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S.Koimdinya, India

Prayer Sloka:

antaraaya tamastoma nivaarana


siddhim sadhnotu niyataam

phaalachandrah prabhurmmama
m to Lourgeois Brakmin famikj
May Surya who ward off the
darkness of obstacles and Siva, who wears
in India, Mr S. Koundinrja Suripeddi
Moon in his forehead, bless me for success
pursued M.Teck in Biotecknologrj
in this venture.
at S.N.I.S.T, Hrjderakad. Now,

working as Corporate management

trainee (Sales) at Spinco Bioteck According to the Vedas and

Puranas, the tussle between the
Co nip an lj, Hijderakad. He places
Devtas and the Asuras resulted in
kis soul at tke leet ol Skri Skirdi Sai
the great churning of the ocean, " SAGAR
Baka as kis Guru. Altkougk ke MANTHAN'. During the churning the

accepts every one views, ke ocean gifted various things to the mankind,
material and non-material. Among others,
considers Vimskottari dasa system
the science of medicine (Ayurveda) and
is tke kest way ol prediction tkan
Astrology (Jyotish) are the famous one.
otker metkodologies.

Ravana's Birth:

The name Ravana obtain from the word

"Ra"= Sun & "Vana"= Generation as per
nationalist Sinhala scholar Arisen. This
denotes the root word "RU" = raavayati iti raavanah—one who makes god love by his
compassionate actions. It was said that name given by lord Shiva which means "terrifying

Ravana was born to a couple Vishrava (Brahmin sage) and Kaikesi (Rakshasa
princess). It is believed Sumali (Kaikesi's father); the king of Daiteyas (demons) wanted her
daughter to marry powerful man in the world and chose Vishrava, who was son of sage
Pulastya, grandson of Lord Brahma. The rishi Pulastya is mind born son of Brahma (one of
seven sages born to Brahma). So, Ravana is half-brahmin & half-demon.

Ravana was named as "Dasagiva or Dashanana" means power and strength of ten-
headed men. He chopped of his head 10 times to appease Lord Brahma, from whom he
received boons and nectar of immortality which was stored under his navel.

Ravana was faithful devotee of Lord Shiva, a great scholar with thorough knowledge
of 4 Vedas, 6 Upanishads, Ayurveda & Political science. He was a maestro of Veena.

Ravana authored "Ravana Samhita" a powerful book on Hindu Astrology.

Horoscope of Ravana;

Su Me Ve
Me Ra
Ra Su

Rasi Mo Ju
Ravana's Horoscope 4 V 10 Ma
Ma Mo A

5y (Sa) Ke
6 8
/ /
Ke (Sa)

There has been much debate on the horoscope of Shri Ram and also on the horoscope of
Ravana, here is presented the horoscope as per the legendary writer Late Gopesh Kumar
Ojha from his commentary on the book " Phaladeepika (Bhavartha Bodhini)" published by
Motilal Banarsidas Publications, New Delhi. In this book Shri Ojha has explained how the
horoscope of Ravana was passed on to him by a Sadhu (yogi).
Aries Ascendant

Ravana born in Aries ascendant which denotes fiery, aggressive & outspoken by nature.
People born in such lagna's are over rude, mostly act without much thought. Placement of
exalted Sun in ascendant makes the person highly self-confident and thrust for power which
made him hing of all kings. He doesn't like to work under someone, though his step-brother
Kubera, lord of wealth had many businesses to offer him.

Ruchaka Yoga

Lagan lord Mars in to111 house forms Ruchaka yoga aspecting lagna adds much fuel to the fire
making him cruel & self-centered. This position guarantees powerful ruler. He seizes Lanka
from Kubera, also his Pushpak viman (flying plane).


Sun in ascendant makes the one quest for knowledge and skeptical. As Sun is the lord of 5tl1
house exalted says excellent grasping power & intelligence. He is very quick to learn.


Mercury (knowledge), lord of 3rd & 6^ house in 2nd tells one is a fine communicator,
recitation of mantras & slokas.


2nd lord Venus (karaka for spouse) which is also y'*1 lord exalted gave him beautiful and
chaste wife Mandodari, daughter of demon king Mayasura and Hema (Apsara). She was a
pious woman who was always apologetic for the misdeeds of her husband.

Venus in 12^ house which represents bed pleasures made him lustrous, run after women. He
had so many concubines. Ravana maintained a harem of incredible size, populated with
women whom he captured over the course of his many conquests, many of whom allegedly
lived happily under Ravana's captivity on account of his virility and wisdom. Nonetheless,
Ravana often forced himself upon any woman who rejected his advances.


Rahu in 3rd house makes one's courage as he was a great warrior. Bad planet in house of
siblings affected his sister Soorpanaka & brother Kumbakarna who later was killed.


Gajakesari yoga (combination of Jupiter and Moon) in 4th house denotes one born in
distinguished family, intelligent, guarantees all comforts, fulfillment of every wish, living in
luxurious abode, beautiful aura, victory over enemies, very generous heart (as Jupiter lord of
12^ exalted)., outstanding Mind, wealthy, healthy & famous. Even lord Shri Rama praised
him of his divinity.

What a fortunate position of Jupiter in 4th (Cancer) forms Hatnsa yoga..! Whole
Universe is under control of him. It is said that Ravana had all the "Nava Grahas" (9
planets) on the steps on the way to his throne. Even Lord Brahma (the last of the trinity),
used to visit him every morning and pay obeisance to him.


Saturn exalted in yth house forms Sasha yoga aspects on lagna makes one terror to his
enemies by his mere look. Saturn io'11 aspect on Jupiter made him Shiva Upasana (great
devotee of Lord of destruction). This io'11 lord in yth made him prosperous after marriage.

Ravana was a Great Astrologer & when his Son Meganadha also called Indrajit was to
be born, He commanded all the Planets to reside in Inderjit's nth house of his Horoscope.
This combination make Inderjit Invincible!, The God's were highly distressed at this because
Saturn in the nth house of Inderjit's Chart would give him great strength, The Gods
requested Saturn to Move into the 12th house, Saturn agreed & attempted to move into the
12th house, however Ravana saw this & chopped of Saturn's Leg..Which then fell into the
12th house, this was known as "Mandi" & thus Inderjit's chart got spoilt.

Raja Ravana was an eminent scientist. At one time when he was present in his court, he felt
mentally perturbed and expressed his desire to go to the forest to be soothed by some holy
person. He left his kingdom and met Maharishi Kukut Muni in the forest. He expressed a
keen desire that Kukut Muni visits Lanka. The Muni observed, "Your kingdom is really very
wonderful and I have already learnt about the advance you have made in scientific

After visiting numerous royal buildings the rishi Kukut Muni was led to special
laboratories connected with researches on earth, air, water and fire elements. Here atomic
bodies were potencies with 'Dwe and Trisainu' 'Chatursainu', 'Panchsainu' (These all are
very subtle forms of elements) and those led to the development of different weapons of war
(i.e. Brahm-astra, agni-astra, Jalastra etc). Lastly Ravana took him to some more special
laboratories of Ravana's son, Nariayantak who was the greatest scientist of the age and who
frequently visited the Moon in his 'Bhautik yan' (Plane). Finally Ravana took the Muni to
Medical research centre, where Ashwini Kumar's resided. He was an authority on surgery
that could join two parts of the skull and, stopping the heart beat, could operate upon the
heart. The Rishi, on seeing these laboratories, highly praised them.
When Ravana was about to die he had said, "Rama! I am in my last breaths. I intended
to do four things in my life time. Firstly, the smoke should cease to appear with fire.
Secondly, I wanted to pave a permanent path to the Moon. Thirdly, I wanted to make it
possible to control death. The fourth thing was that I wanted to know the creation known as
"Atal & Vital'. But alas! I have failed to accomplish these."

Rama had to do Ashwamedha yagna (Horse sacrifice) for killing great Brahmin
scholar Ravana.

All the above superior qualities of Ravana due to his excellent horoscope of 5 planets

Notes Those who have one or more of Panchamahapurusha yogas such as Bhadra yoga,
Ruchaka Yoga, Malavya yoga, Sasha yoga & Hamsa yoga, he is equal to king & leads a
prosperous, comfortable life protecting him from all sides.

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