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• Editorial
• 2013: What’s Next
• The Road Ahead- Obstacles
• Cover Story: Inside Syria
• Faith Speeches: Haq Nawaz Jhangvi
• Shia equality or Shia supremacy?
• Book Review – Maulana Masood Azhar
• Message to the Sunni Officials

Faith Speeches – Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi

Cover Story – Inside the Syria, Playing the Iran’s Game

The Road Ahead – Obstacles I

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From the Editor’s desk

We present you this first issue of Al-Rashideen. We
hope this to be a platform where relevant issues facing
the Ummah are studied / analyzed upon by students of
colleges and universities, and Muslim youngsters whose
first or second language is English.
Before going any further, I would pen off with the
words of an Iraqi who called on an Egyptian Channel
some 3 years ago. Not much has changed vis-à-vis the
Ahlus Sunnah since then. These words echo the current
state of affairs in the Muslim World:

‘O Brothers!!! I am calling from Baghdad I call you O Baghdad what evil has caught you?
What was the value of Baghdad? Weren’t you (O Baghdad) the happiness of eyes? I call
you from Iraq! O my dear fellows!! Is there any eye in Egypt who is weeping for
Baghdad? I wish I could help the ones who are in sorrow and beating their chest because
of being badly tortured Sheikh Hammad thousands of women and men of Ahlus Sunnah
have come to me. They have given me the responsibility of a trustworthy thing. They
said if people of Islam will be killed and destroyed, then who will help us? Then who will
save us from cruelty and torture? Our women are being prisoned. (People of) Ahlus
Sunnah are killed….Ahh Respect of Muhammad (PBUH)…..Ahhh Religion of
Prophet……..Beards were being burned, elders were thrown in fire and were burned. The
ones who were much old were beaten with hunter lashes on their backs. I was also
tortured (because they wanted) that I put lie and curse Mother Aisha R.A. and on my
father Abu Bakr R.A. ……Ahh my father my father…..with which face shall I live on this
world? They put dirt in my beard.
O Ahlus Sunnah save your brothers from these Rafdhis…….Ahh Respect of Muhammad
(PBUH)…..Ahh Respect of Prophet…..Ahh helplessness of the Religion of Islam…..Our
women were kidnapped….Ahh respect and glory of Ahlus Sunnah. They stop us on roads
and burn us alive because amongst us are the people with the names Abu Bakr, Umar
and Usman and (people) with names of those of the Prophet’s Sahaba. They said to us
that abuse Aisha R.A. for them, when we denied, they cut our fingers….O Sheikh I have
delivered the responsibility given to me. O Allah be my witness….I have delivered the
Message….I saw a young girl, she was raped…..She was saying (By Allah) I was a virgin,
Wallahey I was an Hafiza (Memorizer of Quran)….Then she screamed and said who will
convey the story of my torture to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)……She was saying
(Shia) Men have crossed all limits of torture and brutality. The respect of Allah’s
Messenger was abused………
O Sheikh listen….I have delivered the story of Shia torture and brutality. The wounds
which I got (from Shia) are still fresh because my son’s name was Umar and my
daughter’s Aisha…..These rafidhis burned my 3 year old child inside an oven and killed
him, and then they put the burnt body in front of his old father (me) Oh Allah Be my
witness….Oh Allah you are my Lord be my witness Oh people of Islam is there any
helper for the Muslims……Is there any Ibn Taimiyya (for help) to stop the hands of the

Assalam O Alaikum
2013: What next?

A nother year has passed by & on the dawn of 1434 A.H. Taliban are
battling with the crusader armies in the rugged terrains of Afghanistan,
Chechen guerillas fighting for an Emirate in the Caucasus, Palestinians
with stones in hand defying the Israeli Onslaught, Kashmiri’s protesting against
the Indian Militancy, Syrians rising up against the Shiite Nusayri Bashar,
Ulama getting martyred in the streets of Karachi, Pakistan by Shiite militias. A
cursory look at these conflict areas brings to light the Muslim plight. With
meager resources and scarce bullets at their disposal, they are nevertheless
acting as a fire-wall against the Judeo-Christian, Hindu & Shiite nexus.

Not much has changed vis-à-vis Muslim fortunes since 1757 when the British
entered the Indian Sub-Continent, gained charge and then eventually
snatched the Ottoman Caliphate in 1924.Since then, its been a series of
unfortunate events starting from Kemalist reforms in Turkey, Israel’s
independence in 1948, little or no Islamization in Pakistan, Break-up of
Bangladesh, Russian Invasion of Afghanistan and continuing all the way to the
1979 ‘Shiite’ heretic revolution in Iran to 2011’s Arab Spring. Our debacle & its
causes had begun along time ago, but for the sake of brevity let’s just not
limit ourselves to the American invasion of Afghanistan & Iraq as the setting
up the stage for Muslim conflict. We have been under-attack both militarily,
ideologically and psychologically since the last 200 years and more so since
the last 1 century.

Be it Hindu India, Christian USA-Russia, Buddhist & Communist China-Burma-

Philippines, Shiite Iran-Syria, every possible Non-Muslim has stepped in the
Bandwagon Muslim Crusades. Hindu India stepped in since 1948,USA & Russia
were there remotely behind the scenes before, but directly since the
‘80’s,China ,Burma and Philippines hopped in since the late ‘80’s and early
‘90’s,and Iran and Syria have been cruising along since the ‘70’s.
We were analyzing and discussing the withdrawal of NATO & American forces
from Afghanistan in 2014, when all of a sudden the Arab Spring comes up
and the mass butchery of Muslims is done in Bahrain, Syria aided by their
Shiite Master-Patron Iran. We are under attack: there is no denying that. And
we are being so right, left & centre. And the reality as espoused in a popular
Hadith ‘that there would be a time when the kuffar would invite each other
(the way we invite people at food) against Muslims’ is very much visible now.

I believe that the only good news in the midst of all this is the rise of
Mujahideen movements & their resilience and courage to move on despite
heavy odds. And what is driving them? One reason is the spirit of Jihad and
Shahadat which is expressedly present in Quran and Sunnah. In the words of
noted Egyptian Jihadi Ideologue Zawahiri

‘The West can snatch away our territories, kill our women and children,
but they can never extinguish in us the spirit of Jihad and martyrdom as
espoused in the Quran and Sunnah’

Another reason is the renewing of this Quranic Spirit (of Jihad) by individuals
who have time & time again saved the Islamic Tradition from being ignored
by the Muslim Masses.
When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the late ‘70’s, it was Abdullah
Azzam (A Palestenian alim) who through his speeches and dawah, rallied the
support of Muslim youngsters the world over to join the Holy cause in the
mountains of Afghanistan. When Serb and Croat Christians aided by US and
Russian Petro-dollars started the Muslim carnage in Bosnia, it was Shamil
Basayev (Bosnian) and Ameer Khattab (Arab) who led the Muslim resistance.
When US and NATO forces were using the tacit help of the Shias of Iran and
Iraq, it was Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi (Jordanian) who dampened any hopes of a
complete American & Shiite take-over of Iraq for a long time to come. When
the Indian Golliath was on the verge of winning the battle of hearts and minds
in Kashmir, it was Masu’d Azhar (A Pakistani alim) who re-ignited the spirit of
Jihad in the hearts of Kashmiris and Mujahideen posted there. When the
Jewish aggressor was getting accustomed to Muslim slumber in Palestine, it
was Ahmed Yaseen (A Palestenian alim) who woke the Muslims by forming
Hamas. When in the early 80’s the Shiite revolution in Iran started being
exported via Iranian petro-dollars in Iraq, Pakistan & parts of the Middle-East
it was Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi (A Pakistani alim) and his supporters, who
stood up to check the Shiite inspired onslaught.

All the above-mentioned examples point in one direction: The presence of

Internationalism in Islam. And that has been the case and point of Islam’s
growth as a world religion. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was an Arab, among his
Sahaba there were Hazrat Salman from Persia, Sohaib from Rome, Bilal from
Africa and many others. Out of the 144,000 Sahaba thousands are buried
outside the Arab Heartland in China, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia and
scattered the world over. Islam strengthened and grew in Spain, Indian-Sub
Continent, Persian Iran and many other regions. Being Muslim does not mean
that our loyalties rest within the boundaries of states and nations where we
reside. We are one the world over, and the examples highlighted above are
enough to prove that. As a relevant example I would quote, Bhutto:

“Gandhi once observed that if Islam is uprooted from the subcontinent, it

will flourish elsewhere, but if Hinduism is uprooted from the subcontinent,
it would be the end of Hinduism. The meaning of the remark was that if
Hinduism had to be protected at the cost of uprooting Islam from the
subcontinent, there was a justification in it. Is it the aim to prove that,
Gandhi indeed was a Mahatma?”1

What Bhutto points out is that had Gandhi not clandestinely paved the way
for the Break-up of India, and had Muslims & Hindus continue to live
together, Islam would have thrived in India at the cost of Hinduism. And he
was right, today according to the World Religious Freedom Report 2012, 94%
of the world’s Hindu’s reside in India.

If I am Assassinated, Z.A.Bhutto Pg142 (New Dehli,1979 Edition)
And before signing off, the New Year brings us to the point of no-return. We
are being constantly taken for granted, our lands taken away in petty deals,
our life-styles and culture snatched at the gun-point ofImmunity marketing.
All this and much more has made the Muslim an easy prey to Kill. We are with
our backs on the wall, the only way out is to Hit and march forward!!!! There
is no turning back………
The Road Ahead-Obstacles I

By Usman Khan

Whatever that has happened and of trust in Islam and a motion of little or no
continues to be happening in Egypt, Libya, self-confidence via faith.
Yemen, Tunisia, Syria and the likes is resonant
to so many revolutions that have taken part in This zero self-confidence is the outcome of
the Muslim world in the 21st century. secularism (as a state of mind). But leaving
that argument aside, I plan to assess the
We have the Independence movements of havoc played by such an indifferent attitude
Egypt, Algeria, and Pakistan as a prime example towards religion.
of hijacked revolutions. The Pakistan
movement were steeped into a religious I would be limiting my arguments to the 19th
awakening owing to the masses and the and 20th century realm. The examples to
visionary leadership of men such as Iqbal, follow are disheartening to say the least, and
Quaid-e-Azam & Maulana Shabbir Ahmad in order to save the current Arab spring
Uthmani. But what happened afterwards is a from a Judeo- Christian onslaught, we need
trend most unfortunate that has time and time to ponder over them.
again resulted in a deep despair among the
Muslims. It is this trend which caused a pioneer Sharif of Makkah, a Syed by descent is
of the freedom movement to retort. gullible enough to fight the Turkish
caliphate in the promise of an unlimited rule
“Who’s Shariah? I don’t want to get in Arabia by the British government. This is
involved. The moment I enter this field the the time of the Second World War.
Ulema will take over.”1

During the Second World War Turkey sided

It is this trend which has caused the with Germany and its allies. As the war
constitution to supersede Islamic laws and if an went, Turkey started strengthening the
Islamic law/punishment is not accepted by 2/3rd noose against Great Britain. Ulema and lay
majority in the parliament, such laws are not muslims alike supported Turkey’s stand so
valid. This is why we see Ulema having to fight much that Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani
over the issue of blasphemy in the parliament of gave the verdict that it is prohibited for
the ‘Muslim’ Pakistan and has this law accepted. Muslims to join the British army in its fight
That this law should have automatically been a against Turkey. At the same time pressure
part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan since its was put on Afghanistan’s ruler Ameer 7
inception in 1947, it was not the cause. This Habibullah by Muslim clerics to wage a war
trend, this cause is a lack from India’s tribal areas, in a bid to
devastate the British at home. Ameer and gave in the argument ‘because of your
Habibullah in the words of the Indian viceroy behaviour India kills the Muslims of
Lord Curzon remained ‘a loyal friend who at the Kashmir with greater impunity’. As if she
time of war cooperated with us.’ This done with wasn’t doing it before?
the entry of United States into the war,
Germany lost the war. At the treaty of In 1998 the US government under Bill
Versailles, Turkey was torn into pieces, and Clinton sent missiles into Afghanistan to kill
with the conquest of Palestine, British Prime Osama Bin Laden. The missiles trespassed
Minister Llyod George termed it as the victory Pakistani airspace. In protest the Muslim
of the crusaders. masses caused a hue and cry. Protests and
road blockades marred every city. In a quest
The Turkish caliphate had been to question this ‘Anti- Americanism’ on the
decimated, but it stood as a temporal Muslim streets, the then Prime Minister Nawaz
institution. That too was swept away by yet Sharif gave a statement endorsing a Shariah
another Muslim ’Mustafa Kamal Ataturk’. The Bill in the parliament. Obviously so, the
crusader dream of avenging Saladin’s victory of attention was soon diverted and the Shariah
Jerusalem came true, but not without the bill issue was soon lost in the pile of pending
hypocrisy of Muslims such as Habibullah Khan acts of amendment. Some three years later
and Mustafa Kamal. What made them do what the then Army chief Pervez Musharraf sided
they did isn’t a very difficult question to answer. with US in its war against Muslims on the
It was zero self-confidence which built around pretext
them a façade of Judaeo-Christian supremacy at
whose alter, they sacrificed Islam. ‘America would have bombed us to stone
age. ’

The next example is that of Kashmir. The

Radcliffe award meant that Muslim majority No self-confidence again wins the battle and
areas go to Pakistan and vise versa. The Indian becomes the perfect recipe for inaction.
government in a last ditch effort managed to
convince Maharaja Hari Singh to play his The example of Zia ul Haq is something that
‘Hindu’ card, and side with India. This was one cannot be attributed to an ‘lesser’
wrong i.e. to go against the wishes of an entire understanding of faith. Zia ul Haq stands out
Muslim population, and also against the among the many Pakistani leaders of the
Radcliffe award. For those of us who argue ‘two past. That he was an exception and a rarity,
wrongs don’t make a right’; the Quaid e Azam that is the hard fact. That this was the man
ordered Liaquat Ali Khan to administer a who helped Mujahideen route the Russian
‘covert’ war in the tribal belt of Pakistan. Major Red army, who bought India to its knees by
General Akbar Khan who was given charge of supporting Bhindranwale & his ‘Khalistani’
the operation writes that after the death of the rebels, carried on with Pakistan’s nuclear
Quaid, the Pakistani government became ambitions regardless of US disapproval is no
reluctant to fight the war, courtesy allegations small achievement.
of interference in Indian held Kashmir at the
UN . We never look at what India did but are
2 But the point to be honed in is that why
quick to point out that Pakistan must keep its such a powerful dictator like Zia ul Haq
boots on the ground. could not amend and change the present
system. Sympathizers argue that the
For the Pakistani government post Quaid e international scenario must be kept in
Azam, ‘zero self-confidence’ came to the rescue perspective, etc. My point is that if Zia could
hang Bhutto, why Zia couldn’t have carried out order to overcome it, I shall cite examples
a ‘complete’ Islamization; not by law but by from the Seerah of the Holy Prophet
action. What did image matter to him? At the (S.A.W), his companions and then all the
end of the day, apparently it did. In his 10 year way to the leaders of some not so distant
rule he changed the world scene by having past….
helped removed the 2nd Superpower of its time.
He changed the Pakistan Army, its ISI, had From the Seerah of the Holy
support of even the masses, but that final step Prophet(S.A.W.)
which he never took would go down in the
annals of history as a ‘lost opportunity’ and The instance where an (Honorable)
nothing else. Qurayshite woman had stolen,and the
Qurayshites sent one of the Sahaba came to
The one single reason which I have identified in intercede on her behalf infront of the Holy
each of the above there examples merits closer Prophet (S.A.W.).The Prophet stated that
attention. Has not this reluctance to accept our the reason for the decline & going astray of
faith become a fact of life for most of us? How the previous Ummah’s was that when their
many times have we shuddered at the sound of rich and honorable commit a crime they are
orators like Maulana Masood Azhar inciting left alone,when their poor commit the
masses for Jihad? Have we forgotten the same,they are punished(i.e. their different
Quranic call:- treatment vis-a-vis the rich and the poor)
,and By Allah if Fatima Bint Muhammad had
“O Prophet, urge the believers to battle ” (Surah done the act, I would have cut her hands. (I
Anfal, verse 65) have relied on an approximate translation
How many of us have forgotten prisoners like
Aafia siddiqui, Sheikh Omar Abdul Rehman and Hafiz Hajr Asqalani explains the merits of
many others? Have we not listened to the this hadith and concludes
Prophetic saying
•T - This hadith discusses that when someone
‘Free the Prisoner’ (Bukhari) becomes liable for punishment, he should
not be let off even though he may be your
How many of us have chided Ulama such as relative or an honorable member of society.
Ameer-e-Azeemat , Maulana Abdul Rashid
And it further strictly condones the person
Ghazi and Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi for who tries to make a way out of this situation
fomenting hatred and terror? Have we not read by not applying the Islamic Law in this case.
the Quranic Verse? • - It also helps us analyze the cause of the
decline/going astray of the previous
‘….Those of His servants only who are possessed ummah’s which is ruling/going against
of knowledge (Ulama) fear Allah. Surely Allah is sharia’h.
Mighty, Forgiving.’(32:28)
The Prophet’s (PBUH) example mentioned
There are many examples which can be touched above should remove the doubts in the
upon here, but for now I would suffice with minds and hearts of every Muslim, that
these. If the Muslim world desires to come out there is no place for zero self-confidence or
of the shadows of Democracy, & benefit from impotence in carrying out the sharia’h law in
this Arab Spring, it must clear the hurdles in its Islam regardless of what the society and
way. The first obstacle I have identified. In world says.
From the Seerah of the Prophet’s Companions continent .Examples include Ameer-e-
Shariat for Maulana Ataullah Shah
Bukhari, Sheikh-ul-Hind for Mufti
A person comes in the presence of Hazrat Mahmud-ul-Hassan and Muarikh-e-Islam
Umar, and presents his case saying that I have for Maulana Zia-ul-Rahman Farooqi
had a dispute with this Jew. I had gone in the
presence of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).This 5 Pandra Taarikh Saaz Taqreerain (15
person was a hypocrite. He says that I ha sought Memorable Speeches),Maulana Haq Nawaz
the verdict of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).Hazrat Jhangvi
Umar replied as to the Prophet’s decision. He
replied, that the Prophet had ruled in the Jew’s
favor. Hazrat Umar did not enter into an
argument with this (outwardly professing)
Muslim, instead he takes out his sword and
sever’s the hypocrite’s head,and proclaims:

‘Anyone who doesn’t accept the Prophet’s

Judgement,in Umar’s court his punishment
is ONLY death’ 5

The above-mentioned example is enough to

burst the myth that acting according to sharia’h
is problematic vis-a-vis Muslim Image.

From a not-so-distant past

Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban movement

refuses to hand over Osama Bin Laden & other
Mujahideen to the United States of America,
and in a bid loses his regime post 9/11.And,
regardless of all that remarks that Islam does
not allow Muslims to be handed over to non-
muslims. He stands firm in the midst of all the
euphoria. He remains stead-fast and this is an
echo of the Glorious Muslim past.

1 Islamization of Pakistan, Afzal Iqbal

2 Raiders in Kashmir, Major General Akbar Khan

3 In the Line of Fire, General Pervez Musharraf

4 Appellation of Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi

(1952-1990).Appellations are common for
Authoritative Ulama in the Indian Sub-
Looked on to
Bashar Al Assad’s
massacre of
Sunnis in Syria

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Allepo, Homs,
Syrian Bloggers crying
to the world for help

Bashar Forces destroying

the Masjids



“We are all Jabhat Al-Nusrah” - THE MUJAHIDEEN
The Men who rocked KUFR
AlHamdulillah (All Praise to Allah), uptil now I which can take away this stance & position
can with complete faith in my God, that there away from me. You cannot imagine the level
is no such person or group on the soil of of punishment which I have endured for
Pakistan who can cause confusion and dis- presenting this stance and stand. It is not my
order in my gatherings ,and then walk away habit to eulogize or self-praise, or to talk
home with convenience & ease. about myself. May Allah forgive me (for such
This I am talking about the common man, self-praise) and protect me from it. Anyways,
EVEN the police does not have the courage & after reflection and utmost discretion of my
audacity to cause disturbance in my jalsa own, we have adopted this line (i.e.
(Public Gathering)…..This I am saying with mission).And in line with this statement is
complete faith in my God, I myself am that up till now it is the wish of both me and
nothing. That’s why if there is any sound or workers of Sipah-e-Sahaba (Army of the
protest (from the crowd) anywhere, you don’t Companions of the Holy Prophet) that we
have to look in that direction nor take any make this position accepted in Pakistan’s
notice of it. It’s between me & that person. If constitution. We do it today, (maybe) next
you promise to listen to my talk that way, year, (maybe) five years later. It is probable
then I shall begin otherwise we shall make dua that in our lifetime, we may not be successful
(Religious Supplication) and call off the jalsa. but with complete trust and faith in God, I can
I request the intelligence agents, government say that if we continue (in this direction) being
angels, CID reporters; whatever you may call well-intentioned, then that day would indeed
them to record the words of my claim with come on Pakistan’s soil, when our stand and
sincerity & honesty. It would be their favour position be accepted in the National
on me, if they note these words. Assembly.
Shia is the biggest infidel in the whole I have without any foreword or introduction,
universe (Shia Qaainaat ka badtareen kafir presented the words of my claim.
hai) Shia is the biggest and filthiest infidel in the
This is my claim, very brief very clear and very whole Universe (Shia Qaainaat ka badtareen
transparent. I want to bring testimonial aur ghaleez tareen kafir hai).
evidence to this statement of mine, to proof These words are very clear. I want to give
its veracity and objectivity. My witnesses to arguments and proofs in support of my claim.
this claim and the evidence which I And, in line with this talk, I would praise the
would bring in support of it, would be the Companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
judicial verdicts (Fatawa) of the authoritative which is my life’s permanent and unshakeable
Ulama across the 1400 year old history of goal. Among my power and the information
Islam, Prophetic traditions, and the last which I could extract, there is no authoritative
verdict which cannot be refuted by any alim (religious scholar) in my observation
authority in the world. So much so that even across the 1400 year-old Islamic History who
the Prophet cannot challenge that verdict & after a perusal & study of shiism not declared
that verdict would be that of God ALL-Mighty Shiites as unbelievers. This cannot happen. As
which I would bring today. Today I would a specimen and example, I would name a few
expose this matter leaving no doubt and (Ulama).
uncertainty present in the mind of anyone Sage of the community (Hakeem ul Ummah)
present. And this stand and position, I have Imam Malik Bin Anas referring to the ayat of
endured troubles and affliction of every kind the Quran (Surah Al-Fath, Last Ayat) declares
over a period of 15 years. And now, there is no openly that in the light of this ayat, Shiites are
power in the world
are Non-Muslims & Un-believers. Malik Bin verdict of the Ulama in his famous pamphlet
Anas is not today’s personality….Centuries ‘Refutation of the Rafhidis’ (Radd-e-
have passed (since his death).Keeping this Rawafiz).In it he writes that Shiites are the
ayat in front of him, he has given the verdict biggest infidel in the whole universe. It’s been
against Shiism, which even today is present in over four centuries since the time of Mujadid
the Quranic tafaseer. Pick up any tafseer you Alif Thani, and we are now into the 5th
would find Imam Malik’s verdict (fatwa). The century. This is also not today’s issue and
most simple and easy to understand exegesis discourse, it is quite old. And even today, you
(tafsir) is that of Sheikh-ul-Islam Allama would find Mujadid Alif Thani’s verdict in this
Shabbir Ahmed Usmani. In this ayat you world. You can take it and study it.
would notice Imam Malik’s fatwa. After Mujadid Alif Thani comes the Muslim
For your satisfaction, I will bring few more Community’s Grand Leader, the great scholar
judicial verdicts. This is my challenge that of the Indian Sub-Continent, Leader of Holy
there has been no person, no alim in these Men, Shah Waliullah Muhadith Dehlvi. May
1400 years who after a perusal of Shiism has Allah bestow His unlimited grace and mercy
hesitated in declaring twelver Shiites as Un- on the grave of the great leader. In his
believers and infidels. He had to say it. authentic & reliable book ‘Aids to
The most reliable book of the Hanafi Fiqh Understanding God’ (Tafheemat-e-Illaya) he
(School of Islamic Law) Fatawa Alamgiri which narrates one such dream of his. That in the
was arranged under the supervision of Mughal state of dreaming, he had the privilege of
emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir, and which was seeing the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Shah
compiled by 500 ulama. In it this truth has Waliullah writes, that in my dream I
been stated in open words, questioned (the Prophet PBUH) O Master
Mun Ankara suhbata abi bakr fahua kafir what do I make and think of Shiites. He
(Any person who doesn’t believe in Abu Bakr further writes, that my master advised me to
being a companion of the Holy Prophet is an study the Shiite belief of Imamate; the truth
infidel and unbeliever) will become clear to you. Shah Waliullah
This is also not today’s verdict. Centuries have writes, that the next morning I read and
passed (since its compilation).I was not born studied afresh the Shiite concept of Imamate
yet, nor my father nor even my grand-father, and after reading it gave the decision that
when on that particular day 500 ulama were Shiites do confess with tongue that the Holy
writing with their pen’s Siddiq-e-Akbar’s Prophet (PBUH) is the last Prophet, but in
(appellation for Hazrat Abu Bakr) enemies as reality Shiites do not acknowledge the khatm-
infidels. e-Nubuwwat of the Holy Prophet
Mujadid Alif Thani (Revivalist of the second (PBUH).They believe in 12 Prophets’ after the
millennium) Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi, whose Holy Prophet (PBUH).You very well know that
bravery and valour is history’s authentic fact. the denier of the finality of Prophet-hood is a
Who alone dealt with his period’s despotic Non-Muslim. This fact is apparent and
ruler, by facing (opposition), who endured manifest to every Muslim.
detention at Gwalior Fort, who earned the Shah Waliullah has written this brief verdict, I
appellation mujadid i.e. Revivalist by the would like to clarify. In order to make you
community of the faithful. This same mujadid understand as the Shiite belief of Imamate, I
writes with his sanctified pen that Shiites are would say something.
non-Muslims and infidels, and that the ulama Shiite issue of Imamate is that the Imam is
of the Indian Sub-Continent have declared infallible (mas’um). His obedience is
Shiites as kafirs. obligatory. He receives esoteric revelation
Shiites had written against this verdict of the (wahi) from God. Every year on the night of
Ulama of the Indian Sub-Continent, that we ascension (laylat-ul-Qadr), that year’s
are Muslims and your verdict is wrong and complete commands come down on him.
invalid. Mujadid Alif Thani gave valid That year he obeys and carries out the
arguments in the light of Quran & Sunnah to commands. The next year on the night of
refute the retaliatory verdict and claim of the ascension (laytal-ul-Qadr) new commands
Shiites, and confirmed and supported the come down. The Imam has the power and
authority to make prohibited (haram) that Before Shah Waliullah I should have
which is permissible (halal), and that which is mentioned one more personality. Infact even
prohibited (haram) as permissible before Mujadid Alif Thani (I should have talked
(halal).When the Imam sleeps, his ablution about) Allama Ibn Taimiyya, who was a
doesn’t break. Imam can see from the front mountain of knowledge, who was an ocean of
and from the back. Miracles manifest from the knowledge. And whose bravery and courage
Imam’s hands continuously. The Imam’s birth was such that his funeral took place in a state
is unlike that of ordinary mortals, instead he is of detention (i.e. from prison).Who did not
born from the mother’s thighs (and not her find it in his honor to submit before the tyrant
womb).Imam’s status and position is superior of his time. His love for the people was such,
and elevated than all the (Holy) Prophets of that when pen & paper was snatched away
Allah. This is the Shiite belief of from him, he used coal for writing on the
Imamate….Revelation comes down on the leaves of the trees to guide the Ummah. And
infallible Imam, he is born from the mother’s used to give guidance to the Ummah while
thigh, fragrance and scented odour comes sitting in jail. This Ibn Taimiyya in his Book as-
from the Imam’s body. Some Twelwer Shiites Sarim al-Maslul ‘ala Shatim ar-Rasul (The
have written that the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Drawn Sword against those who insult the
status and position is comparatively higher Messenger) writes that Shia is the biggest
than that of the Imam’s. But Iran’s Khomeini, infidel in the whole universe. You can today
leader and guide of the 15th Century Shiites read Ibn Taimiyya’s book with your own eyes
writes in his Al-Hakumat Al-Islamiya (Islamic and see for it himself the Imam’s verdict.
Government) that the status and position of My venerable audience, I had reached (the
the 12 Imams is superior to that of every angel history) up to Shah Waliullah. Moving on,
and Prophet. Shah Waliullah’s capable son Abdul Aziz has
This is the Shiite belief of Imamate on the by written Tohfa-e-Ithna Ashari (Gift to the
basis of which Shah Waliullah had written that twelvers) fixed a thorn in Shiism’s side which
Shiites do not acknowledge the Finality of can never be extracted by it’s progeny till the
ProphetHood, instead are its worst deniers. Day of Judgement. Shah Abdul Aziz in his
And when they are deniers of the belief of Fatawa Azizi writes
Khatme-e-Nubuwwat then they are Non- ‘Hanafi Fiqh declares that Shiites are non-
Muslims. And, this Shah Waliullah has not just Muslims and with it a Sunni Female’s nikah
written and come at this conclusion by cannot take place’
himself, but instead on the order of the Holy This is the family which helped the political
Prophet (PBUH) vis-à-vis a dream and after a cause (i.e. the Struggle for Independence) in
fresh perusal of the matter, wrote with the Indian Sub-Continent. This is the family
complete valour and determination that which took on fights with the powerful British
surely by tongue Shiite confess to the Finality Raj in the Sub-Continent. This is the family,
of ProphetHood but in reality they do not who had the courage to look into the eyes of
acknowledge this. the rulers. And see with what courage they
‘Aids to Understanding God’ (Tafheemat-e- are condemning Shiites as unbelievers.
Illaya) is available even today. It’s available in Respectable Audience! After Shah Abdul Aziz
the Persian Language. Any person amongst let’s move further-on. Leader of the Scholars
you who wishes so, can study the book of Ahl Sunnah, the most pious among the
himself. He can search for Shah Waliullah’s pious, Shaykh-ul-Islam, the Great hero of the
words, and look at it with his own eyes. I am Indian War of Independence Allama Rasheed
not talking about today’s issue. I haven’t Ahmed Gangohi in his Fatawa Rasheedia
touched upon a new matter. I haven’t created writes in reply to a question. The questioner
an innovation. Nor have we opened the way asks that a Sunni woman by belief enters into
for dissention or animosity among the nikah with a Shiite on the basis of
Ummah. We are saying the same thing which misunderstanding & delusion regarding his
for decades the authoritative Ulama of the belief. Is it necessary for her to obtain a
Ummah have been repeating in the light of divorce now, or without it, she can be
Quran and Sunnah. separated from him (on the pretext) that the
marriage never took place. That Sunni women
should obtain a divorce or not? The second he would do is to urinate in the well of Ahlu
question…..A father is Sunni and his children Sunnah. That is why, it is incumbent and
become Shiite. Can they become heirs to their necessary to discharge all the water in the
father’s property etc? well. And this statement is not said by
The Saint of his time, the great Mujahid of the Maulana Ahmed Raza alone, but Shaykh-ul-
war of Independence, extremely pious scholar Arab wal Ajam (Leader of the Arabs and Non-
writes that the women can separate from the Arabs) Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madani has
man without the divorce, because Shiite is an also narrated a similar stance. Someone had
infidel, and that the Sunni female’s nikah asked a similar question that whether food
never took place. Similarly, the sons of the cooked by Shiites can be eaten or not. Upon
Sunni Father who have become Shiite, cannot this, Shaykh-ul-Arab wal Ajam says not to eat
be the heirs of his inheritance or property. The (and the reason he provides is) if a Shia cannot
father was a Muslim, and the children being do anything, he would spit in the food, and
Shiites have become infidels or unbelievers. then serve food to the Ahlu Sunnah. A
confirmation of such an incident which is even
Honorable Listeners!..... more grotesque was narrated by Maulana
Muhammad Abdullah of Bhakkar, Punjab. A
After Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi, let’s friend of his is a member of the Tablighi
move forward. Leader and guide of the Jamat. He had business relations with a Shia.
Scholars & followers of the Barelvi school of They were partners, and had cordial relations
thought, I would take his name with honor & with each other. He narrated one such
respect……Maulana Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi personal incident to Maulana Abdullah.
in his Fatawa Rizvia and in a brief booklet of He says that this Shiite with whom I had
his Radd-ur-Rafza has written that Shiites are business relations, I went (to his home).He
the worst among non-believers. And his had arranged food for me. When the food was
words are that Shiites whether he be big or served, I moved my hands towards it. It was a
small, male or female, urban dweller or village environment; there was no custom of a
villager is without any doubt outside the pale veil or Purdah. His wife, who is a Sunni, stands
of Islam. And, he is not just content on this up and motions with her hand that I must not
alone, instead he further declares eat the food. I hesitated…..I have trade
‘Who-ever doubts the kufr of the Shiites, he relations with him; the tyrant must have
himself is an infidel’ poisoned the food. Here I die, and here he is
This is Maulana Ahmed Raza’s verdict which is free (to do whatever with my share in the
present in his fatawa Rizvia. Further-more he business).Nevertheless he urged me to eat,
instilled so much hatred for Shiites to the while his wife motioned me (behind his back)
extent, that a person asks if a Shiite enters (or not to eat. He saw what his wife was doing.
falls) into a well, should we dis-charge the He asked her why is she stopping me from
complete well or should we extract some eating? In reply, she said that she was right in
bucket-full of water, so that the well becomes preventing me from eating. The argument is
pure? I would with utmost respect request the prolonged further myself asked the Shia as to
Barelvi Scholars that why are you not ready to what is the reason, what is the matter? Rather
obey on the verdict of your leader & guide. If than answering me, he gets up and starts
the Barelvi scholars do not agree with my beating his wife, started torturing her. When
statement, then at least youngsters (and he had abused her further, his wife cried out
ordinary people) of the Barelvi school should
support us in our stand and position. Ahmed he had sexual intercourse with me, and
Raza writes (in reply to the above-mentioned mixed the impurity (i.e. semen discharge) in
question) writes, ‘Discharge the whole well the food. My religious sense of honor does
and then the well would become pure’. And not permit me, that I give such impurity in
the reason (for this statement of his) he writes food to a Muslim Brother !!!
that a shia would always try to make Sunni’s
eat haram. If he cannot do anything, the least
Shia equality or Shia supremacy?
Raza Hossein Borr

Every human being as a citizen of a country has an 2. Political discrimination against the Sunnis of Iran
equal right of participation in political process. The
person may be a Shia, a Sunni, a Christian, a Jew or Since the beginning of the revolution, the Shia regime
the follower of any other religion. As the Declaration of Iran has not allowed even one Sunni
of Human Rights has stated all human beings are to become prime minister, president, minister, an
equal and must be treated equally and must have army general, and an ambassador. There is not even
equal opportunities in their countries. If we accept one single Sunni in the Iranian Foreign Ministry. There
this article of the Declaration of Human Rights we is not even one Sunni chief executive in the whole
must also accept that the Shias must have equal rights country. All the officials in the Sunnis provinces and
with the Sunnis wherever they live and the Sunnis cities are the Shias who have been appointed by the
must have equal rights with the Shias wherever they Shia government.
live. If we consider equality of rights as the most
important value that governs the relationships
between different people we campaign for something 3. Religious discrimination against the Sunnis of
which is just, acceptable and supportable. Iran

If we campaign for the supremacy of one religion, we The Iranian media and leaders cite every day dozens
act in contrast of the value of equal rights and of insulting remarks about the principles of Sunni
therefore, our campaign is not just, is not religion. They have published hundreds of books
acceptable and must not be supported. It is true that which discredit the most important values of Islam.
many Shias in the Islamic World have no equal rights So much so that the Iranian government has recently
in many areas of life but it is also true that the Sunnis built a huge temple to promote Abu Lu Lu, the killer of
of Iran have fewer rights than any Shia in any Islamic Omar (the second Caliph), as a great Islamic figure.
country. Iran has taken the role of championing the The regime celebrates every year the murder of Omar
rights of the Shia people. It is fighting relentlessly in by staging some ceremonies in which his effigy is
all countries to secure their rights but Iran which is burnt in public.
dominated by the Shias, have deliberately denied the
most basic rights of the Sunnis in the last 28 years. There are about one million Sunnis in Tehran, the
capital of Iran, but the Iranian authorities do not allow
Discrimination against the Sunnis covers every part of them to build even one mosque. They are not allowed
life from education, to politics, business, religion, etc. to perform their prayers in other Shia mosques. When
These are some examples: they try to perform Friday prayers in parks, the
security forces attack them.
1. Educational discrimination against the Sunnis of
Iran 4. Economic discrimination against the Sunnis of
There are 44,000 students in Iranian Baluchistan
universities. Even 4, 000 of them are not Sunni 99% of the Iranian businesses are under the control of
Baluch. The Iranian government deliberately does not the Shia population of Iran while 30% of Iranian
allow the Sunni Baluch of Iran to enter universities population is Sunni. The government creates every
freely. This is while, according to one United Nations barrier for the Sunnis to stop them from starting or
research, the Baluch children are the most talented developing their businesses. The major import and
children in Iran. This policy is pursued in all other export licences are allocated to the Shia businessmen.
Sunni dominated areas. Only in one county of Even in the main cities of Sunnis, all the facilities of
Baluchistan, there are 500 schools which are built with business are given to the Shias to deliberately
cardboards and tents. impoverish the Sunni population of Iran. 70% to 80%
of Sunnis are unemployed.
Shia inclusions in political and economic Practically the Shias have secured their supremacy in
sources in Sunni dominated countries Iran at the cost of 30% of its Sunni population. Now
they are seeking supremacy in other countries. For
While Iran is applying all kinds of discriminations them the idea of equal rights is not a value of
against the Sunnis, the Sunni governments are quite considerable importance when it comes to getting
generous towards their Shia populations. It is a their own supremacy but when they do not have equal
paradox that a regime that is fighting for the rights of rights in other countries, they make a great issue of it.
the Shias in different countries discriminates more
than any other country against the Sunnis in Iran. The What is disturbing everybody is not the quest of the
Sunni governments are usually inclined to include the Shias for their equal rights but their desire for
Shias in the mainstream political and economic supremacy. That has generated considerable
process. These are some examples: resistance everywhere. Iran as the main Shia country
must accept the value of equal rights for all its citizens
1. Pakistan inside Iran and then make its case for the equality of
rights of the Shias in other countries. Nobody believes
Everybody knows the Bhutto family in Pakistan. They in the Iranian campaign for equal rights of the Shias in
are a Shia family but they have governed Pakistan the Islamic countries if the Iranian regime does not
three times. There have been other Shia presidents believe in the equal rights of the Sunnis in Iran. The
and prime ministers in Pakistan. The Shias in Pakistan Iranian regime must first make itself a believable
enjoy complete equality in a Sunni dominated example and must establish a model system which is a
country. There have been many Shia ministers in all model of equality.
Governments of Pakistan from the beginning of
Pakistan up to now. There are Shia army generals, Iran has challenged other Islamic countries that they
there are Shia ambassadors and diplomats and there were not following the Islamic principles of
are big Shia businessmen. They have their own brotherhood, equality and justice. If the government
mosques. There are Shias in different levels of the civil believes in these principles it must implement them
service as well. fully and completely in Iran first. Once Iran becomes
the embodiment of equality and justice, many other
2. Afghanistan people and governments would follow it voluntarily.
The Iranian regime can bring more credibility to its
There are several Shia ministers in the Afghan own system and to its own religion if it carries out
government. There have been always Shia ministers what it preaches.
in various Afghan regimes. There are Shia governors Nobody is ready to accept the supremacy of the Shias.
in Afghanistan. There are Shia army generals in It is a delusion that may initially grab some points but
Afghanistan. There are very rich Shia businessmen in finally as the quest for supremacy is conducted
Afghanistan too. recklessly, as it is done by the present regime of Iran,
it will backfire and would result in the suppression of
3. Kuwait Shias in different countries.

There are two Shia ministers in Kuwait. There are 30% of Iranian population is Sunni. Eight of its
many Shia generals in Kuwait army. There are dozens provinces are dominated by the Sunnis. Yet there has
of Shia ministers, army generals, ambassadors, not been a single minister, army general, ambassador
businessmen and high officials in Qatar and other or a top official in the last 28 years in the Islamic
Arab countries. Republic of Iran. The situation is clear. There is no
idea of equal rights in the minds of the Shia
While we see that there are so many Shia high officials population of Iran and specifically its rulers. The other
in Islamic and Arab world, but there is not a single high amazing thing is the complete silence of the ordinary
official from the Sunnis in Iran. Why is there so much Shia people over the suppression of Sunnis. Even
discrimination against the Sunnis in a regime that more amazing is the complete silence of the Iranian
claims to embody Islamic justice, Islamic equality and politicians, intellectuals, journalists and political
brotherhood? And why there is so much silence about activists over the total exclusion of Sunnis from all
the exclusions of Sunnis from all sources of power in sources of power. The systematic discrimination that
Iran? If the Shia government of Iran is fighting for the has been carried out against the Sunnis of Iran has not
rights of Shias everywhere, why the Sunni been criticised by any Iranian Shia politician. It seems
governments of the world are not fighting for the that there is a total consensus among all Shia groups
rights of Sunnis in Iran? of Iran about the exclusion of Sunnis from all sources

ess. These are some examples:

and centres of political and economic powers while all These are not only the Shias of Iran who have
of them collectively protest strongly against the dominated Muslims; the Shias of Iraq are persuing
discrimination carried out against the Shias in Sunni the same path. If the Shias in Iraq are not seeking
dominated countries. supremacy why did they dissolve the Iraqi army, civil
service and the Iraqi secret services? If those
The Shia groups of different political tendencies have establishments were allowed to function, today the
differences but these differences are all about who has situation would have been much better. Cleansing
the power and who must have it. All governments of the Sunnis from the sensitive cities and areas in Iraq
Iran have taken over the power with great promises of is seeking Shia supremacy. The same could be true
equality of rights and equality of opportunity but as about Lebanon. If Hezbollah is not looking for
soon as they got established, they adapted the same supremacy why is it seeking the toppling of an
old policies of oppression and suppression of different elected government which has been elected
classes and groups and specifically the Sunnis. democratically and freely according to the Lebanese
Discrimination by Iranian media and journalists
against the Sunnis It is right for the Hezbollah to have its appropriate
share in the Lebanese government but it is also the
The Iranian media of the Shia opposition groups right for the Sunnis in Iran to fight for their fair share
follow the same policy of discrimination against of power. The Sunnis of Iraq have the same rights
Sunnis. They publish everyday hundreds of articles that the Shias have in Iran and Lebanon.
and news on every aspect of life in Iran but they refuse
to publish the news of hanging of the Sunnis of As evidence demonstrates it seems that wherever
Baluchistan by Iranian regime. If a Shia journalist gets the Shias are in power the Sunnis are completely
arrested, they follow every movement of his family excluded. Is there a deep-rooted discriminatory
and report every thing about him to maintain his belief in the Shia mind?
presence in the media. If ten Sunnis get killed in
Baluchistan, the opposition media of Iran refuse to Reza Hossein Borr is a leadership consultant and the
publish the news even if it has been published by the creator of 150 CDs.
Iranian regime. The Iranian media publishes hundreds He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of
of articles about the Shia political prisoners in other Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that
countries and refuse to publish any article on the Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the
political prisoners of Sunni community of Iran. Islamic World. He can be contacted by email:
Even those security forces of Iran who have defected
to the West reveal the secrets of serial killings of the
Shia intellectuals and journalists but they refuse to
disclose the serial killings of the Sunni leaders and
intellectuals. All the Shia politicians and journalists of
Iran seem to agree with the present government in its
policies of genocide and complete exclusion of the

The same media that applied discrimination against

the Sunnis , publishes extensively about any news
regarding persecution of the Shias in the Sunni
countries. They report widely the news of Hezbollah
and the Shia demonstrations in Bahrain. They portray
Hezbollah as the hero of the Arab world and the Shias
of Bahrain as the oppressed people who have been
persecuted by Bahrain authorities but they refuse to
publish the news of executions and persecutions of
the Sunnis in Iran.
Jihad A Cause of Mercy or Anarchy – By Maulana Masood Azhar

One of the doubts expressed about Jihaad is that it is synonymous with killing, attacking and causing
mayhem and disorder. In fact, many non-Muslims shrink away from accepting Islaam only because
of the injunction of Jihaad. Orientalists have used this to propagate the misnomer that Islam is a
barbaric and oppressive religion that advocates expansion by force. Fearing such vehement criticism
from the Orientalists, many Muslim authors and historians have approached the issue of Jihaad very
apologetically. Instead of portraying the Islaamic conquests and military expeditions with pride and
revealing the sacrifices and valour they contain, they have opted to rather adopt an attitude of
embarrassment and remorse. They have repeatedly made attempts to explain that these situations
occurred for reasons of exigency because Islaam would otherwise have nothing to do with the

In their works our pious predecessors have described these battles and military expeditions in
wonderful detail. They have presented the sacrifices and valour of the Sahabah with pride and as
precedents to be proudly emulated. In fact, they even penned works dedicated to this subject and
etched these narrations in history. Using logical proofs and proofs from the Shari’ah, we shall
address this important subject in brief.

May Allaah grant every Muslim the ability to enliven the compulsory duty of Jihaad, thereby allowing
the blessings and mercy of this act to spread throughout the world.

Our Claim
The followers of Islaam are unanimous about the fact that Jihaad is a great mercy from Allaah and it
is through this great mercy that this world and the entire universe remains in existence. Were it not
for Jihaad, this world and the entire universe would be corrupted and destroyed. Without it no
Masjid would have any sanctity and no religious institution would be saved from ruin. In fact,
oppression and transgression would become so rampant that people of every religious
denomination would find it impossible to practise their religion in peace. It is on the basis of the
crystal clear verses of the Glorious Qur'aan that the adherents of Islaam can make this claim with
complete conviction.

The First Proof

Allah Declares:

If it were not for the fact that Allaah opposes some people with others, monasteries, churches and
synagogues would be destroyed, as well as Masaajid in which Allaah’s name is taken in abundance (However,
because Allaah makes the people of truth repel attacks from the evil ones of their respective times, these
places of worship remain safe). Allaah will certainly assist those who assist Him (those who assist His Deen).
Verily Allaah is Omnipotent, Mighty. {Surah Hajj, verse 40}

This verse makes it clear that it is by the clashing of people of the truth and people of falsehood that
the safety of places of worship is ensured. If Jihaad was stopped, there would be none on earth to
worship Allaah.

In fact, it was exactly this that Rasulullaah preferred to before the decisive Battle of Badr when he
prayed, “O Allaah! If this small group (of Muslims) is destroyed, there will be none on earth to take
Your Name.”

Had people been prohibited from fighting battles in all circumstances, this would have opposed the
divine system of Allaah because every nation has to wage war at some stage of their existence to
ensure their survival. Had this not been the case and had it not been for Allaah pitching the forces of
good against the forces of evil, there would remain not a trace of good on the face of this earth. The
forces of evil who are in the majority during every era would then have ravaged every sanctified
place on earth, leaving no place of worship standing.

The Second Proof

Allaah states:

If Allaah had not repelled (driven back) some (corrupt) men by others (had good men not prevailed over the corrupt and
evil ones), the (entire) earth would have been corrupted (Allaah therefore sets matters straight in this way from time to
time). However, Allaah is the One Who showers grace on the universe. {Surah Baqarah, verse 251}

A study of the circumstances surrounding this verse reveals that some time after Hadhrat Moosa
(A.S), the behaviour of the Bani Israa’eel changed. This occurred while Hadhrat Dawood (A.S) was
still a child. As a result, a tyrant called Jaaloot (Goliath) managed to subdue them. He killed many of
them, took away their belongings, expelled them from their homes, imprisoned them and subjected
them to various types of difficulties. The oppressed Bani Israa’eel then requested the Nabi of the
time Hadhrat Ishmu’eel (A.S) to appoint a king for them, under whose leadership they would revolt
and free themselves from the clutches of Jaaloot.

When the Nabi (A.S) expressed the fear that they would perhaps not accept the command to fight,
they assured him that they would certainly do so by saying, “Why should we not fight when we have
been separated from our homes and our children?” However, when Allaah made it compulsory for
them to fight, all but a few of them rejected the command. Nevertheless, the Nabi (A.S) informed
them that Allaah had appointed Hadhrat Taaloot as their king, under whose leadership they were to
wage Jihaad to liberate themselves. However, because Hadhrat Taaloot was a poor man who did not
belong to a noble family, the Bani Israa’eel objected to his appointment, making it clear that they
wanted their king to be someone with wealth and of high birth. The Nabi (A.S) pointed out that
Allaah had approved of Hadhrat Taaloot and that he excelled the rest of them in knowledge and
physical strength. He also told them that Allaah reserved the right to appoint whoever He wills as

After passing through some tests, the people who were eventually left with Hadhrat Taaloot to face
Jaaloot numbered only 313. The others fell behind when they failed to pass through the tests.
However, Allaah does not require armies to be strong in number to be victorious. To separate the
grain from the chaff, Allaah issues the command of Jihaad and it is always the true and sincere
Mu'mineen who rally to the call. Thereafter, regardless of their numbers and armaments, Allaah
grants them victory when they reach the battlefield.
When the small army of Hadhrat Taaloot faced the large and powerful army of Jaaloot, Jaaloot came
forward to boast. When Hadhrat Taaloot sent a young boy forward to fight Jaaloot, Jaaloot laughed
and said that he was strong enough to take on the entire army of Hadhrat Taaloot. However, the
young boy was no ordinary boy. He was destined to be a prophet and his name was
Dawood. Using a simple slingshot, Hadhrat Dawood (A.S) managed to kill Jaaloot and the Bani
Israa’eel were freed from his tyranny. Peace and safety once more prevailed on earth.

It is after narrating this incident that Allaah states that had it not been for the forces of good
opposing the forces of evil, life on earth would be corrupted. However, because Allaah is the One
Who showers grace on the universe, He frees the universe from the forces of evil by allowing the
forces of good to defeat them. This allows people to freely choose the path of good. When this
happens, it is not necessary for the forces of good to be as powerful or more powerful than the
forces of evil. All that is required is for the forces for good to have the courage to reach the
battlefield and to place their trust in Allaah. Allaah will then grant them victory
even though they may be in a physically inferior position. This is exactly what happened when the
small army of Hadhrat Taaloot defeated the larger and more powerful army of Jaaloot. In fact,
Allaah had the gigantic Jaaloot killed by a little boy.

In a similar manner, Allaah gave victory to Rasulullaah (S.A.W) and the Sahabah (R.A) in the Battle
of Badr when their army of only 313 were poorly equipped and outnumbered by the 1000 strong
Quraysh army who were armed to the teeth. In addition to this, Abu Jahal who was the proud and
ruthless leader of the Quraysh was toppled by two boys named Mu’aadh and Mu’awwidh. It was
then Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas’ood, a man from a family of no high social standing, severed Abu
Jahal’s head.

Through the Battle of Badr, the entire region of Hijaaz was freed from the shackles of injustice,
ignorance, kufr and Shirk when the Muslims defeated the Mushrikeen. When the seventy
Mushrikeen were killed in the battle, the roads to the justice and freedom of Islaam were
opened not only to the people of Hijaaz but to all of humanity.

A Stark Reality:

Hadhrat Sheikhul Islaam (Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani) makes the following comment on the
above incident: “When the army of Jaaloot fled, the Mu'mineen were victorious. Hadhrat Taaloot
then married his daughter to Hadhrat Dawood (A.S) and after he passed away, Hadhrat Dawood
(A.S) became the king. This incident makes it clear that Jihaad has always been practised and that it
contains the mercy and favour of Allaah. It is only foolish people who will state that Jihaad is not for
the Ambiyaa.”

An Interesting Point of Logic: When land becomes uncultivable, three steps have to be taken. The
first is that the hoe has to be used. In this way, all weeds and other obstacles need to be removed.
The second step is to nourish the land with fertilizer. It is only after this that the seeds are planted
and watered. After these steps one can expect the land to flourish with crops.

In a similar manner, when kufr, Shirk, corruption and other forms of oppression become rife on
earth, the first step to remove it is to wield the hoe of Jihaad. Thereafter, the blood of the Kuffaar
becomes the fertilizer. Experience shows that the more poisonous a fertilizer is, the better it is for
the ground. Therefore, the earth also becomes a better place when it is fertilised with the blood of
people who are the worst elements and the most dangerous. After this, the third step is that the
seeds of Muslim blood need to planted. With the blessed blood of Muslim martyrs, the Islaam
will then flourish and the excellent tree of Imaan takes firm root and continues to prosper.
The Third Proof
One of the greatest causes of lawlessness on earth is widespread corruption that in terms of the
Qur’aan is worse than killing. Allaah says:

Corruption (preventing people from Deen is worse than killing. {Surah Baqara, verse 217}

The Qur’aan condemns this corruption in various verses and states that spreading corruption is a
hallmark of the Kuffaar. In verse 7 of Surah Aal Imraan, the Qur’aan identifies that one of the
distinctive characteristics of the Kuffaar that they search for avenues to cause mischief. It is
behaviour like this that causes disunity and disputes amongst mankind because of which people
are killed, property is destroyed and people are plunged into deviation. Jihaad is a cure for all of this,
because of which Allaah says:

Continue fighting them until no corruption (especially no Shirk and turning others away from Islaam) exists and until
religion (worship) is only for Allaah (until people worship Allaah only). {Surah
Baqara, verse 193}

It is therefore clear that the objective of Jihaad is to obliterate lawlessness and oppression and to
check the Kuffaar from preventing people from entering Islaam. It ensures that Allaah’s law prevails
on earth, which is the natural state of affairs that the world needs as urgently as arid land needs
water. Of course, the verse following the above verse makes it clear that once the Kuffaar
desist from kufr and Shirk, no aggression can be perpetrated against them because the only
objective of Jihaad is to get rid of evil and corruption.

In the commentary of this verse, it is necessary to quote the following historical statement of
Hadhrat Sheikhul Hind (Maulana Mahmud-ul-Hassan). He says, “It should be remembered that
Jihaad should certainly be waged against those Kuffaar who refuse to desist.”

Such are the high objectives of Jihaad. Allaah reiterates this message in Surah Anfaal, where Allaah

Fight them until no corruption (kufr) exists and all religion (worship) is for Allaah. {Surah Anfaal, verse 39}

This verse refers to the final objective of Jihaad, which is to exterminate every shred of resistance
that kufr offers so that Islaam dominates over all other religions and all abide to the law of Allaah.
This may take place together with the existence of other religions as occurred during the periods of
the Khulafaa Raashideen and other Muslim leaders. Alternatively, it can also occur after all other
religions have been eliminated, as will occur during the period when Hadhrat Isa (A.S) will return to
this world. This verse tells us that both offensive and defensive forms of Jihaad should always
continue until the above mentioned objective is attained in both forms.

Allaah has revealed the Qur’aan as a cure and a mercy. Since the Qur’aan has prescribed Jihaad as
the cure for corruption and lawlessness, it follows that Jihaad contains curative properties and is also
a source of mercy. While verses mentioned earlier state that Jihaad is a source of mercy, the Qur’aan
also makes it clear that Jihaad is a cure for the hearts. In the following verse, Allaah mentions six
benefits of Jihaad. Allaah says:
Fight them! (1) Allaah will punish them at your hands (when they are killed), (2) will humiliate them (when they are
imprisoned and defeated), (3) will assist you against them, (4) will heal the (pain and sorrow in the) hearts of the
Mu'mineen (who suffered at the hands of the Kuffaar) and (5) remove the fury of their hearts (which was built when the
Kuffaar broke the treaty). (6) Allaah accepts the repentance (from kufr) of whoever He wills (thereby allowing the
Kuffaar to become Muslims). Allaah is All Knowing (He knows the deeds and ideas of all), the Wise (His decisions are
based on wisdom and knowledge). {Surah Taubah, verses 14,15}

A Pertinent Point

The Qur’aan has emphatically condemned killing and aggression and pronounced the punishment as
eternity in Jahannam. Allaah says:

Whoever purposely murders a Mu'min (regarding his act as a permissible act), his punishment shall be Jahannam where
he shall live forever. Allaah shall be angry with him, curse him and prepare for him a dreadful punishment. {Surah Nisaa,
verse 93}

While the above verse condemns killing a Mu'min, the following verse condemns killing any person
and likens it to killing all of mankind. Allaah says:

Whoever kills another for a reason other than (executing a murderer of) a soul or (other than executing someone who
causes) corruption on the earth, then it is as if he had killed all of mankind. {Surah Maa’idah, verse 32}

When someone kills another, others also learn how to commit the act and are encouraged to do the

Although the Qur’aan has explicitly forbidden killing, there are certain crimes which lead to social
dysfunction. Like a cancerous limb, they have to be surgically removed so that their ill effects do not
spread elsewhere. The Qur’aan has therefore prescribed the cure for such evils as execution. As long
as the execution is employed as a curative measure, it no longer remains an abominable act. In fact,
it now assumes the form of a mercy to mankind because it protects society from much more serious

The Qur’aan first cites the evil and disastrous consequences of these evils before prescribing the cure
which will put an effective end to it. In fact, the cure is so effective that the evil no longer remains an
obstacle to public peace and security. We shall now cite a few examples of ways that the Qur’aan has
prescribed to eradicate evils. By employing these ways, Rasulullaah (S.A.W) and the Sahabah (R.A)
achieved much success. In a broad context, the Qur’aan has instructed that Muslims fight the
Mushrikeen. Allaah says:
Fight all the Mushrikeen (in every condition) just as they fight all of you (regardless of your condition and
whereabouts), and know that indeed Allaah is with those who possess Taqwa (and
will assist them against their enemies). {Surah Taubah, verse 36}

The Qur’aan has also commanded that the leaders of the Kuffaar should be fought because they
are the very root and source of all evil who spread evil all over when their followers blindly follow
them. When they are effectively terminated, kufr and evil will also not last.
The relevant verse of the Qur’aan states:

If they break their promises after entering into a treaty and condemn your Deen, then fight the leaders of kufr.
Indeed they are such that they have no (regard for the) promises (they make) so that they (would) refrain (from
betraying others). {Surah Taubah, verse 12}

The Qur’aan has also explicitly commanded Muslims to fight the Ahlul Kitaab. Allaah says:

Fight those from the ones who have been given the Book (the Jews and Christians) who do not believe in Allaah and
the Last Day, who do not accept as unlawful those things that Allaah and His Rasool r have declared unlawful (such as
liquor, pork, interest, etc), and who do not accept the true Deen (of Islaam). Fight them until they pay the Jizya with
their own hands in humiliation (bowing under Muslim rule). {Surah Taubah, verse 29}

The Qur’aan has also commanded Muslims to wage Jihaad against those people who vilify and
cause harm to Rasulullaah (S.A.W). Referring to them, Allaah says:

They are accursed (cast far from Allaah’s mercy). (Therefore,) Wherever they go (to seek asylum), they will be seized
and massacred (unless they desist from their evil practices). {Surah Ahzaab,
verse 61}

The above is just a glance at a few commands to fight the Mushrikeen, the Ahlul Kitaab and all
those who vilify Rasulullaah (S.A.W). This makes it clear the most effective means of eradicating
these many evils is Jihaad. Looking further, one would read that the Qur’aan also commands that
Jihaad be waged against those Muslims who fight another group of Muslims for no good reason.
The Qur’aan states that when two parties of Muslims have a dispute, efforts should be made to
reconcile their differences in a diplomatic manner. When this fails, Jihaad may be waged against
the party acting aggressively and oppressively until they submit to the commands of Allaah.

If Iran were to attack Pakistan and preparations

become underway especially during 9th & 10th
Muharram, and if orders come that all government
offices of Pakistan be run over and come under siege,
then can anyone tell me should Iran send its army?
These Muharram procession mourners present in
every city are Iran’s free soldiers and without being
paid they can take over the country with Iran’s
weapons and sticks and knives. If something like this
happens and in the presence of all officers, these
processions corner them and take control of all
strategic locations, and if no one is present to give
orders to do something about this, what would
They would kill which-ever Sunni Officer they feel
like, imprison who-ever they feel, and the remaining
forces and police become silent spectators, then your
position would be such that you cannot take your
injured to hospitals. For roads leading to hospitals
would be blocked and so would be the case for police
stations. These plans are under-way & Pakistan’s
Sunni officers and politicians are not getting this…..
When these processions are not mandatory, not
sunnat, not even wajib, no book of theirs has any
mention of this, it’s not been reported by an ‘imam’
then why the need for them?.....They know that what
they have to do………….
Then you would cry and scream that Allama Haq
Nawaz Jhangvi was right, the soldiers of the Sahaba
were right….Listen to us……We are your defenders,
and this nation’s….We are your well-wishers
tyrants….differentiate between friend & foe…..Today
you are being praised (by them), that’s their
strategy…..In their religion there is no sympathy for
O Sunni officers take heed……
Today you are defending them….Those who have in
their books written that save us i.e. except our shias,
the rest are sons born out of wed-lock, and in Al-
Rauza Kafi they have stated that all sunnis are the
children of prostitutes…..& further-more it is written
that you can steal and kill a sunni but from behind,
because if you kill from the front, you would be killed
in retaliation i.e. qisas and your one Shiite is precious
than 1 lakh sunnis
You favour them who have always not let any chance
to hit you and who have always supported the kuffar
in destroying Islamic governments…..For God’s Sake
don’t let the country burn…and Be-Ware of