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We should follow the money (and not your  Schramm says the suggestion that
passion) money doesn’t buy happiness is, “a
half-truth at best, a lie at worst.” In his
(solihin) experience, money and happiness
are closely tied.
 Recent studies that indicate a
connection between happiness and
income – up to a point. Negative
emotions decrease at a steady rate
until income reaches about $80,000,
according to a June 2016 paper from
Case Western Reserve University.
 Enjoying your work certainly
increases your happiness, but that
will be mitigated if your passions
can’t pay for food, water, shelter and

(by Wes Moss, March 01, 2018)

When Your Passions Don't Pay Your Bills.

 Taking a step away from your dream
(solihin) is, in some ways, being a mature
member of society.
 We can’t sit and wait for our dreams
to be handed to us on a silver platter.
We have to chase them, which
means we have to find a way to
survive in the meantime.
 There is nothing to be ashamed of
when it comes to working a job you
aren’t in love with. You’ll get there,
just be consistent.
 Building up your credibility as an
employee is one of the most valuable
assets you can have in searching for
your dream job.
 Craft yourself into a hire-able person
so your future jobs know not only that
you’re interested in the job, but that
they need to consider you!

(by Andrea Glover, July 19, 2016)