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this Conference will cover global perspectives and practices. We act differently to take care of our immediate biological and material needs for living. the mood and spirit of this event will be that of a RETREAT for self renewal and collective revitalization. but we all live on the same earth under one sun. we do different things for our living. Conference Committee Members: • Swapan Kumar Majumdar (Chair) • Paul Shrivastava. Many of these activities have evolved into short-lived. Leveraging the unique assets and expertise of IIM Shillong as a hub of sustainability in business. keeping in view national priorities as well as regional challenges.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAJIV GANDHI In collaboration with INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2010 SUSTAINABILITY: MANAGEMENT & BEYOND This conference will provide a multi-disciplinary platform for thinkers. Concordia University. academics. civil society groups and grass root activists to initiate an ongoing dialogue on sustainability along its multiple dimensions. In the idyllic setting of Shillong. business leaders. presentations by researchers and practitioners and informal conversations through idea café for mutual sharing and enrichment. The program will include keynote addresses and panel discussions by leading experts. . We get the sunlight at different times. Canada • Sanjoy Mukherjee • Tapas Kumar Giri • Rohit Joshi • Abhishek Tripathi • Achyanta Kumar Sarmah All of us live in different places within different surroundings. government officials. growth and prosperity.

Traditional methods of calculations and predictions are going hay wire in the face of the rapidly changing fundamentals. leaders and policymakers are perplexed. enduring. role of business and leadership in social and environmental sustainability. quality. This marks a transition from managerial obsession with techno-economic imperatives towards an expanding and inclusive perspective of business with diverse constituencies and impact. information and numbers towards a sustainable earth with passion for excellence. It is time we need to take a deep look at ourselves and our societies and seriously question some of our basic principles and dominant assumptions on nature of work. a quest for enduring values and illumined wisdom. ’10 • Abstract submission: Sept 15. societies are experiencing painful consequences of financial and economic turmoil. and comprehensive solutions to current and future challenges. ‘brave new world’ of speed. harmony in relationships. prices of food and essential comedies are in rise. destroying and distorting the very foundations of our ecological bases. and real and hence is our effort to deliberate and initiate a dialogue.’10 • Final paper submission: Nov 15. It also marks a transition from our limited notion of the self to include a deeper understanding of our emotional and spiritual identity and viewing ourselves deeply interconnected in an organic relationship with others in space and time. We are compelled to take a fresh look at ourselves and the world at large with an element of creative tension and irresistible discontent.economically sound but often environmentally detrimental actions that pass-the-buck from one-entity-to-another. The beginning of this journey heralds the hour of transformation from a mad. purpose of life. Sub-Themes • Systems Approach to Understanding Sustainability • Alternate forms of Organizing • Industrial Ecosystems • Social & Ecological Accounting and Valuations • Corporate Social Responsibility • Ethics in Life and Work • Integrating Sustainability into Management Education and Practice • Public Policy Dialogue on Inclusive Growth and Development • Towards a Sustainable Self and Evolving a Collective Consciousness • Sustainability Issues in North-East India Time Line • Call for papers: Jul 15. ’10 • Acceptance notification: Oct 31. Around the world. leaders of all formal organizations or otherwise are increasingly finding themselves grappling with turbulence and paradoxes. we seek to develop a shared vision of harmonious communities in a sustainable world for a better tomorrow. In the face of these numerous challenges and crises. ’10 . ’10 • Abstract acceptance confirmation: Sept 22. concern. how can we have a flourishing and fulfilling livelihood without disturbing the ecosystem around our small world. growth and conservation. The strength of sustainability lies in its ability to integrate economic. Existing models of growth and development centered solely on economic values have witnessed several global crises in recent years. Time has come to rethink collectively: how best we can strike a balance between development and sustenance. As the first decade of the 21st century is coming to an end. environmental. ones where: (a) life can develop (b) beings can flourish and (c) cultures can evolve. measurable. and social forces to weave innovative. Learning to live with uneasy questions by challenging the conventional mental models and stereotypes may allow us to embark upon an adventurous odyssey in search of more fundamental answers to guide this unsettling transition. shortage of food and energy increasing making economist nervous. the steps we take towards this goal must be concrete. how can we improve harmony in diversity. ’10 • Full text submission: Oct 15. While our vision of sustainability is broad and far-reaching.

visit: title.g. pages. maximum of eight key words. 1997). References: Within the text as the author’s name followed by a comma and year of publication. corresponding author’s address. place of publication. Review Process: All manuscripts submitted to “First Annual International Conference on Sustainability” will be subject to peer review. initials. reference and appendix) in Times New Roman font with size 12. both on shared as well as reserved basis. all in round brackets. (year). Tables and Figures: Should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. This will be double blind. Tables should be titled at top and figures captioned below. publisher. ideas proposed should preferably be supported by real life case examples from business situations. Fax and email are to be included. initials. technical details should be provided in appendix. Tel. authors name with affiliation and email. For Articles: e. Second Page: Title and an abstract of 200-250 words. initials.Guidelines for paper submission Length: Within 4500 words (including abstract. For Journals: surname. journal/proceedings name. (Sharma. Keypoints: Include three to six brief statements summing up the most important points of your article. title.. Title Page: Article title.asp or email at sus-con@iimshillong. (year). Reviewers' comments will be shared with the authors. Taxi service is available from Police Bazar to Nongthymmai. pages.html Submission: Articles should be sent to the editor as an email attachment to: sus-con@iimshillong.iimshillong. At the end of the paper a reference list in alphabetical order must be given as follows: For Books: Surname. volume (number). the chief road terminus of Reaching IIM Shillong IIM Shillong is situated in the Nongthymmai area of Shillong about 5 KM from Police bazaar. Photos and Illustrations: In black and white original with captions. Their position should be shown in the text by typing on a separate line the For further details and . For further details about reaching Shillong please visit: http://megtourism. journal. Main Text: Should be more readable. (year).

in) Under unavoidable circumstances payment could be made via DD with details: Payable to: RGIIM Shillong Payable at: Shillong International Conference on Sustainability: Management & Beyond IIM Shillong Mayurbhanj needs to be accompanied by an intimation email to: sus-con@iimshillong. 8-10 December 2010 Corporate participants: ` 5000 Academic participants: ` 3500 International participants: USD 200 Registration/ Participation Fee: Preferably by Transfer to SBI Account No.iimshillong.INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2010 SUSTAINABILITY: MANAGEMENT & BEYOND REGISTRATION/PARTICIPATION FORM INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Venue and Date: Payment method: RAJIV GANDHI In collaboration with IIM Shillong.: 30276148008 and Branch code: 002081 Transfer details: (any transfer done must also be intimated through the conference id: sus-con@iimshillong.asp Enquiries: Participant’s Details: Name: Position: Email: Organization: Address: Telephone: ( ) Any transfer in the name of . Nongthymmai Shillong-793014 Phone: +91-364-2308000 Fax: +91-364-2230041 Email: Website: www. registration fee etc.

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