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Classwork- Facilities Planning & Design

Assignment: Written (GroupWork)

In groups of two (2) research and present on the following:
1. Outline the role and responsibilities of the National Planning Agency/Planning Institute
of Jamaica, NEPA in Jamaica.
2. State the legal requirements and regulations for constructing various type of buildings.
3. What impact does facilities planning have on handling and maintenance cost?
4. What impact do facilities planning have on employee morale, and how does employee
morale impact operating costs?
5. Explain the need for proper planning and design a hospitality operation.
6. Discuss the factors that impact on the final design of a facility.
7. Explain the relationship between workflow and good design.
8. In what do organizations invest the majority of their capital, and how convertible is their
capital once invested?
9. What impact does facility planning have on the management of a facility?
10. What impact does facilities planning have on facility’s capability to adapt to change and
satisfy future requirements?
(Please print assignment and leave at the front desk) (Use APA format 6th edition).
Due Date: October 29, 2018