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Iust, already, and yet

(Present Perfect and Simple Past 2)

iust (= a short time ago)

We use iust with the present perfect or the simple past.
ffi A: Are Diane and Paul here?
B: Yes, they've iust arrived. or Yes, they iust arrived.
ffi A: Are you hungry?
B: No, I've iust had dinner. or I iust had dinner.
ffi A: Is Jiro here?
B: Sorry, he's iust left. or Sorry he iust left. =r,

They have iust arrived.

already (= before you expected I before I expected)

\7e use already with the present perfect or the simple past.
ffi A: IThat time are Diane and Paul coming? I
B: They've already arrived. or They already arrived.
ffi It's only nine o'clock, and Anne has already gone to bed.
or . . . Anne already went to bed.
ffi A; John, this is Mary.
B: Yes, I know. 'We've already met. or We already met.

yet (= until now)

We use yet with the present perfect or simple past.'We use yet in negative sentences
(I haven't . . . yet) and questions (Have you . . . yet?). Yet is usually at the end.
yet in negatiue sentefices
r A: Are Diane and Paul here?
B: No, they haven't arrived yet. or . . . they didn't arrive yet.
(but B expects Diane and Paul to arrive soon)
I A: Does John know that you're going away?
B; No,I haven't told him yet. or . . . I didnt tell him yet.
(but B is going to tell him soon)
r Joy bought a new dress, but she hasn't worn it yet. or . . . she didn't wear it yet.
yet in questions
ffi A: Have Diane and Paul arrived yet? or
Did Diane and Paul arrive yet?
No, not yet. 'We're still waiting for them.
Has Nicole started her new job yet? or
Did Nicole start her new job yet?
No, she's starting next week.
This is my new dress.
Oh, it's nice. Flave you worn it yet? or
Did you wear it yet?

Present Perfect Units 15-18 Present Perfect and Simple Past Units 19,21
Exercises UNIT
2O.1 Write a sentence for each picture. Useiust and the present perfect. 20

2. He 4. The race

2O.2 Complete the sentences. Use already and the present perfect.
L. \7hat time is Yong Jin arriving? He -'s q/r e- qCy- -q rci u-ed-
Do Sue and Bill want to see the movie?
Don't forget to call Eric.
is Mark going to work?
:- :n
5. Do you want to read the newspaper? I
6. does Nicole start her new job? She

2O.3 Rewrite these sentences. Use the present perfect.

L. Did Nicole start her new job yet? Hos fltee/e;tq.ledtrer-neuieb-Jet?--
2. Did you tell your father about the accident yet?
3. I just ate a big dinner, so I'm not hungry.
4. Jenny can watch TV because she already did her homework.
5. You can't go to bed - you didn't brush your teeth yet.
6. You can't talk to Pete because he just went home.
7. Sarah just got out of the hospital, so she can't go to work.
Now rewrite these sentences in the simple past.
8. Have you given the mailman our new address yet?
2td yau EuureJha--mst/man-eur*new*-addr:ess y-urZ * - -
9. The mailman hasn't come yet.
10. I've just spoken to your sister.
1,1,. Has Mario bought a new computer yet?

12. Ted and Alice haven't told anyone they're getting married yet.

L3. 'We've already done our packing for our trlD. t-

1,4. I've iust been to the gym. I feel great!

2O.4 Write questions with the present perfect and yet.

1. Your friend has gotten a new job. Perhaps she has started it. You ask her,
Haaeqou-started-yow-ae* ----"--?
2. Your friend has some new neighbors. Maybe he has met them. You ask him,
3. Your friend has to write a letter. Perhaps she has written it now. You ask her,

4. Jiro was trying to sell his car. Maybe he has sold it now. You ask a friend about Jiro.