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José Alberto García Rojas.


Name of the city where I live.
To the day of the date, I am living in the City of Mexico.

It is located in the Valley of Mexico, at an altitude of approximately 2 thousand
meters above sea level. It has an area of 1500 km2, and it is politically divided
into 16 city halls. Its population is approximately 21 million inhabitants, making
this city one of the most populated in the world.

Tourist places:
The Zócalo of the city is a good starting point to enjoy the CDMX, since under
this great plate there are vestiges of what was once the great Mexico-
Tenochtitlan. You will have an incredible view of the Metropolitan Cathedral and
the National Palace. Also, on the street of Madero look at the incredible postcard
that is formed with the Torre Latino in the background.

Another place to visit is the seat of the Executive Power of the Nation and from
where the president governs. Besides enjoying the baroque architecture of the
building -which was the seat of the Viceroyalty and the Mexican Empire-, it finds
five murals made by the muralist Diego Rivera, who painted them from 1929 to
1951. In addition, in the central courtyard is the fountain Pegasus, which
represents the virtues of courage, prudence and intelligence, "rectors" of national
governments. There are more spaces but these are the most prominent.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is a historical monument, member of the architectural

complex of the area that is considered a World Heritage Site. Its walls conserve
361 years of history and is considered one of the most outstanding works of
Hispanic architecture. What you have to see are, without doubt, the altars, mainly
that of the Kings.

The Templo Mayor Museum has visible archaeological vestiges of the Mexica
culture that, before the arrival of the Spaniards, were masters and lords of the
region. In its eight rooms you will find objects related to the way of life of its
inhabitants, from their religiosity to the way of feeding. Mention aside from the
remains of the Great Temple dedicated to several Aztec gods, ask about the
legends! Without a doubt, it must be in this list of places to visit in CDMX
In the National Museum of Art, the productions that occurred in Mexico from
prehispanic times until the middle of the last century are conserved. Here you
can enjoy collections of sculptures, paintings and more. It is a delight to enjoy
classical art in this palace of our city.

Without a doubt, Garibaldi is an exceptional place to experience the Mexicanness

that is lived in CDMX, sing mariachi and have a good drink, then this is an
excellent option.

The Latin American Tower is a building, with 61 years of age, being one of the
most emblematic buildings of the city, because it was the first skyscraper in Latin
America. Among other things, it acquired fame because it endured the
earthquakes of 1957 and 1985 and in its last floors of the tower you will find the
Bicentennial Museum, the Miralto restaurant and the Mirador, from where you
can see the entire CDMX.

Already walking nearby, the Palace of Fine Arts is a temple to the Mexican arts,
this palace was built during the years of the Mexican Revolution. Inside are
preserved murals painted by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro
Siqueiros, Manuel Rodriguez Lozano among others. Their stages are main
venues of the National Symphony Orchestra, the Classical Dance Company and
the Folk Dance of Mexico.

The emblematic Bosque de Chapultepec, which represents the main lung within
the CDMX, could not be absent. Without forgetting of course to go through the
Chapultepec Castle which was built for the use of royalty, and unique in its kind
in Latin America, has been from the house of viceroys, emperors, winery, military
school, presidential house and now it is the Museum's headquarters National of
History, being able to enjoy the permanent exhibition of objects that belonged to
the real houses that lived there.

Why and what do you like about your city?

What I like about Mexico City is that there is movement, at any time there is
something to do or where to go; all the senses are highly stimulated the visual,
the auditory, the taste, the smell, the touch and why not? the intellectual ... There
is simply for all tastes flavors and colors.
To which the population is mainly dedicated:
The economy, and it contains a mix of modern and ancient agricultural systems
and industries, both increasingly dominated by the private sector.