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Assignment Guidelines for 2010 batch

To attempt online assignment of any subject, students are required to follow below
Guidelines: -

1) Type in browser’s window

2) Click on Existing Students
3) Type your Log in Id & Password in the option Student Center & click on Submit
4) You will find a link “Online Assignments” to the left side to start giving online
5) Select subject you wish to give online assignment & then re-click on Subject to start
5) After clicking on Submit Assignment option, you can start attempting online
Assignment of

¾ Assignments can be attempted for the subjects of current semester & previous
Semester – as applicable

¾ Online assignment can be attempted or submitted anytime, anywhere, from the

place/location where internet facility is available.

Required Technical Configuration to start attempting assignment:

a. Internet Speed required 256 Kbps & above

b. Pop-up Blocker must be Turned-off (please refer attached screen shot) (Screenshot to be
c. Macromedia Flash 8.0 Player installed on computer

You can check the assignment demo (give path or link details) uploaded on our website to know
more details about assignment questionnaires & relevant information.

Assignment Related Information

a) Assignments are pre-loaded in the student’s login under student centre. Student has to
click on the online assignment link available in login to view and attempt assignment
of respective subject/s accordingly.
b) To receive diploma certificate of any Program, student must pass all online
examinations and all online assignments. Minimum passing marks in each online
assignment is 15 / 30. [ For Courses like CPCL, CPCPA, CPRTI, CPED & PGDPPTT –
minimum passing marks in each online assignment are 25/50. ]
c) Students should attempt assignment online. SCDL will not accept any paper based

Only one attempt of assignment for each subject (course) is allowed. Additional attempt
of assignment will be given only, if student fails in first attempt of assignment. Each
assignment carries 30 marks and minimum passing marks are 15/30. Students can complete all
the assignment attempt/s with “en” number of session breaks. The duration of each
assignment is 30 min. [ For Courses like CPCL, CPCPA, CPRTI, CPED & PGDPPTT –
minimum passing marks in each online assignment are 25/50. ]

Ö It is always recommended that student should attempt online assignment of respective

subject/s before appearing online examination.
Ö Online assignments must be submitted and passed within the program registration validity
period – as applicable to program enrolled with institute.
Ö Students can submit assignments only for current & or previous semesters.
Before attempting any assignment, student must check & confirm that required technical
configuration is available & installed on PC/ Laptop with applicable Network Settings.

Due to technical problems viz. power failure, server down, you may face the problem while
attempting online assignment which results into incomplete assignment attempt.

SCDL will not be responsible for any other technical errors that may occur due to
problem in
Network Connection Internet connectivity, if so, at students’ end.

Incomplete Assignment Session

If an assignment is left mid-way, it will be considered as’ Incomplete Session’. The details of
‘Incomplete session’ is stored. When student login next time to complete the said incomplete
assignment, he / she will have to continue from the un-attempted questions (where the
assignment was left in between last time) & complete assignment in the available time

Sometimes students just make a hasty unprepared attempt where actually No Question has
been attempted/ answered.

If student is unable to complete any subject assignment due to above mentioned reasons, such
attempts will be considered as “Incomplete Session” i.e. student can continue attempt same
assignment any time even after the session break. It is always recommended that student should
store /save the screenshots of technical error occurred/faced at the time of assignment submission.
Assignment related queries can be forwarded with scanned copies of error screen shots in an email

Computer Environment recommended for Successful Attempt of Online Assignment :


Minimum System Requirements

1. Minimum Internet Speed required is 256 Kbps or above.

2. Flash player of version 8.0 or above [if you don’t already have a flash player installed, you
May download it from]

3. Recommended 256 MB of RAM or above.

4. Processor Type: Pentium III compatible processor or above

You need to disable the Pop up Blocker on your system. (Please refer attached screen shot in
Point No. 2 mentioned above, under Technical Configuration Requirements)

A pop-up blocker (sometimes called a pop-up killer) is a program which prevents opening of new
windows in a user’s Web browser.

To disable the pop-up blocker, kindly follow procedure as given under :-

Ö Click on Internet Explore 2 & click on Tools menu.

Ö Click on Pop – Up Blocker & click Turn – Off Pop – Up Blocker

Using Internet access to attempt online assignment & to view e-learning contents, use of roaming
wireless data cards is not recommended.
Please note, re-attempt of online assignment is applicable for failed assignment/ s only.
There will not be any further attempts, if student has passed the assignment. (Min.
passing marks are 15/30) [ For Courses like CPCL, CPCPA, CPRTI, CPED & PGDPPTT –
minimum passing marks in each online assignment are 25/50. ]

Students are requested to complete all assignments, exams, within the program registration
validity period of the program. Any request received for pending assignments after the program
registration validity period will not be processed.

Diploma is awarded subject to successful completion of all assignments, examinations &

submissions – as applicable, during the Program Registration Validity period of program.