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Reading: distinguishing fact and opinion v

O Sa
A Read the questions. Predict the answers.
1. What percentage of Americans likes to soci ahze online?
2 Why are some people worried about sociahztng online?
3 What is one advantage of face-to-face communication compared to online communication? 1

B Read the article and underline the answers to the questions in Exercise A.
Or,rO {
,s.0 3

local o



ffieffi#*"S,iffiii#":.rffid$,-*rr'a*f:i:&1j:&+4.+:3#311j;is#-:jtg44i].'3;"}t -11i:tr;.iji&&Sx:r::"f.'tgi::ir1$*q}-{&-i1i*;?.r,1

G Read the sentences and write F (fact) or O (opinion) according to the article.
t I A recent survey found that almost half of all Americans enjoy socializing via computer and cell phone.

, E The survey also discovered a small group of people feel uncertain about staying in constant
contact via the Internet.

3 I If I don't use e-mail for a duyor so, I start to feel worried.

n E Sometimes I just think I want a break from all this networking all the time.
t I Research has shown that networking online involves a different sort of communicative interaction.
S E Nothing can replace a real face-to-face conversation with a friend.
@) uni.,
O Grammar: reported speech
A Read the conversation and rewrite the sentences as reported speech.

\rera: I'm going out with some friends. Do you want to come?
Sam: Sorry, I'm busy. I have to study for my exam.
\rera: Come on! We'll go to that new Thai restaurant.
Sam: Really? No, I can't go. I want to get a good grade on my exam.

1 Vera said that she

2 Sam told her he and he

3 Vera said they

{ Sam told her he because he

B Rewrite the sentences as direct speech.

1 ]ake said he couldn't come to visit this summer. Brad told me he was going to France on vacation.
jake: Brad:
2 Marien said she was planning a big party. Laura said she didn't like Rory.
Marien: Laura:

O Vocabulary: oral communication

A Circle the correct option.

L We're having a discttssion / discuss about online communication.

2 Would you like to speech / speak to us about your research?
3 People often argttnrcnt / argue about money.

B Look at the pictures. What are the people doing? Write sentences for each picture, using the verb
in the first sentence, and the corresponding noun in the second sentence. Use the correct verb tense.

She's to a large audience. 2 They're about politics.

She's to a large audience. They're about politics.

Unit5 aA
@ Communication strategy: introducing a new topic B

A Choose the best response. I

Cuess what? ]ake's getting married! cuess what? Karin's going to be a movie star!
a) No way! b) What happened? a) Wow! Amazing! b) See you later.
2 Have you heard about Angel? Anyway,Ihave to go now.
a) That's too bad. b) No, what? a) What happened? b) OK, see you later.

B Put the conversation between Max and Naomi in the correct order.

tr Anyw ay,Ihave to go now. See you later. f oh, and guess what? Steve told me he wanted
A Huy, Naomi, have you heard about sophie? to move there with her, but she said no.

f No way! I'm amazed. I thought they would be f OK. And, by the wafdon't forget to call, OK?
a couple forever. f wow, that's great news, but I'll be sad she,s
tr she's moving to san Francisco. she told me she so far away.
found a new job there. tr Yeah. Me, too.
tr No, what happened?

c [[I Listen and check your answers to Exercise B.

O Grammar: reported questions

A complete the sentences with the correct form of a verb from the box.
Then write the original question below each reported question.

do know prefer will like want

1 I asked him if he any good restaurants in town. ,

r* .{*

** ;.ffixw

2 He asked me what kind of food I

3 He asked me if I Chinese or Italian food.

4 I asked him if he to try the new pLZZa restaurant.

5 I asked him what time he pick me up.

6 He asked me what I was this weekend. B



B Unscramble the words to make reported questions.

1 she / asked / when / was / my / brthduy /me

2 I/ was / *here / the / party / them / asked

3 we / them / were / they / goin1 / where / asked

I Elsa / David / he / if / rock music / liked / asked

C @ Listen to a researcher interviewing people on the topic of gossip. Make a note of the answers
in your notebook. Write the questions as reported questions and then report the answers.

1. She a,, ' tf he /ikeil to gosrt{

He said he /ike/ to qosst{ a ltttle.

_-_ -'tS-Arb
' 'i,- - ss{F_'

O Vocabulary: ask, sdy, tett

A Write the words in the table.
a favor a joke a question a story hello/good-bye permrssron what you think

B Complete the sentences with the correct form of ask, sdy,or tell.
1 It's important to what you think.
2 I'm not good at jokes.

3 Excuse me, could I you a favor?

I I'm sad because I good-bye to my girlfriend yesterday.
i ..'

A @ Listen to the four parts of an interview. Check the correct answer for
each section. AI
1 Marla Farrell's job is ...
f seiling her company's products. Do'

f advertising other companies' products. I

2 A virus is special because it ...

tr spreads quickly.
f harms people. 6

3 A person who is "wired " ...

f is very busy and energetic.
uses online communication a lot.
"Buzz" is another word for ...
talk, chat, and discussion.
tr the business of marketing.

B Think of three popular products that you and two other people use and have opinions
such as a style of clothing, a kind of food or drink, or a brand of celt phone.
Make notes in the table.

my opinion

c ffi Use your.-notes from Exercise B to write a parcgtaph about how your opinions
to and different from your friends' opinions.
are similar

My friends and I like ...

My aunt told me ...



':::ri ".r'
Dore"rrY tnte
A Use the sentence clues to complete the crossword puzzle.

Down Across

1 I like to ... current topics in my English class 2 My friend ... she was buying a new car.
to practice my speaking and listening.
4 Both men and women ... to exchange
3 Our class had a lively ... about politics. information and keep in touch.
Everyone had a different oPinion.
5 I told him I would have a long ... with him later.
5 If you have a problem with Andy, you should ... 8 I like people who can ... jokes well.
to him about it.
9 What topic did you want to ... about in class today?
7 My parents ... me to call more often.
10 If you want to come, you'Il have to ... Permission.

i r.':;

B Look at the answers to the crossword puzzle.

What topic are theY all about?

O vocabulary: responding to dilemmas

n @ Listen to the conversatiolls.
Choose a phrase from the box
that describes the situation best.

give someone some advice

confront someone about something

promise (not) to do something

tell a close friend

keep something secret c

Conversation 1:

Conversation 2:

Conversation 3:

Conversation 4:

Conversation 5:

B Complete the conversations with phrases from Exercise A. Use the correct verb tense.

A: I've decided I want to study math. Can you

B: Sure. What do you want to know?

A: You're late for the meeting again! AI

B: I'm sorry. I to arrive earlier next time.

3 A: I think Mary is using my e-mail to send messages to people.

B: Really? You should her it.
A: Flave you bought a present for Sarah's birthd ay yet?
B: I have! I'11 tell you what I got her, but can you

O Grammar: second conditional

A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

1 If my friend (be) in trouble, I (giae) him or her some advice.

2 IfI (see) someone doing something wrong, I (confront) them about it. IN
3 If a friend (tell) me some personal gossip, I (keep) it secret. :t
4 If you (knoru) someone was in trouble, you (ruarn) :t
them about it?
5 A: What you (do) rf a colleague (be) aggressive
to you at work?
I (ruait) to see if he did it again and then I (talk) to someone.
[34 i Unit 6
B Read the following imaginary situations. Write sentences using the second conditional.

1 You see someone shoplifting. Do you tell the store manager?

Your friend asks you for some money. What do you sall?

Your friend gossips about you to other people. What do you do?
Your colleague doesn't work hard enough. What do you do?


c There is one mistake in each sentence. Find and correct it.

1 If I would see an accident outside my home, I'd call the police. X lt I would have more money, Id be happier.
2 What did you do if your friend told someone your secret?

3 If my friend had a terrible haircut, I told her the truth.

{ I'd enter the song competition if I didn't be so nervous.

O Listening: predicting
A Look at the pictures. What do you think Debbie is going to talk about?

a) her boss b) her vacation c) her friends and family


B Read these questions. Predict the answers based on the pictures in Exercise A.
1 What is Debbie most worried about? a) finding a job b) making new friends
2 How does Debbie feel about changi^g her iob? a) excited b) nervous
3 What does she feel sad about? a) selling her house b) leaving her friends behind

C Listen to the conversation. Circle the correct answers to the questions in Exercise B. Were your
@ predictions
one. correct?
O Grammar: hope and wish

A Choose the option with the closest meaning to the sentence. A
I wish I were tall. 4 I hope I can go surfing this summer. 1

a) I'm not very tall. a) I want to go surfing. :

b) I don't want to be taIl. b) I don't want to go surfing. t

I rn,ish I didn't have to get up early. 5 I wish I could play the guitar. .lI

a) I don't usually get up early. a) I'd like to be able to play the guitar. i

b) I usually get up early. b) I'm going to play guitar.

Dan wishes he had a car. Bl
a) Dan has a car.
X I wish I have more free time.
b) Dan doesn't have a car.
B Rewrite the sentences using the prompts. -.:
- _ r_-r
I rr-ant to go to college in September. Iohn and E mmy don't have a car.
.- -:=
I hope I can They wish
2 Anna carl't dance. We want to buy a new house next year.
- - .ll.
She rvishes We hope
Francine doesn't speak German. I have an exam tomorrow.
She wishes I wish

G Write sentences with wish about the woman picture.







2 I have so much work.

3 I feel tired all the time.

4 I have to stay late in the office every duy.
5 I don't have time to take a vacation.
136i Unit 6
O Vocabulary: decisions
A Match to make complete questions.

1 What factors do you take into ... a) mind quickly?

2 Do you make a list of ... b) a fair decision?

3 Is it important to you to make ... c) account when you bry something?

I What helps you most to make up your ... d) the advantages and disadvantages before you decide?

5 Do you always think about ... e) the consequences of your decisions?

B Complete the text with words from the box.

consequences decisions factors

l Even
I've always found it difficult to make (1)
if it's something really small, like choosing
iood to order, it always takes me ages to make up
a DVD or what take-out

my (2)

First, I have to (3) the advantages and the disadvantages.

Then, I have to take various (4) into account, such as

price or other people's likes and dislikes. Finally, I have to think about
the (5) . Will itbe worth my time? Will my
family and friends like it? What will they think of me? I know this
sounds silly, but for me it's important to think about all of these
things if I want to make a (6) decision.

O Writing: checking your work

A Correct the sentences. Two of them are missing a subject. Two have the wrong verb form.

1 I wish I have more time and money to travel overseas.

2 If I had more international experience, I get a better job afterward.

3 I hope can see different places and meet interesting people.

{ I wish I could take a year off , so would learn to be more independent.

B Write a paragraph about the advantages and disadvantages of taking a year off to travel overseas.
Use the ideas in Exercise A if you want. Don't forget to check your work.


Unit 6 Lgz,i
Read the newspaper article and comments. Then match the people to their opinions.

tlJ0 {
$9SS A

Local town legislators are considering Police chief Dan Alder agrees. "We Not everyone agrees. Karen Lovell, a
a law that would require the citizens of took a lot of factors into account when mother of two teen boys, says, "You have to
Valleyview to pull up their pants. Known as a considering this law," he says. "lf they could think about the consequences of passing a
"saggy pants lawl' it states that pants worn see things from my point of view, theyU law like this. Where will it end? Who gets to
by both men and women must cover their understand some of the disadvantages to decide what kind of fashion trends are 0K?
underwear at all times. dressing like thisl'According to Alder, these Years ago, people thought short skirts were
"l know it's the fashion for some young disadvantages include developing a bad shocking, and now they're common." I
men to wear their pants a few sizes too attitude, having trouble in school, and even
getting involved in crime.
The proposed law will be discussed at 5
large, I wish they could see how ridiculous an open Town Meeting at the high school on it
they look!" says City Council member May4at7p.m. ,f
Marjorie Hall.
lf we could reduce crime by passing this law, lU vote for it. I don't know if it would work, though. Teachers and employers are always telling
young people to consider the positive and negative effects of how they dress, and it doesn't make any difference. -
April 29
I've been warning people foryearsthatthese modern fashions, rock music, and video games are destroying ourculture. No wonderfewer
students get high grades on their exams.

L Dan Alder a) No one has the right to pass laws about fashion.
2 Frustrated b) If the law isn't passed, the crime rate will go up.
3 Karen Lovell c) The law will not make a difference.
4 Marjorie Hall d) Clothing choices affect academic performance.
5 Nellie O. e) Suggy pants are a problem because they look bad.

B Do you think a clothing law would be good for your community? lf you could pass a law against some
types of clothing, what would the law say? Make notes in your notebook.

C ffi Use your notes from Exercise B to write a parcgtaph about a new clothing law.

lf we want people to look flood, we

should pass some clothin! laws.

The conseguences of passing clothing

/aws are worse than the advanfages.
ln a journal, we write about our problems and dilemmas. We write about what will
happen if we act in a certain way, and what we hope or wish would happen.

A Think of something you want to write about. Look at the ideas below to get you started.
. What is a dilemma you are facing now? What are some choices you could make?
Consider the advantages and disadvantages.
. Do you have a friend who has a difficult decision to make, or has a problem of some kind?
What advice would you like to give this friend?
. Do you think it's ever OK to tell someone's secret? If not, why not? If so, when?
r What do you hope to do in the next few years? How will you work to make this happen?

I can't make a decision about what job to take. lf I worked in an office, l'd ...

My friend hopes to go to university, but she's not working very hard this year. I want to warn her that
lfshe doesn'ttet good grades,...
l've been working hard recently, but I haven't taken good care of my health. ln the future, I hope I
exerclse more.lf I joined a gym, ...

Sometimes, you can't keep someone's secret, even if you promised to. For example, if keepingthe
secret would hurt somebody, then you'd have to tell someone and trust them to do the right thing.

B Write in your journal for about five minutes. Don't stop to read or correct mistakes.

G Read your journal entry and check for mistakes. Have you expressed your ideas clearly? Does each
sentence have a subject and is each verb in the correct tense?

O Reading: distinguishing fact and opinion

A Read the article and write one advantage and one disadvantage of being left-handed.




Left-handed Geniuses c

ome of the world's most creative geniuses have been left-handed. The
t-,Iartists Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were both left-handed, ES was
the scientist lsaac Newton. And from the world of music ,l,lozart, Beethoven,
Jimi Hendrix, and Paul McCartney are among those also known as "lefties."

Why are some people left-handed and others right-handed? Medical

researchers believe that people are left-handed only by chance. Studies have
shown that about 1 in 10 people are left-handed.

So, is there a connection between creative genius and left-handedness? ln my €

opinion, there is at least one clear connection. Left-handers encounter many
difficulties in their daily lives. Most machines and tools, such as scissors or
computers, are designed for right-handers. As a left-handed person myself, I
feel that "lefties" have to struggle to do normal things that right-handed people
find quite easy. l'm convinced that learning to overcome these problems
makes us work harder-and being able to work hard is an important part'Of
becoming successful

B Read these sentences from the article. Write F (fact) or O (opinion). Underline the phrases
in the text that helped you decide.

, E some of the world's most creative geniuses have been left-handed.

2I Studies have shown that about 1 in 10 people are left-handed.

SE Left-handers have to struggle to do normal things that right-handed people find quite easy.

nE Learning to overcome problems makes left-handers work harder.

@ crammar: modals of deduction-m isht/must/could/can,t

A Circle the correct option.

1 I don't believe I got 100% on the quiz. That must / could / can,tbe true.
2 It's possible |ohn is working on something new. He must / could / can't be writing a novel.
3 I'm almost certain I know the answer. Itmust / cottld / might be 134!
4 You're not wearing a coat. Youmust / cottld / cnn't be cold.
5 Frank just left home two minutes ago. He must / could / can'tbeat work yet.
6 The phone's ringing. I'm not sure, but it must / might / can't be your mother.

G Unit 7
B Rewrite the sentences in bold using must. could. or can't.

1 You're joking. I'm sure you're not serious.

H You must to be hungry.

2 He has an amazung IQ. He's definitely a genius.

3 You are great at skiing. Maybe you'll be really good at snowboarding.

I It's too early. I'm sure they are at the airport.

c Write a sentence for each situation. Use the word in parentheses.

1 She speaks French fluently. 3 Andy thinks he left his laptoP in the library.

She (must) It (could)

2 Our teacher didn't come to school today. 4 Jess is certain that ]ohn is taller than Rob.
He (might) Rob (couldn't)

O Vocabulary: adjective suffixes -ful, -less

A Complete the text with the words in parentheses adding -ful ot -Iess.

you wish you were more (success)?

you sometimes feel (2) (use) and

(power)? Do you often make

(care) mistakes? Don't let another day go by!

Buy this book and it will be the most (5) (use)

bookyou'll ever read! ln ten easy steps we'll showyou how! lt's simple
and (6) (pain).lt will change your life.

B Complete the sentences with an adjective and the correct suffix. More than one answer
may be possible for some sentences.

hope pain power success thought use

L I couldn't do anything to help him. I felt

2 My brother is a top lawyer in New York. He's very
3 Diana always forgets my birthday. She's really

4 This computer is really slow and some of the keys don't work. It's completely

5 I'm not sure I'm going to pass the test, but I'm
6 The injection really hurt. It was so
O Grammar: tag questions
A Match the sentences to the correct tag question.

L Your son's very smart, ... a) hasn't he?

2 He doesn't have many friends, ... b) will he?
3 He won a competition recently, ... c) isn't he?
4 He's written several poems, ... d) didn't he?
5 He's not having any problems at school , ... e) does he?

5 He won't have to change schools, ... f) is he?

B There is one mistake in each sentence. Find and correct it.

1, They've
passed their test, hasn't they?

You're not going to school today, aren'tyou?

3 You'll keep it secret, don'tyou?

4 He's not rrery good at music, does he?

5 I can ask you for help later, don't I?

6 I am a genius, isn'tl?

C @ Complete the questions with the correct tag. Then listen and circle if the speakers !
agree (A) or disagree (D) with each question.

1 Computers are complicated, A D

2 Math isn't difficult, A D
3 Children are very creative, A D
4 Exams aren't very useful, A D
5 Playing chess will help improve your mem orf, A D
6 Video games don't help you learn anything, A D

O Gommunication strategy: speculating

n @ Listen to the conversations. Put the objects in the order you hear about them.


B @t Complete the conversation with phrases from the box. Then listen to Conversation 3 from
Exercise A again to check your answers.

It looks lt must be Maybe it's This could be lf you ask me

So, what do you think it is? Mmm ... It could be. He y, I know!
(1) it could be a kind of tov. (4) for paper!

Id on't think it's just a toy, is it? shreddi.g papeL isn't it?
C: Yes, it's for
How funny!
(2) more like a gadget to me.
A: Of course! (5)
Let me see. (3) a coin slot,
a paper shredder.
couldn't Lt?

O Vocabulary: improving your brain

A Complete the conversations with phrases from the box.

explore other possibilities challenge yourself learn new skills solve problems

A: How do you like to

B: I like to read books about science, or about philosoPhy.

A: Do you often have to ?

B: Yes, every duy at work. There is always something going wrong.

A: Are you planning to this semes ter?

B: Yes, I want to do something different, something artistic like pottery or art.

A: I just don't know what to do about the company's financial situation. I've run out of ideas.
B: Have you tried to

B Complete the text with the words from the box.

cha llenge develop explore

SU PE R Troin your broin by doing logic puzzles ond problems.

yourself to l2l the solution os
quickly os poss ible. Th is logic puzzles will improve your
memory. (3) the problems quickly ond beot
PUZZLES the time limit. With iust five minutes o doy, you will soon
the obility to think better ond foster.

I Every puzzle hos o unique focus to help you

new mentol skills.

ol! the possibilities

of o problem before giving up.This book
reolly mokes my broin work hordl

t Iw#Lt
n @ Listen to the three parts of a conversation between two
parents. Circle the correct word to complete the sentences.

1, The proposed classes are for children who are ,1


not / aery intelligent. i



The science test question was to find the I


/ height of a buildi.g using a barometer.

The student gave an answer that was creatiae f correct.

4 The woman argues that intelligent kids can feel {

urtclmllenged / aryerior in traditional classes. I
- ,ril.


Think of a time when you were

misunderstood in a class at school
or at your job. Take notes below.

Time / place:

What happened:

What the other person / people expected:

What I did:

C ffi Use your notes from Exercise B to write a parcgtaph about the misunderstanding.

Being misunderstood in class/at

work was a painful experience for me.

I thought I was solving the problem

in an oriflinal woy, but my teacher
didn't agree.

My boss was pleased with how I

found a solution to the problem.


A This question was once used to interview people for a job.

Read the situation and question, ofld write your answer.

You are driving i^ your sports car on a stormt' night.

Rain is comi.g down heavily, and it is cold and
windy. You drive by ubus stop where three people are
waiting for the bus:
L An old lady, who looks verY ill.
2 An old friend, who once saved your life.
3 The perfect partner you have been dreami^g about.

Your car only has enough room for one Passenger.

ru \

Which one will you give a ride to? Write your answer
rll here before you continue reading.

I would because

roJ ]le^^ pLre puHaq ,(e1s plno1\/\ 1 '1e1rc{soq aLI} o1 ,{pe1 nnnt
,,'stuea.rp ,,{tu Jo Jau}.red aqt Llllzrt snq aq+ "r, aqJ, I

rulq ]al pLIe pualrJ P1o {tu o1 s,,(a1 re) aql anr8 plnom L, :JaMSue slq] ane8 qo[ aqt 1oB oqnrr uos"rad

B Read these riddles. Try to guess their answers. tf you can't guess, check the correct answer at
the bottom
of the page.
Ir Where is the only Place that i
more it dries? i

\ Vesterclcry always follows

todny? I


| 2 What is broken when You *-i middle of Paris? l

i 8

If you drop a yellow hat in the I

i, How could a man ride into


Red Sea, what does it become?


town on Fri doy,staY two


i I

d ays, and ride out on Fri d,aY?

-* ,-,1

r- I


What month has 28 daYs?

I n what city
ity h as no people?


i -

_--__ -
[---_-- can you put in a wooden -i i to What is something yoll can't
I S What Ill keep until you have given it?

I box that will make it lighter?


l _l


asnuoJd e 0I 'op IIu ,{aq1 6 la/\A 8 r rallal aql / IaMol e 9 saloq I

,finr"rlrala paLuELI sI asJor{ slH € a)ualrs z .,(ruuorl)rp aLIl UI]I


,-l|..i...Ir-, :l
O Vocabulary: embarrassing events
A Choose a word from the box to complete the phrases.
catch forget show up get (x2) say

1. someone s name the wrong thing

2 lost the wrong duy
J the wrong bus late for an interview

B Complete the quiz with the correct form of the verbs from Exercise A. Then answer the questions.


H ove you ever



someone's nome, or worse, used the wrong nome? Yes No


o the wrong bus to school or work? Yes No

o lote for o iob interview? Yes No I

o the wrong thing of o dinner porty? Yes No

o lost on the woy to the oirport? Yes No

o the wrong doy for o porty? Yes No

O Grammar: past perfect

A Match to make complete sentences.

1 They didn't want any food ... a) because they had just eaten dinner.
2 Pete had just taken out some money ... b) the movie had already started.
3 When we arrived at the theater, ... c) when the first guests arrived.
4 We hadn't finished cooki.g dinner ... d) when his wallet was stolen.

B Complete the sentences using the verbs in parentheses in the simple past or past perfect.

L When I (nrritte) at the job interview, I realized I (forget) to put on m\- ::

2 I thought I (meet) her before, but I (be) mistaken.

3 The teacher (not rementber) my name although I (tnke) her class befo:=

4 Tom (rm) to the bus station, but the bus already

5We just (start) to eat dinner when the phone

(p unit8
C Rita came home late from work one day.This is what she found. Use the words in the
box to write an explanation for each sentence. Use the Past Perfect.

steal call eat break frighten open v*a+€

x Someone had take mY book.
The neighbors were awake.

Something had woken ,{ the neUhbors

The front door was oPen. 5 The refrigerator was emPtY.

Someone Someone

3 The windows were smashed. 6 The cat was hiding under the bed'

Someone Something

4 The comPuter was gone. 7 The police were outside.

Someone Someone

O Vocabulary: adjectives for describing stories

Listen to the speakers and choose an adjective from the box to describe
their opinion of the stories'
n @
ch ild ish cute entertaining frightening imaginative pointless touching unbelievable

\Vhich two adjectives did you not use?

write adjectives from Exercise A to describe each movie. You can choose more than one'

f,'"s €
,Tj s

ft'llmake you lau$h and The most ori$inal

Gry. At the same time! comedy-fantasY of
the decade.

0UR PRICE: $12.00 0UR PRICE: $12.00

REVIEWS: * ** ** REVIEWS: ****r*

Everybody said aliens didn't Nonstop action.

r\- tie
exist. TheY were wron$. Nonstop thrills!
2 4


I .1 .. -

12.00 0UR PRICE: $ 12.00

REVIEWS: x**** REVIEWS: ***rk*
( '; ?:i-
Un'.8 47

Write the verbs the correct column the table. A

avoid continue decide deny d islike enjoy fin ish -J,,

hate hope like love manage refuse seem start




B Three sentences have a mistake. Find and correct them.

1, When I've finished to read this book, I'11 lend it to you.

2 He always seems to write stories that have a sad ending.

3 We hate going to movies that are too frightening.

4 My son loves to teII stories about his toy animals.

5 My sister has decided going to Australia this year.
6 We dislike to read stories about science-fiction.

G Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses.
Choose infinitive or gerund.

1. David alwa ys avoids (speak) to Sarah.

2 I managed (buy) tickets for tonight's concert.

3 My parents hate (broutse) the Internet.

4 Susan continues (play) tennis despite her injury.

5 Dan denied (steal) the bike from the shed.

5 ]ulia is refusing (come) to the party with me.

7 They love Go) to movie premieres.
8 You don't really enjoy (spend) time alone.

9 We decided kr) on vacation in ]uly.

10 Martha is planning (utrite) a children's book.

X Marc enjoys to work on his car.


O Listening: predicting
A Look at the picture. What do you think the story will say about the personalities
of these two creatures?

The ant is

The grasshopper is

B @I Listen to the first part of the story. Check

which of these things you think is goin$ to
happen in the second part.

1 tr The grasshopper is going to help the ant.

)- tr The ant is going to take a rest and talk
to the grasshopper.

3 tr The ant is going to go home.

C @I Listen to the second part of the story and D @ Listen to the final part of the story and check
check your answer. Then check what you your answer. Check which sentence best
think will happen next. describes the messagle of the story.

t tr The grasshopper will get hungry. 1 t] It is wise to prepare today for tomorrow.

2 tr The ant will give him some food. 2 tr It is best to be huppy when the sun shines.

3 tr The grasshopper will live with the ants.

O Writing: checking your work

A Find and correct the mistake in each sentence. Then write what type of mistake it is: grammar (G),
vocabulary (V), or spelling (S).

1 tr I had an embarassing experience at work yesterday.

2 tr We had take the wrong bus to school.

3I Francisco said us the wrong information.

{ tr That concert was really entertaining to my opinion.

5 tr It was the most frightni^g movie I've ever seen.

5 tr My sister promised buying this book.

B Choose one phrase from the box. Complete the sentence and choose a way to end it.
Then check your work carefully for grammar, spelling, or vocabulary mistakes.

most touching most frightening most unbelievable

The thing that ever happened to me was when I

A Read the letter. Then put the events
t6rcu in order.

/wftruo*o :

Deor Editor: I
Ihot night, soro knocked 0n my door. "Ihe most frightening thing hos
I hove o reolly big dog, Mox, who loves chosing smoil onimols.
My hoppened! " she gosped.
neighbor, soro, hod o cute white robbit nomed Snowboll. Ihere's
"Reolly?" I osked innocently.
o fence between our two yords, but soro wos olwoys worried thot
"You know my robbit,
snowboll," she soid. "well, he died lost night,
Mox wos going to get into her yord ond hurt Snowbolt. Mox hod
ond I buried him in my bock yord. But todoy
gotten out o few times before, ond he'd biren the neighbort ... when I got home
from work . . . he wos bock in his coge ! And het still there ! "
once. So I wos olwoys coreful to keep Mox inside.
Somehow I monoged not to lough. But I leorned my lesson. you
One doy, soro hod gone to work. I wos lote myself, ond in my hurry con,t
olwoys know whot hos hoppened
I forgot to lock Mox inside. when I got home, Mox tryosn't in my iust by looking ot the evidence!

yord. I looked for him ond noticed thot the fence hod follen Joe
down. :

#IhenllookedotSnowbolltcogeondsowthecogedooropen,ond i
snowboll uvos gone ! And then I sow Mox .. . with snowboil in his I
mouth. Snowboll wos deod. This moy sound childish, but I didn't
wont Soro to get ongry ot me. so I took Snowboll into my house

ond woshed him corefully. Then I dried

his fur with o hoir dryer ond went bock

next door ond corefully put Snowboll

bock in his coge ond closed the door.

f snowball died and sara buried him. L-l Ioe cleaned snowball and put him back in the cate
f Sara visited Ioe to tell him about Snowball. f Max drg up Snowball.

B Think of an unbelievable story you want to tell. Think about the mood of your story and
events. Make notes in your notebook.
the order of

c ffi Use your notes from Exercise B to write your unbelievable story.

Strategy: Learn different forms of the
A What part of speech do these word endings form? Circle the correct answer.
Then write one or two example words for each. Use a dictionary.

-tion @/ uerb racahon*cirt/izahon

-ful adjectiae / adaerb

-ment noun / aerb

-able adjectiue / adaerb

-rze noan / aerb

B Read the information. Then use the information in Exercise A to form new words.
Use your dictionary if necessary.

When you learn a new word, check its word family in the dictionary, too.
If you are learning a noun, you will learn more vocabulary by learning the
related verb, adjective, and adverb at the same time. Remember that not
all English words have a1l of these forms, and that sometimes there is more
than one related noun, verb, or adjective. For example, the noun related to
the verb achieae can be either achieaement or achieaer.

1 inform (".) - (r',.) (n.) - lawful (udj.)

2 (".) - embarrassment (n.) 7 create (v.) - (".)

(".) - entertainment (n.) 8 success (n.) (adj.)

believe (v.) - (adj.) 9 pain (n.) (adj.)

manage (v.) (n.) 10 (".) - rcalization (n.)

G ln your dictionary, find four more examples of different forms of words you have been studyin$.

Learn different forms of the same word. . Review vocabulary cards systematically.
Use new vocabulary in speaking and writing.

unit 8