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Mother MCQs on Self-Organization

7. Labor organizations may be created thru independent registration (IR) or chartering (C). These 2 modes of organization differ as

LLO Status 20% Requirement CE Petition Certification & Attestation

IR Issuance of CR Required After CR is issued Required

C Submission Not required After CC is issued Not required

In other words, IR differs from C as follows:

(1) In IR, an LO becomes an LLO upon issuance of its CR; in C, an LO becomes an LLO upon
submission of registration requirements;
(2) In IR, a list of members comprising at least 20% of the workers of the CBU to which the LO belongs is a
registration requirement; in C, it is not a registration requirement;
(3) In IR, an LO can petition for CE only if it is issued its CR; in C, it is enough that it has been issued its Charter
Certificate (CC);
(4) In IR, all registration requirements must be certified and attested to; in C, only the CC must be certified and
attested to.

Which of the foregoing distinctions is questionable?

(a) (1);
(b) (2);
(c) (3);
(d) (4).

Random MCQ’s

86. The following are regular employees. Who of them is such by provision of Labor Standards Law?
(a) a probationary employee allowed to work beyond his probationary period;
(b) a casual employee allowed to work beyond 1 year;
(c) a trainee in semi-skilled work illegally dismissed into his 3rd month of training without fault on his part;
(d) a worker performing work of necessary or desirable character.

87. As an alternative remedy, separation pay shall be awarded in a dismissal -

(a) effected thru retrenchment;
(b) necessitated by redundancy;
(c) prompted by closure not due to serious business losses;
(d) circumstanced by strained relations.

88. Who of the following may not lose his right to security of tenure:
(a) call center agent sleeping on his right;
(b) security guard sleeping on duty;
(c) manager sleeping with his secretary;
(d) bus driver sleeping at the wheel.
89. Which of the following verbal and physical acts may constitute a ground for dismissal due to serious
misconduct (Explain):
(a) Law Instructor to University President after the Bar examinations: “Mabuhay ang UC!” Then he
poured beer on the latter’s head;
(b) Supervisor to Disabled Janitor at a toy store: “Kuba, mag-aral ka nga ng karate. Ikaw na lang
Ninja Turtle pang display dito!” Then he gave him a toy ninja turtle;
(c) Pastor to Churchgoer: “You’re 16. You’re beautiful. And you’re mine.” Then he winked at her;
(d) Pedro to cross-eyed Lady Boss: “ Ma’am your very attractive.” Then, while she was looking at
him very pleased, he positioned his finger in front of his eyes until they attracted each other.

90. Which of the following verbal and/or physical acts may constitute a ground for dismissal due to

Secretary to Boss:

(a) “I open. I close. This is what I do everyday.” Then she threw the office key to the waste
(b) “I can’t take very long dictations.” Then she banged the door behind her;
(c) “Ask me to do anything, Sir, except riding to hell with you.” Then she said “ Close your
zipper, Asshole!”
(d) “I worry about my commas. Please don’t make me worry about my periods too!”
Then she closed her legs.