands for. It is mainly aimed at improving /bettering the existing state of the society it operates in and not cause any sort harm to it ; Society’s interests should be safeguarded as opposed to the pursuit of vested interests.

Q3 : Is business an attitude or a series of acts ? Ans : Business is first an attitude and then a series of acts. It is extremely significant for a business firm to adopt a conscientious , meticulous , nurturing , and understanding attitude towards its surroundings. The manner in which a business interacts or communicates with its surroundings , depicts that business firms maturity and earnestness to work towards development. Business is not all about having go-getting attitude. The attitude towards the maintenance of moral fibre and the ethics it strives for depicts a lot about its character. The senior officials should develop an attitude to sympathetically look into the grievances of their employees and sub-ordinates. They should not indulge in any activities that might hinder the growth of the individual by harassing them or causing unnecessary inconveniences. This will only setback the productivity of the business firm and the full potential of the employees will not be harnessed. In order to prevent such setbacks , it is better that a business firm adopts a friendly and a caring attitude towards its employees , and let them know that the firm will stand by them in both their good and bad times . Make them feel wanted and how much their presence in the organization matters to the company. Its also important for the organization to develop a positive attitude towards society and carry out operations in accordance with the societal norms. Only the will the firm be actually able to carry out its operations or the series of activities and attain organizational growth.

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