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a. Describe the varied technologies people use now.

1. Robotics
One of the major forms of technology that people use nowadays are the robotics. Robots
are commonly used in several industries where the type of work is hazardous to human. Robots
have equal senses including sight and touch and they can also be temperature sensitive. There are
also robots that are used in simple decision making and are self - sufficient.
2. Android Phones
Android phones are also very useful to humans. Lots of communication and connections
are done using an android phone. In fact, the applications available in an android phone are very
useful in education and communication. They make learning and communication much easier.

3. Gadgets
Internet tools aside from android phones are those that can be considered gadgets.
Computers, laptops, and Ipods are very useful in a way that they can make working away from
the office be possible. In fact, experts see this as an advantage for those who are still nursing
their little ones.
4. Smart Chips
This form of technology is somewhat more personal and truly important since they
protect a lot of private files that are not to be known by anyone except the owner of the files such
as bank accounts, personal data, business, transactions, and other of the same type.

b. Do computers surpass man’s intelligence? Justify.

In our opinion, a computer cannot surpass the intelligence of a human. A computer’s
“intelligence” is based on its programming. They cannot act against it or do something it does
not require them to do, while humans act on their own program called “instincts” which is far
more complex than that of a computer’s. These instincts greatly affect our decision making,
problem solving abilities and other mentally stressing tasks. Humans can understand a
computer’s programming but a computer can never understand a person’s instinct. Computers do
not have the same innate abilities humans possess such as creativity, imagination, determination,
and mostly inspiration which fuels our productivity. Also, a computer is susceptible to some
system glitches that can affect its efficiency while a human’s potential is always or at least
almost infinite. Computers are made to perform tasks to make it easier for humans but it can
never substitute one. If a computer is intelligent enough to be compared to a human, it only
justifies that the ones who made them are far more intelligent, which are humans.
c. Identify the opportunities and challenges brought about by computers.
The biggest opportunity that computers have had on today's society can be seen in the
workplace. Businesses can share information anywhere in a matter of seconds. It would be easier
for employers to collect data, information and such since there are computers that run machines
which increase the performance and productivity, and eliminate the mind crushing, hard tasks
that many workers deal with every day. Moreover, computers have contributed a lot in the field
of entertainment, educational and medical. However, if technologies can draw in otherwise
disenfranchised students through the personalization of material to a student’s interest or through
gaming technology, they could benefit disengaged, poorly performing students. These
technologies often reduce oversight of students, which could be particularly detrimental for
children who are less motivated or who receive less structured educational supports at home.
d. How do you foresee the world fifty years from now in terms of technology use?
We all know that technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and
processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives,
such as scientific investigation. As students we observed that technology is all over the world, it
makes the world go upside down and most people are depending on it. As for me I foresee the
world 50 years from now in terms of technology is that of having a high technology and more
advanced appliances, gadgets and equipment which can help us enhance our skills. Seeing the
world having flying cars, bicycles, scooters and also having a robot that can do all the house hold
chores and also machine that could cook anything you like. With the use of technology, our
world becomes better and powerful. But on the contrary, 50 years from now, the world has
already changed massively in terms of technology use. The rate of technological advances
from the more advanced society is faster and that’s according to the Law of Accelerating
Returns of Ray Kurzweil. That said, in 50 years, we might not recognize the world anymore
if let’s say we use a time machine to travel forward. It could already be a virtual world where
everything is done in the virtual space.