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Element Main environmental damage Main health damage Electronics device

Beryllium Lung cancer Conductor metals

Lead Nervous system Metallic lead is used in electrical
Blood system solder primarily on printed circuit
Kidney boards
Cadmium This cadmium- rich sludge can Lungs
pollute surface waters as well as Irritates the stomach
Organotins Tin(is another for to say organotins) Panels, toys and jackets
all over the world the plastic is may occur in an inorganic or organic
affecting the world and of form. Some of the organotin
consideration the organotins has a compounds can be quite toxic
component that makes it help the causing neurotoxicity, hepatotoxicity,
plastic to form renal toxicity or dermal toxicity
mercury the gold is usually extracted from if the mercury gets to be ingested it
the river that makes many people can cause problems of more than vacuum pump, barometers and
go to extract the gold from the river serious for your own health but not rectifiers and electrical switches
but what they do not realize is that only ingested so well if you do not
when they pour the mercury into use special gloves you can go through
the gold a few drops fall into the any slit that you have
water and that causes the fish to
bring it and die and then we eat and
pvc the pvc is a plastic that often helps if this does not breathe it goes Are sometimes in houses,health care,
to keep some food or things that directly into the atmosphere and that electronics, automobiles and other
are important but when they burn makes every time there are more sectors, in products ranging from
the smoke they take out if one problems with the atmosphere pipes and coatings, blood bags and
breathes it can kill a human tubes to wires