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Detailed Lesson Plan



At the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to:

1. Identify the adjectives in a sentence
2. Describe appropriately the given noun
3. Recognize the appropriate use of adjectives to describe the given
4. Construct a sentence with the appropriate use of adjectives


Lesson: The Adjectives

Instructional Materials: pictures, flash cards, real objects
Reference: English This Way 3, Chona H. Barraquias,
Cecilia B. Corsino (Coordinator),
Unit 5, page 150-155
Value Integration: Appreciate the proper use of adjectives in
Communicating to others for building a good relationship


Teacher's Activity Pupils' Activity

A. Introductory Activity

Assalamo alaikom, and good morning Alaikomi salaam, and good morning
class! too, Sir.
How are you today? We're fine Sir.
That's good. Before we start, ((name) reciting the Surah Al-Fatiha)
everybody stand up for the prayer. May
I call on (name) to lead the prayer?
Thank you (name). You may take your Thank you, Sir.
Is everybody present today? Yes, Sir.

B. Review

Let us have a review about the past Sir "girl" is an example of a noun.
lesson. Who can give me an example
of a noun?
Good job! What else? Sir "(name)" is an example of a noun
That's right. Can you use it in a (name) is playing.
Good job! Can we now proceed to the Yes, Sir.
next topic?
B. Motivation

(Showing the real object of a ball) What The ball is round.

can you say about this ball? Can you
describe it?
Correct. The ball is round. What else? It is a red ball.
How about its color?
That's right. It is a red ball. Do you want Yes, Sir
to play with this toy?
Okay, I will let you play with this toy Yes, Sir
later, but you have to listen to the
discussion first. Is that clear?

C. Lesson Proper

Do you know why I let you describe the No, Sir.

I let you describe the ball because it is Sir "red" is an adjective.
related to our topic for today which is
"Adjectives". The things you say about
the ball are called adjectives.
 Adjectives are words that
describe a noun or pronoun.
 Adjectives may come before the
noun that it describes or after
the be-verbs am, is and are.
What are the adjectives from those you
have described to the ball?
Yes, correct. What does it describe? The noun "ball".
Good job. The word red describes the Yes Sir.
noun ball. Adjectives are words that
describe how things look, feel, taste
sound and smell. Do you understand?
Good. Who can give me an example of Sir, "hot" is an adjective.
an adjective that describes how a thing
That's right, can you use it in a The water is hot.
Good job! How about an adjective that Sir, "delicious" is also an adjective.
describes how a thing tastes?
Correct, Can you use it in a sentence? The food is delicious.
Good job! What does the adjective It describes the noun "food".
delicious describes?
That's right. Class do you understand Yes, Sir
our topic today?
Remember that it is important to use an Yes, Sir
appropriate adjective in describing a
noun, because it may cause an
understanding between one another.
Do you have any questions? None, Sir
Good, are you ready for the activity Yes, Sir

A. Group activity

Group the students into two groups. Give each group the object. Let them
list down the appropriate adjectives in describing the object.

B. Underline all the adjectives in the sentences.

1. The trees are green.

2. I am happy.
3. It was a warm and sunny day.
4. Hassan and I set out to work in our big yard.
5. First, we pulled out the thick weeds.
6. Then we removed the big and small stones.
7. Khalid shoveled the hard soil to make it soft.
8. I made small holes with my finger and planted the tiny seedlings.
9. The playful monkey climbed the tree.
10. Hassan and I ate a filling snack of cold juice and delicious sandwiches.

C. Assignment
Think of an adjective for each noun below and use it in a sentence.

1. tree
2. stars
3. car
4. watermelon
5. flower


Based on the activity we had, what are Adjectives are used to describe a noun.
Good job. Can you now identify the Yes, Sir
adjectives in a sentence?
Should we use appropriate adjectives Yes, Sir
when we communicate to others?
Why? For us to build a good relationship with
other people.
That's right. Let us end the day with a Good bye Sir and thank you for today.
smile on our faces for everyone. Good
bye class!

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