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WBahec eat Pepi Healy Communes March 12, 2019 Danie! . Eichelberger, CEO CERTIFIED MAIL Palmetto Pee Dee Residential Treatment Center _ RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED 601 Gregg Avenue, Suite 8 ‘9214 8969.0099 9790 1414 2586 40 Florence, SC 29501 Re: Notice of Enforcement Conference Dear Mr. Eichelberger, The Department, in accordance with S.C. Code Section 447-320, is considering an enforcement action against Palmetto Pee Dee Residential Treatment Center. ‘The Notice is based upon cited violations of Regulation 61-103 from: a routine general inspection conducted on January 30, 2019 and investigations conducted on May 22, 2018, October 19, 2018, November 1, 2018, January 2, 2019, and February 12, 2019. Enclosed is a synopsis of alleged Violations. Prior to rendering a decision on this matter, the Department would ike to invite the Facility to an enforcement conference. The enforcement conference has been scheduled for Thursday, March 28, 2019, at 10 am. in Room 2406, of the Columbia Mills Building, 301 Gervais Street, Columbia, ‘South Carolina (see attached map). At the enforcement conference, the Department will explain its role, authority, and responsibilities regarding licensing and enforcement of standards, The Faclity representatives will have the opportunity to: present any disagreement with the alleged Violations; discuss any corrective action developed and implemented by the Fadlty to prevent future noncompliance; and discuss other issues relating to compliance with relevant licensing standards. Representatives of the Faclty may be accompanied at the conference by legal and/or technical counsel. The possibilty of a Consent Order may be discussed. PALMETTO PEE DEE RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT CENTER IS FURTHER NOTIFIED that fallure to attend the scheduled enforcement conference may result in an enforcement action by Issuance of an Administrative Order without your consent. Please contact Gloria Wilson at (803) 545-4244 no later than Thursday, March 21, 2019, to confirm the Faciltys attendance at the enforcement conference. Should you have any questions, please contact me at (803) 545-4370, 2600 6ut Soest columos 562520) @03)6063482 wavscdhacgor Sincerely, Hom t. Yrrpon~ Gwen C. Thompson, Bureau Chief Bureau of Health Facilities Licensing Gcrigiw Enclosure(s}: Synopsis of Violations Directions to Office cc Shelly Bezanson Kelly, Esq., DHEC Vito Wicevic, Esq, DHEC Meredith W. Sella, Esq, DHEC ‘Angle Smith, DHEC C. Russell Marrison, DHEC Katina Roseborough, DHEC Glorla Wilson, DHEC CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE ‘The undersigned for the South Carolina Department of Health znd Environmental contro! (OHEC) States that he/she has on March 12, 2019, served upon the necessary partles the Department's Certified letter, dated March 12, 2019, tothe individual(s) listed below by depositing copies of ‘same in the U.S. Mail, return address clearly stated with sufficient postage affixed thereto, addressed as follows: Daniel}. Eichelberger, CEO 9214 8969 0099 9790 1414 2586 40 Palmetto Pee Dee Residential Treatment Center 6601 Gregg Avenue, Suite B Florence, SC 29501 (if applicable) Additional copies of ths letter were sent to the fat’ legal representative(s) at the following address: OveC Employee Columbia South Corona Moreh 12,2019 Date Swomtopetoremethis_I2_payot Maney __2019 Canta tiittins Notary Public for South Carolina My Commission Expires: Awe) 55 1